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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Lan Yu stared closely at the back in front of him and watched the Alpha, whose body, although carrying the large bag, was very agile. He jumped to the end of the beam, and then jumped vertically across a distance of 7 or 8 meters, landed on the roof of the next building, and continued to run forward on the rooftop.

His gray shirt was blown by the wind, and he was just like a nimble leopard.

Lan Yu sped up and also leaped onto the roof of the next building to catch up.

Most of the buildings on Kata Planet weren’t very tall because of the storms, they were all 5 or 6 stories high and close to each other. The residents here liked to dry their clothes on their rooftops, or spread out the sliced black fruits and dry them to make a local food called black fruit cake.

Both of them were running wildly, passing through the various sheets that were stretched out, stepping over the dried black fruits all over the ground, leaping over seven or eight buildings in just one minute, leaving behind the parallel cars on the street below them.

There were people squatting on the rooftop picking black dried fruit and they thought there was a black shadow that swept in front of their eyes, then their clothesline tipped over, and the sheets fell to the ground with a crash.

Looking up and seeing nothing around, they wondered what it was when another black shadow, along with the wind bounced over, and their black dried fruit was kicked all over the ground. They rushed to stand up and look ahead, there were two leaping figures far away. The one in front looked bloated in the upper body, probably carrying a bundle or something.

“Have you thieves started jumping from rooftops in broad daylight? Black-hearted K will get you!” The resident threw the dried black fruit in his hand and shouted angrily.

A horizontal street appeared in front of them, separating the two buildings by a full dozen meters, a bit far away.

The young man, carrying the bag of bombs, stopped with a sharp brake as he reached the edge of the rooftop, his forefoot hanging precariously off the rooftop.

Lan Yu caught up with him from behind, saw the scene but didn’t stop, pulled off a clothesline from the rooftop, rushed to the edge in an instant to force a brace, using this to get to the other side.  

On the street, vehicles and pedestrians were waiting for the red light to change, or anxiously or patiently looking ahead, no one noticed that someone overhead was flying through the air.

A young Alpha standing on the side of the street, pulled out a ring box, knelt down on one knee before his delicate little boyfriend, “I hope I can spend the rest of my life taking care of you, I love——”

The words weren’t finished when a floral sheet fell over their heads.

Lan Yu took a step in the air and landed steadily on the roof of the opposite building. Before he could stop his forward momentum, he heard a yell behind him, “Take it.”

He quickly turned around and reached out to catch the black shadow flying in front of him. In the moment of grasping, both arms were shaken with a soreness, and he stumbled backwards two steps.

It was too heavy, and he didn’t know how the man was able to carry this and still run as fast as he had been.

The sound of a full bag of bombs made him freeze, he grabbed the two trench coat sleeves and threw them over his shoulder, and continued to dart forward in the direction.

Lan Yu gritted his teeth and took out all his strength to rush forward. He couldn’t think about how much time was left, and not think about whether this would work, those thoughts would only make his hands and feet weak and fall limply on the ground.

He took this as the director’s orders, a scene that couldn’t be re-shot, that he wouldn’t hear the yell of ‘cut’, and couldn’t stop running.

An obstacle appeared in front of him, a white wall, the building was two floors higher than the building he was on.

Lan Yu’s footsteps continued, his eyes poking around the wall, trying to find a point to climb on.

Luckily, he saw a raised brick at the edge of the wall that he could step on to climb up. But carrying a heavy bomb bag made him a little slower.

A gray figure swept by him, and someone rushed forward faster than him, grabbed the brick, flipped and leaped up, and the man was on the rooftop of that building.

“Give me that!” The young man bellowed.

Lan Yu ran and threw the bomb bag over his shoulder in the air, the man ran forward without looking back, grabbed the bomb bag with his backhand, and disappeared from sight with one long leap.

Lan Yu hurriedly climbed up the building and continued to chase.

Time was passing, Lan Yu was obviously some distance away from the package, but he could still hear the sound of the bombs in his ears.

In the bright evening sun, he chased after the gray figure in front of him, the veins on the side of his forehead bulging and beating, leaping from building to building. The moment his eyes glanced down, his pupils reflected the dense traffic and the flow of people.

The buildings in front of them were at the end of the road, and beyond were high cliffs. Farther away was an azure horizon, and the huge sunset was slowly sinking into the sea.

Before Lan Yu could run further, he heard the sea rushing under the cliff, hitting the reefs on the shore and making a loud crash. The young man was on his feet, running and taking off his bag. The moment he ran to the edge of the rooftop, his body leaned back, his front feet stepped forward and his taut back legs bowed, storing power, and then he quickly rose, his strong waist popping up.

With a loud roar, the thrown bomb package cut a long arc, in the blood of the sunset into a small black dot, falling into the sea.

Before Lan Yu could reach him, he heard a boom from the sea, both far and near, like a muffled thunder rolling. Then, the huge waves rose several feet high and roared to the shore.

At the same time, the buildings beneath their feet were trembling violently, the sound of breaking glass was everywhere, and the alarm sounds of countless vehicles rang out shrilly throughout the sky.

