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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


Gu Yu’s heart was shocked, and his face suddenly turned white. He saw the three huddled up, their bodies trembling slightly, and the evolutionary energy next to their brains showed 47/997.

47 was flashing.

When his eyes fell on 47, the display next to it explained, “The total value of evolutionary energy consumption has reached 950, the organism is in a critical period of evolution, and the rate of energy consumption is slowing down.”

He bit his lip heavily, blaming himself.

After he had used the system Goodwill Points, everything was normal except for one day when three of them had gained more than 180 evolutionary energy, the value had flickered to remind him. So much so that he was too careless and did not expect to enter the critical period after consuming 950 energy.

Guy jumped up from the bench and ran over, “Merlin!”

Gu Yu’s hands were shaking as he hugged KiKi and MoMo, his heart clenched into a ball. Both bodies were burning and trembling slightly, and he was worried. Gu Yu touched the side of Merlin’s neck and noticed that Merlin’s body temperature was high and he was shivering, and his face changed dramatically.

He quickly dialed the emergency number, then opened the door and yelled out, “Orson!”

Orson ran over and saw the condition of the three, and hurried to do an examination.

He frowned, “The body data changes abnormally, the specific situation must be measured with equipment.”

The ambulance came quickly and the three were moved to the emergency vehicle by the doctors.

Guy hid his anxiety and reassured, “I’ll let you know the results, it’s not safe for you to go out now.”

Everyone on Brilliant Splendor or the guests who came to Brilliant Splendor wanted to see Gu Yu. If he appeared in the hospital, it would definitely cause a sensation. Gu Yu bit his lip and stood at the intersection watching the ambulance leave.

The more he thought about it, the more worried he became, and his eyes slowly turned red. If something happened to Merlin and the others, he would never forgive himself.

Orson gently advised him, “Take a break, they’ll be fine.”

Gu Yu looked at him abruptly, seeking reassurance, “Really?”

Orson nodded, then said, “I’ll give you a checkup.”

In his opinion, Gu Yu and the three had been together, the three all had the same situation, so he was worried that Gu Yu was also uncomfortable. Gu Yu knew he was fine, but it was hard to explain, so he let Orson check him out, and sure enough, there was no problem at all.

Gu Yu sat on the sofa anxiously waiting for the results, and not long after, Da Yuan turned to him.

“Madam, Major General Roald is visiting, do you agree to meet?”

Gu Yu was stunned and subconsciously stood up, “You can let him in.”

Roald was wearing a black uniform and a military cap, his clear cold eyes were covered, and only half of his whitened face could be seen. He strode up to Gu Yu, his eyes sweeping the living room, “Where’s MoMo?”

Gu Yu bit his lip, “He just didn’t feel well and was sent to the hospital.”

Roald’s palms clenched for half a second, then he lowered his eyes and stretched out his hand, palm up. In the palm of his hand rested an oval, round, red transparent stone. The middle of the stone has a white filament, as if a white flower has grown in the stone, and was very beautiful.

Gu Yu remembered this stone, which had been hanging around Mo Mo’s neck the morning before. He thought it looked good at that time and praised it, and MoMo was especially happy to hear it.

So it was a gift for Roald?

As he was thinking, he heard Roald’s cool voice, “Please return it for me to… MoMo.”

Gu Yu frowned, “MoMo gave you a gift. If you return it to him, he will definitely be sad.”

Roald’s thin lips pursed, and he said, lifting his hand upwards, “It’s better to be sad now than later.” 

Gu Yu didn’t pick it up, thinking of Mo Mo’s happy face pointing at the stone with his wings, he got a little angry, “If you want to return it, return it yourself.”

Roald looked at him, “He’s sick, he’ll be more sad if I return it.” After saying that, he put the stone directly on the top of the sofa backrest, “Goodbye.”

Turning around, he headed out.

Gu Yu was anxious and took a step after him, “Wait, MoMo is so nice, why did you refuse MoMo’s kindness?”

Roald’s footsteps paused, inclined his head to look at him, “Do you know what my beast form is?”

Gu Yu was slightly stunned, not understanding why he was asking this question, and shook his head.

“Black panther.” Roald faintly spat out two words and walked out with big strides.

Gu Yu watched his back and wrinkled his brow, turning around to pick up the stone and put it away carefully.

Orson saw that he was unhappy and comforted him, “Major General Roald means well, this is good for both him and MoMo.”

