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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


Cyno saw Gu Yu’s face slightly tense as he subconsciously held his breath, and a smile flashed in his eyes. His little mate was so cute.

He rubbed Gu Yu’s soft black hair soothingly, “Don’t worry, it’s easy, relax.”

Gu Yu smiled at him and slowed down his breathing.

Cyno said, “You should empty your mind, relax your body, and think of nothing but becoming your original form.”

Gu Yu blinked his eyes, relaxed, and silently chanted transform, transform…

After a minute, he didn’t change anything. He looked at Cyno and clenched his fingers: “I don’t feel anything.”

Cyno touched the back of his neck, and his neck subconsciously shrank. Cyno was puzzled and grabbed Gu Yu’s hand and put it on the back of his neck.

Gu Yu only felt his fingertips were slightly hot, under the touch, as Cyno instantly in front of him turned into a white tiger. The white tiger rubbed its head against his hand, and in the next instant it turned back into a human form.

During the whole process, Cyno’s clothes were not messed up at all.

Gu Yu couldn’t help but touch his clothes and found that the touch was the same as his.

Cyno saw his doubts and explained directly, “These are specially made for the transformation.”

Gu Yu bit his lip, “I can’t change.”

Cyno lightly pinch his chin, finger lightly rubbed over his lips, saw him release his lips, and kissed him on his lips with impressions of faint teeth marks. “It’s okay, maybe because you forgot your original form and didn’t have a specific image in your head when you were thinking about the transformation.” He laughed, “It’s okay, you’ll know tonight.”

Gu Yu wondered, “Why?”

“Tonight when the moon is full, everyone will turn into their original form.”

Gu Yu still felt a little strange in his heart, however, when he stood in the celebration square as the moon rose and the moonlight poured into the square, he finally understood what it meant.

All the males and natural females who were in human form, in no time, all turned into beast form. His height in human form was short in front of the males, however, in front of the males in beast form, he was taller.

Therefore, he stood out among the various animals.

In the middle of the square there was a lot of food, beast meat and wild fruits. His Majesty and Cilo stood at the front, he and Cyno a little further back, and the rest of the noble and ministerial families stood around the food.

According to the process, the food should be shared next.

At this moment, however, the air seemed to freeze.

All of them looked at him, their eyes puzzled, surprised, puzzled, and finally turned to shock and fire. There were many people in the room who were large beasts in their original form, and with so many eyes staring at him, Gu Yu got chills down his back.

Gu Yu subconsciously moved closer to the white tiger beside him, his hand dropped to touch the warm back of the tiger’s neck, then felt much more at ease.

He looked down at Cyno with slightly confused eyes.

Cyno said that tonight everyone would turn into their original form, but he still could not change.

Does this mean that he really can’t transform?

It was likely that the special 003 had mentioned meant that only part of his body had changed, not completely.

He bit his lip and looked nervous.

Would he be treated as an alien?

Cyno raised his head to look at Gu Yu, his watery blue eyes full of shock, but soon he sensed Gu Yu’s nervousness and rubbed his head against Gu Yu’s hand.

Gu Yu breathed a sigh of relief and gave Cyno a light smile.

Cyno moved his eyes away from him, swept over the crowd, opened his mouth wide and growled loudly at them. His voice was intimidating and heavy with warning, his sharp teeth glinting brightly in the light, extraordinarily dangerous.

Gu Yu had been smiling and slightly relaxed but tensed up again.

Cyno did this? Is it because there is danger? 

He took a small step towards Cyno, and his body touched Cyno.

Cyno twisted his head and rubbed his hand soothingly with his head, then bumped forward gently.

Gu Yu followed his force and moved forward, Cyno gave a soft growl towards his Majesty and looked inside the palace. His Majesty nodded, Cyno looked at Gu Yu and nodded his head towards the palace.

Gu Yu asked softly, “Want to go into the palace?”

The big white tiger nodded his head.

Gu Yu followed Cyno towards the palace, but before he took two steps, he heard a cacophony of various animals coming from behind him. He turned his head and saw two large beasts running in their direction, but they were soon stopped by the escort.

The two large beasts were staring intently at him with very hot eyes, and grinned as he turned back.

