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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Lan Yu sat in the helicopter with an ion cannon at his feet.

In the time it took for the helicopter to start and lift off, he had gone through the scenes he had performed in his head quickly and selected the one that best suited the current situation.

Art comes from life, and he decided to follow that scene.

The helicopter climbed to a level with the top floor of the mall, and then circled around the cactus building.

Through the entire glass wall surrounding it on all sides, Lan Yu saw that inside, as the police had described, there were several hostages with bombs strapped to them blocking the stairs, while others were crouched on the floor with their hands on their heads.

Hearing the sound of the helicopter, everyone looked over.

The ones crouching on the ground were begging, the ones standing in front of the escalator with bombs hanging from their heads were shaking and tears were flowing down their faces.

A tall, strong man in a black combat suit, with a gun in his right hand and a remote control in his left, stood in the crowd looking at the helicopter and saw Lan Yu squatting at the hatch. Because of the long thorns on the cactus, he was quite aware that the helicopter couldn’t get close, so he was not alarmed and gave Lan Yu a provocative smile.

He had a long scar on his face, which was pulled by this smile, and looked very hideous.

Lan Yu’s heart burst, a little nervous, subconsciously wanting to avoid the gaze, and felt it hard to hold back.

At this moment, he could absolutely not get stage fright. if he even became timid, he would lose and the feeling would be leaked off.

In just a few moments, he adjusted his emotions into the role, and the scarred man stared across the sky.

He didn’t make any movements, no expression on his face, only to put his gaze to 90% indifference and 10% pity.

They faced off in an expression battle, just looking at each other with such a look.

Like he was looking at a dead person.

Scar man was really enraged, he put away his smile, his face went down, gripped the gun in his hand and aimed the muzzle at the glass: bang!

He had a red glow under his eyes, feeling a morbid excitement. Lan Yu, though he knew that the glass was impervious, still shivered a little.

But although his heart was panicked, his face was still calm, he also turned his eyes to look at the location of the scar man.

His eyes faintly swept across the ceiling and beige floor tiles, containing eight points of indifference and two points of criticism, as if in the measurement of a coffin.

All the people were holding their breath, their crying also choking to a stop as they turned their eyes to watch the darkness between them.

At this point, the scarred man couldn’t resist and took a step forward.

He held a gun in his right hand, and his left hand holding the remote control raised his middle finger at Lan Yu, and his thumb briefly left the red round button.

Lan Yu’s pupils suddenly tightened, the opportunity had come.

He didn’t hesitate, decisively grabbed the ion cannon at his feet and shouldered it, leaping out of the helicopter and taking to the air.

At that moment, the wind brushed past his face, the street and the crowd were under his feet, and time seemed to slow down, as if in a long slow motion.

He leapt into the air, the sunlight spilling over his head, coloring his soft black hair a light brown and his dark blue uniform with a layer of gold.

At the same time, he pulled the trigger of the gun on his shoulder, and an ion cannon shot with an air-piercing boom, going straight ahead at the Yaga glass.

The scarred man’s upraised middle finger hadn’t been withdrawn, and the thumb aimed at the remote control button still hung above.

A hostage blinked away her tears but before she could open her eyes, the teardrop was still lingering in the air.


With a loud boom, the ion cannon touched the Yaga glass the instant it exploded, the entire glass spread outward from the center, shattering into thousands of shards, sitting in the air before cascading in all directions.

Lan Yu was just 20 meters away when the wave of air rushed in front of him, only lifting his bangs and revealing his dark eyebrows.

He let go of his hand and let the ion cannon fall from a high altitude, following the instinct of his body to do a tumble in the air, while pulling out the gun at his waist. Then he stepped on a cross-trailing beam as he fell, and with another push, he leapt through the glass gap.

The moment he landed, he rolled forward and shot.

The slow-motion ended, the whole process only took two or three seconds.

The hostage’s tears fell to the ground, splashing into a small puddle. She opened and closed her eyes blankly, raising her hand to shield herself from the flying broken glass.

The scarred man still had his middle finger up, his thumb dangling above the remote control, with a strange look on his face.

But there was a bloody hole in his forehead, and blood gushed out and ran down the sides of his nose.

Lan Yu still maintained the posture of raising his gun on one knee.

Until then, the wind that followed in only stopped, moving his hair, the broken glass clattered and spilled to the ground.

The scarred man hit the ground heavily with a muffled sound, his eyes still open, full of confusion, forehead topped by the bloody hole that was still gurgling blood.

The entire top floor hall was silent.

The hostages didn’t move, and no one screamed, because the scene happened so suddenly that it was over before they could be afraid.

Lan Yu also didn’t move, his face was expressionless, but his heart was completely wooden.

He just recalled a movie he had shot and followed a sequence of actions in it.

——including the shootout in the background.

But this wasn’t a movie, he really killed a man. The body was dripping blood and fell in front of him.

His ears buzzed and his mind went blank. All he could feel was something shifting in front of him, someone’s lips opening and closing in front of him, seemingly saying something.

“Colonel K, Colonel K…”

After a ringing in his ears, the voice became clear.

The sound of police running footsteps also came from the stairs below, apparently rushing upstairs at the moment of the blast.

“Colonel K, are you okay?” A hostage asked warily, seeing his pale face.

Lan Yu suddenly came back to his senses and tried to discard his inner discomfort. After taking a long, deep breath, he stood up and said with downcast eyes, “Let’s go…”

Just as the words left his mouth, an explosion boomed from the direction of the escalator.