Gu Yu wondered, “Refusing to be nice is called being kind?”

Orson sighed, “Didn’t you hear Major General Roald say? His beast form is a black panther.”

“I heard that, what does that mean? So what if he’s a black panther?” Gu Yu was confused.

Orson was helpless, “Don’t you know that there is no happiness when there is a big size difference?”

Gu Yu was even more confused, “What is a big size difference?”

Orson patiently explained, “The size difference between Panther and Tira is so big that they can’t mate, and a marriage without sex is hard to maintain all the time.” He spread his hands, “There are too many examples of this kind of tragedy.”

Gu Yu: “…”

He froze, and couldn’t help but blush when he thought about it.

He really hadn’t thought of this.

How could he possibly think of MoMo and Roald in the direction of a relationship?

He couldn’t help but say, “He might have misunderstood. He helped MoMo so MoMo might have sent the gift just as a thank you.”

Orson: “A female giving a red-colored gift to a male is courtship. MoMo likes Major General Roald a lot. Didn’t he make a special trip to Major General Roald last time?”

Gu Yu was stunned, “Really?”

Orson nodded his head.

Gu Yu was silent, he didn’t expect at all that MoMo, who was usually quiet and peaceful, would actually take the initiative to court a spouse! Thinking about it, he couldn’t help but worry again.

MoMo hadn’t caught his sweetheart yet, Merlin hadn’t met his sweetheart yet, and KiKi and his sweetheart got married not long ago. They were all so young, what if something happens to them? Something must not happen!

He prayed silently in his heart and stared at the ring, ready to receive the message.

The ring vibrated and he hastily opened it. It was Cyno’s message: “Xiao Yu, are you okay? Don’t worry, Merlin and the others are fine, they are currently sent to the Protection Association.”

Gu Yu pursed his lips and replied to the message, “I’m fine.”

Cyno: “Good boy, I’ll be back early today.”

Gu Yu hurriedly replied, “You work, I’m at home, it’s fine.”

Cyno replied with a hug emoji. Gu Yu stared at the emoji and didn’t reply further, worried about disturbing Cyno. He thought Cyno must have something to do, otherwise he wouldn’t have sent a message, he would have sent a direct communication.

Cyno closed the terminal, looked at the key personnel at the conference table, and said without expression, “Continue.” He said after a pause, “I will arrange everything for my mate, trying to arrange other activities for him, it is impossible.”

Gu Yu stared at the ring as the living room fell silent.

Not long after, Orson’s communication rang.

Orson connected, Gu Yu immediately looked over.

A holographic light screen appeared in front of Orson, and Kona appeared on it, looking extraordinarily excited. Without even a greeting he asked directly, “Orson, what the hell happened to Merlin and the others?”

Gu Yu ran over, “President, are they okay?”

Kona nodded his head, “Yes, do you know what the test results are?” He said, his eyes suddenly bursting with an extremely bright light, “I gave them a test, and the values of their bodies are gradually getting closer to yours.” He breathed and lowered his voice, “They will, most likely, transform into natural females!”

Orson’s eyes widened, “How is that possible!”

He knew best what the three did every day, but it was just listening to Gu Yu practicing pitch.

How could they suddenly transform?

Gu Yu breathed a sigh of relief, it was good that it was okay, and with the scientific basis, he was more at ease. Evolutionary energy was really able to make beast females into natural females.

Kona glared at Orson, “The data can never be wrong. You still haven’t answered me. What happened to them before?”

Orson told what he saw every day.

Kona looked at Gu Yu in surprise, “Could it be that the natural female brought about the effect?”

Gu Yu did not say anything. He did not know how to explain.

Kona pondered for a moment, “Have you noticed anything wrong before?”

Orson answered without thinking, “They were getting smarter these days,” he added after a pause, “especially smart!”

Kona’s eyes glowed, “It seems to be correct, they are probably able to transform into human form, intelligence is the main characteristic of humanoid!” He looked to Gu Yu, “Can you send me a copy of the lesson you studied? I’m ready to do a test.”

Gu Yu nodded his head and sent the courseware directly.

He could probably guess what kind of test Kona would do, the elimination method, testing first if Merlin’s change had anything to do with practicing intonation.

It was actually a good thing when his heart moved.

