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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


Luo XiaoLou looked worriedly at Yuan Xi, who had been sitting in the bathtub in one position for at least ten minutes now. Sitting there expressionless and unmoving, looking angry to a certain degree.

What was he angry about? While it was true that being accepted by Master Yan was a big deal, he didn’t know that beforehand. Moreover, he and Yuan Xi didn’t ask each other to report everything to each other – well, okay, Yuan Xi did have the habit of reporting things to Luo XiaoLou beforehand, such as going out, coming home late, which club he was going to choose for practice, and so on.

But these little things, who wants to know! Did he dare to tell him what family a SSS warrior came from? Or what his status was? Or where his home was? Or how many people were in his family and whatnot? – ahem, he definitely didn’t mean to investigate the household!

Luo XiaoLou tried to pull his mind back from the unusual direction it was going, and focused on how it would be a shame for the two of them to have a cold war over such a trivial matter. Luo XiaoLou decided to offer the olive branch himself for the sake of a nice, quiet life together – he really didn’t dare to count on Yuan Xi.

With that in mind, Luo XiaoLou coughed lightly, tried to take his eyes off of Yuan Xi’s naked body, chose the scrubbing towel on the side of the bath for good measure, and said in a warm and friendly manner, “Can I help you?”

Yuan Xi, as if suddenly awakened from some deep thought, stared back at Luo XiaoLou fiercely, and after looking Luo XiaoLou up and down, stopped his eyes on Luo XiaoLou’s pants. But then he ignored him with a cold face, and did not take a shower himself.

Luo XiaoLou felt that it was Yuan Xi who was at a disadvantage since he was fully clothed and dressed neatly, so he acted calmly. After struggling for a moment, Luo XiaoLou took a step forward and sat on the edge of the bath and put his hand on Yuan Xi’s shoulder.

Yuan Xi stiffened, then shook Luo XiaoLou off and even turned to the other side.

Luo XiaoLou twitched his lips. He really was still in a temper. After a moment’s hesitation, Luo XiaoLou clenched his teeth and hugged Yuan Xi from behind.

Yuan Xi moved, but with very little force, and did not shake Luo XiaoLou off.

It’s just – let’s just coax an angry cat into it…

Luo XiaoLou hugged Yuan Xi from behind and whispered, “I don’t understand what you’re angry about, but I’m not hiding anything from you. As for the distance you’re talking about, I don’t think there’s any distance between us at all. You’re the closest person to me.”

Eating together, living together, sleeping in the same bed at night, knowing almost everything about each other – where’s the distance in that?

Although it was to comfort Yuan Xi, Luo XiaoLou realized that he was actually saying those meaty words without any psychological pressure, which meant it was what he really felt in his heart.

Thinking of this, Luo XiaoLou himself was stunned. His feelings for Yuan Xi were much deeper than he had imagined. Then, it would be too bitter for Yuan Xi to leave and for him to become a mecha maker by himself, as he originally envisioned.

Not expecting Luo XiaoLou to say such a thing, Yuan Xi’s ears grew red. He turned his head, still with anger in his eyes, and questioned, “Then how come I’m the only one who doesn’t know about the fact that you’re Master Yan’s disciple? And you dare to talk to me about distance. What have I ever hidden from you?”

“That Master Yan thing, I just found out about it myself. Although I’ve been working for Master Yan as an assistant, he didn’t say anything about taking me on as an apprentice. Today, I was the one who was most surprised when he suddenly said that, okay? And you know about me working under Master Yan. The old man you saved last time was Master Yan,” Luo XiaoLou tried to explain.

Yuan Xi narrowed his eyes and thought for a moment, probably remembering this, before his icy face slowly began to thaw. After a moment of silence, he said, “I don’t have to know about such things, but his disciple status is different. If I didn’t know beforehand, I wouldn’t even know if something happened to you someday.”

Luo XiaoLou was stunned that this was what Yuan Xi cared about, and his heart swelled with inexplicable emotion, and he didn’t even feel awkward hugging Yuan Xi from behind. Then, Luo XiaoLou was filled with emotion as he assured him, “I’ll tell you in advance if there’s such a thing again in the future.”