“Get down!” Lan Yu shouted, and everyone crouched on the ground again, holding their heads.

Bang bang! Connected with two more loud booms, not far from the elevator and the emergency hallway.

The concrete slab above couldn’t take it and began to fall in large chunks, with debris flying everywhere and the ground trembling beneath their feet.

After a few explosions sounded, smoke and dust rose. The hostages began to cover their mouths as they began choking and coughing, it mixed with girls’ cries of terror.

Someone was hissing loudly, “This… he blew up all the way down the stairs.”

Lan Yu quickly stood up and surveyed his surroundings in a cloud of white dust.

Sure enough, the escalators, emergency hallways and elevators were all blocked by the falling concrete slabs.

What did the scarred man want when he set up to blow up the hallway? Was he trying to delay everyone for a while?

Lan Yu’s experience of acting in several police films told him that this wasn’t going to be easy.

“Ah, what’s with this guy?” Someone suddenly shouted, his voice was very sharp.

Lan Yu looked at the sound, a middle-aged man was looking at the ground in horror, his outstretched fingers were shaking.

The location he was pointing at was the corpse of the scarred man he had just shot down.

Sure enough! He knew this wasn’t simple.

Lan Yu pretended not to hear and seriously surveyed the rest of the place.

He was still too scared to face the scarred man.

If he didn’t look, it was like a police movie, but if he did, it might turn into a thriller, a zombie standing at his bedside in the middle of the night.

“Colonel K, you come over and see, this, what’s going on?” The smoke cleared from the floor, and another person came up to probe and look, and also made a shocked huffing sound.

“Is it rare to see a dead person?” Lan Yu said coldly, “I’m not interested in dead people.”

“Colonel K, it’s really strange.”

Lan Yu pretended to be busy and went to touch the concrete slab blocking the escalator, frowning as he jerked one of the pieces outward.

“Colonel K, are you guys okay?” A police officer’s voice came through the concrete slab.

“Colonel K, this man’s body has become so horrible, you come and see.” The man continued to shout.

Lan Yu ignored the other voices and chose to answer the policeman’s question, chiding coldly, “What are you howling about? He’s dead…”

“Then hold on a little longer while we try to clear these concrete slabs.” The cop yelled.

“Colonel K, come and see, I’m really scared.” The girl’s cries became louder.

Lan Yu couldn’t hold on any longer. If he continued to insist, it was inevitable that his inner cowardice would be seen.

Taking a deep breath, he turned around sharply, striding towards the corpse’s location and standing with his hands behind his back, looking on with a calm face.

“What’s so scary about this? It’s just a change of color and a little shrinkage?” He said indifferently.

In just a few minutes from the scarred man’s death, his corpse had turned green, irregularly deep and light, like it was covered with mottled moss.

The whole person also shriveled down rapidly, the flesh and blood seemed to be drained, leaving only dry skin, wrapped in withered bone.

The bullet hole in his forehead was becoming more and more obvious, and the blood had crusted and solidified on his face, leaving only a blackened hole.

Lan Yu’s soul was holding itself and screaming in terror, running around, trying to find some place to hide.

But the body was still trapped in place and he gently kicked the corpse’s leg with the toe of his leather boot and asked, “Did anyone just notice? When did this happen?”

“I didn’t, I was crouched down and didn’t pay attention.”

“I didn’t see it clearly either, not to mention the smoke was too big at that time.”

The people explained.

A man with a bomb still strapped to his chest asked, “Colonel K, you’ve seen a lot, do you know what the hell is going on?”

Lan Yu just wanted to show a baleful look to scare them, hostages should have the consciousness of hostages, quietly shivering, why so curious about other things?

Before he could adjust his expression, he heard a low, lazy voice from his right, “Because he was no longer human before he died.”

Hearing the strange voice, everyone looked to the right, and Lan Yu was no exception.

Only to see that at the glass gap pierced by the ion cannon, somehow there was a young Alpha wearing a beige trench coat.

He faced the crowd sideways, facing out of the building, one foot on the floor-to-ceiling window sill more than a foot high, a foot on the ground, and one could see that he was tall, with long legs.

His left elbow rested lazily on his knee, wearing a valuable watch on his wrist, and the right hand lifted the trench coat and rested in the trouser pocket, like a model on a poster admiring some landscape.

The glass window had shattered, and the hem of his trench coat was filled with wind and bulging, revealing his straight pants and light gray shirt.

“Who are you?” Someone asked, resting the bomb on his chest.

The young man seemed to chuckle before removing the sunglasses on the bridge of his high nose and slowly turning his head.

“Hello everyone, you are lucky that I happened to be passing by and stopped by to give you a lift.”

This familiar male lead look and accent, the common way the male lead appeared, Lan Yu had that sudden feeling in his heart.

The young man slowly walked over, “He’s a Lontan, came here at some point, and took this man’s skin.”

Lan Yu only lifted his eyes to glance at him, and then turned his eyes away.

I have to say, although this man was very pretentious, he was really good-looking, his face shape and features were just right, and he would be quite photogenic.

“A Lontan? And took up this man’s skin?” Someone exclaimed out loud.

The young man didn’t make a sound, walking unhurriedly towards the corpse, holding sunglasses in one hand and placing them in his trouser pocket with a casual and dashing pace.

Lan Yu saw his smiling expression, slightly hooked up the corner of the lips, his heart thudding wildly.


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