When Kona ruled that out, he would think it had something to do with him. He could have indicated that he wasn’t quite sure and let Kona find out what he was capable of. Just like Kona had just assumed it was a natural female influence, he didn’t have to explain it, it was natural.

Kona cautiously said to Orson, “Make sure you take care of Xiao Gu, this is something that might have something to do with Xiao Gu.”

Orson also understood the importance of the matter and nodded seriously.

Kona said gently to Gu Yu, “I’ll go check on Merlin and the others. You don’t have to worry, they are in a stable condition.”

Gu Yu nodded, “Make sure you tell me if something happens!”

Kona smiled, “Of course, I know you guys are very close.”

Cyno went back at noon and saw that Gu Yu was fine, so he put his mind at ease, ate lunch with Gu Yu, waited for Gu Yu to take a nap, and then left again. He went downstairs to ask Orson about the specifics and frowned when he heard Orson speculate that the reaction of the three might have something to do with Gu Yu.

“That’s completely unfounded,” Cyno said, “My grandmother had quite a few beast females in contact with him when he was around, and nothing like that happened.”

Orson, “Indeed, the cause is currently being tested, and the truth will soon be available.”

Cyno said in a quiet voice, “I hope your speculations are only heard by yourselves.”

His little mate was a natural female and was already coveted by others, if rumors spread that he could influence the beast females, could make the beast females turn into natural females, it would definitely cause a huge sensation. He was afraid that many planets would want to fight for his little mate regardless of everything.

He can’t let this kind of thing happen. His little mate was so soft and might be frightened.

Orson nodded, “Please rest assured that the association will not spread uncertain news outside.”

“It had better be.” Cyno glanced upstairs, his eyes softened a bit. “Please take care of him, don’t interfere with him in anything he does, and contact me if anything happens.”

Orson: “Yes, Marshal.”

Gu Yu woke up and spent the afternoon reading information about the alien planet. The information was given to him by Cyno, and it was comprehensive and detailed, not in boring words, but like a tourist promo with pictures and explanations.

The news reports were not comprehensive, and always interspersed with various other news, so these were specially prepared for him. He watched with amazement and kept exclaiming the wonders of this world.

He saw many modern fantasy creatures, and many that he had not heard of.

Mermaids, tree people, feathered people…

These were particularly similar to human-looking, only slightly different, and there were creatures that are very different from humans.

For example, the tall Asterian with scales and vertical pupils and a tail, the bulbous Vossians with only one eye, floating in the air as if it were a bubble.

He was amazed.

Cyno had told him that he would only have to toast the guests with him after the opening speech of the banquet and identify himself as the host. Although the appearance might only last a minute, lest he be too surprised to see a guest with a different appearance, he read the information very carefully.

For the next few days, Merlin, KiKi and MoMo did not arrive at the villa, their bodies were in a constant state of fever, and although the data showed no problem, Kona was uneasy.

Gu Yu was originally worried but calmed his concerns after a video communication with them.

They all seemed to be in good spirits, and he found that their remaining value of evolutionary energy was decreasing every day, and decreasing more and more slowly.

As the system explained, the evolutionary energy consumption slowed down during the critical period. He then stopped worrying and reworked his training plan.

Every morning, he ran to increase his lung capacity, and then performed breath exercises.

The days passed quickly and it was May 18, Cyno’s 80th birthday.

When Gu Yu woke up, he saw Cyno lying on his side with his head propped up on his hand, staring at him intently. Having just woke up, he was still a little confused, rubbed his eyes, and after his spirit was clear, his face turned a little red.

Cyno smiled lightly, “Good morning.”

The corners of Gu Yu’s mouth curved and he looked up to meet his eyes, “Good morning,” his eyes shone brightly, “Happy birthday!”

Cyno slightly lowered his head, the two of them were so close that their breath could be heard, “Thank you.” He pointed down to his lips, his fingers paused and moved to the right side of his face, “Can I have a kiss? It would be more wonderful than any gift or blessing.”

Gu Yu subconsciously held his breath, clenched his fingers, and gave him a quick kiss on the right side of his face.

Cyno’s eyes widened slightly, he was not at all expecting his little mate to complete his request so simply.

In the instant he was dazed, Gu Yu rolled over to his other side, quickly got up and slipped into the washroom with his shoes on. Gu Yu looked at himself in the mirror, his face flushed, cupped some cold water and patted his face. As he was doing so, his waist tightened and Cyno grabbed him from behind.

