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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


Gu Yu’s eyes glowed slightly as he looked at the 7 behind the total Goodwill Points.

With 3 more Goodwill Points, he would be able to purchase the ability to read and write text.

He turned off the system, straightened the slightly messy long hair on the back of the fur ball, and rubbed the fur ball’s head with grateful eyes.

The fur ball twitched its ears, tilted its round head to look at Gu Yu, and pointed its left front paw to the left side of the sofa.

Gu Yu turned his head, but did not see anything.

The fur ball squeaked again, still pointing to the left.

Gu Yu moved to learn over the left side’s edge with the hairy ball in his arms and when he turned his head, he saw a pink rabbit shoe lying on the floor beside the sofa.

The shoe was round and had two long ears sewn on the front, which looked especially cute.

He lifted the ball of fur to look at it, the ball of fur was covered by long hair on the back feet as well as the right front foot, all wearing the same shoes, only the left front foot was empty.

He put the fur ball on the sofa, picked up the white rabbit shoe, and gently put the fur ball’s paw into the shoe, and then tied the shoe string sewn on the edge of the shoes with a small bow.

Gu Yu touched the chin of the fur ball, the two front paws hugged his hand, crooked head rubbing against him.

The itchy touch tickled, Gu Yu arched his eyebrows and gently pinched the long ears that fell into his hand.

“Zee…” The fur ball’s ears twitched and it abruptly withdrew its front paws to lie on the sofa, its head buried in its front paws, shrinking into a ball.

Gu Yu froze, then realized, was this little one shy?

He looked at the fur ball’s ears and guessed he couldn’t just touch them.

He pursed his lips, not knowing how to comfort it.

As he thought about it, the door to the room was pushed open and Guy’s voice came through the door, “Merlin, stay here and don’t wander off. Gu Yu, take care of Merlin.”

Merlin walked into the room and Guy closed the door.

Gu Yu froze when Merlin ran to his side, laid down, and rubbed his big head against his arm.

Merlin started a soft purr and lifted his paw to touch him.

The sight of the tiger next to the rabbit looked really dangerous, and Gu Yu was so nervous that he was afraid that Merlin would slap the fur ball flat with one paw.

Luckily, the two of them were rubbing each other intimately and there was no danger.

Merlin took back the pad and continued to rub Gu Yu’s arm.

Gu Yu laughed and reached out to rub the side of his neck.

Merlin let out a soft hum of comfort in his throat and rested his head on the couch, half-squinting his eyes.

Congratulations, Goodwill Points +1.

Gu Yu looked at the system, Merlin’s Goodwill Points became 2.

A white blur flashed by. He hurriedly looked over, and saw that the fur ball had moved from the sofa to Merlin’s back.

Merlin waved his tail, not caring at all, and the fur ball bounced around on Merlin’s back with a very happy look.

Gu Yu looked at the two, and then looked at the Goodwill Points in the system, before he suddenly had an idea. If he smoothed the hair of other beast females, could he also get Goodwill Points?

Maybe it was not about smoothing hair, and it was about doing something else.

The Goodwill Points from the fur ball were because he had helped carry it down off the shelf.

He pursed his lips and pondered how to ask the two since he had no friends. He pointed to Merlin, and then pointed to the fur ball. Merlin tilted his head, and the hairy ball stretched out his front paws to hug Merlin.

However, the fur ball was too small to hug, and when the limbs spread out on Merlin’s back, the whole round fur ball became flat and limp.

Gu Yu’s eyes flashed with a smile. He felt helpless before he simply gave up asking. Hand motions were too difficult to understand.

He suddenly thought, This is a hospital! Did Merlin come here because he was unwell?

He hurriedly got up and rubbed Merlin’s neck, along his back, pinched Merlin’s tail, and finally checked Merlin’s paws all over again.

He was relieved when he had made certain that Merlin did not have any wounds on his body.

Merlin looked at him with wide, puzzled eyes, not understanding what he was doing.

If Merlin hadn’t smelled female glands instead of male glands, he would have thought Gu Yu was being a pervert and would have thrown his tail up.

Gu Yu didn’t even realize that he had done something very dangerous, rubbing at Merlin’s paws.

He thought, maybe it was Guy’s visit to the doctor and Merlin accompanied him?


“Why are you here, too?” Dr. Qin looked at Guy, and then at Cyno, who had been waiting for a while, with a surprised look.

