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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


Cyno’s thoughts flew around and he moved swiftly forward to stand next to Gu Yu, took his shoulder and walked downstairs. “Don’t look. I remembered I have dirty clothes everywhere. Let’s go eat.”

He had to tell Da Yuan to quickly move the clothes next door to his bedroom and replace all the upper supplies with new ones!

Gu Yu was led by him a couple steps before he could react, then stopped and grabbed his wrist, “Wait.”

Cyno looked down at him, and Gu Yu bit his lip. He moved Cyno’s hand off his shoulder and walked back. Cyno clasped his fingers to his brow, feeling he had made a great blunder.

If I had known, why would I have done all this fancy stuff? It would have been better to just let my little mate stay in my room!

Gu Yu stood at the door of the second room, which was open, and could see the interior at a glance.

The room was the same structure as Cyno’s bedroom, with a large area and a large balcony. The overall arrangement was mainly beige, clean and simple. There was a table in the corner, with a rectangular box on it, slightly longer than his flute. In front of the table was a double sofa, which was comfortable to sit on.

Next to the bed was a closet with an elaborate pattern, in which there was a row of clothes, all in his size. The room Cyno had prepared for him was this one, not his bedroom at all!

Gu Yu thought of his misunderstanding, and was extremely embarrassed by his arrogance. 

Cyno didn’t want to live with him. 

He saw Cyno walking quickly towards him, and subconsciously took a step towards the room because of the avoidance mentality.

The next moment, Cyno hugged his waist from behind and then swept him up into his arms.  Gu Yu raised his eyes abruptly and met Cyno’s eyes as he looked down at him.

Cyno hugged him and walked downstairs, “You’re willing to share a room with me, aren’t you?” Without waiting for Gu Yu to deny it, he quickly said, “If you promise, don’t back out. The room you just looked at is your dressing room, not the room for you!”

Gu Yu froze, then his embarrassment suddenly dissipated. He pursed his lips, “That’s actually for me, right? You even prepared an area for the live broadcast.”

Cyno paused in his steps, “Well, I don’t want to lie to you. I have to admit it was my stupid idea.”

He looked at Gu Yu, not hiding the emotion in his eyes. “But what I really wanted was for you to live in my bedroom. I was just afraid that you would resent it and that it would scare you, so I decided to let you live next door for a while to get used to it.”

Gu Yu felt very warm, no one had ever thought so much about him. He put his hand against Cyno’s shoulder, “You put me down.”

Cyno’s eyes narrowed, not moving, “You can’t back out after you agree!”

Gu Yu tilted his head, his ears slightly red, “Mn, no regrets.”

Cyno’s eyes swept over his ear and asked in a low voice, “What you agreed to before was to share a bedroom with me, not just the second floor, wasn’t it?”

Gu Yu pursed his lips, especially embarrassed. He was already acting obvious, so why did he have to ask so clearly?

Cyno lowered his head and asked in Gu Yu’s ear, “Wasn’t it?”

Gu Yu’s body trembled slightly, covered his ears, and spoke sharply, “Yes.”

Cyno laughed lightly and Gu Yu could even feel the vibration in his chest. Seeing Cyno continue to walk, he couldn’t care less about being embarrassed and hurriedly said, “Put me down.”

Cyno looked at him and put him down. It wouldn’t be good if his little mate got annoyed.

When they returned to the bedroom at almost eight o’clock, the structure inside had changed a lot from the last time Gu Yu was there. The table and sofa next door were also moved over.

At eight o’clock, Gu Yu started the live broadcast on time, and Cyno sat beside him to keep him company while working on some documents.

The audience was still enthusiastic and the broadcast went well, but Gu Yu was worried. He noticed that the number of people with negative Goodwill Points was increasing.

Although it was basically -1 , the number was high and in one night, he got close to five thousand negative Goodwill Points. The good thing was that the number of positive Goodwill Points far exceeded five thousand and the total was still going up.

It was just that the speed of gaining positive Goodwill Points was slowing down, while the negative Goodwill Points were speeding up, which made him doubtful and worried. The slowing down of positive Goodwill Points was easy to understand, males had Goodwill for natural females by nature.

Many males knew that he was a natural female and had Goodwill directly.

It’s as if a person who was particularly fond of beautiful women would have Goodwill when he first sees one. But further Goodwill was not so easy, you have to have the ability to make people like you. Many people who gave 2 Goodwill Points were because of his flute playing.

But not everyone would be interested in his playing.

In terms of pop music, most males probably preferred rhythmic, driving battle tunes.

All the way to bed, he pondered why more and more people were turning against him. Because of the doubt in his mind, he couldn’t care less about being shy when he went to sleep. It was only when he woke up in the morning and saw Cyno that he was embarrassed.

Cyno went to the palace after breakfast, and it didn’t take long for Merlin, KiKi and MoMo to be brought over. Guy rubbed Merlin’s neck with dark circles under his eyes. Merlin swept him with his tail and scurried to Gu Yu to rub his side.

Guy yawned and looked over at Gu Yu.

“Merlin seems to really like you, waking me up early in the morning and asking me to bring him over. I was afraid of disturbing you too early and he almost came on his own.”

Gu Yu rubbed Merlin’s big head and smiled, “I like Merlin a lot too.”

Qin Sheng smiled gently and joked, “It’s a good thing you’re a natural female, otherwise I would have been jealous. KiKi also wanted to come over early in the morning.”

Li said, “When I arrived at the office, MoMo was standing at the punch card waiting for me and couldn’t wait to see you.”

