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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


The morning light poured into the bedroom through the gap of the curtain. Outside the window it was already light, but the light was blocked by the curtain, and the house was dark, very quiet.

In the middle of the bedroom, on the luxurious bed, Cyno was holding Gu Yu’s waist, quietly looking at Gu Yu. Gu Yu’s delicate white skin looked very soft against the light blue blanket.

Cyno couldn’t help but want to touch it, either with his hands or with his mouth, but was put off when he saw the tiredness under Gu Yu’s eyes. It was a good thing his partner had been working out, or he wouldn’t have lasted three days.

After another half hour, Gu Yu’s eyelashes fluttered, as if a butterfly was taking wing, and he opened his eyes.

While the light in the room was dark, Gu Yu’s eyes were very adaptable, but his whole body was occupied by a heavy sense of lethargy, so he felt lazy. He blinked his eyes and his mind cleared a bit, and various scenes kept appearing in his mind: the bed, the vanity, the bathtub, the walls…

His face flushed red.

Cyno rubbed his waist and asked in his ear, “Are you uncomfortable anywhere?”

Gu Yu closed his eyes, eyelashes fluttering, he pursed his lips, “No… I’m a little tired.”

He thought it would be painful, but except for the pain at the beginning when he was not used to it, there was basically only a feeling of pleasure afterwards. And every time he drifted off to sleep, Cyno would give him medicine, which worked well and he didn’t feel sick.

Cyno’s fingers caressed the side of his face, “It’s my fault, I didn’t control it.”

Gu Yu’s head tilted toward Cyno and opened his eyes to look at him, “You were fine.”

Cyno laughed lightly and asked in a low voice, “Did you like it?”

Gu Yu bit his lips, his expression shy, embarrassed, he lowered his eyes and mumbled unnoticeably. He had never felt that kind of pleasure rush to the top, and he and Cyno were so close that it made his heart swell up.

Cyno’s hands on his waist slightly tightened. He moved close to his face, and kissed his lips. When released, Gu Yu was breathing slightly heavy.

Gu Yu’s eyes rounded and his hand reached out from the blanket and gently rested against his shoulder, “I… I’m getting up.”

As he reached out, the blanket slid a little down his body, revealing the skin of his neck and shoulders, showing marks, and he watched Cyno’s breath get heavier.

Gu Yu bit his lip and withdrew his hand, trying to tuck it back under the blanket. Before he made a move, Cyno caught him.

Cyno kissed him on the hand, “Don’t worry, I won’t want you again today, you need to rest.” He said while he stood up, picked Gu Yu up and headed to the bathroom, “Wash up and shower, later we’ll go downstairs and have something to eat, then you can go back to sleep.”

Gu Yu nodded, he really needed to rest. Staying in the bathroom with Cyno when he was awake made Gu Yu embarrassed, “I can do it by myself.”

Cyno said, “I know you can, I want to help you.”

Gu Yu looked at him, his heart warmed, and did not refuse again.

After washing, Cyno brought Gu Yu a set of loose casual clothes, Gu Yu shook his head and chose a set of shirt and pants. He buttoned up his shirt meticulously, even the cuffs.

The skin on his body was all covered by the clothes, showing no traces.

He looked at himself in the mirror, black hair and white skin. He looked slightly tired, but his expression was smiling. After a moment, it dawned on him that he wasn’t quite the same as before. He used to wear a smile habitually, but it was only on the surface, now the smile was emanating from the inside.

For a moment, he stood there stunned, and then his eyes curved.

He was no longer the discarded one, but the one who was cared for and liked.

Cyno wrapped his arm around him from behind, and the two looked extraordinarily close in the mirror. Cyno smiled and straightened his collar, “Don’t worry, it’s tight.”

Gu Yu raised his hand and took his hand in his, Cyno slightly froze. Gu Yu smiled at him, “Let’s go eat.”

Cyno raised his eyebrows, “Okay.”

Gu Yu came downstairs, but did not eat right away, first receiving Orson’s examination. Orson’s face was very serious during the examination, and his eyes looked accusingly at Cyno.

