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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


Cyno looked at Gu Yu, whose body was trembling with pain, as if his heart was being squeezed hard. Kona’s inability to do anything made his heart sink violently. He asked in a deep voice, “He is in pain. Is there any way to relieve the pain?”

Kona’s face was serious, “Painkillers can stop the pain, but I’m not sure how Xiao Gu will react.”

Cyno clenched his hand into a fist, the back of his hand was bruised, “Is there nothing you can do? Just watch him suffer?”

Kona showed a helpless and self-reproachful look, “Sorry, his situation is special and we have no experience.”

“Mn… Noisy…” A very soft voice came from the examination cabin, Gu Yu frowned, and raised his hand to cover his ears. All his thoughts were in pain, when suddenly, Kona’s voice exploded in his ears, as if someone had taken a super megaphone and played it in his ears.

His bones ached all over, and now his head hurt. His hands trembled as he covered his ears, but he found it useless.

“Little Yu.” Cyno bent down and called out to him softly with a worried tone.

Cyno’s voice was even softer than usual, but to Gu Yu’s ears, it was magnified several times. Gu Yu’s eyelashes fluttered, and he opened his eyes, only to open a slit and find the light particularly blinding, and quickly closed them again. He covered his ears harder, gasping for air and whispering intermittently, “It’s so loud, my head hurts.”

Cyno froze, he hadn’t been very loud. He looked over at Kona, whose expression suddenly became very agitated, his eyes amazingly bright. He pressed a button on the inspection pod’s controls, and transparent tops rose from the left and right sides of the pod, followed by a pale green glow that wavered across the tops.

The inspection cabin immediately formed a closed space with the air exchange system.

Kona then spoke, “His five senses are gradually increasing, we just spoke even less loudly than usual, but he had trouble tolerating it. You see, I turned on the soundproofing system, and he is no longer unaffected.”

Cyno hurriedly looked at Gu Yu, who moved his hands covering his ears away and tucking them against his jaw, not frowning anymore as they spoke.

The corners of Cyno’s mouth sank slightly, “Touch too.”

“Right.” Kona nodded, much calmer than before, even with an inexplicable fervor. He looked at the violently fluctuating data on the light screen, “When I was experimenting earlier, my assistant told me the rumors about Xiao Gu being the Son of the Beast God were spreading wildly on the Internet.” He paused, “I originally didn’t think much about it and guessed that Xiao Gu’s inability to transform might have something to do with his body. Now I think that the rumor might be true.”

After he finished speaking, both Cyno and Orson’s faces suddenly changed.

Orson immediately understood, “President, you mean that Xiao Gu is now under the influence of the marshal?”

Kona nodded, “Xiao Gu’s data in all aspects now shows that his physique is enhancing.”

“The Son of the Beast God can have the ability of his mate. The marshal has excellent physical quality, he most likely has the ability of the marshal and is adapting.”

Orson pondered for a moment, “Most likely, that would explain why Xiao Gu is having such a hard time. The human form is much more fragile than the beast form.”

Cyno’s brow knitted tighter, “He’s in pain. Can his body handle it?”

He was very chagrined, his intention was to imprint his little mate with his beastly mark, but he didn’t want to see his little mate suffer at all.

Kona: “It should be fine. The most important thing right now, is to make sure he is in the condition he is in because he got your powers, and not because he is sick.”

Cyno had read about the Son of the Beast God only a short while ago and remembered very well, “If he gets my powers, he will have my marked beast mark on him.”

Kona: “This is simple, I can see it when I turn on the full body scan.”

Cyno said in a cold voice, “I’ll see.”

Kona was a little disappointed, but it was understandable. After all, who knew what part of the body the beast mark would be on. He and Orson were not convenient.

After Kona and Orson turned around, Cyno adjusted the panel as Kona told him, and Gu Yu appeared on the light screen. He pressed the button, and the clothes on Gu Yu’s body instantly turned transparent, revealing the white skin and the traces that still remained on his body.

Cyno gritted his teeth heavily, heartbroken and self-conscious as his eyes slid over Gu Yu’s body and did not see the beast mark. He pressed the flip button and the light screen showed Gu Yu with his back to him.

His eyes snapped open, on back Gu Yu’s neck, a fierce white tiger appeared. A white tiger with water blue eyes which looked stern, in an open mouthed roar, and was astonishing.