Gu Yu’s heart moved slightly and looked at the three and had a guess in his mind. When the males left, he took the three to sit on the cushion. KiKi hugged his hand with the ring on it and looked at him with bright eyes.

Gu Yu looked at the other two and their eyes were also shining.

Gu Yu asked a guess in his heart, his voice was very soft, “Do you feel something?”

The three nodded, and MoMo lifted his wings and pointed with difficulty at the round head with his wing tips. Merlin and KiKi raised their paws one after another and found that they couldn’t touch their heads before lying on the ground, paws touching their heads.

Gu Yu lost his smile and asked in a small voice, “Getting smart?”

The three of them nodded their heads and called out happily at the same time.

Gu Yu’s eyes curved, it seemed that when the evolutionary energy reached 1000, they could really become human. He opened the system and chose to start consuming energy, while opening the lesson and started practicing. The effect of evolutionary energy was obvious, and after five days, the three became particularly intelligent.

They were no different from humans except that they could not talk.

Gu Yu was excited, one more day and he would be able to see the three become human. He tried to increase the time to make them get evolutionary energy faster, but it didn’t work.

After gaining more than 180 evolutionary energy per day, the total amount of evolutionary energy would start flashing, warning of an overdose.

On the morning of the sixth day, Gu Yu waited expectantly for the three, and kept looking at the intersection as he walked after breakfast.

Cyno couldn’t help but say, “Like them so much?”

Gu Yu nodded, his eyes shining brightly, looking at Cyno with a hesitant expression. Merlin and the others would soon be able to turn into human form, should he tell Cyno? But what if they don’t?

This was his first time using evolutionary energy, and although the odds were good, there was uncertainty. He thought about it, but decided not to tell Cyno yet, so as not to be happy for nothing. He would tell Cyno after the three could become human.

He was well aware of the special nature of natural females here, and he had long thought of doing pitch practice in the first floor guest room today. This way, even if Merlin and the others became human on the spot, it wouldn’t cause a stir.

Cyno was helpless and thought to himself that it was good that the three were beast females. He curled his lips and looked at Gu Yu, “What about me? Do you like me?”

Gu Yu froze, bit his lip and blushed.

Just when Cyno thought he wouldn’t answer, he heard his very soft voice, “Yes.”

The moment Gu Yu’s word fell, he was pulled into a firm embrace.

Gu Yu’s eyes blinked rapidly, his body stiffened for a moment and slowly relaxed. Cyno’s terminal vibrated as he was hugging him, his hand was on Gu Yu’s shoulder, Gu Yu noticed it and gently struggled. Cyno let go of him and looked at the caller ID with a grimace and a frown.

Gu Yu took a step back with a red face, his heart thumping, “I’ll go to the living room.”

Cyno watched his flustered steps, a smile flashed in his eyes, and picked up the communication, “Speak.”

“Marshal, Fritch contacted the head of transgender females,” the other party paused, “he has something to do with this transgender female thing.”

Cyno was a little surprised and asked, “Have you found the transgender female lab yet?”

“Not yet,” the other party said, “From the top of communication, to get some information, is one by one to check.” The other party couldn’t help but say, “Marshal, how did you know there was something wrong with Fritch?”

Cyno raised an eyebrow, “Secret. Keep a close eye on Fritch, if there is a problem, arrest him directly.”

“Yes, Marshal.”

After hanging up the communication, Cyno secretly pondered, why would his little mate pay attention to Fritch? Thinking about it, he could only think of one possibility.

Zolei had mentioned the name Fritch when he was looking for trouble with his little mate. He looked at the time, tsked, and was ready to spend more time with his little mate when he was interrupted by the communication. He went into the living room to speak to Gu Yu and then left for the palace.

The birthday party was less than a week away, and the number of guests had been increasing lately. He had to deal with that and also check the security situation.

Not long after he left, the three were brought over by Guy.

Gu Yu looked behind Guy and asked in surprise, “Why did you bring all of them?”

Guy, “Last night Qin Sheng worked late, KiKi did not want to stay at home alone and wanted to sleep with MoMo, Merlin knew about it and had to come along.” He said and shrugged, “They slept together, I brought them all at once in the morning.”

Gu Yu laughed, looking at the three as if wondering what to do with these three children. But on second thought, they were adults. When they can become human, they would be his companions!

When he thought about it, he smiled even deeper. He led the three towards the guest room, but found that Guy did not leave immediately, but followed behind. He stared, “Are you off today?”

Guy nodded and gave Merlin a look, “I wanted to see how you guys got along.” His eyes lit up as he said, “I don’t know if you’ve sensed that Merlin is smarter than ever.” He paused, “I should say that since coming to you every morning, he’s getting smarter every day.”

Gu Yu nodded hesitantly, “Hmm.”

It was so obvious.

Guy perked up, “I talked to Qin Sheng about it, and KiKi is the same. I’m guessing that maybe spending time with natural females has a good effect on the beast females.” He smiled and scratched his hair, “Qin Sheng said it could also be that you spend time with them differently and it’s beneficial to raise their intelligence. So I wanted to see and learn from you.” He smiled brightly: “After I learn it, I can help Merlin and later help my partner.”

Gu Yu: “…You come along.”

Guy: “Just pretend I don’t exist, and I’ll definitely leave you guys alone.”

Guy did as he said and sat on a stool in the corner, watching them from a distance.

Gu Yu started practicing his pitch, which he had pretty much worked on, and started checking it from the beginning today. When it was almost ten o’clock, the total evolutionary energy value of all three became 47/997.

Gu Yu squeezed his fingers excitedly, his eyes fell on them, and opened his mouth to continue pronouncing.

“Mmm…” Three painful grunts resounded in the room at the same time.

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