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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


The young Alpha brushed past Lan Yu and stopped by the corpse. Although he didn’t look at him during the whole process, with a good actor’s ability to understand and observe characters, Lan Yu knew that this person definitely knew him.

Who would examine all the hostages, but ignore the officer, who stood out in his uniform, as if he were an empty ball of air?

——The man was handsome, and his skin was like a smooth white jade after he had just used a facial mask.

K and him looked exactly the same, which was a movie star face that made everyone crazy.

Even if his fierce and violent persona made people ignore his appearance, it would make people not even want to take a look.

To sum up, this person and K know each other, but he didn’t know their specific relationship. According to K’s normal interpersonal standards, they weren’t enemies but rivals. Nobody made a sound as they watched the young man’s movements.

He knelt down and reached out his fingers to press the exposed skin of the corpse. There was no flesh and blood under the skin, it looked hard, and he twisted up the crumpled green skin.

The green skin was stretched long and thin, one could see the light coming through from the opposite side, and it was covered with a wet, slimy goo.

“The Lontan Planet people, hundreds of years ago, dominated the entire Sasu Planet system. Our Sasu Planet and subsidiary planets were occupied by them. Of course, it also includes the Kata Planet,” The young man slightly narrowed his eyes, looking at the green skin lifted in his hands, speaking in a low magnetic voice.

“I know, it’s in the history books, we struggled with the Lontan Planet people for many years to get back the sovereignty, and drove them out of the Sasu Planet system.”

Someone interjected, and Lan Yu glanced over his shoulder at a small Beta hostage wearing thick-bottomed glasses.

Without looking up, the young man asked, “The Lontan Planet people have a very low fertility rate, with only a few tens of thousands of people in their entire race, so do you know how they managed to take over the Sasu Planet system, which has billions of people?”

“It’s…” The young hostage couldn’t answer, “It’s not in the textbook.”

“You come here…” He hooked his finger.

The young hostage stepped forward, as the young man let go of the twisted skin in his hand, nudged his temple with his finger and said, “The Lontan can invade your mental domain, seize your body first, then slowly eat your mental body away, and when your consciousness is gone, the skin becomes his.”

His voice was kept low, and his expression was so eerie that the people around him shivered.

The small man took a few steps back, shook off the cold fingers, and covered his temples with his hands, as if the Lontan Planet was about to burrow into his brain.

“You’re full of shit, it’s not even in the books.” He increased the volume to hide his timidity, “You made this up to scare us.” 

The young man said with no concern, “Wait until the day a Lontan burrows into your body, your gradually blurred consciousness, as you lose control of your body step by step, you will understand. When your consciousness is not completely gone, you’ll see him wearing your skin, dating your girlfriend or boyfriend, eating the meals your mother cooked for you, drinking from your water glass, and then working instead of you. It’s only when you take a shower at night and look in the mirror that you reveal your original face. But what can you do at that time? You can only watch…”

He used his hands to make the appearance of tearing off his face, with a hideous expression, the others even if they did not believe it, they also secretly drew a cold breath.

“So scary, don’t scare us like this…” There were several timid Omegas huddled into a ball, their voices shaking.

Only Lan Yu had a sullen face, still expressionless. He didn’t even pay attention to what these people were saying, his whole mind was attracted by the young Alpha’s long and slender finger.

He pressed the green skinned man’s body… When he lifted the skin, there was green goo on his finger… He poked up the Beta hostage’s temple, also tinting the skin there a little green… He rubbed his fingers against each other, seemingly feeling uncomfortable… 

The young man stood up, satisfied that everyone was stunned, and took out a gray cloth from his pocket. Lan Yu looked at it and saw that it was a crumpled cotton handkerchief that had lost its original color. The young man stretched out his fingers and wiped them on the cloth twice, balled it up, and then just tucked it back in his pocket.

Lan Yu: … 

The hall returned to silence, no one spoke, only to hear the police at the bottom of the stairs directing the handling of cement slabs. “Here is a big piece, we need to use machinery to lift it.”

“How can the machinery come up here? Come with more people to move it.”

Lan Yu glanced at his feet and was about to walk away without moving, away from the green corpse, when he heard a sudden beeping sound from the crowd.

“Ah! What’s going on? My bomb lit up.” Someone pointed to his forehead and shouted nervously.

Others looked down, “Mine lit up too, and the numbers.”

“And mine, mine has numbers too, what’s happening?”

The screens of those bombs still strapped to the hostages’ chests all lit up instantly, emitting a sharp, low beep.

Beep… beep.

A row of bright red numbers began pulsing on the display.




“Time bomb! It’s a time bomb!” A middle-aged man hissed in horror and reached for the bomb bag hanging on his chest, “The time bombs are activated!”

Those bombs were tied to their bodies with three layers of wide tape, and earlier they didn’t dare to touch them, for fear of inadvertently touching where to detonate, and wanted to wait for the police to come up and do something. Now seeing the device begin to countdown, they each began to frantically tear at the tape on their bodies.

Those that did not have a bomb rushed to the escalator, a few people desperately tried to drag the blocking concrete slabs away, the rest with bombs were trying to find a location to hide.

Beep… beep… beep… 

The timer kept counting down, and everyone was in a mess.

Someone found a storage room in the farthest corner, dragging the cement slabs away with their hands and ran over, and began to squeeze inside the storage room.

The only people left in the hall were the ten people with the bombs, standing in place, howling and pulling at the tape, and Lan Yu and the young Alpha.