Gu Yu had had many encounters with beast females, and he was no stranger to beast-shaped grins, and knew that they were smiling at him. But when the two large beasts smiled, their sharp teeth showed, and with their eyes, Gu Yu’s body subconsciously tensed.

Cyno turned around, a low growl in his throat, his body tensed and predatorily crouched down, as if the next moment would pounce towards the two.

His Majesty called out to Cyno, Cyno coldly looked at the two blocked males, turned around and plopped down beside Gu Yu. Gu Yu looked at the white tiger that turned its head to look at him, and then at the position of his body, and his mouth slightly open.

Cyno saw that he did not move and curled his tail around his waist with slight force, signaling him to ride on his back.

Gu Yu moved a step, his leg touched the white tiger’s abdomen, he gently grabbed the tail around his waist with his hand and looked to Cyno, “I’ll walk by myself.” He pursed his lips, “I’m a little heavy.”

Although he was quite thin and not really tall, he was also more than a hundred pounds.

Cyno would be tired if he carried him.

Cyno’s eyes flickered slightly, revealing a hint of helplessness; not only did his little mate misunderstand his looks, he probably misunderstood his weight as well. He pressed his tail slightly harder, his attitude was very obvious.

Gu Yu patted his tail and stroked him twice on the back, “If you get tired, you have to tell me.”

The white tiger’s big head nodded.

Gu Yu moved very carefully to sit on the back of the white tiger, his feet hanging down, making him a little uneasy. He put his hand on the side of the white tiger’s neck and felt much more at ease. The white tiger stood up, took two slow steps forward, looked back at Gu Yu and saw that he was adapting well and gradually picked up speed.

Gu Yu lowered his upper body and wrapped his arms tightly around the neck of the white tiger.

Gu Yu turned his head sideways as the buildings on both sides flew back and Cyno kept running forward, passing several checkpoints. Gu Yu found that the soldiers at the intersections were all in the form of beasts, and all the way to the top, there was not a single humanoid.

Cyno ran until he reached a villa in the backyard of the palace before stopping. He walked up to a luxurious room and raised his claws to verify his identity. The door ticked open and he walked in with Gu Yu on his back, the room’s sensor lights immediately came on and Cyno closed the door behind him.

The room was large, and the overall arrangement was much like the bedroom in Cyno’s villa, with a large bed in the middle and a large balcony on the right.

Cyno got down and Gu Yu got off his back and rubbed the side of his neck.

Cyno gestured towards him and the two moved to the couch, where Gu Yu sat on the couch and Cyno lay next to him with his head in his lap, gazing at him. Gu Yu was a little surprised that Cyno’s gaze was not the same as usual.

He gently stroked the white tiger’s head and neck, recalling what happened before, and guessed, “Is you morphing out of your control tonight?”

Cyno’s head nodded and a soft sound came out of his throat in response.

Gu Yu pursed his lips, “I… I’m not shape-shifting.”

Cyno licked his hand, changed from lying to sitting, and lifted his paw to touch the ring on his left hand.

Gu Yu immediately understood what he meant and turned the terminal on, expanding the holographic light screen, “Want to check something?”

The white tiger nodded his head, raised his claw in the screen of the keyboard pressed, and the keyboard called out.

All of a sudden, the entire interface was occupied by the keyboard for a large part.

The white tiger lifted its claws and pressed one key after another.

Gu Yu’s eyes curved, his white tiger with this appearance, looked especially cute.

The words Cyno used were inexplicably filled with a sense of joy. He moved his eyes from the white tiger to the light screen, saw the words in the search box, slightly frozen: the son of the beast god.

He looked at Cyno suspiciously, was this a mythological story?

Cyno finished typing, clicked into the search screen, turned his head to look at Gu Yu, eyes excited.

Gu Yu pointed to the light screen, “For me to see?”

The white tiger head nodded.

Gu Yu smiled at him and looked at the search results seriously.

Before the catastrophe, all the werebeast could transform between beast form and human body.

But a long time ago, there was a special case of a natural female, born in human form, who could not transform into beast form. The werebeast originally only had a beast form, and it was only when it was able to transform into a human that society began to develop dramatically.

