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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


Cyno hung up the communication, raised his hand to press the vent button on the wall, and pointed to the right corner, “The bathroom is over there.”

Guy nodded and carefully picked Merlin up.

Gu Yu tugged on Cyno’s sleeve and asked in a whisper, “Is something wrong outside?”

Cyno rubbed the top of his hair, “It’s a small problem. You go help Merlin and I’ll go out and take care of it.”

Gu Yu hmmed and looked at his face, “Are you not feeling well?”

Cyno’s eyes darkened slightly, hugged him and sniffed the back of his neck, “This makes it better.”

Gu Yu slightly stiffened, but did not hide. He figured that the room’s smell had a strong impact on the males.

Cyno let go of him, “I’ll pick you up later and take you home.”

Gu Yu pursed his lips and smiled, “Yeah.”

Cyno waited for Gu Yu to go to the bathroom before walking towards the door, pausing at the door to look at Kona.

“I don’t want any speculation about Merlin being a natural female because of Gu Yu.”

Kona looked to him with a serious expression, “Maybe it’s not speculation.” He paused, “I did a lot of experiments while Merlin and the others were under observation at the Society, and I eliminated all the associated variables, except for Xiao Gu.”

Cyno said in a quiet voice, “Speculation or not, don’t send out any news related to him.”

Kona: “You should know what that means?”

Cyno grunted lightly, “It means he will be in danger.”

This was Cyno’s natural female…His mind snapped to attention, and he pondered for a moment, “I know what to do.” He looked nervously at Cyno, “If it’s certain that he’s involved, you’re not going to stop him from influencing the beast females, are you? You know how precious natural females are!”

Cyno: “Of course not, in fact, I’d like to see all beast females become natural females now.”

That way, his little mate wouldn’t stand out too much and be wanted by others.

Kona sighed with relief and cautioned, “Unless new natural females appear, they will always be exposed.”

Cyno: “Then too, at least wait until after everything is prepared, especially after all the alien guests have left.”

After he finished, he quickly opened the door and closed it behind him immediately after he went out. Even with the ventilator on, the smell was still strong, and the moment the door was opened, some more escaped. The good thing was that the sedative worked, and the first team of guards at the door all stood straight, with only a slight change in expression.

The reinforcing second team of guards stood further out, two standing guard, and two at the entrance to the corridor, fighting with males with animal prints. The ballroom was circular in shape, with five resting areas, each connected to the hall by a corridor. Because of the distance, it would ensure that the lounge was not affected by the noise of the hall.

Although the lounge had a soundproofing system, it would rarely be activated.

This was for safety reasons, in case something happened in the hall, but the people in the lounge do not notice at all. There have been several major incidents during banquets in history, in which the soundproofing system played a big part in the trouble.

Cyno glanced at the entrance, he hooked the corners of his mouth, but there was not a smile in his eyes, and walked out in long strides.

The lounge where Gu Yu was located was in the middle of Area A. The lounge next door was full of guards. However, in case someone was attacking the east, the guards would not leave their posts easily unless someone was close to the lounge.

As the noise and roar grew louder, Cyno’s expression remained the same, but his speed accelerated quickly. He moved like a phantom to the tiger-striped male, grabbed his hand that swung at the guard with one hand, yanked it hard, and delivered a clean over-the-shoulder slam.

“Bang…” The sound of a heavy object hitting the ground rang out, and the movements of the people in the fight came to a halt.

The four beastly youths hastily gathered around the tiger-striped male and then looked at Cyno warily. Cyno stared at the tiger-striped male who jumped up from the ground, his palm gently sweeping his shoulder.

His tone was cool, “Prince Harvey, what do you mean by this? With your actions, I wonder very much if you’ve come to congratulate me on my birthday or to ruin my party.”

Harvey scratched his curly pale yellow hair and waved his hand, “I’m sorry, I mean no harm, I want to go over there.” He pointed in the direction of the lounge, “They wouldn’t let me.”

Cyno snorted, “That’s my mate’s resting room, don’t tell me you didn’t know that?!”

Harvey blinked, “But… But I can smell a female in heat, and that scent attracts me so much that I can’t help myself from wanting to go there.” He said, bending down sincerely, “I ask to meet him and to give me the chance to pursue him.”

Another male with a beastly tattoo said, “Marshal Cyno has come out with a calm look, obviously whoever is in heat is not your mate. I hope you can give our prince a chance?”

An onlooking alien’s eyes flashed, “If it’s not Marshal Cyno’s mate, then I’m curious.”

