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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


Merlin’s eyes lit up when he saw the clothes, and was happy to choose an outfit. The three of them were discussing clothes while they were picking outfits and they were very excited. While they were choosing, there was a knock on the door and Cyno asked, “Who is it?”


MoMo’s movement of choosing clothes stopped and he looked up at the door with a rush.

Cyno opened the door and Roald walked in, “Marshal, it’s ready.”

Gu Yu subconsciously tried to look at MoMo’s face, and saw that MoMo had already gotten up and hurriedly walked towards the door. But although he quickly adapted to walking on two feet, in the end, it was still not long after the transformation. The speed was very unstable, the left foot tripped over the right foot, and he fell forward.

Roald stood in place with a cold face, not reaching out nor pushing away.

This was a natural female, and for any gentlemanly male it would be impossible to push one away. After all, with the physical quality of natural females, if he pushed, he might push the person over.

Gu Yu helped him stand, MoMo looked up at Roald, and his shining dark green eyes gradually dulled, “Ro…”

Even after becoming human, he still didn’t like him? He took a step back.

Roald’s gaze changed sharply, his eyes falling from his hair to his eyes.


Guy looked at Roald incredulously, MoMo didn’t like this cold-faced Major General, did he? What’s so great about him?

As he looked at him, he saw that MoMo was about to fall down, and Roald was standing like a mallet, with his eyes wide. It’s not scientific! How can someone like this uncomfortable person be liked?

Guy was suddenly pushed from behind and stumbled forward, but when he steadied himself, he was right next to MoMo. He held MoMo and asked with concern, “Are you okay?”

Out of the corner of his eyes, he looked behind him, and as expected, Grand Duke Joop was smiling with a smug smile.

MoMo looked at him and shook his head, his voice dropping, “Thanks.”

The shock in Roaldl’s eyes gradually dissipated, replaced by clarity and relief. They could be together now! 

However, after seeing the scene in front of him, his thin lips pursed heavily, focusing a deadly stare at Guy’s hand holding MoMo.

What did he just do? MoMo had been happily approaching him, but he had been indifferent.

He had made MoMo sad again.

Grand Duke Joop glared at his clueless eldest grandson. The boy was really too ill-advised. He felt deep concern for his eldest grandson. With this kind of emotional intelligence, he would be single all his life. He coughed lightly, “Guy, what are you doing standing there frozen. MoMo has just chosen his clothes, you carry him to the dressing room.”

Guy looked at his grandfather helplessly. But, although he was hopeless in pursuing MoMo, he was still happy to serve the natural female.

Momo had just almost fallen and now his mood didn’t look right. He was relieved he didn’t have to go by himself.

Guy bent over and was about to hug MoMo when his shoulder was grabbed. He was forced to stop moving, turned his head, and met Roald’s cold face head-on.

Roald: “I’ll do it.”

MoMo heard his voice and looked at him abruptly.

Guy looked at MoMo, hesitated, and then moved out of the way.

Roald used his hand to hold MoMo. MoMo’s dark green eyes lit up little by little, and he gazed at him with a look of expectation, but he did not speak. Roald was heartbroken at the sight, and he thought, no matter what happens in the future, he can’t let the person in front of him be sad again.

“You…” As soon as he spoke, his brow knitted, and for the first time, he felt dissatisfied with his cool voice, he softened his voice, “Which outfit did you choose?

Merlin held up the dark green shirt in his hand, “This one.”

MoMo nodded, “Nice.”

The same color as his feathers!

Cyno spoke up at this point, “Take it if you like it, but don’t change now.”

MoMo looked at him, disappointed.

Cyno explained, “At the moment, the only natural females that are known are Little Yu and KiKi, and Merlin’s identity can’t be hidden because many people saw Guy come to the lounge and were able to deduce that. Now only MoMo’s identity is not revealed.” He looked at MoMo, “It’s good for your safety not to be exposed for now.”

MoMo was different from the rest, he was discarded and had no family, while still being single. If his identity were exposed, it would drive countless single males crazy.

Kona nodded, “I agree, he’s only just become human, but he’s already an adult.” He sighed, “Adult natural females, as a rule, need to pick a suitable mate as soon as possible, and if MoMo’s identity is exposed, there will definitely be many people picking MoMo’s mate candidates. Although his IQ is high, he is simple-minded, and will be easily misled. And walking, talking, literacy as well as basic skills need to be learned. This is not a good time for exposure.”