His body stiffened and Cyno’s chin rested lightly on his shoulder, “Don’t be nervous, I won’t do anything if you don’t want to.”

Gu Yu’s body relaxed slightly, Cyno lightly pinched his ear, released him, and rubbed the top of his hair, “I’m going to go to the palace early, I’ll pick you up at night.”

The birthday banquet was in the evening, but there were still many major meetings to be held during the day. Although the purpose of the alien visitors was to see natural females, they would not come for just one thing. Interstellar trade cooperation in various areas, as well as military assistance in many things, could be discussed in person while the opportunity arises.

Gu Yu nodded, “Okay.”

Cyno reminded, “You can eat something at home first, the banquet has no atmosphere for eating.”

Although he had arranged a tightly secured rest room for his little mate, he would not be disturbed when he ate inside.

But he was worried that the little mate would have no appetite because of the nervousness.

Gu Yu’s eyes curled, “Mn, you don’t have to worry about me, I can take care of myself.”

At 5:30 that evening, Orson arranged a nutritious dinner for Gu Yu. After Gu Yu finished eating, Da Yuan held a dress suit for him. After putting it on, Gu Yu straightened his collar in the mirror. The tuxedo was a black suit with crushed diamonds mixed in the fabric of the suit, which would glow slightly between actions.

Underneath, he wore a white shirt with a playful black bow tie, which set off his white and soft face. He looked sideways and it fit him perfectly, making him look good with a narrow waist and long legs. He was just afraid it would be a little wonky if he were among taller males.

Once he was dressed he left the bedroom, and as he walked down the stairs, he heard a murmur of voices coming from the living room, and Merlin’s growl was obvious.

He picked up speed and when he reached the living room he found Guy and Merlin standing face to face, Guy with a helpless look on his face. Merlin was carrying MoMo and KiKi on his back, and when Guy took a step forward, he took a step back.

“Merlin, you guys are recovered?” He inquired happily.

While asking he checked the evolutionary energy of the three, all of them were 0/977.

The excess energy from before was all absorbed.

Merlin turned his head and ran towards him, rubbing his hand with his big head. KiKi foot stirred, scampered into his arms, he hastily embraced stroking Kiki while rubbing MoMo’s head.

Guy held his forehead, “Xiao Gu, you persuade Merlin. Grandfather asked me to take him to the banquet, he ran away when I wasn’t looking, and took KiKi and MoMo with him, which scared me.”

Gu Yu looked at the shoes on Merlin’s paws, the edges were black, obviously running all the way here, “They ran from the Conservancy?”

Guy nodded, “Their fever came down this morning and they were observed at the Society for a while. President Kona examined them, made sure they were okay, and informed us to check out.” He spread his hands: “There will be a lot of quality males out at the banquet tonight, and Grandfather asked me to take Merlin, but Merlin ran away when I wasn’t looking.” He looked grateful, “Luckily he knew to run on the sidewalk and had an obvious target, if I had lost him, Grandfather would have killed me.”

Merlin blinked and purred softly at him.

Guy was helpless, “Now you know how to be pampered? How come you didn’t stop when you were told to stop?”

Thinking about the scene before when he stood in the car, head through the sunroof yelling “Stop!”, he was very broken inside. He just hoped no one filmed that scene, or his reputation would be ruined. Merlin softly purred again, rubbing Gu Yu’s hand with the ring, a little sharply. KiKi and MoMo looked at him with bright eyes and called out at the same time, their voices with urgency.

Gu Yu’s heart moved, they must have sensed that they had reached the threshold of becoming human.

He curled his fingers slightly and rubbed Merlin’s big head, thinking for a split second and quickly made a decision, “Let’s go to dinner first, will you guys stay with me tonight?”

When they turned into a human, he still did not know what the reaction would be. The dinner party was about to start and now was definitely not a good time.

After the banquet, he would settle the three in the villa guest room, and when the three became human, he could tell Cyno.

Cyno would be there, and also Dr. Orson. By then, no matter what happened, it’d be alright.

Merlin and the other two immediately understood what he meant, but were still a little anxious. The mood of wanting to become human was too eager.

Merlin rubbed Gu Yu’s arm again.

Gu Yu warmly advised, “I need to attend the banquet, and the dinner has many alien guests. Now is not appropriate.”

Merlin blinked his eyes and nodded his head. KiKi and MoMo also nodded along.

Guy was confused, “What’s inappropriate?”