After the examination, his expression calmed down: “Everything is normal, you just need more rest.” He looked at Cyno: “Marshal, you are too messy.”

How dare he not let Xiao Gu out of his room for three days!

Cyno: “I know what’s in my heart.” He wrapped his arms around Gu Yu and walked into the dining room.

When his little mate was asleep, he would check him and then apply medication, which he wouldn’t have done if he wasn’t sure his little mate’s body could handle it.

The reason for stopping today was because he found that if he continued, the little one would have a hard time. 

Gu Yu blushed slightly, he was embarrassed to have this private matter known.

After the meal, he was even more embarrassed.

Da Yuan turned to the two men and reported what had happened in the villa in the past three days. It read a bunch of people’s names, prefixed with all the planet names plus titles, followed by various gifts.

“The representatives of the stars expressed their deep concern for the Ma’am’s health and hoped that he would recover soon.”

Gu Yu froze, realizing that it wasn’t just Orson who knew what he and Cyno had been doing the past few days. By the time he watched the Star Network, he realized that the whole Star Alliance knew about him and Cyno.

He leaned back on the couch, his hands over his face.

This is too weird!

Cyno took his wrist and removed his hand from his face, “The scent of your glands when you were in heat was so strong that the males outside the transformation office could smell it. It’s okay, they will only envy us.”

Gu Yu looked at him and thought about the comments he had just scanned, and there really were no bad words.

Brilliant Splendor was open, not unlike modern times. With that thought, his embarrassment dissipated a lot and he smiled, “Well, I wonder how the third batch of natural females are doing?”

He had asked Cilo on his first day of sobriety and only knew that everything went well with the transformation after he left that day.

There had been no contact with anyone since then, and Cyno had set his terminal to Do Not Disturb mode.

Cyno: “They have been transferred to school today.”

Gu Yu smiles, “That’s good,” he asked again, “Where are the other natural females?”

Cyno: “After Kona collected the data, they had been sent back by the stars.”

Gu Yu was a little sad, “I haven’t seen them in human form yet.”

There was a big difference between the alien race and Brilliant Splendor, and he wondered if the natural females were any different.

Cyno rubbed his soft black hair: “You can look at the extranet, the pictures of the natural females of each planet are circulating in their planets.”

Gu Yu was surprised, “Don’t they worry about the safety of natural females?”

Brilliant Splendor’s natural female photos were rarely circulated. Only his and Cilo’s have been circulated so far, his because of a photo from his part-time job and Cilo’s because of Herman’s concert.

Cyno explained, “There are benefits and drawbacks to revealing their photos. Their natural females belong to a collaborative project with Splendor, money was spent and the public needs to see the results. Also, with natural females being extinct on all stars, natural females would fill the public with hope. Although Brilliant Splendor’s beast female transformation has been confirmed, each planet’s people have physical differences, and this star has not shown self-identified females, so are not fully believed.”

Gu Yu drifted off, and he thought about it, then checked the news of Ratter Star.

He was very interested in the two mermaid females of the planet Ratter. After all, this was a modern famous legendary creature. The mermaid females were the most similar to humans of all the beast females he had seen.

The upper body was almost like a human, except that the surface of the body was covered with a film, and the ears were pointed, the cheeks had gills, and there was webbing between the fingers. The face was very delicate and at first glance looked exactly like a human. However, like the rest of the beast females, affected by the beast form, the IQ was not as good as the males.

As soon as the Ratter Star news popped up, he had already seen two photos before he saw the news content. He recognized at once that these were the two mermaids.

A golden mermaid, the young prince of the royal family, Luther’s younger brother, and a blue mermaid, also with an honored status. The photos were of them together, the two were similar in stature. The golden mermaid was sunny and handsome, with blond hair and golden eyes with natural golden eyeliner, very gorgeous.

The blue mermaid seemed very shy and quiet, however the dark blue eyes with the narrow, upturned tail at the corners, gave a sense of seduction.

Gu Yu froze and couldn’t help but say, “They’re so pretty.”

