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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey

QC: Sei

The Phil River in the canyon became turbulent, and the peaks on either side were dangerously sharp. Chu Feng piloted his speedboat, undulating over the waves, and soon caught up with the helicopter.

The helicopter didn’t fly very high, just over a hundred meters above the water. Calgar sat in the cockpit in a gloomy position, eyes closed. He had been in this position for a long time, and no one knew what he was thinking.

“Your Excellency, are you all right? There’s a little turbulence in this section of the plane.” Willson, in the passenger seat, turned around and asked.

Calgar didn’t reply, just shook his head. Just as Willson was about to turn back, he suddenly said, “Don’t be dismayed, I have been preparing for this for years, and have saved up funds and firearms for the church, just in case this day comes.”

Willson was startled, and said, “Your Excellency is really far-sighted.”

Calgar narrowed his eyes and said, “If I had the presidency, I could have done what I wanted to do. But it doesn’t matter, it’s just that it’s not that convenient and I have to take a few detours and work hard for a few more years. When I return to the Church, everything will be fine.”

“Yes, as long as Your Excellency is here, everything will be fine.”

Calgar’s face sank again, and hostility appeared in his eyes, “It’s just that I was too confident.”

Willson couldn’t help but ask, “Was it Chu Feng who did this?

Calgar said coldly, “That’s what Luo Pei has in his hands, if not Chu Feng, who else?”

“It was this subordinate’s foolishness.”

Willson saw Calgar close his eyes again, so he turned back, looking out the porthole at the Phil River.

“Who’s that?” He made a sudden noise and Calgar opened his eyes.

Willson said, “There’s a speedboat following us down there.”

The two soldiers seated in the back of the helicopter immediately came forward and pulled open the helicopter’s sliding door.

One peered out and said, “It’s General Chu.”

“I can’t believe he’s fucking chased us here, kill the son of a bitch.” Willson, no longer in control of himself, blurted out in front of Calgar. The two soldiers immediately set up their guns and aimed them at the rear of the motorboat.

Chu Feng was piloting the motorboat, speeding forward through the canyon, a little closer to the helicopter. He had just rounded a rapids when he looked up and saw the muzzle of a black hole sticking out of the nacelle, glowing coldly in the moonlight.

“Zhou Zhou be careful.” As soon as the words left his mouth, he heard the sound of a gunshot and a splash of water around the motorboat. He turned the wheel, and the speedboat nimbly dashed out to the left, followed by another barrage of bullets that instantly hit the spot where they had just been.

“All right?”


Chu Feng maneuvered the motorboat, flicking left and right extremely fast, dodging bullets as he continued to speed along.

“Let me do it.” Willson, seeing this, got out of the passenger seat, dislodged a soldier, and took up the gun himself.

A barrage of fire spewed from the doorway of the helicopter’s hatch, and bullets rained down around the motorboat. After a few metallic bangs, several bullet holes appeared in the hull.

“Shit, the helicopter and motorboat are moving, it’s not easy to aim.” Wilson cursed in exasperation and turned back to the pilot, “Can we stop the aircraft from rocking around?”

The pilot yelled, “There’s no way to stabilize the fuselage, there’s too much turbulence in the canyon.”

“Both of you go.” Willson gave up half of his position and instructed the two soldiers behind him, “Shoot, I’ll see which way he ducks.”

Chu Feng stared at the helicopter’s hatch, and when he saw all three guns sticking out, he yelled, “Get down.”

He then grabbed Luo ZhouZhou and crouched behind the console, using only one hand to steady the steering wheel. When more intense gunfire rang out, Chu Feng’s hands emptied and the man in his arms suddenly disappeared again into thin air.

He hurriedly looked around and shouted, “Zhou Zhou!”

“Don’t be afraid, I’m here,” Luo ZhouZhou’s voice rang in his ears, “Just keep chasing.” 

The gunfire was so intense that it reverberated through the canyon, startling the nocturnal birds, which spread their wings and took to the air. Chu Feng only heard the gunfire, but he didn’t see the river splashing beside him, and the motorboat was not hit.

