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Chapter 101: “Corn masters.”

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


“Yeah! Why didn’t I think of it?!” The young girl gently tapped her fist on the palm of her hand. With the dawning realization, the top of her head was still full of small flowers as if they had substance. “Why do I have to suffer in the matter of planting? There is still this. I will immediately set out to go treasure hunting! Maybe the item points found by treasure hunting will add up to more than farming!”

Bai Li stood in the courtyard of his house, and smiled at Jiang Huaibi.

“Thank you Big Brother Li Bai, I’m enlightened!” Jiang Huaibi waved towards Bai Li, took one last look at the field that was planted crookedly by her, and ran off in the direction of the forest with great enthusiasm.

Her speed was so fast that Bai Li couldn’t even tell her that she could look in the yard first, and there should be some harvest as well.

After helping Jiang Huaibi to solve her confusion, Bai Li went around his own yard to Song Xinran’s house. He was planting his second batch of corn, and when he saw Bai Li coming, he raised his voice to greet him and told him to wait for a while, as he would soon finish planting.

Compared with Jiang Huaibi, Song Xinran’s planting skills were a little better, as the corn seeds were at least planted in a straight line. However, his speed wasn’t fast either. According to Bai Li’s estimation, it would take about 10 minutes for him to finish planting all the seeds.

“There is no hurry, you take your time to plant.” Bai Li reassured him with a sentence. “I plan to go to the village chief later to see…Xiao – Peachy, do you want to come along?”

He originally wanted to call Song Xinran “Xiao Song,” but thought about how they were in the game, so it was better not to involve too much reality. Thus, he changed his words in the middle, and called Song Xinran ‘Peachy.’

Song Xinran’s hand shook, and almost scattered three times more corn seeds into the hole. Well, how to say? Although I know that the master made an accidental slip of the tongue with the word “small,” but I did have a moment of regret that I hadn’t taken this game name.

“To go, I want to go. Master, you wait for me!” Song Xinran hurriedly said, and his hand movements couldn’t help but speed up.

Bai Li gave a “hmm,” hesitated for a few seconds, and went towards Wen XingYao’s house.

He didn’t know if Demon Xing had returned to his usual state after a long day and would be willing to go with them to the corn harvesting contest.

“Do you want to go to the village chief together? Wait for me, I’ll be ready soon.” Wen XingYao heard the movement, and knew that it was Bai Li who finally came to him. His heart was happy, but he was still trying to keep the expression on his face to remain calm.

“Mn, there’s no rush, I’ll wait for you.” Bai Li watched his friend’s expression without a trace on his own face, but still couldn’t resist asking, “Demon Xing, were you in some kind of trouble yesterday…? Did you encounter anything yesterday, otherwise why didn’t you go out fishing earlier?”

Wen XingYao had just put down his heart when it raised again. How could he say that he would not go out is not because of embarrassment? If his consciousness hadn’t suddenly awakened to his juvenile self and he knew all the things the juvenile had done, he would have been able to explain everything to Bai Li without any psychological pressure, instead of jumping between telling and not telling, like now. He was worried that keeping it to himself would give Bai Li a bad impression, and then he was worried that Bai Li would not be able to accept it when he found out that the “kitty” he had kept around was actually him.

How could such an accident happen at this juncture?

Wen XingYao thought about it, and decided to test the waters first.

“There’s something,” he said. “A friend of mine, he’s encountered something difficult. For some reason, he had to hide a matter from a very good friend and now he wants to tell his friend, but he’s worried that this would cause a break with him. So he came to me to find a way to see how to solve it. But I also have no experience in this area, and can not give a good solution, so I have a headache…Li Bai, do you have any good suggestions?”

Friend? As an old-fashioned man who was devoted to farming, Bai Li didn’t know the stigma of ‘making friends out of nothing.’ He first thought of Easy Victory Life, who often came to talk to Demon Xing, thinking that the other party could be the friend that Demon Xing was talking about. However, when he looked at the other side, he did not seem like the kind of character that would hide anything in his heart and not say a word.

He thought, as long as someone didn’t green his friend’s friend1, and his friend happened to find out about it, what was there to say to his face?

Bai Li put himself into the role of Demon Xing’s friend and experienced the feeling of things being discovered by him and advised, “In my opinion, it’s better to let your friend try to say it earlier. The difference between actively telling, and being discovered by others is still quite big. If it’s the latter, the other party will definitely have some unhappiness in their heart. You can ask your friend to explain things properly, and even explain the reason for not informing in the first place, as long as they are reasonable people, they should all accept it.”

