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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Finally seeing the light of day to get rid of the pot, Wei Long had already unilaterally reached an agreement before the other side could react. Smiling, he patted him on the shoulder and turned back to the human doctor, “Honey, if you still have those canine braces, can you lend them to me for a while?”

“Yes, but I wouldn’t advise you to lose blood without a reserve of food.” Doctor Shang pulled the unopened braces out of his pocket, but still shook his head disapprovingly, not immediately handing it to the vampire, “Don’t forget, besides Wayne Loki, there’s a John Doe waiting for us.”

“Believe me, dear – I’ll explain the exact reason in detail to you later, but it’s all undoubtedly well worth it.” There was no trace of Wayne Loki’s power anywhere and the vampire smiled lightly and winked at him, then gracefully leaned down slightly, put one hand around his shoulders, and dropped a sloppy kiss on his lips.

“Ai…!” The two little dragons tacitly covered their eyes with their tails and cried out in unison. 

The human doctor’s face unconsciously flushed with blood, he put the two dragons into his pocket, looked away and coughed lightly, then shoved the braces in his hand. “Next time you must type a report, a hundred words or more, stating three or more valid objective reasons… remember?”

“No problem, I will definitely type the report in advance next time.” The vampire’s eyes were filled with a soft smile as he looked at his own doctor’s very different state from his usual one. The vampire’s eyes were a little more than a little soft and smiling, and he leaned over with one hand on his shoulder and gave a salute, responding in a serious way. He also thoughtfully asked if he wanted any more dessert after dinner, and sent the werewolf butler off to cut watermelon before finally turning back to Wayne Loki.

“Are you vampires from a thousand years ago so mushy when it comes to love? If I had a torch in my hand, you two would have burned me to death by now…” Forced with a mouthful of dog food, Wayne Loki angrily grinded his dentures. He grabbed the fake teeth handed to him and stuffed them into his mouth in anger.

Looking at the young master of tea, Wei long blinked curiously, lowered his head and slowly rolled up his sleeve, “As far as I know, FF regiment should not burn our type – besides, you just said that you were busy in love, so why envy us?”

“Don’t you know that a one-sided pursuit status can now be counted as being in a relationship?”

After being punctured by the previous big talk, Wayne Loki glared at him with hatred and fished out a small pamphlet from his pocket and slammed it on the ground. “This is what you old fathers made up – what ‘Vampire’s Guide to Love’, I’d be really crazy if I believed what is written here…”

“This is a great injustice – I personally do not want to recall my past that was pitted by this guide.” After taking a look at the familiar cover of the booklet, the old ancestor who had been wronged could not help but laugh lightly and also fished out an identical booklet from his own pocket and handed it to him. “This guide has been in circulation for far longer than you think. It was under its guidance that I began my first quest – except that most of what was written on it proved to be useless, and probably even counterproductive. I’ve crossed out some of the entries like that, so you can take it as a reference to some extent if you need it.”

“Really – you’re really that kind?!” Wayne Loki’s eyes abruptly lit up, a snatch of the booklet, as if precious, flipped through it, then nodded with realization, “No wonder, so these tricks are not good – damn, should have known not to open their windows in the middle of the night, and should not have used blood to write their name on their mirror…”

“…Listening to your description, if it’s not another vampire you’re pursuing, I’m guessing you’re probably nearing the end of your relationship.” Deftly pulling the pamphlet out of the hands of the inquisitive latecomer and smiling at the single bloodsucking dog who was about to explode, Wei Long shook his head nonchalantly and then extended his arm, “Drink first, and when you finish, this booklet will be yours.”

“I think you must have a conspiracy. Do not discriminate against my intelligence… Are you also a human pretending to be a vampire?!”

Alertly looking at Wei Long who seemed to have ulterior motives in front of him, the young master of herbal tea who had been driven out of persecution paranoia suddenly leapt up and fiercely pulled the other party’s collar. He was about to break the other party’s canine teeth when he was picked up by the pure-blood king who was in full swing, “Mn, bite me – do I need to release a bat to prove my identity?”

“That’s not necessary, I think you should be real…” Wayne Loki nodded hesitantly and dawdled for a long time before finally coming up to his arm and biting on it hesitantly. He just bit through his arm, taking one sip, which he then spewed out with a bleh, “How – how can it be so spicy?!”

“Please forgive me for forgetting to tell you in advance – this is a racial talent that the Purebloods use for self-preservation, and after you ascend to True Purity, your blood will also have a special taste.” Although his mouth insincerely apologized, the King of Pureblood’s eyes carried a mysterious smile, and gently patted this junior’s shoulder. “Drink it, it’s better than the other flavors. When I was very young, I once drank the blood of an elder for healing, and the taste of palm tree oil that thick still sticks in my mind…”

“No – I’m afraid of spiciness, I don’t want to drink!” Wayne Loki wiped the corners of his mouth, which was already swollen, and shook his head with tears in his eyes, then shivered at the sudden stern gaze of the King of Purebloods, and cowered and hid in the corner.