Just like those bullets that vanished in the air without a trace before they could hit their targets after being fired, Luo ZhouZhou disappeared as well, except for an occasional pause where he could see a silhouette of a person who had vanished because of his rapid movement.

Chu Feng steadily maneuvered the motorboat and followed the helicopter as it hurried along the Phil River.

When the shooting finally stopped, he hurriedly shouted, “Zhou Zhou.”

A shadow flashed and stopped beside him, and Luo ZhouZhou reappeared.

“Are you okay?” Chu Feng asked.

Luo ZhouZhou looked up at the helicopter and said, “It’s okay, you don’t have to dodge bullets.”

In the cockpit, a startled soldier asked, “What’s going on? None of the bullets I sent out hit, not even a splash.”

Another soldier stared at the men on the motorboat and suddenly said, “Can you see the men standing there? Always thought there was something strange about him.”

The three men raised their guns again and went to look at the enlarged man through their scopes.

“Is that makeup? How can he look like that?” The man affixed to the right side of the cabin, looking in his scope, exclaimed.

“Make up or whatever, keep shooting him.”

Luo ZhouZhou faced the helicopter, raised both hands, and then slowly released them. With a loud clatter, two large slugs fell from his hands and tumbled down into the motorboat.

Willson lowered his gun and asked in dismay, “What did he drop? Our bullets? Did he catch all our bullets?”

“Yes, Chief Guard, that’s our bullets he’s holding in his hand.” The sergeant on the right had panic in his voice, “What the hell is that?”

Calgar had been sitting quietly when he spoke up and asked, “What are you talking about?”

Willson said, “Your Excellency, one of the men down there is Chu Feng, and can’t tell what the other is.”

“Can’t see what it is?”

“Yeah, like injected with Benzedrine, and had sharp teeth like a vampire, and caught our bullets.” Willson’s voice was tight.

Calgar looked out his side of the porthole and said coldly, “Lower your altitude and keep shooting.”

The pilot immediately lowered the helicopter down to an altitude of about ten meters above the water.

The wind from the propellers pounded the motorboat with the river water, and the boat began to shake violently. Chu Feng struggled to keep control of the steering wheel so that the boat wouldn’t lose control and crash into a nearby cliff.

Luo ZhouZhou stood at the bow of the boat, his dark blue suit soaked through with water, droplets of water from his hair dripping down his pale cheeks. Under the moonlight, his eyes were like blood, and his two fangs were cold and sharp.

“Shoot him, shoot him!” Willson let out a roar, and the sound of intense gunfire resumed.

As the first bullet was fired, Luo ZhouZhou disappeared into thin air again, blending like a gust of wind into the night. Chu Feng continued to steer the motorboat steadily.

A soldier leaned back against the edge of the hatch and put a new magazine in his gun. He felt a flash of light, blinked, and looked out again to see that the soldier beside him had disappeared. He turned his head to look at the cabin, then peeked out to look at the river, wondering if the man had fallen in.

As soon as he leaned out the upper part of his body, something yanked his collar and he was thrown out. Willson noticed that both men on his side had suddenly disappeared, stopped pulling the trigger, and looked around in confusion, “Where are the men?”

“Get in here.” Calgar, seated behind him, suddenly snapped harshly.

Willson was unsure, but reflexively leaned back and took two steps back.

As soon as he stepped back, something flew past his eyes, and the bridge of his nose seemed to rub against a small piece of clothing. Calgar shouted the order to the pilot, “Climb up, climb higher.” Then he took two steps forward and flew to close the hatch.

On command, the pilot pulled the handle and the helicopter climbed in a wobbly straight line.

“Your Excellency, why are you climbing higher?” Willson was still a little confused, “It’s about to kill them.”

Calgar said with a sullen face, “The two men next to you were thrown into the river, and you didn’t see the danger?”

Only then did Willson realize that the two soldiers were gone, and cold sweat broke out on his back.