Gu Yu smiled, “Nothing, let’s dress Merlin up first.”

He picked up MoMo from behind Merlin’s back.

Not long after, Cyno returned to the villa and raised his eyebrows when he saw Guy and the three beast females. Gu Yu explained things to him.

Cyno thought to himself, his little mate is so delightful.

He smiled, “It’s good, let them stay with you in the lounge later, so you won’t be bored alone.”

When they arrived at the parking lot, Gu Yu’s mouth dropped open in surprise. Two rows of military shuttles were side by side. One could not see the head, and two rows of military craft were hovering in the air, as if they were about to conduct military exercises.

Cyno took Gu Yu to the nearest shuttle, and Guy took the other three to the side-by-side one. After the shuttle with Gu Yu was started, the shuttle in front gave way to the middle lane, and when the shuttle drove to the middle, it followed closely behind, escorting back and forth with the shuttle in front.

The aircraft flew towards the front and was steadily above the shuttle fleet. A screen of light appeared in front of Cyno, and all the shuttles and craft were visible on it. Gu Yu had never seen such a scene before and was stunned.

Cyno touched the side of his face, “Don’t be nervous, it’s just a precaution, and a warning to anyone not to touch you.”

Gu Yu blushed slightly, “I’m just not used to it.”

Cyno, “Don’t worry, you can’t cover up if you attend the banquet but you won’t be so grand if you go out to play.”

Soon, the shuttle stopped at the intersection of the special passage of the palace banquet hall. Gu Yu was brought to the venue lounge by Cyno where four tall soldiers stood at the entrance of the lounge and gave a military salute towards Cyno. Their eyes fell on Gu Yu uncontrollably.

Cyno grunted lightly and all four eyes moved away in a flash.

Merlin and KiKi were taken away by Guy and Qin Sheng. Only MoMo and Gu Yu went into the lounge together. After ensuring Gu Yu was settled in, Cyno left the lounge.

Gu Yu hugged MoMo, thinking about the red stone left by Roald, and gently stroked MoMo’s back. He hesitated for a while and decided not to tell MoMo for now, and wait until MoMo could become human that night. If there was one happy thing, in knowing the sad thing, maybe he would not be so sad.

It didn’t take long for Merlin and KiKi to be sent back by Guy and Qin Sheng.

Both had a helpless look on their faces, “It had to be you.”

Qin Sheng handed KiKi to Gu Yu, “You…” He thought about it and didn’t ask, it wasn’t a good time. He smiled gently, “Thank you, please take care of him.”

Gu Yu, “You’re welcome.”

After Guy and Qin Sheng left, only Gu Yu, KiKi, MoMo and Merlin were left in the lounge.

Gu Yu explained his arrangement in a whisper and gently advised, “You all should not be anxious, there are many aliens at the dinner, we need to keep a low profile.”

He also told them about the special nature of natural females, yet the three patted themselves on the chest halfway through listening. Indicating that they were well aware of it.

Gu Yu lost his smile when he realized that all three of them were indigenous, he was afraid they knew more than him. He fed them with snacks prepared by Cyno and asked them what they had done in the association in the past few days.

The three of them performed vividly, and Gu Yu watched, having fun, and he was not nervous anymore. But when Cyno pushed in the door, he couldn’t help but feel nervous again.

Cyno smiled reassuringly and reached out to him, “It’s okay, I’m always here for you.”

Gu Yu breathed a sigh of relief and placed his hand on his, turning back to remind the three, “Don’t run around, I’ll be back soon.”

The three nodded in unison.

After walking out of the lounge, the noise suddenly reached his ears, Gu Yu’s fingers clenched Cyno’s hand. The scent of fine wine and various perfumes mingled to intensify, and bright white lights spilled from the hanging lamps in the dome. The moment Cyno led Gu Yu out, the sound of the banquet hall seemed to have been pressed to pause.

At the same time, countless eyes fell on Gu Yu.

Gu Yu’s heart tightened, he felt that he couldn’t see anything in front of him, it was as if he were in a dream, and he panicked to the extreme.

Cyno’s footsteps paused, he let go of his hand, and Gu Yu abruptly looked at him, then the next moment, his waist was warm. Cyno’s big hand held his waist as he lowered his head and whispered in his ear, “Don’t be afraid.”

Gu Yu blushed suddenly, he did not wear makeup, but at this time it is as if he had put on blush.