Therefore, in the eyes of the werebeast, the human form represents wisdom, and this natural female was regarded as the Son of the Beast God and was respected and loved by all werebeast.

During the more than two hundred years of this natural female’s existence, Brilliant Splendor developed rapidly in all aspects, creating a glorious and prosperous history.

The Son of the Beast God was widely known for his wisdom, but also for his own peculiarities and his love affairs.

He could have the power of his mate, with the same race and beast form as his mate. The more powerful the beast form, the stronger the human form tended to be. He had a very large number of suitors and ended up with a total of three mates, possessing the beast forms of three mates.

When he has the ability of a mate, the marked beast mark of the mate appears on his body.

Only the males that make him produce the marked beast mark can also be his mate.

Gu Yu froze after reading this.

Why did Cyno want him to read this? Was it because he hadn’t transformed, so he guessed he was the same as this natural female known as the Son of the Beast God?

He pursed his lips, his eyes swept over the great contributions of the Son of the Beast God, and a very peculiar feeling rose in his heart.

It almost seemed to him that this man, it seemed, was a modern man.

This man had done very much in two hundred years, when Brilliant Splendor was still very backward, and after he appeared, all aspects of society developed by leaps and bounds. Leading the Brilliant Splendor people from primitive development to modern times. He invented the notes and numbers, which were exactly the same as modern times.

As for the various social constructions, the change from tribes to towns, and the various regional divisions, they were very familiar.

Gu Yu couldn’t help but guess that he was probably not the first modern man who came to this world. He was moved in his heart, if so, could he and this legendary Son of the Beast God, really have the same physique?

He looked to Cyno, blushed slightly, pursed his lips and voiced the doubt in his heart, “But, I’m already with you.” He looked down at himself, “I don’t have any animal prints on me.”

He was very sure that he was white and clean, there was nothing next to the beast mark.

If it was in an invisible place like his back, wouldn’t Cyno have seen it? And if Cyno had seen it, he would have mentioned it. Cyno’s eyes narrowed slightly, he came close and licked his lips.

Gu Yu’s eyes grew round, although Cyno’s target was the lips, because he was in his original form, half of his face felt warm. Before he could react, Cyno moved closer to him and he was forced to lean back, squeezed against the couch.

Cyno’s blue eyes were deep, staring at Gu Yu. Gu Yu’s heart beat wildly and he shrank, staring at him nervously, “No, don’t.”

Cyno looked at him for a moment, pulled back, raised his paw and patted him on the leg, then rubbed his head on the side of his neck. His movements were very gentle and obviously soothing.

Gu Yu relaxed, rubbed the side of his neck, and quickly let go, worried about the effect on Cyno. He asked softly, “When will you change back? Is this going to be hard?”

He wasn’t quite sure if Cyno’s actions just now were influenced by tonight or if it was because of his question. He thought about that statement, what was wrong with it?

He thought back a little, and his eyes widened abruptly in understanding. The search results said that only the male who could give the Son of the Beast God his beastly mark could be his mate.

That’s why Cyno reacted intimately when he heard him say he didn’t have a beast mark.

While he was thinking, Cyno had already typed a reply on the screen, “After twelve o’clock, no hard feelings.”

Gu Yu was slightly relieved to hear him say no hard feelings, and he looked at the time, it was just after eight o’clock. He looked at Cyno and touched his fleshy paw: “Don’t think too much about it, I may not be the same as that Son of the Beast God.”

He pursed his lips, “I can’t shapeshift,” he paused, “would you care?”

Cyno looked down and touched his hand with his mouth, perhaps because it scared Gu Yu earlier, he simply touched it without licking it.

Gu Yu’s heart warmed up, and couldn’t help but come closer to kiss the white tiger on the head. Cyno eyes slightly narrowed, paws moved slightly, but forced himself to hold back, and did not make any movements.

If he moved again, his little mate would be scared, he could not let his little mate be afraid of him.

Gu Yu blushed and surveyed the room, “Is this your old room?”

He had seen the pictures of Cyno as a child and knew that Cyno used to live in the palace.

Cyno made a single sound in reply, got up and wrapped his tail lightly around his waist, leading him to the closet and pointing to the bathroom.