The person beside him picked up the conversation, “Yeah.”

The man glanced toward the entrance of the Area A’s lounge.

“To be so far away and yet still have the glandular scent emitted, no matter which clan’s beast females are in heat, they wouldn’t reach that strength, would they?”

Noisy murmurs were suddenly heard from the crowd of guests. The subtext of this statement was so obvious that all those present were smart enough to immediately understand what he meant. The scent of female glands was only so strong in natural females.

Excluding Marshal Cyno’s mate, then there was only one explanation – there was another natural female.

Many of the system’s representatives and escorts looked at each other and saw the ‘Really?!’ look in each other’s eyes. In fact, when they came to Brilliant Splendor, they speculated that there might be more than one natural female.

As far as they knew, the only natural female whose identity was currently known was Marshal Cyno’s mate Gu Yu, and Cyno had not voluntarily revealed his identity. It was an accident.

So many people were speculating that there were still natural females who were hiding their identity.

Cyno looked at the man with a pale face. “So what? The lounge in Area A is not open to the public, so if you don’t want to remain at the birthday party, you can leave on your own.” He swept his eyes over the crowd, “If you wish to sincerely congratulate me, please abide by the rules.”

“Marshal Cyno, tell me straight, is there more than one natural female?” Someone shouted.

Cyno snorted coldly, “So what if there is?”

His Majesty looked at Cyno with a surprised look on his face and walked up to Cyno with a gentle smile on his face and took Cyno by the shoulder to look at the questioner, “What is this for? My brother’s birthday party is not a press conference, you are guests not reporters!”

Cyno saw him step in, didn’t say another word, and sent a message on the terminal. Soon, at the entrance of the lounge in Area A, there were four more soldiers from the military department, standing at the entrance with an erect posture.

Everyone who had entered the banquet hall earlier, had any weapons confiscated. Once in the banquet hall, if they wanted to fight, in addition to their own hands, there was the absolute advantage of numbers. However, on seeing these military personnel, no one would fight hard with Cyno.

The crowd was even more certain that there was another natural female, but the attitude of His Majesty and Cyno made it clear that they were not ready to say more. The crowd looked different, and Kevin shook the glass in his hand, and gave a gesture to the Foreign Ministry people.

The ballroom was once again buzzing with the Foreign Office’s warm hospitality.

Milton went to Kevin’s side, took Kevin’s shoulder, and lowered his voice, “I have a guess.”

Kevin looked at him, “Yeah? No basis for not listening.”

Milton chortled, “Just now Cyno called Guy to the lounge, Cyno came out, but Guy hasn’t come out yet.” His eyes glowed as he looked in the direction of the lounge, “Cyno went there earlier than they did, and before they went, the only people in the lounge were Gu Yu, Merlin, KiKi and MoMo.” He paused, “And, I just smelled the pheromone, although the smell is much stronger, it should be Merlin’s.”

Kevin, “So you’re guessing Merlin is a natural female?”

Milton nudged his shoulder with his finger, “You didn’t say ‘good joke ah‘, so it seems you agree?”

“If what you say is true.”

The two men looked at each other and Milton smiled a big smile, “Let’s go check it out?”

Kevin nodded and the two headed for the entrance, Milton whispered a reminder, “If my guess is right, no stealing from me!”

Kevin: “Pfft… You think Guy would approve if you tried to woo Merlin? That’s funny.”

Milton’s smile froze for a moment, “What’s wrong with me? I’m not the one trying different artificial females because I haven’t met a natural one!”

Kevin: “You tell that to Guy.”

The two didn’t get to see Guy and were stopped at the entrance. The head of the escort they both knew well, yet no matter what was said, they just wouldn’t be let through.

“Marshal has orders that no one is allowed in without his permission.”

The two men looked at each other and went to Cyno.

Cyno flatly refused. “No,” he tapped his chin towards the venue, “you think they don’t want to go in?”

They looked back and saw that all the people who seemed to be laughing and smiling were moving their eyes to the entrance and watching Cyno. The two shrugged and gave up, found a couch and sat down, sending a message to Guy.


Guy carried Merlin carefully into the bathroom, put him on a low stool next to the bathtub and got up and said to Gu Yu, “Please.”

Gu Yu shook his head, “You are too kind, Merlin is my friend, you go out first.”

After Guy went out, Gu Yu closed the door behind him. When he turned around, he saw MoMo and KiKi standing in front of Merlin, their eyes looking at Merlin enviously.

Merlin rubbed their heads, “You guys can too.”