Calgar added, “Don’t bother with them, the Alliance must be in a mess now, no one is presiding over the scene, if Chu Feng stalls for time now, waiting for the military department to react and send troops after them, it will be trouble.”

“Your Excellency is right,” Willson hung his head and returned.

“Go through this canyon, there’s the ocean over there, and the Church is waiting to meet us there and head back to the border together.” Calgar’s eyes narrowed.

“As you wish.”

Luo ZhouZhou leapt back into the motorboat and said to Chu Feng, “I grabbed them both and threw them away.”


“Don’t worry, if they shoot, I can get all the bullets next.”

Chu Feng turned the steering wheel, steered the motorboat around a large boulder in the middle of the river, and said, “I was worried that SiHan and the others hadn’t caught up yet, and it would be difficult to catch Calgar after he leaves the canyon.”

By now they were in the middle of the canyon, with the mountains on either side of them pressed tighter and the current more swift.

“They are lowering,” Luo ZhouZhou suddenly shouted, pointing at the helicopter.

The helicopter tilted toward the canyon, lowered to an altitude of more than twenty meters, and then climbed up shakily.

Chu Feng said, “There are a lot of strong air currents here, and they can’t fly high, so they can only fly close to the edge of the air currents.”

Luo ZhouZhou kept his eyes on the helicopter and bowed slightly. As it descended again, his feet pushed a little harder, and he went up into the sky like a cannonball.

Chu Feng cried out, “Zhou Zhou!” 

Luo ZhouZhou leapt with all his might, getting closer and closer to the helicopter. But at that moment, the helicopter stopped descending and started climbing again. Luo ZhouZhou had already reached the top of the helicopter as far as he could reach, and he watched as the helicopter went up and he fell out of the sky.

Chu Feng saw it clearly, and as he fell, he reached up into the air, trying to catch him. Luo ZhouZhou, however, as he was getting closer and closer to the motorboat, he suddenly rolled over and stood firmly inside it.

“Chu Feng, look I can jump as high as a plane.” He said excitedly.

Chu Feng took two steps forward with a pale face and grabbed him in his arms.

Luo ZhouZhou said, “Don’t worry, I’m a vampire.”

Out of the corner of his eye, he suddenly looked ahead, pushed Chu Feng away and shouted, “Ah, we’re going to hit a mountain wall.”

Chu Feng quickly turned the steering wheel to the right, and the motorboat swerved, narrowly missing the mountain wall, then shaking violently a few times. After the boat stabilized, Luo ZhouZhou looked at the helicopter, which was starting to land again, and said, “I’m going to jump on it again.”

Chu Feng was still shaken by the scene, but he looked so confident that he finally said, “Be careful, I’ll follow you below.”

The helicopter landed at about the same altitude as it had started, Chu Feng accelerated, and the motorboat, which had been pulling away, caught up with it.

Once under the belly of the helicopter, Luo ZhouZhou took a deep breath and took a leap into the sky. He kept going up and up, and his hand was about to touch the tripod of the helicopter. But then the fuselage suddenly shifted to the left, and the kickstand slipped out of his hand.

Luo ZhouZhou, seeing that he was about to fall down again, simply raised his right fist and smashed it into the belly of the helicopter. The helicopter shook violently and tilted to the side of the mountain wall, and a fist-sized dent appeared in its hard belly.

Luo ZhouZhou fell down again like a kite with a broken string, and after a dashing somersault in the air, he landed firmly in the motorboat and stood beside Chu Feng.

“Awesome.” Chu Feng exclaimed.

Luo ZhouZhou proudly touched his teeth and said, “I’ll be able to climb up next time.”

In the cabin, the pilot had a hard time stabilizing the helicopter and continued on. Willson looked at the bulge at his feet and fearfully asked, “What the hell is that? Even if we used Benzedrine, we wouldn’t get that effect.”

Calgar said with a sullen face, “Never mind what it is, we just need to get out of this canyon as quickly as possible.” He also instructed the pilot in front of him, “Try not to go down, but fly up.”