The people in this world are too good looking.

Cyno looked at him and his eyes fell on his face, “Not as good looking as you.”

Gu Yu stared at him with round eyes, not realizing he showed the signs of disobedience in his face. He pursed the corners of his mouth gently and whispered, “I won’t get mad if you compliment them, I’m not good looking.”

He remembered his roommate’s girlfriend. She asked his roommate if the class flower in their class looked good, and his roommate said honestly that they looked good, and then his girlfriend got angry. The roommate returned to the dorm room dumbfounded, asking them to please advise the roommate on what to do.

He had been so upset about this incident that everyone in the dorm room helped look up the coaxing words at the time. Later on, the roommate called and said a bunch of pretty words, and it didn’t take long to make her happy. 

Cyno’s emotional intelligence was much higher than his roommate’s, Gu Yu thought. But he didn’t need to be so careful about it, he really didn’t care, he looked good to himself.

Cyno looked at Gu Yu with a complicated gaze, “You call that unattractive? You may have misunderstood your looks.”

He began to doubt his little mate’s aesthetics; soft black hair, warm black eyes, fair skin, warm and soft features, after one look he was unforgettable.

Gu Yu blinked and hesitantly asked, “Really good looking?”

Cyno nodded affirmatively, and seeing Gu Yu’s thoughtful and then dazed look, he added, “It’s not because I like you that I keep your online pictures wearing a filter.” He took the opportunity to remind: “So when I’m not around you, anyone confessing must be rejected. If they are seeing you, then they are lusting. I’m different!”

Gu Yu froze: “How can someone confess to me? We’re already married.”

Cyno: “There will always be people who want to replace me!”

Gu Yu felt that there was something not quite right with the idea of people here, “Well, I will refuse.”

He continued to read the news, the photos were sent out by the Ratter Information Department, in addition to these two photos, there were two dozen other photos of the rest of the beast females of the remaining races.

There were a total of twenty-eight beast females successfully transformed this time in Ratter Star.

The number of comments under the news was particularly high and was still rising rapidly.

Gu Yu looked at the news, which was posted three days ago.

In other words, the excitement had lasted for three days and was still rising. He looked through the comments and unexpectedly found that the one with the most likes actually mentioned him.

[Great! I hope there are more and more natural females… Has Gu Yu’s body still not recovered? Why no news on the second batch yet?]

[Oh, Brilliant Splendor already has over 10,000 natural females, can we try to convert a few more at a time?]

[Super looking forward to it!]

He looked at the rest of the planet’s news again, and the natural females were receiving enthusiastic discussion and were well liked. The Yassian males were particularly tough and very eager, and the comment with the most likes made Gu Yu freeze.

[I propose sending the army to swing by Brilliant Splendor, preferably to alert Marshal Cyno, so Gu Yu will have time to continue the transformations!]

[That’s a good idea, you can discuss it with the rest of the planets, they must be in a hurry too!]

Gu Yu looked embarrassed, a little embarrassed, and a little tempted to laugh because of the ghostly idea in the comment.

Everyone knew that he and Cyno were mating, causing the fourth batch of beast female transformation to be postponed! Cyno noticed his expression was not right, understand when he glanced at the light screen in front of him, giving a light hum.

“They just didn’t think that you would stop helping the beast females transform because you would be worried about me.” He said, looking at Gu Yu, “If I go to the front line, will you worry about me?”

Gu Yu’s eyes opened slightly and he bit his lower lip and nodded, “Yes.”

Cyno smiled and kissed him on the corner of his lips, “Don’t worry, there won’t be a more peaceful time than now.” He pulled back a little: “It’s all because of you.”

After seeing hope, no one would do anything to break it.

Gu Yu pursed his lips, “I was just lucky. What if… What if my ability suddenly goes away?”

Cyno caressed the side of his neck. “It doesn’t matter as long as you’re okay. It’s all because of you that there are so many natural females now, and there are enough samples for research.” He was a little uneasy because of Gu Yu’s words and looked at him seriously and asked, “Will your body be affected?”