The sound of discussion gradually came to his ears, Gu Yu’s eyes cleared and his heartbeat also stabilized. He smiled at Cyno and followed him with a steady gait to the tall champagne tower.

Cyno picked up a glass of champagne and handed it to Gu Yu, who took it and gently smelled it, and his eyes curled as the fruity aroma came through. As Cyno said, inside his glass, was the special juice.

Cyno picked up a glass of real champagne and swept his eyes to the guests, “Welcome everyone to my birthday party.”

He said, looking over to Gu Yu, who winked, and as previously agreed, they raised their glasses together towards the guests and then clinked their glasses to each other. Gu Yu finished his juice and subconsciously pursed his lips.

Cyno took the empty glass from his hand and put it on the tray held by the waiter at the side. He said to the guests, “Make yourselves comfortable, and have a nice evening.”

He walked back with Gu Yu in his arms, and within a few steps, a tall male stood in their way.

Gu Yu’s eyes flashed with surprise, this was the Yas.

Although wearing a suit, the skin of the neck was covered in silver scales, and the eyes were transparent gray vertical pupils. Good thing he had read the information and did not react rudely.

Cyno said lightly, “King Yak, if you want to drink, let me accompany you later.”

He said drinking, but it sounded like he was talking about fighting.

King Yak’s gaze fell on Gu Yu, “I am thirty-eight years old, very young. I hope that if you two have a natural female offspring, you can give me priority as his mate.” He put his right hand against his left chest, “I will treat him as a treasure and live in friendship with Brilliant Splendor for a long time.”

Gu Yu: “…” He was stunned.

Cyno’s face snapped, “King Yak is joking, we aren’t to that point yet.”

King Yak, “But the future is promising.”

Cyno eyes glared with a flash, heh, during his eightieth birthday party, he said he was thirty-eight and very young.

And also his and Yu’er’s [efn_note: Editor’s note – Adding an ‘er’ to the end of a name is an endearment for a loved one, usually a sweetheart [/efn_note]  baby son? This was absolutely deliberately looking for trouble!

Gu Yu noticed that all around the eyes were watching. Perceiving that Cyno was unhappy, and thinking that this was Cyno’s birthday party, he pursed his lips. He looked at King Yak, “No one can say what will happen in the future, but I think that feelings are free and there is no such thing as saying yes in advance.”

King Yak’s vertical pupils moved slightly, “That is to say, if he is willing, you will not stop him from being with me.”

Gu Yu was very helpless, obviously there was not even a shadow of things, why say as if the child already exists? He nodded his head, “Yes.”

King Yak looked at Cyno, who said, “I support any decision my partner makes about the child.”

Gu Yu thought Cyno was also a bit ahead of things. Where did this child come from?

King Yak was satisfied and moved out of the way.

Cyno led Gu Yu towards the lounge and whispered, “I don’t feel comfortable with you going home alone, wait for me in the lounge for a while.”

Gu Yu nodded good-naturedly, “Okay, no need to rush, I’m not bored.”

Although he hadn’t experienced this level of things, he understood that banquets were often an excellent place to discuss things. Cyno’s status was not ordinary, so he must have a lot of business to attend to. He didn’t want him to influence Cyno.

Suddenly, a man fell towards the two of them, Cyno’s eyes narrowed and took a step back with Gu Yu.

“Pop…” The wine cup in the fallen man’s hand shattered to the ground, spilling liquor onto the ground and emitting a strong fragrance.

The faces of the surrounding people suddenly turned pale, and they all quickly covered their noses.

Cyno’s face sank, and Gu Yu frowned.

This fragrance gives him a sense of familiarity. It was very strong, with a sense of oppression, such a smell that his body could not help but heat up. He subconsciously inclined his head close to Cyno. Then abruptly looked up because Cyno emitted a faint glandular body odor that was very mild, with a soothing note.

He was familiar with Cyno’s smell, and to his surprise, he usually couldn’t smell it unless he was very close, but now it was obvious.

Little did he know that it was emanating from Cyno because he was soothing him.

The person who fell to the ground was quickly taken away by the guards, and Cyno swept his eyes harshly at the direction where the fallen man originally stood. Immediately after, there was a very obvious snicker.

Want to use glandular hormone to attract the little mate? Dream on! He was bubbling in his heart because Gu Yu had just subconsciously approached him, and his finger tapped twice on the ring, signaling his subordinates to look into the situation. He took Gu Yu by the arm and sent him back to the lounge.