At this point, Luo XiaoLou’s heart suddenly moved as he scrubbed Yuan Xi’s shoulders and said tentatively, “Also, about the exotic beast…”

Yuan Xi’s body, which had softened, instantly tensed up again, and with a strange cold and murderous aura on his face, he quietly swore, “I’ll kill all of those monsters with my own hands, until the last one.” That calmness was even more frightening than Yuan Xi’s murderous aura.

Luo XiaoLou trembled, as the towel in his hand fell into the bath. He picked it up, pretending nothing had happened as he continued to wash Yuan Xi, only his hands were trembling slightly, uncontrollably. After a while, Luo XiaoLou held back his fear and asked dryly, “Just in case, I mean just in case, if an exotic beast is good, you will still…”

Yuan Xi sneered and interrupted Luo XiaoLou, “Don’t be naive, they shouldn’t exist at all. You’re only saying that because you’ve never seen them in their ferociousness. The Federation’s decree may or may not have some shortcomings or loopholes, but it is absolutely correct about one thing, and that is to resolutely annihilate all exotic beasts.”

After saying that, Yuan Xi noticed Luo XiaoLou was trembling and he frowned. He rubbed his face with his hands to control his emotions before comforting him, “Don’t worry, I swore an oath to kill all exotic beasts.”

I – I’m not so reassured! And, the only exotic beast I know of that isn’t vicious at all, is myself! Compared to you, I’m obviously much more ferocious! Luo XiaoLou roared inwardly. The thought in his heart to reveal his identity because of his emotions and warmth instantly evaporated.

Surely it would be better to die alone as a mecha maker from now on. There was no way he and Yuan Xi could have a bright future! He must have just been affected by 125’s dog blood dramas!

Luo XiaoLou, who was spitting blood in the dark, unconsciously increased the intensity of his scrubbing of Yuan Xi. At Luo XiaoLou’s movement, Yuan Xi withdrew his cold, tense emotions and loosened his clenched hands, peering sideways at Luo XiaoLou behind him.

He had just made it clear that he was pushing back, but Luo XiaoLou was still dying to come close. Well, if he wants it so badly…

Yuan Xi’s face became flushed. He stole a glance at Luo XiaoLou and whispered, “Come here.”

Luo XiaoLou’s hand stopped and he stared at Yuan Xi, not quite understanding. He still had to review some material and wasn’t going to shower right now.

Yuan Xi waited for a few seconds, then impatiently turned around, and with a slight tug, Luo XiaoLou fell into the bath.

“Just now you were so aggressive, now you are acting reserved? Well, since you can’t wait, I’ll just reluctantly help you out.”

“…No, hey-“

“…No, slow down…I can’t do it anymore…” Luo XiaoLou moaned in a small voice, already hinting at cries.

Yuan Xi gasped and responded to Luo XiaoLou’s cry with harder strokes. Luo XiaoLou’s body was already covered with bite marks but Yuan Xi’s hands were still moving around maliciously.

“Go… at least to the bed….” Luo XiaoLou demanded weakly as he finally came back to his senses.

“It’s nice here too. I’ve done some research and there’s a special bathroom section in the teaching.” Yuan Xi declared dominantly, while his desire began to stir again.

Pushing Luo XiaoLou’s body back down when he tried to get up, Yuan Xi said in annoyance, “Hey, don’t keep moving! Forget it, if you want to take the initiative so badly, this time you move and don’t stop until it’s over.”

“How could I have that kind of -” Luo XiaoLou’s voice silenced as he was kissed by Yuan Xi.

There were low moans and cries of intense desire from time to time in the warm bathroom. As for Yuan Xi’s domestic laws and punishment of his young slave, they had been completely forgotten by his master.

Finally, Luo XiaoLou was carried to the bed by Yuan Xi. There would be no more cold war, but this was a real loss, Luo XiaoLou thought in frustration.

“There was no review today, and I didn’t go to the internet to solve the problem.” Luo XiaoLou said.

Yuan Xi leaned back on the bed contentedly, glanced at Luo XiaoLou, then grumbled and complained, “How could I have missed tonight’s training if you hadn’t cried and kept pampering me.”

“……” Then don’t keep practicing that damned #108 position, okay!

Closing his eyes for a moment, Luo XiaoLou’s blank mind finally remembered something, and he struggled to open them again. Looking at Yuan Xi, who was close at hand, he said, “By the way, I applied to be your mecha maker during the day today.”