Gu Yu shook his head, “No.”

He just suddenly remembered that he didn’t know if the system has a time limit.

Three years later after the mission is completed, will the system still exist?

The two of them chatted while watching the news, and it didn’t take long for Gu Yu to go to bed in his bedroom.

Cyno, on the other hand, went to the Military Department. Many military personnel’s eyes were envious, and many others looked accusing. It was already confirmed that their mates would be transformed in the fourth batch! But now, three days later, it was hard to bear!

That afternoon, at the Military Department Training Office, the soldiers were shocked to find that the officers, who had always avoided sparring with the marshal, had asked the marshal for training. Even if they were beaten badly, they happily chose to continue, one after another taking turns on the field.

It was as if they wanted to beat the marshal down with a wheel war.

What surprised them was that the marshal was still heroic under the wheel warfare, and the fighting action was clean and flowing. They originally thought that after the marshal had been in bed for three days, that it would affect the body, but did not expect him to be more fierce than before.

This was the power of nourishment?

The officers glanced at each other and averted their eyes with expressionless faces. The idea of depleting the marshal’s strength and liberating the marshal’s partner didn’t seem to work. Finally, before Cyno left, a major who knew Cyno well couldn’t help but speak out, “Marshal, that…”

Cyno looked over at him and kicked him, “Spit it out, don’t tell anyone you’re from the military.”

The major exclaimed, “Marshal, you spare Little Yu tonight!”

Cyno’s face went black and the major stammered, “Wait until after the fourth batch. Natural females are very delicate.” 

“Get lost, from now on the Military Department is not allowed to discuss me and Little Yu.”

After Cyno left, several officers gathered and wondered, “Did Marshal refuse or did he say yes?”


When Gu Yu woke up from his nap, it was after 4 p.m. His body felt stronger and his spirits were much better. He went downstairs, drank the energizing drink Orson had prepared for him, and listened to Herman’s music.

It was the second song Herman had chosen for him, and he decided to listen to it first, under the tree for a while. Before he could finish listening to one song, he received a communication from the director of the association, who sounded very gentle and greeted him before explaining the purpose of his call.

“Xiao Gu, take a look. When would be a good time to start the fourth batch? I can arrange it in advance.”

Gu Yu scratched the side of his face with embarrassment: “Tomorrow morning.”

“Are you physically okay? If you don’t feel well, it’s okay to be late.” The director was concerned.

Gu Yu was even more embarrassed, “No, tomorrow morning will be the same time as before.”

The director hung up the communication and immediately arranged related matters.

The fourth batch of selected beast females had long since finished certifying their identities, and all of them had moved into the association, so they could start transforming at any time. 

After giving the notice, the director mentally estimated the number of conversions and began to worry about the accommodations for the natural females.

The current school for natural females could only accommodate 20,000 students, and at the current rate of conversion, there wouldn’t be enough room.

The director thought about it, contacted Kona and explained the situation.

After some discussion with Kona, between the expansion of the campus and the choice of zoning, the latter was chosen. The school was located in a location that was not convenient for expansion, and at the current school, 20,000 natural females was the maximum number that could be looked after.

Gu Yu also thought about this when he saw the beast females after meeting the director the next day. He was slightly relieved to hear the director say that he would open a partition, but when he thought about it, he was still a little worried.

As the number of natural females increased, there would be more than just accommodations involved. Natural females were treated very well, and all expenses were public, and caretakers and escorts were also provided, requiring large amounts of human and financial resources.

If there were only a few dozens that would be okay, but now there were tens of thousands, and later there would be more, the pressure would be great.

Gu Yu stopped thinking about it, this kind of thing, Kona would certainly know more than him. He greeted the new batch of beast females, told them about the transformation process, and then started playing.

The beast females remained well behaved, and after sensing the physical changes, their eyes shone brightly in his direction.

Gu Yu looked at them and his eyes curled.

Their desire to become natural females was strong, and was not just to please the males.

After the morning, he went back to his apartment for lunch, then contacted Cilo.