These two people usually went to the military hospital when they were sick, and rarely came to him.

Guy shrugged helplessly, “Merlin’s heat is approaching and he doesn’t have a prospective partner, so grandfather asked me to bring him here to check his health and to buy an inhibitor.”

He patted Cyno’s shoulder, “Hey, if you were married to Merlin, you wouldn’t need to go through all this trouble. By the way, what are you doing here?”

Just now, he hadn’t asked for details, and upon hearing Cyno say that Gu Yu was in the waiting room, he took Merlin there first.

Beast females, because they are in beast form, have extraordinarily sensitive five senses, especially the various races belonging to the feline family.

Merlin belonged to the Teck race, which was the leading class.

Merlin hated the smell of the hospital. And near its rut, it was easily irritable, not suitable for walking around the hospital, so staying in the waiting room was the safest.

Cyno replied, “I came to ask about the situation.” He looked to Dr. Qin, “What are the results of the transgender female test?”

Dr. Qin pressed his brow, “Not good,” he pointed to the stool at the table, “Sit down. It’s been busy since yesterday. I won’t stand with you.”

He sat down as he said this and took a sip of water before saying, “The hospital set up a treatment team soon after receiving the news from the police. We just had a brief meeting before giving the red-haired teenager a checkup. So far, there were six transgender females sent to the hospital, and the examination results show that they have been taking pheromones and inhibitors for periods ranging from one to three years.

“Taking these drugs while underage is very damaging to the body. While they can be recovered through treatment, there will be after-effects.”

Dr. Qin continued with a grave expression, “The most serious thing is not physical, but psychological. They are in a very unhealthy state of mind and have a strong stress reaction to tests, medication and other treatments.”

Cyno thought of Gu Yu’s fair and gentle face, and then thought of the red-haired teenager’s maniacal appearance. His lips pursed heavily.

He asked, “Has the treatment plan been developed?”

Dr. Qin, “With a preliminary idea, their glands are particularly sensitive after a long period of drug use, they cannot take androgens directly to recover quickly, they can only use auxiliary drugs to help them recover naturally. They are not very old, so after stopping the intake of drugs, through auxiliary drugs, their own glands will slowly resume work and self-regulate. Even though it will take at least several years, this is the least harmful treatment to the body.”

He said with a sigh, “Their bodies can’t handle more drastic treatments either.”

Cyno thought for a moment and reached out, “Give me supplementary medicine.”

Dr. Qin looked at him in surprise, “What are you going to do?”

Cyno thought about it. As long as he gave Gu Yu a personal terminal, Gu Yu’s identity would definitely be exposed.

The moment he knew Gu Yu’s identity from Kevin, his first thought was to conceal his identity because he was worried that his origin was unknown and would be investigated.

However, after watching the surveillance and determining that Gu Yu’s visit to his villa was an accident, he changed his mind.

He figured that no one, no matter who he was, would want to be treated like an artificial female all the time.

Sure enough, Gu Yu was happy when he offered to get Gu Yu a terminal.

He didn’t hide anything, “My partner, who is also a transgender female, needs treatment.”

“What?” Guy was stunned, but it soon dawned on him, “No wonder he’s so smart! And he can rub fur and pick fish bones.”

Dr. Qin was a little surprised and shook his head, “I can’t give you the medicine directly. Everyone’s body is different and the concentration of the medicine is also different, we need to check his body to figure out the dose of the medicine.”

Cyno frowned, “You said that they have a strong stress reaction.”

Knowing that he was worried about Gu Yu, Dr. Qin suggested, “How about if I go check on him first? He seems calm and looks peaceful. Maybe the situation is better than the rest of the transgender females.”

He said this as he stood up, “It’s just as well. I have to go check on KiKi. If another patient is brought in later, I’ll be busy again.”

Cyno agreed with him, thinking that it would be better to have Dr. Qin examine Gu Yu rather than go to the clinic and face the cold testers.

When the three of them entered the VIP waiting room, Merlin was lying on the floor with his head on the couch, the fur ball was lying on Merlin’s back, and Gu Yu was sitting on his knees rubbing the side of Merlin’s neck.

Gu Yu heard a sound and turned his head as a white blur flashed by. He saw the fur ball jump into Dr. Qin’s arms with a stomp of his hind legs.

Gu Yu remembered a game where the fur ball looked like an angry rabbit and popped out with a whoosh.