Gu Yu smiled, “Merlin is right, you guys take it easy.” He put hot water in the bath for Merlin, hesitated and then voiced his doubts, “How did you suddenly change?”

Merlin pointed to Gu Yu’s pant leg, “…The smell.”

Gu Yu froze and quickly remembered that a man had fallen in front of him and Cyno earlier. That person had broken a wine glass, and the smell from the liquor was off. Now that he thought about it, it was very similar to the feeling of the male estrus glandular hormone that Zolei had used on him brought him. He didn’t pay attention to it just now, and only after listening to Merlin’s words did he realize that he had probably accidentally gotten the liquor on his pants or shoes.

And Merlin had smelled it and was now under the influence.

He tested the temperature of the water and turned off the water. He thought for a moment, still not quite understanding why he had changed early.

He hid his concerns and reached out to help Merlin, “The water is ready. Check if the temperature is right?”

Merlin leaned against him and slowly stood up with one hand on the wall, and was about to take a step when his face changed and he grunted in pain.

Gu Yu was startled and pushed back two steps by a push.



KiKi and MoMo screamed in panic and ran to Gu Yu’s side.

Gu Yu had only just stood up when he saw Merlin turned back into a tiger, lying on the floor, the sofa towel falling onto his waist, and his body was shivering. Gu Yu rushed over and caressed Merlin’s back. Only when he was next to him, the touch on his hand became smooth.

Merlin became human again.

But his brow was furrowed and his lips were white from biting, so it was obvious that he was having a hard time.

Gu Yu raised his hand and turned his head to call out to someone, but his hand was grabbed by Merlin and he touched his ring, “…Song.”

Gu Yu froze and looked back at him, the evolutionary energy next to his head was still 0/997, yet 997 was flashing.

He hurriedly looked over and a line of explanation appeared next to him: The organism is not consuming enough energy, forcing a breakthrough and entering an unstable period.

Forced breakthrough? He looked to the word, what exactly does it mean?

Forced breakthrough: Different organisms mean different things, the current organism was originally a beast female. Conversion to a natural female needs to consume 1000 energy. This one consumed insufficient energy but transformed. PS: the main characteristic of beast female to natural female: glandular activity is higher than a certain value, in estrus, glandular activity will be falsely high.

Gu Yu quickly understood. So Merlin’s estrus period was really related to the evolutionary energy.

It was just that the body treated the false activity during estrus as real, and when consuming evolutionary energy, it mixed it with the increased activity by consuming evolutionary energy. So the original need of 1000 evolutionary energy to raise activity was only 997.

But after the successful transformation, the false activity was revealed, so Merlin just smelled the male gland and fell into estrus. He should say that the interrupted estrus continued.

And now Merlin was in a difficult position because the conversion was missing 3 evolutionary energy and was judged to be forcibly broken.

Gu Yu didn’t have time to think more and didn’t shout for anyone. This problem was one only he could solve. He opened the system and started to consume Goodwill Points, patting Merlin’s back while soothing, “It’s okay, it will be fine soon.”

He finished and hummed a folk ditty. He had played the flute song in a minor key and was particularly familiar with the tune. His voice was gentle and pleasant to listen to.

As he hummed, he kept an eye on Merlin’s evolutionary energy, and after one minute, the remaining value became 1. In the second minute, the original 1 had been consumed.

After three minutes of humming, he stopped when he saw the total value change to 1,000.

Merlin’s body trembled a little less frequently, but his brow was still furrowed. Gu Yu thought about it, opened the terminal, and started to play a soothing flute song.

When the remaining evolutionary energy turned to 1, Merlin steadily maintained his human form. Sensing that Merlin was calming down, he breathed a sigh of relief.

Merlin’s frown soothed, he inclined his head and smiled at Gu Yu, his light golden eyes extremely bright, “It’s okay.”

Gu Yu blamed himself, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know this situation would occur.”

Merlin shook his head, his eyebrows raised slightly, and cocked his head, “Happy.”

Gu Yu picked him up, “You’re sweating a lot. Take a shower first.”

He was startled when he stood up, not knowing when MoMo was next to his feet, his eyes shining brightly at him.

He almost stepped on him!

He squatted down and rubbed MoMo’s head, “Stand far back, what if you accidentally get stepped on!”

He said this and prepared to get up, but a white blur moved before his eyes, and MoMo in front of him directly turned into human form.

His eyes jumped and he subconsciously tried to back up but was held. MoMo put his chin on his shoulder, and he could only see MoMo’s dark green hair which reached his shoulders. The tail of that hair was still gently swinging, and it was very soft at first glance.