Yuan Xi looked at him matter-of-factly and thought to himself, Who else would you be with?

Thinking of this, Yuan Xi’s eyes brightened. He put on what he thought was a kind smile and said softly, “I thought you kept saying that I didn’t respect you but I do give you respect. It’s the right thing to do. You can choose your ideal reciprocal agreement partner yourself, it doesn’t matter. You can choose whoever you want. Think of who it is and let me know.”

Luo XiaoLou’s hairs stood on end at the deliberately softened voice… Hey, that’s so hypocritical! He bet that if he said another person’s name right now, Yuan Xi would immediately have blown up.

He could almost imagine what Yuan Xi would say: Fuck! How dare you choose someone else behind my back?!

Luo XiaoLou said with a tingling scalp, “That – I think we’re quite suitable…”

“Yeah? I’m glad you’re finally self-aware. Even if you’re Master Yan’s disciple, if you don’t have true talent, no one will want you except me.” Yuan Xi said smugly.

Luo XiaoLou no longer had the strength to argue with him and closed his eyes. After a moment, he was already asleep.

Yuan Xi looked over his shoulder and pulled Luo XiaoLou towards him and hugged him hard.

The next morning, Luo XiaoLou and Yuan Xi headed to the administration building. They were tired, even though the traces of this morning’s treatment had all faded away, indulgence was really too exhausting.

If the instructor remembered correctly, not long ago, those senior school leaders had discussed how to change Yuan Xi’s thinking, and make him choose another mecha maker.

This was why, because the school valued Mecha Department students so much. They even made a series of exciting plans to convince Yuan Xi. But now that Luo XiaoLou had become Master Yan’s disciple, should the school still intervene?

The instructor’s head was sweating, and he said urgently to Yuan Xi, who was looking at him, “Please wait a moment, I’ll go get the mutual ownership regulations microchip now.”

After ducking into the inner room, the instructor immediately contacted the headmaster’s communicator directly.

After listening to the instructor’s report, the headmaster, who had been disturbed early in the morning, sighed for a moment and said, “Don’t worry about them. Let them sign the affiliation agreement.”

Only then did the instructor put his mind at ease, adjusted his expression, went outside and handed a small silver microchip to Yuan Xi who was waiting impatiently.

After getting the microchip, Yuan Xi plugged it into his own communicator, put his fingerprint on it, and after the microchip emitted a faint fluorescent light, he removed the microchip and handed it to Luo XiaoLou, who signed the mutual ownership agreement with Yuan Xi as if it were a law.

From now on, they were legally affiliated as a mecha warrior and mecha maker pair.

Almost the entire school was shocked when the first mecha warrior and mecha maker pair came out.

A mecha warrior and mecha maker who had officially signed the Reciprocal Agreement were not unable to break it, but could only do so with the consent of both parties. Also, if one party was forced to break it, the Reciprocal Agreement would automatically take a penalty that would affect their genetic level.

One person forcibly cancelling the agreement three times would drop their genetic level by one level, which was unacceptable to all.


Luo ShaoJun looked at the message inside the communicator, frowned at Luo ShaoTian behind him, and said, “One step too late, I didn’t expect Yuan Xi to agree to Luo XiaoLou’s application so quickly. I have to say that we all underestimated him. This person is really very resourceful.”

Luo ShaoTian looked out the window and didn’t say anything, only a slight flash of regret passed through his eyes.

Luo ShaoJun looked calmly at Luo ShaoTian and said slowly, “I know you must not approve of letting Luo XiaoLou forcefully terminate the agreement, so it would be easier to provoke Yuan Xi as well. The plans I made have already made you feel uncomfortable, but ShaoTian, I hope you understand, I’m just trying to help Mother and the Luo family as much as I can, if the conditions allow. ” 

“I know.” Luo ShaoTian cut him off, an ironic smile appearing on his lips, “Brother, you’re about to enter the Ministry.”

Luo ShaoJun smiled slightly, “My future path is already planned. So what are your plans for who you will pick next as a mecha maker? The guy you’re partnered with?”

Luo ShaoTian stretched his long legs and stood up from the couch, saying as he walked out, “Nobody is chosen. If you have time to care about me, you might as well pay attention to the second eldest child in the family.” Luo ShaoTian was referring to the adopted son. Luo ShaoFan was older than him and younger than Luo ShaoJun. So if Luo XiaoLou had stayed in the Luo family, there would have been another Luo family member.


