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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


“Sure sure sure – trouble you…” Looking at the sudden change in the situation in front of him, the fire dragon hastened to be flattered and answered in successive voices. After watching that winged lion fly away, was finally relieved, and could not help but curiously tug Shang HaoJia’s sleeve. “Doctor Shang, what exactly did you say to the winged lion envoy just now, and why did he let us go so suddenly?”

“As a doctor, I have the obligation to keep the privacy of patients and their families, so please forgive me for not being able to answer this question of yours.” Doctor Shang smiled and shook his head, looking over at the vampire who was obviously already holding back his laughter. Coughed lightly, winked towards him and shook his head slightly.

Wei Long did his best to stifle his laughter and nodded with a sense of effort, “Please don’t worry, my dear friend. Shall we leave now? I notice our young and handsome little friend is on the verge of tears…”

Looking at the vampire with a complicated expression, who was looking at him with some kindness actually, Eli could not help but sit up straight, “Little friend – do you mean me? This vampire sir, I must emphasize one point with you. Although my grandmother did pursue you, but this does not mean that your generation can be set directly as my grandfather…”

“No no, lovely little one. After all, if I were to go by the actual generation, I wouldn’t really know what to ask you to call me.” Wei Long shook his head with a smile, stood up straight and bent slightly with one hand on his shoulder, “After all, I was born in the middle of the fifteenth century, just in time for the era of Mary Tudor. I was also expelled by Mary the First and had a very tumultuous past with Elizabeth the First. If you want to do the math, your grandmother was born at least two or three centuries after me.”

The vampire in front of him seemed very sure of himself. Eli blinked blankly and looked helplessly at Shang HaoJia, who just cruelly nodded, and patted him on the shoulder, “Good boy, call me Grandpa.”

“I call you a head! This vampire is old fashioned. Even if you follow that, how can you take advantage of it! Are you…” Eli opened his hand in annoyance but did not have time to finish the words. His look could not help but slightly change as he watched the two people’s gaze suddenly become quite meaningful. “Not it…old Shang, you come over, you come over, I have something to say to you.”

Looking at his rather indescribable look, Shang HaoJia raised his eyebrows noncommittally.

He did not resist, so he was pulled all the way to the door. “What can’t you say in front of everyone, and you have to say privately?”

“No, no, no, no…Are you really going to do this with him for real?” Eli shook his head, struggled for words for a long time, before sighing lightly and with difficulty started again. “I’m not saying this because he’s a vampire, that’s racist. Anyway, listen to you guys, he’s also a vampire, he probably will become hungry and suddenly bite you. His condition also looks really good. In addition to talking a little odd, there is a large generation gap, and the family is also quite rich…”

“Then you put on such a look like I aimed for something, just because your grandmother chased him? Do not worry, I will not call you Grandson because of this…”

It is rare to see this old classmate tangled and struggling. Shang HaoJia simply did not rush back, just holding his arms and leaned against the door. He raised his eyebrows, patiently waiting for him to finish the taiji.

“You’re the grandson! Say this again and I’ll really be anxious with you!” Looking at the other party’s obstinate look, Eli couldn’t help but jump to his feet. Another stalking half a long time, before finally pulling the person to the side, “I do not know what you think…but he is white into that look, you do not think he is a little familiar with this look?”

“Huh?” Really not understanding his words, Shang HaoJia blankly blinked and looked at the tangled explosion of his classmate, before sympathetically gently patting his shoulder, “Eli, does the laboratory never have live people to talk to you, so your language function degenerated?”

“Fuck off, so all the people I talk to are ghosts?” Eli glared at him with no good grace and sighed heavily before finally pressing the shoulder of his old classmate in front of him. Came up to his ear and lowered his voice, “I mean, he looks like the standard death trait from everywhere, and you don’t have a hard time with him? I’ll be honest with you – when he’s lurking around the edges and not moving, I want to take a knife and slash him apart…”

“…” Silently looking at his old classmate in front of him who had already lost some heart, Doctor Shang was quiet for a while before he finally shook his head in pain. “Eli, you should hurry down to the clinic to exercise. I now really see the difference between the clinical and research post. Every time I look at him I think about hurrying up and doing emergency CPR. How come you actually want to do an autopsy directly?”