Cyno said, “Contact me if you need anything.”

Gu Yu nodded his head.

Cyno turned around and the smile on his face sank. He did not go straight back to the banquet hall, but went to the monitoring room. He wanted to see who was trying to play out of his league!

As soon as Gu Yu arrived at the lounge, the three beast females gathered around him. Gu Yu sat down on the soft cushion and Merlin lay at his feet.

KiKi and MoMo were on either side of him, left and right. Gu Yu smoothed their fur as he described what had just happened.

“Have you seen aliens? I was so nervous just now that I didn’t dare to look around. It’s a good thing I read the information before, otherwise I might have covered my mouth out of surprise, which would have been very rude.”

The three listened with curious faces, Merlin’s head tilted and came up to his trouser leg and sniffed it, then gradually continued down his leg. Gu Yu froze, the action reminded him of the animal’s nature of licking things!

He leaned forward and patted Merlin’s head, “My shoes are dirty, don’t lick them!”

As soon as he was next to Merlin, he froze. Merlin’s body was glowing with heat, and the hair covering his body was gradually shortening. He sat up on his knees with a start, “Merlin, are you uncomfortable?”

Merlin shook his head.

At that moment, Gu Yu was so shocked that he stepped back. The big spotted tiger disappeared for a moment and was replaced by a teenager with a slender body. However, in the next second, he became a big spotted tiger again.

Gu Yu realized what was going on and subconsciously held his breath as doubts surfaced in his mind.

Merlin had only absorbed 997 evolutionary energy!

KiKi and MoMo sounded excited, “Chirp~” “La~”

The big spotted tiger and the human form continued to change back and forth, and after three rounds, stabilized. On the carpet, a fair skinned slender teenager was lying there. The teenager had short blond hair, but because his head was hanging, forehead resting on his hands, he could not see the face.

Gu Yu froze for a moment, then his face suddenly flushed.

When the beast form turned into human form, they were not wearing clothes! He wanted to turn around, but was worried about Merlin’s condition, so he could only hold back his embarrassment and ask in a low voice, “Merlin, how are you feeling?”

Merlin’s voice was clear and crisp, not knowing if it was because he had just transformed, his voice was low: “…Little Yu?”

He didn’t look up when he spoke, his ears were red.

Gu Yu’s eyes flashed with surprise, so he could talk directly? “Yes, I’m Gu Yu. How are you?”

He was a bit at a loss for words, wanting to touch Merlin, but embarrassed. Merlin paused for a moment before two words emerged, “Clothes, clothes.”

Gu Yu suddenly realized that Merlin was shy.

And Merlin spoke very slowly, and Gu Yu wasn’t sure if that was because he was not used to talking. Gu Yu hurriedly said, “Wait.”

He took off his suit and put it over Merlin’s waist. His eyes looked around the lounge and finally landed on the sofa. He got up, picked up the sofa blanket that covered the sofa and covered Merlin tightly. Merlin held the sofa cloth at the side of his neck with both hands and slowly sat up to wrap himself in it.

Gu Yu then looked at his face: light golden eyes, narrow Danfeng eyes, high nose, very white skin, he was a particularly handsome teenager. Merlin hadn’t quite sat up straight when his handsome face tangled up for a moment, he let out a stifled grunt and his body curled up.

At the same time, a strong fragrance emanated from his body.

Gu Yu had smelled this scent before, it was the scent of Merlin in heat. That day at the villa, Merlin was agitated an hour and a half earlier, and he played a tune to calm Merlin down.

Why was he suddenly in heat again, hadn’t it already passed?

He thought of the 997 energy Merlin absorbed, could it be that the early transformation was related to Merlin being in heat at the time? He didn’t have time to think about it, so he turned on the music and contacted Cyno at the same time.

Cyno quickly got through, “What’s wrong?”

Gu Yu panicked, “Merlin is in heat,” he smelled the growing scent and panicked even more, “He looks very distressed.”

Cyno, “I’ll arrange for a doctor to come right away. Take it easy.”

Gu Yu looked at Merlin and hurriedly said, “Wait, bring a set of clothes over.”

“Clothes?” Cyno’s voice was slightly tense, “What’s wrong with you?”

“They’re not for me, but for Merlin. He’s turned into a human. The clothes should be a little bigger than mine, he should be taller than me.”