The image of the white tiger he was all too familiar with, it was his original form. He looked deeply at Gu Yu, pressed the button, and the clothes recovered Gu Yu’s body, covering up the beast pattern. He selected the upper part of the back area, and this part of the suit became transparent, with the tiger’s head showing through.

He said to Kona and Orson, “It’s ready.”

Kona and Orson turned around, and when they saw the picture on the light screen, they were stunned, then their eyes burst out with an extremely bright light.

Both exclaimed almost simultaneously, “Oh my God, it’s actually real!”

This was so surprising that it was like a legend had become reality. The Son of the Beast God turned out to be not a rumor, but a real person!

Cyno operated the controller, and the beast pattern was covered. He turned off the scanning system, and Gu Yu disappeared from the light screen.

He looked at Kona, “This scanning system, from now on, disable it.”

Kona: “Don’t worry, you need permission to turn on this system, we won’t use it to spy on others.”

He slowed down and looked at Gu Yu: “In that case, Xiao Gu should not be in danger, but I don’t know how long he will be like this. I’ll check the information about the Son of the Beast God.”

Every Brilliant Splendor person knew about the natural female known as the Son of the Beast God, who was a historical celebrity.

It was just that, what was recorded in history books were mainly his various contributions to the community. His private information was all from the wild history, such as his widely circulated physical and emotional life.

Cyno’s eyes had been falling on Gu Yu, and at that moment, seeing him covering his eyes, he immediately said, “The light is irritating him.”

Orson checked to see if the cabin could be set to low light mode, Gu Yu’s hand still did not let go, until the adjustment from the full light mode he relaxed. Gu Yu let go of the hand over his eyes and resumed the position of holding his hands against his jaw.

His body curled up, elbows touching his thighs, hands against his jaw, his whole body touching each other, so that he would feel more comfortable. It didn’t take long for him to feel that the air around him became very dull, and the air carried a particularly unpleasant smell for him.

He covered his nose uncomfortably, his brow furrowed.

He hadn’t realized it at first, but now he suddenly realized that his five senses seemed to have become particularly sensitive.

Whether it was sound, light, smell or pain, all were infinitely magnified in his case. The heat in his body was constant, the pain was constant, and the inability to breathe smoothly was making him uncomfortable.

“Cyno,” his eyes widened slightly, his voice weak with aggravation, “it smells bad.”

Cyno looked at him through the roof of the inspection bay and frowned, “The air in the inspection bay is not working.”

Kona also frowned, “The air the exchange equipment uses is not as fresh as natural air. If you open the hatch cover, you have to turn off the lights to do so, then we can not observe his condition at any time.”

Cyno: “Open the hatch, I’ll put an eye patch on him.”

Orson dimmed the light in the room and opened the inspection hatch, and Gu Yu instantly stifled a grunt and covered his nose more tightly.

Kona lifted his hand and sniffed himself, helpless, “The faint smell of sterile water from the consultation room and the smell of us is much harder on him.”

When he spoke, Gu Yu’s lips pursed even tighter.

Orson hurriedly closed the examination cabin with a difficult expression.

Cyno immediately made a decision, “I’ll take him back, there’s nothing to be done by staying here. The villa has good air.”

Kona thought about it, “It’s okay, just go back from here. He will have a very difficult time.”

Cyno: “It’s better than being hard all the time here.”

He made up his mind and immediately set about getting things ready and dimming the lights.

Orson opened the inspection pod and Gu Yu immediately smelled the pungent odor and he frowned. Suddenly, a familiar smell came, and his head subconsciously pushed over there.

Cyno’s eyes were slightly bright, worried about the noise hurting Gu Yu, pursed his lips and did not speak.

When Gu Yu came close, the hand holding the earbuds turned and touched Gu Yu’s cheek with the back of his hand very lightly.

Gu Yu’s eyebrows moved slightly, the corners of his mouth curved and quickly disappeared due to pain, “Cyno.”

His voice was very soft, but his tone was very sure.

Cyno’s eyes were soft, he didn’t say anything, he just put the earplugs on him very quickly.

Gu Yu’s eyebrows wrinkled heavily and he grunted in pain.

The good thing was that Cyno was very fast, and in less than a second, his ears were plugged. Gu Yu immediately understood Cyno’s idea, and his hands trembling, propped up on the bottom of the pod to sit up, the other ear to Cyno.

He was lying on his side, so if he didn’t get up, Cyno couldn’t put in the earplug. Cyno was very distressed, his little companion was so well behaved. He quickly put the earplugs on Gu Yu, and then put on the eye mask and mouthpiece.