Following Luo XiaoLou and Yuan Xi’s mutual affiliation agreement, the mecha warriors and mecha makers were encouraged by the school to combine. To Luo XiaoLou’s amusement, Tian Li pursued the beautiful mecha warrior to no avail, and in the wake of a breakup, casually agreed to an invite from another mecha warrior. What’s even more shocking was that the mecha warrior was also a student of Class One, Mu Chen.

Yates looked at Tian Li in stunned silence. He always thought he would take over this guy no one wanted, but he never thought this guy would run into bad luck.

The female mecha maker who wanted to form a team with him was still eagerly watching him. He knew his sister was trying to set him up, but Yates considered the fact that he and the female mecha maker weren’t a good match, and in order not to hold people up, he finally refused.

The students of Class Ten were all like chickens [efn: running around excitedly, like chickens /efn], two of the students in their class had been chosen by the Class One students! This time, the Class Ten students would definitely find a compatible mecha warrior more easily than in the past.

Of course, Yuan Xi aside, Luo XiaoLou also now had Master Yan as his master.

Ling Xu chose Yang Ke. And Ze Ya was heartbroken because she had been hoping for Luo ShaoTian, but was disappointed again when Luo ShaoTian said in public that he wasn’t going to choose a mecha maker for the time being, so she chose Zhuang Yi. 

Ze Ya’s new teammate, Zhuang Yi, just smiled and didn’t say a word to the students who came to visit him. Ze Ya’s reputation was important to her, and she probably thought that the eighth place was much better than eleventh.

The night the agreement was signed, Luo XiaoLou went on the virtual net to meet the guru.

Luo XiaoLou was planning to talk to the master alone about his situation, but the master was busy sorting things out and impatiently asked Luo XiaoLou to tell him what he wanted to say, that nothing was worth hiding in front of the two of them.

Luo XiaoLou had no choice but to tell them about his situation. First, he apologized solemnly, and then said that he had indeed learned a lot from the part-time teacher. Now that Teacher was interested in taking him on as a disciple, he couldn’t justify his refusal. He asked the Master to forgive him and expel him from the door.

When he finished, Luo XiaoLou looked apprehensively at the Master at the table while Bless glanced at him blandly.

“Are you serious?” The master finally stopped what he was doing and stared up at Luo XiaoLou.

Luo XiaoLou bowed his head and said, “Yes, I didn’t anticipate this situation at first. I’m very sorry to you, but before that, I had seriously considered it when I accepted Master.” 

The room was silent for a long time, and that master suddenly said, “If you didn’t say anything, I wouldn’t know.”

Luo XiaoLou hesitated for a moment and said, “If I don’t say it, it would be disrespectful to you and the other master.”

The master snorted, “Plus you are being sensible. I was going to wait for a while to see how you were learning and choose a time to officially accept you as my disciple. Since you’re talking about this problem today, let’s solve it together.” The Master got up, walked over to the two and said, “Bless, I officially accept you as my apprentice.”

Bless froze and bowed his head, saying, “Yes.”

The master’s gaze swept coldly over Luo XiaoLou again, took in half a day’s breath, and finally said reluctantly, “As for you, first be a registered disciple. And when you figure it out, dump that master of yours and formally accept me.” Damn it, who the hell is against me?!

Luo XiaoLou dripped with sweat and wanted to say something, but seeing the Master’s expression, in the end didn’t dare to say anything more. Anyway, a registered disciple wasn’t considered a formal disciple at all, and wouldn’t learn anything from Teacher, so very few people were interested in this.

Before Luo XiaoLou left, not in good spirits, Bless looked at him and said in a voice that only the two could hear, “There’s nothing wrong with what you’re doing. Master Yan’s style does suit you better.”

Luo XiaoLou was shocked and looked at Bless in amazement. He actually knew who he was!

Although he had mailed things over the internet, Bless only used to mail to Luo XiaoLou’s internet name, and the virtual net would automatically transfer things to Luo XiaoLou, which meant that Bless shouldn’t even know who he was.

But now that he said it, it could only mean that Bless was surrounded by people who were at least from his school.


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