MoMo’s voice was gentle, “Yu… Thanks.”

He spoke the same as Merlin, saying one word at a time and pausing as if he was thinking while speaking.

Gu Yu blushed, and he didn’t know where to put his hands.

Although usually he hugged MoMo, that was his beast form!

He said gently, “Let go of me first, and I’ll have someone bring you a set of clothes.”

Speaking of which, he suddenly realized that something was wrong and swept his eyes from side to side, “Where’s KiKi?”

MoMo let go of him, turned his back to him, and sat curled into a ball, and pointed to the door, “Out.”

His ears, exposed from the thick long hair, were red and extraordinarily obvious.

Gu Yu’s embarrassed emotions suddenly dispersed. MoMo was also very shy ah! His heart was extra soft, MoMo just now, was forcing himself to give him a hug despite his shyness. He suddenly felt a little regret, he should have returned the hug.

He thought about it and rubbed MoMo’s hair, “Is there anything uncomfortable?”

MoMo shook his head, paused, and looked back at him, “No.”

Gu Yu then looked at MoMo’s face, and the first time he saw it, one word came to his mind: gentle.

The curve of the eyebrows was very smooth, and their color was the same as his almond shaped eyes, dark green, and his pink lips looked very soft. 

Gu Yu calmed his heart down and looked at Merlin, who moved his arms and smiled towards him, “I’m fine,” then he looked towards the door, “KiKi.”

Gu Yu looked at his face and slowly rose, slightly relieved, “I’ll be right back.”

He originally wasn’t very worried about KiKi, after all, Kona and Guy were outside, so nothing should happen. But when he got to the outer room, he only saw Guy alone, communicating with someone.

“Grandfather, how dare I lie to you? What I said is true! You hurry to have some clothes sent over, but just send only one outfit, Merlin can not even pick. What am I afraid of if you send it over yourself? I said I didn’t lie to you!” Guy hung up the communication holding his forehead, saw Gu Yu, his eyes lit up and looked behind him.

“Where’s Merlin?”

Gu Yu: “Merlin is inside, did you see KiKi?”

“He missed Qin Sheng, so President Kona took him out with him when he went out.” Guy said.

Gu Yu nodded, then thought, Guy is so calm, KiKi must have been in beast form. His attention had been on Merlin earlier and he didn’t know when KiKi had left the bathroom. He wondered if KiKi got the evolutionary energy from his humming. He was ready to go back and ask MoMo when he remembered what Guy had just said during the communication. He inquired, “Will someone deliver Merlin’s clothes later?”

Guy nodded, “Yeah, he’s usually very picky about his clothes.”

Gu Yu originally wanted to contact Cyno, but changed his mind. The communication Cyno answered earlier was clearly something important to deal with. He asked, “Can I give MoMo a set?”

“Of course…” Guy’s voice snapped, abruptly realizing what was going on, and quickly asked, “You mean, MoMo also transformed?”

Gu Yu: “Hmm.”

Guy looked at him in surprise, with a shocked expression.

Gu Yu was still thinking of asking for clothes for MoMo, “Is it okay?”

Guy came back to his senses, his eyes bright, “Of course, how tall is he? I’ll ask people to send him something specially prepared for him. What color does he like?”

Gu Yu couldn’t tell the exact height at a glance and guessed, “About the same as me.”

Guy turned on the terminal with a frown, “I’ll have someone prepare it right away.”

Gu Yu looked at him and felt that he was a little too excited. He turned around to go back to the bathroom, and after two steps, he suddenly realized.

Guy was clearly offering his affection!

Natural females were very special in this world and are the dream mate for almost all males.

Of the three known now, Gu Yu had a mate, Merlin was Guy’s brother, and the remaining, MoMo, had no mate yet. He looked back at Guy, who was extraordinarily excited, and felt a twinge of sympathy, MoMo had no master, but had a sweetheart! He hesitated, said nothing, and walked into the bathroom.

MoMo’s feelings, he should not say them.

When he got to the bathroom, Merlin was already sitting in the bathtub taking a bath… No, to be precise, playing with the water.

A bunch of water had overflowed outside the tub.

Merlin, with a particularly happy expression, cupped his hands in the water and jerked his hands upward, spilling the water with a little hum. The water fell on his face and he immediately had a content smile.

MoMo, draped in the sofa blanket, sat in the corner of the room facing the same direction as Merlin’s head, his eyebrows arched, and his mouth slowly saying, “Don’t… get cold.”