Dr. Qin reacted very quickly to hold the fur ball in his arms, one hand holding the other as he rubbed the head, “Be careful.”

The two front legs of the fur ball lying on Dr. Qin’s shoulders were near his head, and he rubbed affectionately against Dr. Qin’s chin. Then he turned his head and stretched out his right paw to point at Gu Yu, squealing with excitement.

Gu Yu blushed slightly and stood up from the ground.

Dr. Qin looked at him and smiled, “Hello, I’m Qin Sheng, KiKi’s mate, and he likes you a lot.”

Gu Yu’s eyes rounded and maintained a shocked look.


“Wow, how cute!” Guy thought Gu Yu’s reaction was adorable, “Is he really a transgender female? There’s no sign of a male at all.”

Cyno gave him a warning look, and Guy shifted his gaze to land on Cyno with a shocked look on his face.

What was that supposed to mean? Fancy that!

Even if he’s cute, he’s still a male by nature!

Gu Yu came back to his senses and gave a bashful smile, revealing an apologetic look.

His reaction just now was so rude.

Qin Sheng surveyed his look, saw his expression go from gentle to a shy smile, and looked at his partner’s happy appearance. His Goodwill of Gu Yu increased.

The process of becoming a transgender female was quite painful for males, but the teenager in front of him could still maintain a warm and kind smile, which was so rare.

And KiKi was timid but sensitive, so if he liked this teenager, his character was definitely not bad.

The reminder of Goodwill Points +1 swung past his vision and Gu Yu’s eyes showed surprise as he looked at the system.

There was another line in the table, Qin Sheng, 1.

He froze. He did not mean to be so rude, but Dr. Qin actually did not blame him and gave him Goodwill Points, he smiled even more embarrassedly.

Qin Sheng inquired in a gentle tone, “Can I give you a brief examination first?”

Gu Yu looked at Cyno in confusion.

Cyno reassured, “Dr. Qin is an expert in gland medicine, you don’t need to be afraid.”

Cyno really thought he had a gland problem, but what exactly was a gland?

He saw that Cyno had purposely called Dr. Qin here, and nodded to Dr. Qin in order to reassure Cyno. Anyway, he was already prepared to owe the examination fee, so he couldn’t make a trip for nothing, otherwise Cyno would still be uneasy.

When Qin Sheng saw how cooperative he was, he had a better impression of him.

He reached out and pointed to the piece of skin behind Gu Yu’s left ear that was connected to his neck, “Does it hurt here?”

Gu Yu shook his head, wondering in his heart, ‘Is this the gland?’

Qin Sheng’s eyes flashed with surprise and asked again, “Is there any swelling and pain? Or any other uncomfortable feeling?”

Gu Yu shook his head twice in a row, he felt very good, no discomfort at all.

Qin Sheng’s eyes glowed slightly, Gu Yu’s condition was really good, “How long have you been off the pheromone and suppressant?”

Gu Yu shook his head blankly, he didn’t even know what these things were, he had never used them before.

“Uh, it’s not like he has a brain injury and only shakes his head, right?” Guy couldn’t help but speculate when he saw Gu Yu keep shaking his head.

Cyno growled quietly, “Don’t be ridiculous!”

Gu Yu glared at Guy. He was answering the question seriously. He did not have a brain injury!

His eyes are round, dark and clear, and when his white face puffed out slightly, glaring at people with no intimidating power at all, he was especially cute.

“So cute, much more vivid than Cee, worthy of a real person!” Guy’s eyes glowed.

Gu Yu saw the reminder of Goodwill Points +1 in front of his eyes, looked at the system, and his expression froze as he saw the new line with Guy’s name in the Goodwill Points table.

He had glared at Guy, but Guy gave him Goodwill Points, which really made him feel embarrassed.

He pursed his lips and smiled sheepishly at Guy.

“Huh, blushing.” Guy’s eyes brightened even more and he stepped forward, raising his hand to try to poke Gu Yu’s soft cheek.

Cyno grimaced and grabbed his collar, yanking him back, “He’s my mate! Stay away from him.”

“Haha, I’m just curious, just curious, absolutely nothing else.” Guy hurriedly explained.

Gu Yu did not pay attention to the actions of the two, otherwise he would have only blushed more. His full attention was on the system, Goodwill total value, 10.

His eyes shone brightly to hide his excitement, he could buy words now!


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Gu Yu: I can communicate with you by text!

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