Cilo was in his dorm room, and all three of the others were there too. They gathered around Cilo after seeing him from the light screen in front of him. Gu Yu greeted them with a smile and asked them about their classes.

The content they learned was similar to that of the male school, exactly as the lessons arranged in the previous Kona materials, without changes.

Gu Yu smiled, “Then in the future, you can also go to college like the males and study the major you like.”

He was happy that Brilliant Splendor treated the natural females as babies, but did not treat them as appendages of the males.

KiKi was looking forward to it, “Mn, I’ve decided, I’m going to be a nurse! I’m going to give a hand to A’Sheng.”

The remaining three did not make a decision; after all, it was still too early.

Gu Yu’s next days were very regular, going to the transformation building every morning to practice songs and instruments, resting after lunch, and spending half of the afternoon in the exercise room and hologram room.

The only difference from before were the evenings.

Cyno really liked to have him, and Gu Yu was shy but submissive.

The good thing was that Cyno was very measured, also Gu Yu worked out well and played well the following day.

Playing for the beast females was the equivalent of rest for him, and although he couldn’t get evolutionary energy, the songs themselves would make him feel comfortable. This was the benefit he got after coming to this world and having his body changed.

It was August 15th. Brilliant Splendor did not have a Mid-Autumn Festival, but they did have a very big festival: Mardi Gras.

Because of this festival, the director told him in advance that he did not need to play on the 15th and 16th days.

After Gu Yu checked the information and asked Cyno, he learned that Mardi Gras was a common festival of Star Alliance with a very long history.

It first started soon after werebeast changed, and was to celebrate the harvest festival. The name from the initial harvest festival, after many times, changed into the current carnival.

Cyno: “The royal family and various ministers are celebrating the festival with the masses tonight, and the festivities are held in the palace square.”

He continued as he rubbed Gu Yu’s black hair: “Cilo and Merlin will be there, no need to be nervous.”

Gu Yu smiled, “Well, I’m not nervous.”

After months of training, he was no longer at a loss for words when facing a crowd.

Da Yuan turned to the two, holding a set of clothes and pants in its hand, an aqua blue shirt plus black pants.

Cyno took the outfit and went upstairs with Gu Yu.

Gu Yu was helpless, “There are so many new clothes in the closet that I haven’t worn.”

Cyno: “This is special. Today is a special situation, so you have to wear this set.”

Gu Yu changed into the clothes and found that the material felt very smooth and comfortable against his skin.

Cyno took him by the waist, “Do you like it?”

Gu Yu nodded, and Cyno said, “I made it specially for you.”

Gu Yu looked at the blue shirt and then at Cyno’s watery blue eyes, his eyes curved.

“It’s great.”

Cyno hesitated for a moment and spoke, “You never took the form of a beast, and I never asked for fear of mentioning something that would make you sad.” He let go of Gu Yu and as they stood face to face, he lowered his voice and asked, “Can you tell me what your beast form is? I want to be the first to know.”

He didn’t want to learn tonight along with countless others.

Gu Yu froze, bit his lip and thought for a moment, “I don’t think I have a beast form.”

He wasn’t really sure. The system had changed his body, and by definition, if he was like the people of Brilliant Splendor, he should have a beast form. But he didn’t feel anything, and he hadn’t transformed.

Cyno didn’t expect this result. He had wondered if his little mate was not in beast form to please people and had been bullied and that’s why he never turned into his beast form.

He pondered for a moment and asked, “Why do you say that you don’t?”

Gu Yu pursed his lips, unable to think of how to explain without mentioning the system.

Cyno suddenly thought of a possibility, “Have you forgotten how to change into beast form?”

Gu Yu blinked, “Is there a trick?”

Cyno was even more sure that his little companion had forgotten.

He pulled Gu Yu to sit down on the sofa, “Do as I say.”

Gu Yu tensed up all of a sudden, and his heart beat faster. So there was really a technique to deformation. He hadn’t transformed before, maybe he just didn’t master the technique! He could really turn into an animal? He felt very strange and somewhat expectant.

What would it be?

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