Merlin shook his head that was dripping with water droplets, “No.”

Gu Yu approached and the two looked up at look at him, their tone excited: “Yu ~”

Gu Yu smiled at Merlin and quickly averted his eyes, “If you’re done washing, use a towel to wipe your body dry.”

“Okay.” Merlin replied.

Gu Yu walked over to MoMo and rubbed the top of MoMo’s hair, “Does MoMo want to take a bath?”

MoMo’s eyes brightened, “Yes.”

Gu Yu smiled, “Then you will wash after Merlin does,” he asked, “Do you know when KiKi went out?”

He paused and asked more specifically, “Did he listen to me humming?”

MoMo nodded, “After listening, he went out,” he tilted his head, thinking, “to find his mate.”

Gu Yu suddenly had a bad feeling.

KiKi was the first to look for a mate after transforming into a natural female, why? There was only one possibility. That was to let Qin Sheng be the first to see him in human form! KiKi was usually very timid, but did things as soon as they came to mind. Like when he always suddenly jumped into Gu Yu’s arms, not thinking about what to do in case he did not catch him.

Thinking of this, he hurriedly dialed Qin Sheng communication.

But it did not connect.


At this time, Qin Sheng was in great shock, and simply did not notice the communication.

KiKi had listened to the song and had a strong feeling inside that he could become human. His eyes glowed, he had to let Sheng be the first to see him in human form!

He glanced at Gu Yu who was calming Merlin, touched MoMo gently with his paw, pointed to the door, and then quickly leapt out. The bathroom door was closed, and after he turned into his human form and opened it, he quickly transformed back into his beast form.

Before meeting Qin Sheng, his human form could not be seen by anyone!

When he reached the outside room, Guy immediately looked towards him, “KiKi, why are you out, where is Merlin?”

KiKi squeaked and pointed to the bathroom, then ran to the door and lifted his paws to tap on the door.

Kona asked, “Are you looking for Qin Sheng?”

KiKi nodded his head.

Kona said, “Just in time, I need to go back to get the dose, I’ll walk you out.”

According to the normal process, the inhibitor agent varied in concentration and composition for individual differences. Before Merlin’s situation had been urgent, and there wasn’t time to prepare a new dose, so he used Gu Yu’s inhibitor.

Since Gu Yu may need the medicine, the Association had made a whole set just in case.

He hadn’t expected Merlin to be the first to use it. Although it temporarily calmed Merlin down, in the end, it was not made according to Merlin’s physical condition, and he was worried that the inhibitor would fail early.

So he decided to go back to get another dose and reformulate a suitable inhibitor during the time Merlin was stable.

KiKi squeaked excitedly and jumped on him with a stomp of his hind feet.

Kona hugged him and rubbed his head: “Nonsense! So fast, if I didn’t react, you’d fall.”

KiKi tossed his head and his ears followed, not really caring. His whole heart and soul was with Qin Sheng. Sheng would be very happy!

He rested both paws on Kona’s arm, his head buried in the fleshy back of his paws. Sheng would like him even more, right? When he thought about it, his heart was full of pink bubbles, he just felt sweet and happy.

As soon as Kona stepped out of exit A, his footsteps gave a slight pause. He was sensitive to the fact that almost instantly, everyone’s eyes were looking towards him.

“Zee~” KiKi was only thinking about Qin Sheng and didn’t feel it. He raised his head and his ruby eyes were wide open, trying to look for Qin Sheng.

However, when he saw the field full of people, he lowered his head on his paws and trembled, “Zee~”

Boing boing, it’s really the same as what Yu said, so many people, so scary! Kona rubbed the back of his head as a kind of appeasement, and when he saw Qin Sheng coming from the right side, he walked towards him.

The eyes that fell on him gradually moved away, and only a few people were still looking at him.

Qin Sheng approached, “KiKi.”

When KiKi heard his voice, he didn’t care about being scared, he looked up at him, squeaked happily and jumped right on top of him.

Qin Sheng stroked his back, with a gentle smile on his lips, “Many thanks, President.”

Kona smiled, “No need to be polite, I’m happy to see you guys bonding. I still have things to do, I’ll leave first.”

Qin Sheng nodded, and after Kona left, he hugged KiKi and walked towards the sofa in the upper right corner.

“Did you miss me?” Qin Sheng asked, smiling down as he walked.

Milton joked with a smile as he approached, “Dr. Qin and his partner are so affectionate!” 

He looked over at KiKi, who had come out of the lounge, and he must have known exactly what was going on there.