The smile in Wei Long’s eyes suddenly faded and turned into an unquestionable severity, and he pressed his head down, “At least three sips, drink quickly, no dilly-dallying!”

“When I came out to mix, my father did not tell me – did not tell me that I would still be pressed on the head to drink blood…” He never thought he would one day be reduced to the point of being forced to suck blood. Wayne Loki was aggrieved to the point of no return, choking and continuing to drink three mouthfuls, and then cried out, “Water, water – quickly give me water!”

“The conversion is not yet complete, don’t move.” Before he could jump up, he was pressed back down by the brutal pure-blood king, and the black fog that had been fading away condensed again, gathering the two together into it.

The black fog was so thick and dark that it was impossible to see what was happening inside, and only Wayne Loki’s muffled grunts and screams could be heard intermittently.

“No wonder we didn’t let our old fire do it in the first place, listening to this sound, your old Wei would have beaten him back to the sphere.” The golden dragon patted its tail in satisfaction, nodded towards the human doctor with quite a sense of relief, and when it saw that its two little cubs were still rubbing against him and begging for meat, it coughed majestically, “Xian Bao, Xian Bei, come back quickly – no disturbing Doctor Shang while he’s eating!”

The two little dragons, always fearful of their father’s authority, flew back obediently and wiped each other’s mouths with their tails.

Seeing their father’s mood seemed okay, the two little dragons came together to mutter for a long time, Xian Bei then nodded and had the courage to fly to the golden dragon, “Father, Brother Doctor is sick, let’s help him get cured…”

“No. Can I give you a few pieces of candy to buy you guys off?”

He glared at his son who was so scared he immediately moved away. The golden dragon eyes flashed with a satisfied smile. He used his dragon whiskers to move the little guy away, lifting his head to look at the human doctor who still looked confused.

“Your old Wei has talked to me about this before, saying that he wants my two sons to sign with you – what do you think of this?”

This must have been what Xian Bei wanted to do as a ‘cure’. Shang HaoJia helplessly smiled lightly, stroked the little dragon that ran back to his side and rubbed around, and frankly met the golden dragon’s scrutinizing gaze. “I did hear Wei Long mention this. It is said that contracting with the dragons can share the dragon’s qi and constant life span – if such a contract will not have any impact on the growth and development of the dragons, and will not damage your power, I personally aspire to such an opportunity of that.”

“Of course it wouldn’t affect us in any way. We can sign a hundred or eighty people in a dragon’s lifetime, if there was anything negative, we would have been drained long ago.” The golden dragon waved its tail unconcernedly, cleared its throat, and looked at him with a suddenly majestic gaze. The mighty pressure belonging to the true dragon spread out steeply, instantly suppressing the might that originally belonged to the purebloods. “But you should know that humans who contract with the true dragon have to pay a price. There is no pie that falls out of thin air, are you ready to pay the price for this?”

“I’m a doctor and am used to signing informed consent forms – I would like to understand what the contract is about before I decide if I want to sign it.” The vampire’s deliberate defense was not the same as that of his own, and the pressure of the real dragon came down on him. But still calmly leaned back on the sofa, met the golden dragon’s scrutinizing gaze, not slow to answer a sentence.

“Of course – you naturally have the right to know these contents in advance.” With a trace of appreciation in his eyes, the Golden Dragon nodded and looked at him seriously.

“All humans who have contracted with the dragon clan must pay regular annual tribute to the dragon clan, and the type of tribute for immature dragons is decided by the guardian dragon, that is, me. I’m not going to beat around the bush with you, just one bag of white rabbit milk candy per dragon per year, to be handed over to me, not directly to them – in addition to that, every dragon that signs up is obliged to adopt a dragon egg and raise them until they hatch and pass through the hatchling stage, not to abandon them midway.” When he said this hegemonic clause of being a dragon father, even the golden dragon’s face couldn’t help but show a blush, coughed lightly, and waved its tail uncomfortably.


“After all, you are Chinese, you should also know – our clan laid too many eggs, and not all of them hatch into anything, and what is born will not necessarily have shape… if you agree, I will try my best to pick two better eggs for you, and they will be of your level, okay?”


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May 26, 2021 1:32 pm

I can’t believe the dragon wants the candy for himself directly lol I wonder if the doctor will accept the contract? And also how is that process with Mr Loki going? Will WL be successful in transferring the pure blood to Mr Loki?

May 26, 2021 11:06 pm

Ok, so apparently being bitten by a vampire doesn’t change you into one in this universe. Hmmm… the tribute is manageable but raising two dragon eggs might be problematic since this ER doctor is sometimes really busy. Informed consent is important! x 3

Thank you for the chapter!!!

May 27, 2021 6:48 am

Oh I can’t wait. Foster Daddy Doctor! I thought the price was going to be something ominous, not worship, candy and parenthood!
Thank you for the chapter.

June 7, 2021 12:18 pm

Tribute is a bag of rabbit candy….I love it…..

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