Lan Yu didn’t know what to do now.

He had played the bomb disposal expert, holding the bomb and sweating between the blue line or red line in hesitation, and finally he had eyes closed randomly cut the strip, turning the chime off.

But this wasn’t a movie, and looking at the bomb, his whole body shook and he was confused, and there was no blue line red line for him to choose.

His eyes wandered to the storage room, wondering whether he should also go over and squeeze in.

“What are you standing there for?” The young man’s voice came from behind him.

Lan Yu turned his head and saw that the man was taking off his trench coat. He wasn’t sure if he was talking to him, so he didn’t make a sound.

The young man laid his trench coat on the ground, looked up at him and asked in a stern voice, “Are you stupid?”

“Hmph!” Lan Yu didn’t know what he wanted, so he just grunted coldly.

The man fished out a dagger from somewhere, dragged one of the hostages over, cut the tape with a few swipes, removed the bomb package, and carefully put it on the spread out trench coat.

The hostage, who had been given a new lease of life, ran like the wind to the storage room at the other end of the hall.

Lan Yu immediately understood what he meant and pulled out the dagger behind his waist.

The remaining hostages stopped crying and hurriedly split into two columns and lined up in front of them.

“Did you bring the simulation stickers?” The man asked without raising his head while cutting the tape.

Lan Yu was removing the bomb from a hostage’s chest, watching the numbers on it suddenly start flashing wildly, and coldly returned, “No…”

Never saw a simulation sticker, and never heard of it.

“You fucking——” The young man abruptly turned his head, looked at the bomb with a sigh, flew over and slapped a silver-white metal patch on the bomb.

The numbers on the bomb stopped flashing, then began to continue the countdown.

“Lunatic K, don’t you know that this fermentable liquid bomb will explode when it leaves the human body?” The young man asked through clenched teeth as he carefully placed the bomb on his coat.

Lan Yu’s heart was jumping in his throat, his hands and feet were weak with fear, but his face remained expressionless.

“I know…” He said.

The young man looked up at him, his good-looking eyes full of anger, “Very good, I don’t want to lose my life to someone insane. Do you need the stickers?”

Lan Yu’s face was white as he pulled the next man in front of the line, to resist his hand shaking, he cut his tape, then said, “Give me the stickers…”

He reached out and caught the item, it was a few sheets of metal like the ones the man had just put on the bomb.

“Move fast…” The man said.

Lan Yu pulled a sticker out and put it on the bomb, then put it in his trench coat on the ground, and said in a small voice, “Next, move faster.”

The bombs were quickly diffused, and all the hostages crowded into the small storage room. The only sounds in the silent hall were the ticking countdown of the bombs and the rapid breathing of the two men.

The numbers jumping on the bomb showed that there were six minutes left until the explosion.

The police who were separated by the concrete slab still didn’t know what was happening up there, and were holding a megaphone and shouting, “You guys up there don’t rush, sit down and wait slowly, do deep breathing to calm down, we are speeding up to clear the concrete slab, soon it will be safe…”

Lan Yu looked at the pile of bombs on the trench coat and was tempted to ask if he could now hide in the storage room. But before he could open his mouth, the younger man’s words managed to shut him up.

“This pile of bombs can blow up half a street, it’s too late to tell everyone to retreat.”

Lan Yu only felt a blackness before his eyes.

The young man quickly knotted the ends of his trench coat and sleeves to make a bundle as big as a quilt roll. He stood up, put the heavy bomb bundle on his shoulder, pointed his finger at Lan Yu and said, “Let’s throw it outside the city and take turns carrying it.”

Before Lan Yu knew what that meant, he sprinted toward the glass window that had been pierced by the ion cannon and leapt out with the bomb package on his shoulder.

When he landed on his feet, he stepped on the cross-trailing beam and leapt forward along the edge of the mall.

This was a genuine lunatic!

Lan Yu closed his eyes.

He could only risk his life.

He took a deep breath, followed by jumping out of the glass window, landed firmly on a beam, and went after the young man carrying the bomb bag.


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Tiramisu never_lies
Tiramisu never_lies
May 25, 2021 11:51 am

Ig I’ll never understand the ways of the lunatics…running while carrying activated bombs ┐(´(エ)`)┌
Well, Lan Yu would have to adapt to this new life as soon as possible as more rivals would continue to show up 🤔

Thank you for the chapter 🌸

Sue R
Sue R
May 25, 2021 1:55 pm

Wow…what can he do hahaha just go with the flow.

May 25, 2021 10:14 pm

Poor lan yu😅😅😅

June 16, 2021 8:58 am

Love it!
Thank you for translating.

July 13, 2021 6:11 pm

The ability of the Lontan is horrifying. 😰
Once one has you in control, it’s a different kind of slow, painful death…

Fatheemat Sulayman
Fatheemat Sulayman
July 31, 2021 7:59 pm

😂 not him calling our elegant man lunatic K while he’s also lunatic but our elegant actor just have to go with every flow 😂

August 9, 2021 1:53 pm

I’m confused what’s fermentation bomb and simulation stickers and etc, but when I realized Lan Yu himself doesn’t know what’s going on I felt better 😂

October 15, 2021 8:18 am

Lol, if mc (Lan Yu) fall first I will slap the shit of him!

November 25, 2022 5:00 am

chaos is erupting and Lan Yu could only focus on the “long slender finger”

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