Lan Yu held on to the rooftop fence beside him, watching the column of water rushing up to the sky, drenching him with a splash. He held his breath and closed his eyes, waiting for the seawater to recede rapidly, before he gasped and looked at the other end of the rooftop.

The young man was standing there, also breathing heavily.

The sea returned to its original state, the vehicle alarms stopped, and all that was left was the wet rooftop, and the two wet men.

A few small fish flailed on the roof, making slapping sounds.

Lan Yu looked at the cactus mall building in the distance and couldn’t believe he had gotten here in a few minutes. It was all so surreal to have walked the line between life and death in a short time. He poked his head out and looked at the still busy street, and the pedestrians who were looking around in fear, and said softly, “Cut.”

The young man at the other end of the rooftop had sat down, his head hanging wearily, his hands resting on his knees. His hair was resting on his forehead, dripping with water. The gray shirt clung to his body, revealing the smooth lines and slightly bulging muscles.

Lan Yu also chose a piece of dry roof to sit on and silently took off his military cap.

With a splash, the seawater flowed down from the top of his head. He wiped his face and stuck out his tongue to lick his lips.

Ah shucks, bitter and salty.

The siren sounded, several police cars pulled up to the floor, the fat sergeant holding a megaphone was shouting, “Colonel K, Colonel Lu, are you two okay?”

Lan Yu didn’t make a sound, but the young man turned over and leaped up, his fatigue swept away, and walked to the street rooftop in high spirits and said, “We’re fine…”

Colonel Lu. It turned out his last name was Lu and he was also an officer.

There was only one military camp in this city, no wonder the two knew each other. With K’s worrying interpersonal skills, it wasn’t unusual for colleagues to act like strangers to each other.

The street suddenly erupted with cheers and applause, thundering.

Lan Yu poked his head out in surprise and saw that the street had somehow been filled with people, all tilting their heads and applauding, with countless terminal displays floating in the air, pointing in the direction of the roof.

Colonel Lu stood sideways on the rooftop, his gray shirt unbuttoned at the top of two buttons, revealing a light brown chest still dripping with water. He was facing the sunset and looking away, raising his hand to slowly smooth his wet hair to the back of his head, revealing a full forehead and deep eyebrows.

The cheers from downstairs got louder, accompanied by screams of, “Colonel Lu, Colonel Lu”.

“These people go crazy when they see me, it’s unbearable.” Colonel Lu turned around and shook his head, walking towards the stairway.

Lan Yu froze, and also hurriedly put his military cap back on and got up to follow.

There was a metal door at the entrance of the stairs, and Colonel Lu reached out to pull it, but it was locked. He gripped the door handle and shoved it hard a few times, but the metal door didn’t budge. He turned sideways, Lan Yu hurriedly averted his eyes to look into the distance.

“Do you have your military light card on you?” he asked.

Lan Yu pursed his lips, wanting to shake his head, then remembered the plot of the movie, so coldly said, “Get out of the way…”

Colonel Lu wiped another bead of water from his face and stepped aside.

Lan Yu pulled out the gun behind his waist and fired three shots at the iron door handle.

Beneath Colonel Lu’s stunned gaze, he put away his gun and stepped forward, kicking out coldly at the iron door.


At this point, the door should be slammed open but there was no response, not even a slight tremor.

Bang, bang!

Lan Yu kicked two more feet with more force, and his calves were numb.

The metal door still didn’t move at all.

He calmly put away his gun, straightened the folds of his uniform behind his waist, and slowly paced to the middle of the platform to see the small fish that had stopped flailing.

Colonel Lu narrowed his eyes at him and asked, “You shot at the induction door because you thought it had a lock on it?”

Lan Yu didn’t answer positively, only turned his head with a surprised look at him, which was equivalent to indirectly agreeing to the question.

“Be a little bit smarter, and cover up your expressions.” Colonel Lu leaned against the door with his arms around his chest. Lan Yu was unable to hear whether there was mockery in his tone.

Lan Yu sneered, hooked up half the corner of his mouth and asked, “Then do you know why I shot at the induction door?”

Colonel Lu didn’t answer, only raised an eyebrow.

“Because it’s cool…” Lan Yu bit the word ‘cool’ in a heavy and long way.

Colonel Lu seemed to be laughing, didn’t speak again, walked straight to the rooftop, from the trouser pocket he pulled out a flat, small thing, then snapped the sticky thing on the edge of the concrete floor.

Lan Yu pretended not to care, looking away from the other.  

Colonel Lu pulled out the handle attached to the metal wire from the ball, and pulled out a buckle and hooked it to his belt, without looking at Lan Yu, he was hanging and sliding down the rooftop.

Lan Yu remembered that the gun holster behind the waist also has a flat box exactly the same, and hurriedly touched it, following the same pattern on the concrete floor, buckled up, grabbed the handle and slid down.

The screams from the street were again loud, giving Lan Yu a sense of familiarity. He felt like he was back in the old days, walking into the airport greeted by fans. He naturally adjusted his angle and slowly descended in a slightly sideways position, while a sourness welled up in his heart.

The sourness in his heart dissipated when he saw Colonel Lu next to him.

This person was smiling and nodding frequently to those on the street, arms slightly open, a foot curled up.

Like a Da Peng, spreading its wings. 1

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