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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


After breakfast, Roald took over the security of the villa. Cyno and Qin Sheng left the villa and went to the palace for the press conference. MoMo was very happy to see Roald and greeted him quickly, but this time he walked steadily, without tripping.

Roald subconsciously reached out to him as he approached.

MoMo smiled at him and spun in place, “Very steady.”

Roald’s cold eyes filled with warmth, “You’re very good.”

The fact that he could walk so steadily on his feet in such a short period of time after changing into a human was indeed very impressive.

Momo’s dark green eyes lit up, and the corners of his mouth pursed in a coy smile, “Two feet, I’m used to it.”

Roald walked him to the sofa, “I’ll see you later.”

MoMo nodded, “Okay.”

Gu Yu went to the kitchen to get boiled eggs, wrapped them in a cloth, and walked to the living room to hear KiKi asking MoMo curiously, “Are you going to choose Roald as your mate?”

MoMo nodded, “He’s very nice.”

KiKi tilted his head, his red eyes bent up, “Am I going to be in a wedding soon?”

MoMo blushed slightly, but nodded and said, “Mn, I’ve already asked him to marry me.”

His eyes blinked and looked at the door suspiciously. Roald had been very nice to him since last night, but hadn’t answered him yet.

Gu Yu thought of the red stone that was still in his hand and took a step. Then he thought about it, and decided to ask Roald later. Based on Roald’s attitude now, it was obvious that he would not refuse MoMo. Between them, they didn’t have to worry about the wrong body type.

He pursed his lips, a little worried. He was not sure if Roald no longer had this concern, or it was because MoMo was a natural female that he had a change of attitude.

What if there were other natural females out there?

On second thought, since Cyno had given Roald security detail, Roald’s character must be guaranteed.

He smiled, walked to KiKi’s side and held KiKi’s face, “Close your eyes, I’ll just put a compress on you.”

The corners of KiKi’s mouth curved up and he looked up very quite quickly and closed his eyes, “Yu is really nice,” he said and assured, “I will not mess around and do impulsive things from now on!”

Gu Yu smiled, “Good, I believe KiKi.”

MoMo stood next to Gu Yu and watched Gu Yu’s action curiously, “Yu, what is this?”

Gu Yu said, “Inside is an egg.”

KiKi asked excitedly, “Can we eat it later?”

Gu Yu smiled, “Yes.”

After KiKi’s eyes were taken care of, he ate the egg.

Gu Yu helped him up, “It’s not good to sit like this just after eating, you guys walk around with me.”

KiKi was very happy, “I must learn to walk and run as soon as possible!”

The three of them walked around the open space in the living room for a while. KiKi no longer needed help, but just waved his hands out of habit, and Gu Yu reminded him as he walked.

After about twenty minutes of walking, the three of them resumed sitting on the couch and Gu Yu found them toddler lessons to watch together and learn the words.

He stood next to them for a while and found that it was really easy, starting with one, two, three, four to turn in.

MoMo pointed to the holographic light screen, “I can do this one!”

KiKi, “I can do it too!”

Gu Yu asked what the beast females also learned before they became adults, but they were slow to learn words and always forgot. Since they couldn’t write, the content they learned was simple, which made them familiar with the initial lessons.

Gu Yu re-located the lesson, asking them what they already knew as he went along, and started it with what they happened not to know. The two of them were watching very carefully, eager to learn more.

Gu Yu didn’t bother them, said goodbye, and went out to exercise.

His physique was not very good, and had gotten worse after being here. Although he used to lack nutrition, he had been in great shape because he was always working to do something, but now he was not so good.

He ran both for exercise and to improve his lung capacity in preparation for singing.

MoMo and KiKi followed a short story to learn how to recognize words, and after twenty minutes, the story ended.

A reminder appeared on the light screen, [Students take a five-minute break, pay attention to the combination of work and rest ~]

Only then did the two of them move their eyes away, KiKi stood up, “I’ll walk.”

MoMo said, “I’ll walk with you.”

KiKi smiled and pointed to the door, holding the sofa and walking around behind it.

MoMo looked toward the door as Roald strutted toward him and he smiled up, “You done with your work?”

“Mn,” Roald glanced at the screen, “Was it hard?”

MoMo shook his head, “No, it wasn’t hard, I remembered everything!”