The pilot reluctantly explained, “Sir, if we keep going up, the plane will be swept away by the strong currents and hit the mountain wall.”

“Whatever method you use, don’t keep lowering, just hold on until you get out of the canyon.” Calgar snapped sternly as he looked out the window at the motorboat.

The helicopter was no longer descending and was rocking high above the ground. A little further on was the end of the canyon, and the mountains were opening up and the river was calming down.

“A little further on is the place where the sea and river meet.” Chu Feng wiped the water off his face.

Luo ZhouZhou looked up at the helicopter, estimated the distance, and said, “I want to try and see if I can jump on it.”

“Don’t go, you can’t jump that high. SiHan has my bearings, so let’s follow Calgar until they catch up.”

After traveling a little further, Luo ZhouZhou suddenly pointed ahead, “Chu Feng, look, there are some motorboats ahead.”

Chu Feng looked in the direction he pointed, and noticed a few black spots at the far end.

“Is it a motorboat, Zhou Zhou?” he asked.

“Yes, I can see it clearly.”

“Not good, those are the people who came to meet Calgar, they should still have a ship anchored at sea.”

The motorboats were moving fast, and the helicopters had spotted them and started to descend.

“Chu Feng, the plane is landing, you send me forward to that location.” Luo ZhouZhou said excitedly, pointing at the helicopter.

“Okay, be careful then, I’ll keep following you.” Chu Feng increased the power and the motorboat roared to full speed and rushed under the helicopter again.

“Drop a little more, a little more down.” Luo ZhouZhou clenched his fist and looked up for an instant, “Yes, yes, yes, drop a little more…”

As the helicopter descended to an altitude of five or six stories, Luo ZhouZhou went up like an arrow into the night sky. He didn’t leap directly at the helicopter this time, but dipped into the side of the mountain. When he was midway down, he pedaled toward the wall and used the force to continue upward.

When he was about the same height as the helicopter, he made a leap toward the center, grabbed the kickstand with agility and lightness, and pushed the hatch open again to get in.

Willson was directing the pilot, “Stay to the right… they’re already here, down, down a little more.”

The hatch next to him was suddenly pulled open, and a strong wind poured in. He didn’t have time to react, he just felt a lightness in his body, and the next second he was in the air, with the rapidly approaching river in front of him.

“Ah——” He screamed in fear in the air, smashed heavily into the river, and was gone in an instant. The pilot, frightened, pulled the handle up, and the descending helicopter stopped landing abruptly and began to rise rapidly.

Chu Feng was watching nervously from above when suddenly a gunshot rang out, the motorboat crackled, and a spray of water shot up from the river. He quickly leaned down under the console, pulled out his gun, and looked out through the gap in the console.

The motorboats had come in on the wind and waves, and there were men standing on them, pointing their guns in his direction.

Chu Feng aimed at the driver of one of the motorboats and pulled the trigger. The man collapsed, and the out-of-control motorboat continued to speed along, hitting the side of a mountain with a loud crash.

Three seconds later, an explosion ripped through the canyon and the motorboat was instantly engulfed in flames. In the cockpit, Luo ZhouZhou reached out to grab Calgar when he heard a noise from below.

He quickly stopped and worriedly peered through the hatch to see.


A shot rang out from behind him.

He covered his chest with his hand and slowly turned his head.

The gun in Calgar’s hand was still smoldering with white smoke, and he squeezed a few words out of his teeth, “Go to hell.”

“I’m not going to die,” Luo ZhouZhou said.

He took off the hand that was covering his chest and slowly spread it out in front of Calgar.

In that white palm with long nails lay a golden slug.

The round hole in his chest also healed quickly with the naked eye, and in an instant he was back to his original shape, his skin as perfect as before.

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Vampires are my favourite mythical characters and LZZ is the BEST!
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I don’t want this story to end, but look forward to the next chapter 🧛‍♂️ ☺

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Sue R
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