Gu Yu: “Staying here tonight?”

The white tiger’s big head nodded.

Gu Yu looked at him, hesitated and asked, “Do you want to take a shower?”

Cyno struggled a lot, if he took a bath in his current form, his little mate would definitely help. His body couldn’t help but tense up at the thought of his little mate’s hands moving all over his body. He shook his head with difficulty.

He had no confidence in his self-control, especially after learning tonight about his little mate’s identity. Although his little mate said he was different, he knew that his little mate himself was confused about his identity.

In connection with his little mate’s ability, he felt that his little mate was probably the same as the Son of the Beast God. The Son of the Beast God, the most favored person of the Beast God, would make a huge difference to Brilliant Splendor.

His little mate fit perfectly.

He was so confident in himself that he would definitely give his little mate his marked beast mark.

But not yet, there was only one possibility and the frequency of his sex with his little mate was too low.

Except for the first time which had lasted long, after that it was only once at a time, and with concern that his little mate had to help the beast females transform, they didn’t do it every day. 

However, he now wanted the little mate very much to have his beast tattoo.

But he can’t do anything, he has to wait until he can take human form.

Gu Yu saw Cyno shake his head and smiled at him, “Then you rest first, I’ll go wash.”

He also felt that Cyno didn’t need to take a bath. He had noticed when he sat on Cyno’s back that Cyno’s fur was smooth and clean.

After his bath, he changed into a t-shirt of Cyno’s, the t-shirt was large and almost knee length. Wearing such a piece felt just right.

When he came out of the bathroom, he saw Cyno sitting on the carpet watching the light screen. Since the light screen was much enlarged, Gu Yu could see the words on it even from a distance.

It had something to do with the markings of the beast.

Cyno turned his head to look at him, turned off the terminal and got up to walk closer to him.

Gu Yu looked at him, “You really don’t have to care, the Son of the Beast God lived in an era, according to you, more than two thousand years ago. That information may not necessarily be true, and he and I are nothing alike except that we can’t transform. Even if it is the same,” he bit his lower lip, his eyes firm, “my mate will only be you.”

He was so grateful to have met Cyno and cherished the bond they had. Cyno was all he needed for his relationship, there could be no one else.

Cyno’s eyes changed slightly and he breathed heavily twice, his eyes lingering on Gu Yu’s face.

His little mate was always testing his self-control! He scratched his paws hard on the ground, and after calming down a little, he lifted his paws to show Gu Yu, then pointed to the bathroom.

Gu Yu froze and understood that this meant he was going to wash his paws.

After all, Cyno had run all the way here.

He smiled, “I’ll help you.”

He went to the closet and searched for shoes, not finding any, and after asking Cyno, he realized there were none. He then found four muzzles, went to the bathroom and helped Cyno wash his paws. After they were clean, he tied the muzzles to his paws, which served as shoes.

But the shoes soon became useless, because Cyno jumped straight to the bed and lay down, looking like he wanted to rest. Gu Yu half-knelt next to him, untied the muzzles, and lay down next to him.

Cyno’s head rested on his paws, looking at him from the side of his head, his gaze focused. Gu Yu smiled at him and put his hand on his back, “Can’t sleep? Want to watch a movie?”

Cyno felt that the atmosphere was too good and it was easy to make him think about things he shouldn’t think about right now, so he nodded and agreed.

Gu Yu fell asleep soon after starting the movie. He was woken up by a kiss, and he hummed out softly in a daze, “Cyno?”

“Sorry,” Cyno’s voice was dark, “I couldn’t control it.”

Gu Yu subconsciously raised his hand and wrapped it around his neck, and within a few moments his mind snapped awake and his eyes widened, “You’ve changed back!”

Cyno kissed him from his lips to his chin, gradually moving down, pausing slightly in the middle, “Mn, it’s twelve o’clock.”

Gu Yu inclined his head to look out the window, it was still dark.

Soon, he had no more thoughts to think about anything else.

Cyno wanted it many times, the last time was extra long ago. Gu Yu’s voice was already hoarse and he couldn’t stand to even make a little whisper, “Cyno.”

Cyno gently coaxed him, kissing him on the cheek to soothe him, “Soon.”