“Yeah – how do I do the autopsy here…” Stunned by his question, Dr. Eli stood stunned for a long time, and suddenly heavily launched into a profound introspection and self-reflection, “I’ve really gone too far! I actually forgot the medical student oath we had made together when we first enrolled. I’m such a heartless medical practitioner…”

“It’s not bad, our oath said to remove the disease and pain of human beings and help the perfection of health. He can’t be considered human after all, and you’re still saved for the time being.” Patted him on the shoulder, not sincere to comfort an old classmate trapped in infinite self condemnation. Doctor Shang turned to enter the room and met the vampire’s smiling eyes.

“Did you hear everything?”

The two dragons were put into their pockets.

The two little dragons were obviously used to this kind of game, even Xian Bei no longer felt afraid, chasing around him and playing, but the two fathers on the sofa could not help but stare in amazement.

“It’s true that I do occasionally struggle with overly superior hearing. But this time I certainly feel very lucky and happy.” Wei Long replied with a smile, and with a touch to his chest, he shook out a large piece of black cloth as if by magic, and tied the golden dragon, who was still unable to move on his own, into a bundle, and helped the fire dragon to carry the bundle on his shoulder.

“My dearest friend – in fact, if you can’t control the urge to give me CPR even now, I believe there should be no respirator here…”

“Stop it – hurry up, it’s time for people to call security later.”

Although the vampire’s hint was still somewhat cryptic, Doctor Shang undoubtedly still heard it. He could not help but lightly cough, unconsciously blush, and determined to calmly change the subject, “Seriously, I think your lives have had a lot of interactions with humans. Do you have to forcibly erase the human memory every time you are found?”

“In fact, all the races that can continue to survive in human cities have found ways to live in harmony with humans or have simply evolved some special instincts. Among them, the most common one is the means called ‘mimicry.’” Watching the fire dragon flapping his bone wings and soaring into the sky, Wei Long smiled and circled the human doctor in his arms. Skillfully adjusted to hold the man’s posture, he lightly jumped up to the window ledge, and leaped into the thickening night.

“Humans have discovered the dead leaf butterfly, chameleon and other mimicry, but that is only the lowest form of expression. Like those dragons, they are able to change forms directly in the eyes of humans – they don’t need to deliberately transform to become something else in the eyes of ordinary people. The Chinese divine dragons are usually treated as a cloud of mist, and as for the fire dragons, they usually transform into something like spherical lightning, an existence that can be explained by humans using scientific theories.”

“According to this, I will see the news tomorrow that the spherical lightning bolt smashed our school and the doctoral student survived, is that so…” The weather after the rain was a little cooler, around a mobile refrigeration type air conditioning. Shang HaoJia could not help but tighten his clothes, and then his body was suddenly wrapped in a large black cloak.

“My dear friend, you are not wrong.” The vampire raised his knees to steady the fragile human in his arms, wrapped the cloak for him with one hand, and smiled as he pressed his hand that was about to refuse. “As for those of us who can neither mimic nor be completely invisible, we usually choose to use some equipment to hide ourselves. Like this cloak, it can make us turn into a black mist – of course, it can also have some warming effect. So my friend, perhaps it isn’t very modern and pleasing to look at, but please bear with it for a while. Once we arrive home, it will no longer matter.”

The material of the cloak was very peculiar, obviously silky and light to the touch, it covered the body and was extremely soft and warm, as if even the original cold embrace of the vampire was affected with a touch of strange temperature.

Shang HaoJia’s entire body was covered by the cloak, and all he could see was darkness. He could only hear the vampire’s wine-like mellow and elegant voice, which had a powerful mysterious compulsion to pull people into that piece of dangerous but fascinating darkness.

This wasn’t the first night he had worked overnight, and today had been a full day of running back and forth. Doctor Shang was going to ask the vampire why he didn’t get this treatment last time when he had hugged himself, but he couldn’t help but be led by that voice, yawned lightly, and unwillingly closed his eyes.


“Don’t worry, my dear friend. There will be no more injuries and no need for temporary overtime now. You just need to relax now and call your body and soul to a full rest…” The vampire smiled lightly and spoke softly, and again, because the man could not see, dropped a soft kiss on his forehead through the cloak, “My Doctor, sleep.”


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Good work Dr. Shang, now have some rest. I bet that after stealing your tofu, this vampire will let you sleep in the same criminally soft bed!

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