Cyno was quiet for a moment, followed by a tighter voice, “I know, don’t be nervous. How are KiKi and MoMo?”

“They’re fine.”

Cyno, “I’ll be right over.”

His Majesty saw Cyno looking tense, “What’s wrong, something happened to Gu Yu?”

Cyno shook his head, “Nothing, I’ll go check it out.”

He dialed Kona’s communication and reminded him to bring an inhibitor, and had another set of clothes sent to the lounge door. As he made the arrangements, he swept his eyes around the grounds and walked over to Guy, “Follow me.”

Guy was puzzled, Milton raised an eyebrow, “I’m coming too!”

Cyno: “You stay here.”

Guy saw they were heading to the lounge and looked anxious, “Something happened to Merlin?”

Cyno looked at him, taking into account that there were people around, and did not explain, “You’ll know later.”

When they reached the entrance of the lounge, Kona and the clothes had arrived.Cyno took the clothes and said to the guards, “No matter who it is, no one is allowed to enter.”

“Yes, Marshal.” 

Cyno walked to the door and scanned his pupil to open the door. The door only opened a crack when the rich, sweet scent of female glands came rushing out.

All the males at the door, except Guy, all paled.

The four young guards couldn’t help but stifle a grunt.

Cyno’s face changed and instead of pushing the door open, he slammed it shut.

“Oh, God, I haven’t smelled such a strong glandular scent in how many years!? It’s definitely emanating from a natural female.” Kona marveled. He looked to Cyno, “Is Xiao Gu in heat?”

Cyno sullenly shook his head, shoved the handful of clothes into Guy’s hands, took out a tranquilizer from his space pack, and injected himself.

The four guards made the same move. Guy froze for a moment with the clothes in his hand, and soon realized what was going on, his arm trembling slightly.

He did not react, so what does this mean? There was only one explanation, it was emanating from his Merlin!

What did President Kona just say? Natural females! Cyno had given him what? Clothes! If they were Gu Yu’s clothes, how could Cyno give themto him!

There was only one explanation.

He looked to Cyno, “Open the door.”

Cyno opened the terminal and sent a message, “Second team escort, come sedated to the lounge.”

He finished sending it, reopened the door, and quickly dashed inside, pulling Kona in as soon as Guy scurried through the door. Cyno slammed the door shut as soon as he could.


The strong scent of female glands had flooded out while the door was opened.

The four guards at the door had just been sedated, which had not yet taken full effect, smelled a nosefull, and their faces instantly sunk with discomfort. Fortunately, they had been through special training, otherwise they would have immediately fallen to the ground with weak knees.

When the second team of guards arrived, they smelled the air and their faces were filled with wonder. This was definitely the sweetest painful errand. 

Those with a keen sense of smell at the party breathed in and looked in the direction of the lounge.

A tall male with a tiger beast tattoo on his body narrowed his eyes and instantly scurried in that direction until he was stopped by his escort.


When Gu Yu saw Cyno, he asked worriedly, “What happened to you?”

Cyno’s face was really unpleasant. Cyno didn’t say anything, but directly hugged Gu Yu and buried his face in the back of his neck, and breathed in heavily twice.

Gu Yu scowled with a red face.

Kona: “He’s under the influence,” he explained before noticing Merlin covered by the sofa blanket, “Oh my God!”

He crouched down and Gu Yu, not bothering to be shy, hastened to warn, “You be careful, he’s… There’s no clothes on.”

Guy squatted down and took Merlin’s clenched white hand, his voice choked with sobs, “Merlin.”

Merlin slightly tilted his head, revealing light golden eyes, “…Brother.”

Guy’s eyes suddenly reddened and he hugged him, “Don’t be afraid, it will be alright soon.” He grabbed Merlin’s sofa blanket and urged Kona, “Give him an inhibitor.”

Kona hid his excitement and did a quick check before injecting the inhibitor into Merlin’s neck. Merlin’s breathing slowly eased, but his face looked pale and tired.

Guy stroked his hair tenderly and looked to Gu Yu, “Thank you for Merlin’s clothes.”

Gu Yu: “You’re welcome.”

Merlin shook his head, “…I want to take a bath.”

Cyno said, “There is a bathroom.” As he spoke, the terminal vibrated, and he picked it up, glanced at the door, and grimaced slightly.

“Stop him!”


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Sue R
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