When he was done, Gu Yu was so tired that he couldn’t lift his hands, Gu Yu frowned, “Sticky, not comfortable.”

Cyno carried him to the bathroom, “You sleep, I won’t bother you.”

Gu Yu softly mumbled, leaning against his shoulder and closing his eyes.

Only a little later, the temperature of his body began to rise, and pain started in his abdomen, which quickly spread to his whole body.

Cyno had just finished applying medicine to him and was about to dress him when he felt Gu Yu’s body heating up at an abnormal rate and Cyno’s face suddenly changed.

He opened his eyes with a wrinkled brow and grunted in pain, “Cyno, it hurts.”


Hearing his words, Cyno’s heart seized into an even heavier ball, quickly put on his bathrobe and carried him out, “I’ll call Orson.”

Cyno held Gu Yu as he contacted Orson.

Gu Yu’s body was getting hotter and hotter, and the pain was getting stronger and stronger, as if someone was pushing nails through his bones from the inside out, and he had the illusion that his bones would explode in the next moment. His body shivered uncontrollably, and Cyno was so distressed that he kissed Gu Yu on the cheek. 

Gu Yu’s brow furrowed, “It hurts.”

Cyno’s face tightened, not daring to touch him again, and put him gently on the bed.

Cyno found that even if just the hem of his shirt lightly grazed Gu Yu’s skin, he shivered with pain.

Orson came quickly. Word of what had happened at the celebration quickly spread, and rumors of Gu Yu being the Son of the Beast God were all over the Internet. After he learned of Gu Yu’s location, he had been on guard near the outside. He was going to give Gu Yu a physical examination first thing in the morning, but he didn’t expect to receive a communication from Cyno in the middle of the night.

When he saw Gu Yu, his face was pale and his black hair was wet with sweat on his forehead, and he looked particularly soft.

Cyno’s eyes glowed red, “You move gently. Even just touching him, he will be in pain.”

Orson’s face tightened and he moved very lightly to attach the connecting piece, yet even so, Gu Yu shivered a little.

Orson looked at the violently undulating data and his face changed violently, “How could this happen? His body has always been stable!” He looked at Cyno, “What did you do before?”

Cyno told what had happened before and looked at Gu Yu in pain, “I didn’t expect this.”

Orson looked serious: “Are you sure you were within his tolerance when you did it?”

“I’m sure,” Cyno, “I kept an eye on his reaction.”

Orson said soberly, “It should be something else. I’ve never seen him like this before. I suggest we send him to the Society for a closer examination.”

Cyno nodded, and Orson immediately contacted Kona.

Cyno tried his best to lighten his movements while picking up Gu Yu, who was still shaking with pain.

On the way, Orson asked, “Did he eat anything today? What did he drink?”

Cyno shook his head, “We left before the festivities officially started, and we didn’t eat or drink anything after we got to the room.”

Orson’s brow knitted tighter as he quickly checked the database for similar cases.

Soon the craft landed in the emergency area of the association and Kona stood at the door to greet them. His expression was very serious when he saw Gu Yu. Kona led them inside, “The equipment is all ready. I just checked and I didn’t see any similar cases.”

Cyno put Gu Yu into the examination chamber, which had obviously been specially arranged and covered with a very soft fabric.

Cyno put Gu Yu inside, and Gu Yu immediately curled up on his side, looking particularly pitiful. Cyno stood looking at Gu Yu with his jaw tense and fingers tightly clenched in a fist.

Kona and Orson looked at the data, their faces growing serious.

Kona: “The glandular activity is slightly reduced, yet the rest of the data has risen sharply. The state is a bit like someone who took reinforcers, but his reaction is stronger than that. I worry that his body can’t bear it.”

Cyno asked in a deep voice, “Reinforcers?”

Kona: “It’s just an analogy, we can only try inhibitors for now.”

Cyno: “Will there be any side effects?”

Kona frowned, “Not quite sure, no similar experience.”

Cyno looked at the shivering Gu Yu, “Give him a small dose and try it.”

Cyno gave Gu Yu a sedative, and within a few moments, Gu Yu started to dry heave.

Kona shook his head, “No.”

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