Gu Yu’s eyes were dark and he couldn’t hear a sound in his ears, which made him feel especially insecure.

The good thing was that he could smell Cyno’s scent, he followed the scent and reached out his hand in that direction.

Cyno looked at his panicked appearance, and his heart seized up. He reached out to let him touch his hand.

Gu Yu barely showed him a smile.

Cyno saw his expression calm down and bent down to pick him up.

Gu Yu bit his lower lip and quickly released it, sensing that Cyno’s body was tense, and carefully held him away from his body. He knew very well that the reason Cyno was like this was because he was worried about him touching his clothes.

But he knew that in this position, Cyno would be very tired, and he panted slightly and whispered, “Cyno, I’m fine, it doesn’t hurt.”

He reached out and grabbed Cyno’s collar with slight force, and his head leaned toward Cyno’s body. Cyno’s heart was aching and soft, he didn’t dare to exert himself, and followed his strength to hug him.

Gu Yu smelled Cyno’s scent and felt very relieved, his body was tired and he fell asleep without realizing it. He slept very comfortably for a week, and fell into a coma. All of Brilliant Splendor found out Gu Yu was sick and they were worried.

Cyno’s eyes were bloodshot, his handsome face was weary, and his chin was covered with a beard. He looked very haggard.

Kona and Orson were not much better than him, and the two searched all the information they could find about the Son of the Beast God.

There was no specific information about the Son of the Beast God’s ability to have a companion. All the information was a passing reference, only that after having the ability, the body would have the companion beast pattern, and the physique became better. As if for some special reason, the specific information was purposely concealed.

Not only them, the entire Star Alliance was worried about Gu Yu.

The rumor that Gu Yu was the Son of the Beast God was confirmed the next day, while everyone knew that Gu Yu fell into a coma.

Brilliant Splendor collected information about the Son of the Beast God from the Star Alliance, seeking a way to wake Gu Yu up. It was impossible to hide this matter. Before the carnival, the current transformation of the beast females was only on the fourth day, as when Gu Yu did not appear, they had to give an explanation.

And they also needed more information, greatly, and openly explained the situation better.

The masses of the stars of the Star Alliance were praying for Gu Yu every day, hoping he would wake up. There were also many people discussing his identity as the Son of the Beast God.

No one questioned his identity, his ability was the best proof.

The Son of the Beast God, the favored person of the Beast God, would bring great influence.

The beast females being transformed by the association, the natural females of the school, the representatives of the stars, and many, many others, all wanted to visit Gu Yu, all of whom Cyno refused.

Cyno and Orson worked daily on nutritional supplements to provide Gu Yu with enough nutrients to keep all parts of his body normal. Cyno had never felt that time passed so slowly, seven days seemed to be longer than seven years.

Orson injected Gu Yu with the nutrient, left the room, and met His Majesty at the door, shaking his head.

His Majesty’s face looked much better than Cyno’s, only with the same tiredness. As soon as His Majesty entered the room, he saw Cyno sitting on the sofa chair next to the bed. The way he had been sitting for the past few days, except when he had to leave, watching Gu Yu.

“Cyno,” His Majesty walked over to Cyno and put his hand on his shoulder, his voice serious, “you need to rest.”

Cyno didn’t move, his voice was hoarse, “No need.”

His eyes were pained and tinged with panic. He was worried that his little mate would disappear right before his eyes. His mind replayed over and over, the scene of his little mate’s appearance on the planet Volt.

What if his little mate suddenly disappeared like he had appeared then? He had to keep watching, he couldn’t let his little mate go.

His Majesty’s hand clutched down hard on his shoulder and he said in a deep voice, “It’s been seven days. If you continue, your body will not be able to bear it. Do you want Xiao Gu to wake up and see you like this? Or does he still have to take care of you after he wakes up?”

Cyno’s face remained unchanged, “As long as he wakes up, whatever is good.”

His Majesty sighed, fortunately the relationship between the stars was now stable, otherwise it would only be more difficult. He patted Cyno on the shoulder, “Contact me if you need anything. You have arranged things quite well in the military department, everything is as usual.”

Shortly after His Majesty left, Orson brought a nutrient to Cyno, “His Majesty said that if you want to watch, you must also keep your strength.”

Cyno did not refuse, took the nutrient, and very skillfully injected himself.