A smile flashed in Roald’s eyes, “You’re very smart.”

MoMo smiled and looked at him, then winked, “Give me the red stone, I’ll put it on you, okay?”

Females courting would give red-colored gifts, mostly gemstones. If the male agrees, he would personally put the gift into the female’s hand and let him put it on himself.

The second step should be asked by the male, but MoMo asked, which was considered very active.

It also meant that he especially liked Roald.

Roald’s face changed slightly and he didn’t say anything for a while.

MoMo watched him, and his smile slowly went away, his eyes became complicated, “Do you not like me? Did you throw the stone away?”

Roald was heartbroken: “No,” he was honest, “I’m sorry, I wanted to return it to you before, but when you were not there, I gave it to Gu Yu and asked him to help return it.”

MoMo’s eyes widened and a layer of watery light floated in his dark green eyes, “Oh.”

Even if he didn’t throw it, he still refused. After he realized this, he sprinted towards the guest room as if running away, almost falling down when he ran too fast, stumbling forwards.

Roald’s heart jerked up and he reached out to help.

KiKi shouted anxiously, “MoMo!”

He jumped forward, pushing his feet off the ground and hit the couch, hitting his nose, which immediately felt sour and brought tears to his eyes.

It hurts!

MoMo didn’t notice Roald’s movement at all, and the moment KiKi called out to him, he turned into a Tira. Running out of the pile of clothes, he continued to run forward two steps due to inertia, then he slid to a hard stop and looked back at KiKi.

He saw KiKi flopped on the back of the sofa, in tears, and covering his nose. Momo gave up going back to the room to hide and quickly ran towards KiKi.

Earlier, Orson had sat on the opposite couch in order not to disturb them. It all happened so fast that he jumped up from the couch when MoMo was about to run to KiKi. He looked at KiKi with distress, “Tilt your head back and remove your hand so I can see if there is a nosebleed.”

KiKi tilted his head as he said and moved his hand away with a shudder, and he did have a nosebleed.

Orson hurriedly helped him sit on the couch and treated him.

MoMo stood next to KiKi’s leg, blaming himself.

Orson’s head was in two places. The natural female had been injured right under his nose! He was acutely aware that the newly transformed beast females were too easily injured.

Roald looked at MoMo’s appearance and was particularly distressed.

He leaned over and picked MoMo up. MoMo stared, then bent to peck his hand and flapped his wings hard, “La!”

He was angry, why would he touch him after rejecting him?! He had seen many videos of females protecting themselves at recreation centers, and males without a relationship were not allowed to touch females.

He liked Roald a lot, but Roald had rejected him.

This was not right.

The video said that such males were big bad guys.

In his mind, Roald was a particularly good person, and he didn’t want him to be the big bad guy.

With that in mind, he struggled even more.

Gu Yu froze when he saw this scene as he walked into the living room wiping his sweat.

Didn’t MoMo like Roald a lot? What happened?

Roald was worried about MoMo hurting himself, so he held him and didn’t dare to move, but then put him down on the sofa. He swept his gaze around, picked up two square soft cushions, placed one on each side of MoMo, while he was half kneeling on the floor.

The back of the couch, the two cushions, and he himself, just about wrapped all the way around MoMo in a circle.

Orson threw the cotton ball with KiKi’s nosebleed into the trash can and looked at Roald warily, “Major General Roald, do you want to be detained?”

Roald said, “I’m not going to hurt him.”

His thin lips pursed, MoMo’s refusal made him breathless. How upset was MoMo when he faced his cold reaction earlier? He looked at MoMo, “Listen to me.”

MoMo stood against the sofa, his round eyes looked at him accusingly.

Roald was about to continue when he saw Gu Yu approaching and sighed in relief, “Do you have the stone?”

Gu Yu nodded and took out the stone and gave it back to him.

Roald was worried about MoMo running away and didn’t take it yet, both hands still pressed on the cushion.

He stared into MoMo’s eyes, “I’m sorry I made you sad. I like you a lot.” MoMo froze as Roald repeated, “I didn’t lie to you.” He took the red stone from Gu Yu’s hand with his right hand and handed it to MoMo, “Can you put it on me?”

MoMo screamed in great confusion, stared at him for a moment, then knocked away the cushion on his left side, which was no longer held down when Roald took the stone, and was knocked away at once.