Qin Sheng looked at him, “You are looking for KiKi to ask questions, right?”

Milton touched his nose, “Aren’t you curious?”

Qin Sheng, “What is there to be curious about?”

Milton laughed, “That’s right, you and KiKi have such a good relationship.” He patted Qin Sheng’s shoulder, “Good brother, for the sake of my life’s work, let me ask a question!”

KiKi glared at Milton, he couldn’t wait to share his joy with Sheng, why did this man bother them! He stood up and grabbed Qin Sheng’s collar with both paws, his heart beating like a drum, “Squeak~”

I’m going to turn into a human!

Qin Sheng looked at him suspiciously and gently rubbed the back of his neck, “What’s wrong? Don’t rush.”

KiKi saw his eyes fall on himself, satisfied and ready to change. He moved his paws and peeled Qin Sheng’s collar down. His expression froze, he couldn’t change directly! There was no cover on him!

He hurriedly looked around, Qin Sheng could not help but ask, “Hungry?”

KiKi shook his head.

Qin Sheng said to Milton, “Sit down, KiKi seems to be a little uncomfortable.”

Milton nodded, and the two of them walked together toward the sofa. When they passed a small table with pastries, the waiter was adding pastries, and there was only a small piece of pastry left on the table. The waiter was about to take the small piece away and replace it with a new one when a white shadow flashed in front of him.

KiKi jumped from Qin Sheng’s hand and landed directly on the small table.

Qin Sheng was startled, “KiKi!”

He saw KiKi move sharply and bite the remaining piece of pastry on the table into his mouth, his cheeks puffed up for a while before he swallowed it.

After he swallowed it, he pushed the plate with his paws and called out towards the waiter.

Qin Sheng, helpless and amused, said to the waiter, “Sorry.”

The waiter shook his head and picked up the dirty dinner plate, “Your mate is very cute.”

Qin Sheng reached out to hug KiKi but was dodged by KiKi.

KiKi purred at him, bit down on a corner of the tablecloth, and steeply leaned his body back. “Zee~”

So Qin Sheng watched, his lovely companion was covered tightly by the tablecloth.

Milton laughed out loud, “You can see what he wants to do…”

Before the next word could be uttered, it caught in his throat. A soft teenager suddenly appeared on the table, he had long white curly hair, and his skin in the light shone dazzling white. The teenager’s body was covered by the tablecloth, but it did not cover him completely, above the shoulders, and his thighs were brightly exposed.

The small table was not very big, the teenager’s hand was gripping the edge of the table, and he crossed his legs to barely maintain balance.

KiKi was dumbfounded, then puffed out his cheeks in anger.

This posture was so uncomfortable! If he had known, he would have dragged the tablecloth to the floor and then transformed. But he couldn’t wait a second longer. He turned his head and looked at Qin Sheng with resignation, “It’s hard.”

His face had baby fat, and a pair of big round eyes with red pupils like transparent stones, crystal clear, and very beautiful. His voice was particularly soft and a little sticky, making people’s hearts soft.

The hall was quiet for a moment, and then a huge roar erupted.

KiKi’s eyes cowered in fear, and his voice trembled, “Kee~”

While shouting, his left hand reached out towards Qin Sheng.

Qin Sheng snapped back to attention and grabbed his hand, his voice tense, “Don’t move.”

If KiKi’s hand was raised any higher, the tablecloth might have slipped straight down. Qin Sheng used the tablecloth to carefully ball KiKi up. His terminal vibrated but he did not pay attention at all.

He looked at the long white legs that were hanging from the table top. His eyebrows twitched, his mood was complicated. Quite a few people flocked this way, Brilliant Splendor inhabitants and aliens alike.

Milton moved to block their view, took off his jacket and threw it to Qin Sheng.

Qin Sheng thanked him, covered KiKi’s waist, and picked him up.

KiKi blinked at Qin Sheng with big eyes, “Surprise… No surprise?”

His eyes glittered, and a glance at them showed that he was looking forward to the answer.

Qin Sheng sighed helplessly at the bottom of his heart. Honestly, there were surprises, but because of KiKi’s transformed position, it was actually more of a shock. He was now very glad that KiKi still knew to find a tablecloth to cover himself.

He raised a smile, the ultimate in gentleness, “It’s a surprise,” he lowered his head and kissed KiKi on the forehead, “I’ll take you home first.”

KiKi blinked shyly and buried his red face into Qin Sheng’s chest.