Duke Joop pondered for a moment and patted Merlin’s shoulder, “Change back to beast form.”

Although Merlin’s identity could not be hidden, for now, at most, it was only speculation. It would be best to have some breathing room, and let the Joop family do some preparation. Merlin looked at the clothes in his hands, very reluctant.

Grand Duke Joop immediately promised, “Don’t worry, since you like it, we’ll take it home. Once home, you can wear whichever piece you want. Grandfather will hire a few more designers for you, so they can customize your clothes, the clothes here were quickly finished, so not exquisite.”

Merlin’s light golden eyes lit up and he turned instantly into a big spotted tiger. The bathrobe he had originally worn was now wrapped around his body, and he twisted uncomfortably.

Guy quickly helped him take it off.

Gu Yu blinked and looked at Cyno in confusion, “Why did you have clothes on your body when you transformed before?”

After turning into a human, the clothes had reappeared.

Cyno explained, “The clothes are specially made.”

Duke Joop rubbed Merlin’s neck, “Tomorrow, we’ll get someone to make you a special batch of clothes, so you can transform as you please.”

“Roar~” Merlin was happy and his tail waved.

Roald looked down at MoMo, “Turn into beast form.”

MoMo blinked, “Will you hold me?”

Roald hadn’t cared about him when he was in beast form before, and he was worried that if he turned into beast form now, Roald would ignore him again.

Roald, “I will.”

Momo smiled, and in the blink of an eye, he turned into his Tira form and burst out of his bathrobe. He didn’t even reach Roald’s knee, and his little bulbous body tilted to look at Roald.

Roald’s heart moved, MoMo had approached him many times, and the two stood in this position often. However, he’d had concerns in his heart at the time and always restrained from giving any response. He did not know what had changed MoMo, but at this point, he was incredibly grateful that he would never have to worry about scruples again.

He squatted down to hold MoMo in his arms and met MoMo’s eyes, which were dripping with joy. Roald’s expression instantly softened. He raised his hand and rubbed MoMo’s round head.

Kona said, “The caretakers will be arranged by me tomorrow, I suggest that Dr. Qin, KiKi and MoMo stay at the marshal’s house tonight.”

Joop’s home had security, so he was not worried at all.

Qin Sheng nodded, “I thought so too. I’ll be troubling the marshal.”

KiKi’s public transformation today would definitely have a lot of people going to his house, and definitely not just the media. His terminal kept vibrating and he didn’t answer it. He just sent a message to his family while KiKi was playing in the water, explaining what happened briefly.

After discussing the situation, the Joop family and the rest split up. Kona went straight back to the association.

Kona was a bit worried, KiKi was married and only needed a caretaker, but Merlin and MoMo were both single and needed both a caretaker and an escort. MoMo’s identity was not public for the time being, but it couldn’t be hidden for long, so he had to prepare in advance.

Selecting a caretaker was fine, but choosing an escort was troublesome. A natural female’s escort had another name, mate candidate.

He rubbed his brow and decided to choose the caretaker first. As for the escort, he had to collect information about the sons of various families.

Gu Yu and his group were escorted back to Cyno’s villa in a strict manner. Qin Sheng and KiKi chose a room on the first floor, while MoMo chose the guest room where Gu Yu stayed before.

Cyno and Roald checked the villa guards, Qin Sheng carried KiKi back to their room, and Gu Yu accompanied MoMo to the guest room. MoMo turned into a human form and Gu Yu brought a new robe to him. MoMo didn’t let him help him and slowly put it on by himself.

Gu Yu praised, “MoMo is so smart!”

MoMo smiled and Gu Yu took him to the washroom, teaching him how to brush his teeth and wash his face, and how to use the various equipment. MoMo listened carefully and followed Gu Yu’s explanation. He redid it all over again, and it was correct.

Gu Yu saw that he looked tired and took him back to the bedroom, “Are you very tired?”

MoMo nodded honestly, “Mn, I’m tired after the first time I changed into a human.”

Gu Yu rubbed his hair, “Then you rest early.”

MoMo lay on the bed, watching him. Gu Yu smiled and turned on the terminal to play a sleep song, and MoMo soon fell asleep. Gu Yu went out and saw Cyno leaning against the door. When he heard him coming out, he turned his head to look at him.

Gu Yu subconsciously smiled at him, “Where’s Major General Roald?”

“He went home,” Cyno, “It’s not convenient for him to stay here.”