He jumped off the couch and quickly ran into the guest room.

Roald looked at the stone in his hand and hung his head slightly, his heart throbbing with pain.

Did he miss it already?

With a puzzled look, Gu Yu went to see KiKi and asked with concern, “How did you get hurt?”

KiKi blinked in embarrassment as Orson glared at Roald and told him what happened.

Gu Yu: “…”

He patted KiKi’s arm, “Don’t rush later. You can’t catch up with MoMo even if you’re in your original form.”

MoMo’s original form was fast, and KiKi just bounced well.

KiKi nodded.

Orson finished and said soothingly, “It’s okay, tomorrow morning will be fine.”

KiKi touched his nose, it still hurt a little, and he frowned, “Thank you doctor.”

Gu Yu looked at Roald who looked despondent and hesitated, “Didn’t you explain to MoMo?”

A bitter smile lifted the corner of Roald’s mouth, “Not yet.”

As he was talking, MoMo came out of the guest room, in a human form. His hair was a bit disheveled, and it was obvious that he had dressed in a panic.

He walked quickly up to Roald: “Why? You rejected me, so why did you backtrack and try to say yes to me? Is it the natural female you like?”

That was the only answer he could think of, the one that made him sad. It was because he was a natural female that Roald changed his mind. Natural females were too special for males.

Roald shook his head, “I like you, but we can only be together if you’re a natural female.”

“Why?” MoMo looked puzzled.

Roald was helpless, and the next second, he turned into a tall black panther in front of MoMo, with muscular build and sharp, shiny canine teeth. The black panther looked at MoMo and reverted to his human form, still wearing the same straight military uniform.

“We’re too different in size to get through the rut together, and even if we can endure it at first, we can’t possibly endure it for the rest of our lives.” He said in a deep voice, “I am far older than you, there are many things you do not understand, but I am clear about. I do not want you to regret.”

MoMo was silent, and when thinking seriously about the issue, he realized that his courtship had been too heartfelt. But the feeling of being held by Roald that day in the pouring rain was too warm, and he wanted to have it for the rest of his life. His face turned white as his mind suddenly went back to what happened before he was discarded.

Roald watched him worriedly, “What’s wrong with you? Don’t you feel well?”

MoMo shook his head: “So you’ll regret it?”

“No.” Roald sounded certain.

MoMo bowed his head and sobbed softly, “But I’m afraid you will.”

Roald’s heart instantly seized into a ball, eyebrows wrinkled.

Without waiting for him to say anything, MoMo wiped away his tears, raised his smile towards him, took the stone in his hand, and removed the red thread around his neck to string it.

In the midst of Roald’s bewilderment, MoMo took his hand and put the red stone on his palm.

His movements were a little clumsy, but his expression was serious. He continued, “But even if you would, I don’t want to change my mind. All I know is that I like you very much now and want to marry you.”

Roald’s heart jerked. The teenager in front of him was extraordinarily bright at the moment, and his eyes and heart were full of him. He always thought he was brave and tough, but now he realized that he was far inferior to the teenager standing before him. He did not hold back and hugged the teenager tightly, “Thank you, for not letting me miss you.”

Gu Yu looked at the two embracing, his heart deeply touched.

MoMo was really brave ah. He, too, must be brave!

He smiled, did not bother the two, sat down beside KiKi, and KiKi immediately cuddled next to him. Gu Yu’s eyes swept over him and suddenly found a red mark near his collarbone, he was puzzled for a moment and then quickly understood, blushing slightly.

KiKi didn’t say anything, and looked seriously at the lesson that continued to play.

Gu Yu opened the system panel to check the status of Goodwill Points.

He looked at the countdown pages, and then looked at the Goodwill Points record he had made on purpose, checked twice to make sure he was right, and froze.

There was no live stream last night, and the negative Goodwill Points had not increased!

Did someone really hate him? He thought to himself in confusion. He looked at the time, it was almost ten o’clock.

He thought about it and got up and said, “I’ll go to my room to make up the live hours. Meet me in my room if you need anything.”

In the morning, he could make up two hours, just to see if the negative Goodwill Points were related to his live streaming.


The author has something to say: 

MoMo has a mate ~ his name is Roald!

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