Qin Sheng hugged him tightly and looked soberly at the guests crowding around. He had to leave as soon as possible, KiKi was now in an excited mood and did not perceive the atmosphere of the scene.

When he did, he would be absolutely shocked.

“What’s going on, Qin family? Isn’t your family’s mate a beast female?”

“Yeah, why has he suddenly become a natural female?”

Milton pushed the person at the front of the line away, his eyes cool, “What do you guys want to do? Knowing that natural females are here and still are not restrained. If you scare people, which one of you can be responsible?”

The guards arrived in time to separate the crowd, and Cyno walked up to Qin Sheng with an expressionless face, “Follow me.” He said, sweeping the whole room, “Today is my birthday party, no dangerous business.”

His eyebrows jumped sharply, thinking of his previous conversation with Kona, as if he saw some kind of flags. KiKi used such a blatant transformation, concealment was certainly not possible. Things always had to be openly talked about. His eyes moved slightly, as for the real situation, he would not tell anyone.

Gu Yu did not get through to Qin Sheng’s communication, and could only contact Cyno. Once connected, he heard the noise coming from Cyno’s side. His heart tightened, “Is something wrong?”

Cyno: “KiKi has changed.”

Gu Yu froze, “Is he okay?”

Cyno: “Yes, don’t worry, I’ll bring them to the lounge later.”

After Gu Yu hung up the communication, the bathroom door was knocked on by Guy.

He opened it and Guy handed him two sets of bathrobes, “The clothes will take a while. Wear this first to not catch a cold.”

Gu Yu took the bathrobes and returned. Merlin had already dried the water off his body, but was still standing in the bathtub. Gu Yu hurriedly averted his eyes, “You come out first.”

At the sound of water splashing, Gu Yu froze, turned his head, and saw Merlin lying on both hands in the bathtub. He slowly moved out, his body was wet again.

He was slightly stunned when Merlin had stepped to the floor and stood up a little, holding on to the wall. He suddenly realized something, “You guys… Can’t you walk in human form?”

Merlin blinked his light golden eyes, “Not used to it,” he raised a smile, “Soon I will.”

Gu Yu heard him voice one word at a time, “Can’t talk either?”

Merlin: “Need…to think… and speak slowly.”

Gu Yu drifted off, feeling deeply conscientious, they had only just become human! He put the bathrobe aside, picked up a towel to dry Merlin, and then changed Merlin into a bathrobe.

Merlin watched his movements carefully, especially when putting on the bathrobe, very serious. When Gu Yu tied his belt, he smiled, “Thanks Yu, next time, it will be fine.”

Gu Yu subconsciously rubbed his short blonde hair, “So smart.”

He found that as long as they had said the words, it would be natural to say them again, like thank you, and his name. He helped Merlin walk outside, showing Merlin how to use his feet as he went. Merlin’s hands would always move subconsciously after he stepped with his feet, seemingly under the influence of his beast form.

Just before he helped Merlin to the door, Guy came scurrying over: “Merlin is so smart, he learned to walk so quickly!”

Merlin shook his head, honestly, “Not yet, Yu helped me.”

Guy took him from Gu Yu, “It’s already great! When you get better, brother will practice with you.”

Merlin’s phoenix eyes soared, “Thank you brother. Hungry.”

Guy helped him towards the couch, “What do you want to eat?”

Gu Yu smiled at this, closed the bathroom door, and gave MoMo a bath. MoMo was quiet and his eyes were very bright as he held the water in his hands.

He did not spill the water like Merlin, but just gently slapped it on his face. Then he revealed a childish smile, “Yu, comfortable.”

His dark green eyes were shining brightly at Gu Yu, holding the water to Gu Yu’s face. Gu Yu did not refuse his kindness, stretched his neck and let him pat his face with water. After washing, Gu Yu put a bathrobe on MoMo, who watched as carefully as Merlin had.

Once dressed, Gu Yu wanted to help MoMo out, but MoMo shook his head and took a step by himself, very steady, “I can.”

Gu Yu praised, “Great!”

MoMo’s eyebrows arched and he raised his hand and made a two, “Two feet.”

Gu Yu immediately understood what he meant, his beast form had walked on two feet, so he adapted quickly. Gu Yu walked next to him, in case he fell down so he could catch him in time. But he found that his worry was superfluous, MoMo walked very slowly but steadily.

As soon as the two of them went out, Merlin looked towards them and beckoned, “Eat!”

Gu Yu had eaten before coming to the party and was not hungry at all, while MoMo’s eyes lit up and he sat next to Merlin. The two sat side by side and ate the meal, Merlin ate the meatloaf and MoMo ate the bread. The two of them worked perfectly together.