He held Gu Yu’s hand, and they went back to their bedroom together. Gu Yu looked at the time, it was only 8:30 in the evening, still very early. He had already made an announcement in advance yesterday that he would not broadcast live tonight and would make up the hours tomorrow morning. He had been broadcasting every day for a while, and when he was free for a while, he suddenly felt that he had a lot more time.

Cyno said, “Are you tired? Take a shower and sleep?”

Gu Yu shook his head, a little uneasy thinking about the night’s events, and his fingers curled up a little, “Shall we watch the news together?”

So the two sat on the double sofa and watched the news.

-Shocking! A beast female changed into human form on the spot!

As soon as they opened the news, they saw this phrase in bold and capital letters. There was a lot of news content, but minus the descriptions and exclamations, it was about KiKi turning human, along with a mention of a natural female in heat.

After seeing the comments, Gu Yu pursed his lips.

The first few days the comments were particularly full of replies, and the commenter’s name was gold, which meant the name itself was influential. He looked at the comments, his fingers clenching tighter and tighter.

[As far as I know, young Master Merlin ran out of the Conservancy in the afternoon carrying a Tira and a Nuchi, of which the Nuchi is Qin Sheng’s mate KiKi.]

This statement was followed by a photo of the very scene of Merlin running out of the Society’s gate with KiKi and Mo on his back.

[I presume that the Conservancy has researched a way to transform beast females into natural females.]

[This is great research, a gospel that belongs to the entire universe! Female Preservation Society, please make the research public so that more beast females can be converted to natural females.]

[I suspect that Marshal Cyno and his mate’s story is a complete fabrication. His mate is probably the first successfully converted natural female. Heck, natural females are exclusive to the powerful, civilians should stop dreaming.]

This comment sparked an extraordinarily heated discussion.

Some said Cyno treated people like fools, some scolded the nobles, and others spoke out, saying that they would not openly research success, or □□□.

Gu Yu looked at Cyno. Cyno’s face was not very good, his eyebrows were tightly knit, and was constantly replying to messages, as soon as he replied to one, his terminal vibrating again.

Cyno inclined his head to look at him, his eyebrows unfolded and he smiled, raised his hand and lightly cupped his chin, using his thumb to lightly rub his lower lip, “Don’t bite. Don’t worry, it will be fine.”

Gu Yu’s lips opened slightly, blaming himself, his eyes slightly red, “I’m sorry, it’s all my fault.”

Cyno hugged him heartily, “It has nothing to do with you.”

“It does,” Gu Yu choked, he grabbed Cyno’s lapel and looked up at Cyno, “They can become human because of me.”

Cyno’s heart leaped. Although he had a guess, it was still hard to calm down when he heard the exact reason. His face remained unchanged as he patted Gu Yu’s back, “This is a good thing, and you know how precious natural females are, many of them will thank you.”

Gu Yu shook his head, “I’m sorry, I should have told you earlier, I was just afraid…” He rested his forehead against Cyno’s shoulder, his fingers subconsciously gripping Cyno’s shirt, “I was afraid of telling you, and then not succeeding in transforming them and letting you down.” His body trembled slightly, “No, it was not disappointment…it was fear of being ridiculed.”

He thought of a lesson in nature class when he was a child, and one of the lessons was making bean sprouts. At that time he planted a lid of bean sprouts with the lid of a canning jar, and he was especially careful at every step. At that time, the thought in his mind was simple: if he was good and great at everything he did, then even if he couldn’t talk, he would still be likable, right?

Two days later, his bean sprouts looked so good that he couldn’t wait to show them to his classmates. However, later, before nature class, his bean sprouts went bad.

He held the cap of the bottle with a sad face, surrounded by ridicule.

‘Hahahaha, I told you, what are you proud of, and showing off.’

It was only much later that he learned, between the jokes of his classmates, that his bean sprouts had been secretly killed. But it was too late, perhaps the greater the expectation, the deeper the cut in his heart when he got ridiculed.

Since then, when trying to do something, he never dared to tell anyone again.

He felt Cyno’s breath on his face and his eyes grew teary. He was so bad! He was too sensitive, had low self-esteem, was weak, and didn’t deserve Cyno at all. If he had been brave enough to trust Cyno and told him what might happen, what transpired tonight would not have occurred.

Even if it did, it wouldn’t have been so unexpected. Cyno didn’t even have time to prepare.

Cyno only felt the tears on his shoulders all flowing into his heart. His heart seized into a ball as he held Gu Yu on his lap and gently coaxed, “Good boy, don’t cry.” 