He was really thinking seriously about others and felt that it was important to talk things out among each other so that no unnecessary misunderstandings would arise.

Wen XingYao seemed to be convinced by Bai Li. He sniffed and pondered. In a position unseen by Bai Li, his eyes flickered several times before finally turning into a flash of determination. He looked up sharply, “Li Bai…”

Just after he said two words, another voice came from the side, “Master, I’m ready! Hey, Demon Xing, you’re here too?”

Song Xinran walked over quickly, not realizing that he had accidentally broken someone’s courage to say something.

Both of their thoughts were disrupted by the sudden appearance of this person. Bai Li subconsciously looked at the field that Wen XingYao had only planted halfway, and was suddenly embarrassed. “Did I just disturb you planting corn? You’ve only planted halfway…”

It was very strange. Obviously he came to wait for Demon Xing to plant corn and they went to find the village chief together, how come he then began to chat?

Wen XingYao, “…” The mood is so complicated that I don’t know what kind of expression to make!! “…Wait for me for a few more minutes. I’ll be ready soon.” After saying that, he hurried back to busily work.

Song Xinran couldn’t resist shrinking his head and moved to Bai Li’s side little by little. “Master, why do I feel that Demon Xing just glared at me?”

Following Song Xinran’s words, Bai Li glanced in the direction of Wen XingYao. He didn’t see a bad expression on Wen XingYao’s face, so he defended him, “You’re wrong. He’s always had a good temper. Maybe he’s…a little mean-looking?”

In fact, he couldn’t say he was ‘fierce’, but rather that he was serious, so is that what Song Xinran misunderstood? Somehow, Bai Li suddenly remembered Supreme who was lying in the gaming pod with him. The little cat was obedient and understanding, but sometimes he did scare Song Xinran.

Demon Xing and Supreme, they were like the person, haha! 

“Oh…” Song Xinran let out a long sound, wrinkled his face and put the scene behind him. What the master said was right. Brother Demon Xing should just look fierce, eh!

Wen XingYao quickly planted his crop of corn.

What Bai Li didn’t expect was for Demon Xing to release his golden koi in the process of planting corn, as he fed it hundreds of bottles of magical spring water, making it spit four mouthfuls of water on the top of each filled pit of soil, clattering, like a fish-shaped sprinkler.

The two people next to it, both revealed a shocked look of not having seen the world.

“Wow!” Song Xinran was the first to exclaim, “Demon Xing, how did you come up with this idea? Let the koi help you water, it feels so convenient, save a lot of time!

“Yeah…I didn’t think pets could be developed for this purpose…” The game designer himself was in a bit of a trance and began to wonder if his knowledge of the game was still not as good as others?

“It’s not bad.” Wen XingYao looked back at the koi and said modestly, “I saw that it likes to play with water, so I tried to let it help me, but I did not expect it to quickly understand what I meant. Now, watering is a lot faster.”

Finally, it was no longer a useless pet that only spit bubbles and served as a spotlight.

Wen XingYao’s dislike for the koi was reduced by half.

Song Xinran’s pets were a small gray rabbit and a reed hen, the former to improve his gathering efficiency, and the latter to help take care of the chicks in the henhouse. But on second thought, he couldn’t think of anything they could do for him in terms of farming. He couldn’t let the rabbit be responsible for digging the soil, and the hen responsible for putting in seeds, right? Although he found such a scene a bit funny, Song Xinran decided to give it a try when he had the chance.

Maybe he could also develop a new method of farming.

Bai Li simply did not capture pets yet, the three pet compartments were empty, so he did not have to think about the “wonders” of pets with Song Xinran.

When Wen XingYao planted the corn, the koi that had been following him had almost finished watering it. The three of them discussed and decided to go to the village chief to sign up for the event now. After using up all three opportunities for the day, they could devote themselves to farming and treasure hunting.

After the completion of the village chief’s new home, the village chief and village chief’s wife no longer stayed at the entrance of the village, but spent most of their time moving around the house, only appearing at the entrance of the house when the players needed it.

The entrance of the new mansion in the early morning was a little more lively than Bai Li had imagined. Probably all the players had the same idea. They crowded around the village chief, as they listened to the village chief explain the specific requirements of the game, while whispering about the most time-saving and money-saving method of growing corn that they had concluded.


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Translator Notes:

  1. Bai Li thinks XYZ is talking about a friend cheating with their friend’s significant other. Think green hat.


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when you see the reflection in the mirror
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