Gu Yu saw water dripping from the end of MoMo’s hair, so he went to the bathroom to find a hair dryer.

When Qin Sheng carried KiKi to the lounge, Gu Yu was helping MoMo blow-dry his hair.

“KiKi!” shouted Merlin.

KiKi lifted his head, “Merlin, MoMo!” His eyes flicked over the two of them, twisted his head and tugged at Qin Sheng’s lapel, twisting uncomfortably, “Take a shower and change clothes!”

Qin Sheng was helpless. Although the pastries were placed on the plate, something had spilled on the tablecloth. Wrapped in the cloth, how could it be comfortable?

Gu Yu pointed to the bathroom, “There is the bathroom.”

Guy maintained his shocked face, how come there was suddenly another natural female? He pointed to the box at the door, “There are bathrobes there, take your pick.”

Qin Sheng thanked him, grabbed a robe and carried KiKi to the bathroom.

Guy looked at Qin Sheng enviously, his eyes rolled, and came up to MoMo, “MoMo, I’m Guy, Merlin’s brother.”

MoMo looked at him and smiled, “I know.”

Guy scratched his hair, “Hey, you and Merlin are so close, why don’t you be his sister-in-law?!”

Gu Yu looked at Guy in surprise, So direct?

MoMo blinked and shook his head after understanding what Guy meant, “I have someone I like.”

“Huh?” Guy looked disappointed: “How is that possible?!”

MoMo nodded his head: “Really,” his eyes glowed slightly, “He’s nice, awesome and handsome!”

Guy covered his heart, “… I get it, it’s really hard for me to meet four natural females, and it turns out none of them belong to me!”

Merlin patted his head, “Don’t feel bad brother, you’re still young.”

He remembered very well that every time his grandfather asked his brother to find a mate, he said, ‘I’m still young.’

Guy choked, the corners of his mouth twitched. He grabbed Merlin’s hand and looked at his skin covered in crumbs and grease, took a piece of paper to wipe it, and then wiped his own hair.

Merlin hurriedly said, “Brother, sorry.”

He took a piece of paper and wiped Guy’s hair.

Guy immediately raised his eyebrows, “It’s okay, it’s okay. You can pat me if you want, but remember to wipe your hands clean after eating. Brother used hair wax on his head.”

Merlin nodded with a smile and continued to eat the meatloaf. MoMo watched their interaction for a while, with a look of envy in his eyes. He didn’t have a brother, nor did he have any family.

Gu Yu sensed MoMo’s lost emotions, put away the hair dryer, helped him brush his hair, and rubbed the top of his head with his fingers, “MoMo’s hair is so beautiful.”

MoMo turned his head to look at him and smiled.

It didn’t take long for KiKi to finish his bath and be carried out by Qin Sheng, who had taken off his jacket, his shirt rolled up to his elbows, and the front of his shirt was soaked. He looked a bit messy, but his expression was very pleasant.

KiKi sat on the sofa, and then he pushed off and tried to jump next to Merlin and MoMo, almost falling down head-on. It was a good thing that Qin Sheng caught him in time. Qin Sheng had a helpless face, “You can’t jump like that in human form!”

KiKi’s red eyes looked at him aggrieved, so Qin Sheng directly carried KiKi to Merlin.

Gu Yu looked at the three sitting together, “It seems that the first thing they must do is learn how to walk.”

Qin Sheng and Guy nodded their heads in unison.

Half an hour later, Cyno came in with Kona and an elder.

Merlin immediately shouted, “Grandfather!”

The elder, also known as Grand Duke Joop, froze, then scampered to Merlin’s side and picked him up, “My precious grandson!”

Guy jumped up, “Grandfather, you have to focus! Be careful of dropping Merlin!”

Kona stared in awe at the two extra natural females, “Oh, this is heaven!”

Cyno walked over to Gu Yu and grabbed him, “The party’s over, we’ll go home later.”

Gu Yu looked at Merlin and the others, “Is it okay if we leave together?”

Cyno nodded, “Yes.”

After Grand Duke Joop calmed down, he opened the box he brought as if offering a treasure, “Choose what you like.”

He looked to the remaining three natural females, “There are two others inside. You can all wear them, come and choose your clothes, you are welcome.”

His eyes finally fell on MoMo, smiling with a warm face. Guy pulled his sleeve and shook his head with a bitter face.

Grand Duke Joop glared at him, his face full of ‘you’re really too much of a vegetable’.

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