Cyno cupped Gu Yu’s face and kissed the tears on his cheeks. He took in his red-eyed dull look and rubbed the top of his hair, “Fool, how could I laugh at you?”

Gu Yu blinked, the tears contained in his eyes were squeezed out and fell down again.

Cyno gently wiped his tears away with his fingers and looked at him seriously.

“Little Yu, we are mates. You can rely on me and trust me completely. You can tell me anything; I won’t laugh at you, I won’t dislike you. I love you.” 

He was heartbroken, he thought, the little mate before, must have had a bad time.  He had never thought that there would be someone who could become his joy and sorrow at will.

Gu Yu was stunned. His heart beat wildly and was filled with joy.

Cyno did not disturb him, but only gently stroked his back to make him relax.

Gu Yu gradually calmed down, moved from Cyno’s lap to the seat next to him with a red face, and wiped his face with the opposite hand.

He actually cried, and cried so hard!

He looked at Cyno carefully and saw Cyno’s eyes were full of doting and worry, and completely relaxed. He pursed his lips and looked at Cyno, “I have many flaws, I will try to correct them.”

Cyno was so good, as his partner, how can he be too bad? Gu Yu had a serious face, but because he had just cried, his eyes and nose were red and his voice was still a bit hoarse, he looked extraordinarily seductive.

Cyno breathed a sigh of relief, “You’re fine as you are.”

Gu Yu shook his head, “I’m not fine,” he frowned, chagrined, “I’ve already added to the trouble, and now I’m interrupting you when you need to do your business.” He got up, “You take care of things first, don’t mind me.”

Cyno pulled him back, “It’s okay, I’m not good at these things either. The Ministry of Information will control the evaluation. It’s just that…You may not be able to hide your ability. Right now, there is no medicine that can make the beast females change into natural females, and the Protection Association has no way to top it.”

Seeing Gu Yu fret, he said, “There’s still time to consider the response, so can you tell me first how to make them turn into human form? It will help.”

Gu Yu smiled, sat down, thought for a moment, hesitating on how to not mention the system and Goodwill Points which he could not explain, then said very simply, “They need to be near me, and listen to my voice for 1000 minutes.”

“As close as we are?” Cyno inquired, “I don’t usually feel that.”

Gu Yu said, “Now it needs to be within a square meter, the maximum range is 1,000 square meters, and talking normally doesn’t work.”

He thought about it, Goodwill Points could not be mentioned. And if he said how he was now able to talk, it would probably cause new trouble. Someone would surely ask him about his method, and he couldn’t answer at all.

But it was Cyno in front of him, so he didn’t have to worry too much.

He said, “It’s not ordinary speech. It’s only possible when I’m in a special state and speak – only I can.”

Cyno: “Will it affect your body?”

Gu Yu’s heart was warm, “No.”

Cyno held his hand and pondered for a moment, “Don’t tell anyone about this. We will tell the public that your voice is special, but it needs to be within range.”

Gu Yu nodded, “Okay.”

Cyno asked again about the need for transformation, and the need to increase the range. After getting it clear, he looked at Gu Yu. “There will be more news about you in the future, you don’t have to worry, just the same as before… But you may need to help beast females with their transformations.”

Gu Yu said, “No problem, I would love to help them too,” he pursed his lips, “I hope all females will be natural females in the future.”

The way society was shaped now, it was too monstrous.

Cyno smiled, whether the aim was the same or not, his little mate and he thought of the same thing anyway, what a tacit understanding! “The more natural females there are, the more samples the association will study, and the more likely that they will be able to develop a transformation potion. There will come a day.”

The two chatted for a while, then washed up and went to bed.

When Gu Yu woke up in the morning, his eyes were a little swollen, and Cyno kissed his eyelids.

Cyno had a smile in his eyes, and it was a good idea to take it step by step.

After washing up, Cyno helped Gu Yu put a compress on his eyes and then they went downstairs.

MoMo maintained his Tira form and was standing at the stairway, looking up at Gu Yu. His wings flapped and he called out happily, “La~”

Gu Yu quickly picked him up and touched his back: “Not feeling well or do you not want to use your human form?”

MoMo shook his head and pointed his wings toward the living room and then toward the door. Gu Yu looked over and Orson was sitting in the living room, with guards standing at the door.

Was he worried about being seen by others?

He smoothed MoMo’s soft feathers, “MoMo is so smart.” He looked to Cyno, “Is it safe for MoMo to change at the villa?”

Cyno nodded: “Safe. The guards are all my escort team, and are credible. Orson should already know.”

As he spoke, Gu Yu already saw Orson standing up, his eyes glowing as he looked at MoMo in his hand.

Gu Yu smiled, “I’ll take MoMo back to his room to change first.”

MoMo flapped his wings excitedly. Once in his room, MoMo transformed, changed into a set of white casual clothes and walked side by side with Gu Yu back to the living room.

Orson: “Oh, it’s true!”

MoMo pinched the corner of his shirt and smiled at him, a little shy.

“Yu, MoMo!” KiKi’s happy voice came from the back.

Qin Sheng held KiKi, who was wearing a blue sweatshirt that was wide enough to move in, and his feet swung back and forth as he said hello.

After greeting each other, Orson said, “You guys go eat breakfast. I’ll just watch.”

MoMo looked at him, “What about you?”

Orson smiled, “I’ve already eaten.”

The building he lived in had a dining room. He was used to doing research so his work and rest were erratic, and he ate at irregular times, all alone.

“Oh, it’s great!” KiKi perked up when he saw the sumptuous breakfast on the dining room table.

When it came time to actually eat, however, it was not so easy. Neither he nor MoMo were used to using knives and forks, or chopsticks. Luckily, the two were smart and learned quickly, except KiKi ate and grabbed things with his hands.

MoMo, since he only had wings and used only his mouth when he ate in beast form, was adapting quickly.

Gu Yu took care of MoMo while he was eating. MoMo said thanks and ate slowly, watching the morning news curiously. Qin Sheng cut the turnip cake into sections and let KiKi eat it with a fork.

When he heard the morning news mention KiKi’s transformation, he frowned and looked at Cyno, “I received a notice from the Ministry of Information.”

Cyno wasn’t surprised, “Things got so big that His Majesty decided to hold a press conference, and I will be there.”

Qin Sheng nodded after a moment of contemplation, “Being big and open is better for stopping the talk than letting people speculate.” He said, looking at Gu Yu, “This matter…It has something to do with you, right?”

Gu Yu looked at Cyno, who nodded, before he said, “Yes.”

Qin Sheng thanked Gu Yu, then, thinking about last night, he was about to apologize when he heard KiKi crying. KiKi’s eyes moved away from the news and looked at Gu Yu, who still had a fork in his hand with a small piece of pie hanging from it, shaking as he cried.

“Yu, I’m sorry.” KiKi’s tears fell one by one, his excitement from last night had calmed down, and it was only when he saw the news that he thought of what Gu Yu had said.

To keep a low profile!

Gu Yu’s original plan was to return to the villa in the evening before letting them change, since he was worried about causing a stir.

But he actually ran out and turned on the spot.

He didn’t think about anything last night, and now he realized that he was in trouble. He could not understand how big the trouble was for the moment, but the news was broadcasted, and in his perception, it was a big deal. He cried, especially miserable, his face was suddenly full of tears, and his pupils which were originally red, now when he cried, were even redder.

Gu Yu had never seen a person cry like this, from the beginning, teardrops rolled down his face. He was shocked, and quickly said, “It’s okay, it’s okay, don’t cry.”

KiKi choked out, “I forgot, I’m so stupid.”

He cried even more when he was comforted, his body trembled, and two long fluffy ears suddenly appeared on his head, trembling along with his body.

Gu Yu: “…”

He was so shocked that he couldn’t speak for a while.

Qin Sheng was distressed. Not affected by external forces, only during violent emotional ups and downs would beast form characteristics appear while in human form.

He held KiKi in his arms and gently coaxed: “It’s nothing, nothing, good boy, don’t cry.”

KiKi wrapped his arms around his neck, “I’m so stupid, will A’Sheng hate me?”

“KiKi is very smart, not stupid at all.”

He couldn’t be clearer, KiKi was very smart, it’s just that he had only just transformed, there were still many things he hadn’t learned, and when facing things, it was as if he were a child genius. There was no problem with IQ, but for many things, there was no deep understanding. And because he used to be in beast form, his thinking had not yet transformed, and he rarely thought about things.

After crying for a long time, he calmed down and his ears were retracted, and he looked at Gu Yu with red eyes. Timidly, he said, “Yu, don’t hate me.”

Gu Yu laughed, “I’ll never hate you. KiKi is my friend, I like KiKi very much.”

MoMo laughed gently from the side, “KiKi is very cute.”

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