Orson left the room, and His Majesty stood in the doorway, asking in a whisper, “Used it?”

Orson nodded, moving away from the door of the room before whispering, “That’s not very nice, is it? Will Marshal blame me?”

His Majesty patted him soothingly on the shoulder, “It’s okay, you’re a doctor. You know better than me that he needs to rest. The sleeping meds are in small doses, so he’ll just take a nap and will think he’s too tired.”


Gu Yu woke up with a feeling that all physical fatigue had been swept away and was refreshed. Only his vision was very wrong. He tried to rub his eyes, and when he raised his hand, he froze with a start.

In front of him was a fleshy paw covered with white fur, not his hand at all.

He waved his hand tentatively, and the claw waved back. His eyes widened abruptly. He had turned into a beast!

Fifteen nights of scenes flitted through his mind as he stared at the claws. So that was a painful reaction because he was going to morph?

But, why was he so small? To his eye, his size was estimated to be about the size of a cat.

If he was morphing because of Cyno, shouldn’t he be a huge tiger? He was full of doubts, but it was too late to think. He wanted to go to the bathroom. He stood up, his head turned and his eyes stopped. Cyno!

Cyno leaned against the back of the chair and seemed to be asleep, however, he looked really bad. Even sleeping, his eyebrows were tightly locked.

Gu Yu was immediately distressed. He looked at the time, only to find that seven days had passed. His foot took a step towards Cyno, but his limbs tripped over each other and he fell on the bed. He hurriedly looked at Cyno and was relieved to see that he hadn’t been woken up. Now he wanted to go to the bathroom even more because of the fall.

He glanced at Cyno and turned in the direction of the bathroom.

As he walked, he recalled the posture of the same type of beast females walking, and as he thought about it, he walked slowly, fortunately without falling.

Only when he jumped off the bed did he stumble for a moment, and he quickly steadied himself again.

His eyes curled, very satisfied with his adaptability. It was strange to turn into an animal, but it was good that he had prepared his mind for the fact that people in this world also had animal forms, and he was not alarmed.

He arrived at the bathroom, and habitually closed the door. He observed the side wash button, first tried to lift his claw to touch it, but found that he was not tall enough!

He was very despondent, and was forced to find an immediate solution and looked around.

If he pushed the clothes basket to the side, pushed down the basket, jumped on the basket and then pressed again, it might work. He ran over to the clothes basket, hit it with his body and moved it.

There was a flash of surprise in his eyes; he wasn’t very big, but he was very strong.

In the living room, His Majesty was asking Orson about Gu Yu when Kona suddenly came running in with big strides and with an unusually excited look.

Orson stood up, “President, did you find anything?”

Kona temporarily put down his research and had been looking for information in the building where Orson lived for the past few days, paying attention to Gu Yu’s situation.

Kona: “Just now, Xiao Gu’s body data has changed!”

Orson hurriedly asked, “What?”

Kona couldn’t contain his excitement and opened the data display, “Look.”

Orson’s eyes darted across and said incredulously, “Pregnant?”

Kona: “Yes! I counted, he should be fifteen days along. At seven days, the pregnancy showed up in the data.”

Orson said, “That’s right!”

Kona headed for the bedroom, “I’m going to check on Xiao Gu.”

Orson and his Majesty both hurriedly followed.

Kona knocked on the door, but no one answered, so Orson told Kona what he had done earlier. Kona then knocked again and opened the door. As he pushed the door open, Cyno opened his eyes and wrinkled his brow. His eyes were glazed over, before they snapped into panic.

“Where’s Little Yu?”

Where was his little mate who had been lying in bed?

The three faces were also alarmed, and His Majesty quickly swept the door and window, “There’s no sign of anyone entering.”

Cyno’s face was very hard to read, and Kona looked around the bed, “He can’t have suddenly disappeared, I just saw the data change.”

“Bang…” Suddenly, the sound of something falling over came from the bathroom.

The four of them immediately looked over, and Cyno, his hands clenched into fists, quickly strode over. He took a deep breath and pushed the door open.


Gu Yu was very depressed. 

He had finished going to the toilet, and jumped or rather climbed up the clothes basket to reach his paws over to press the flush button.

Everything was going very well. When he pressed the button, his front paws were on the wall, his hind feet were on the clothes basket, and his body formed an angle with the wall. He had just finished pressing the button, the toilet flushed clean, and he was about to retrieve his paws when his hind feet slid backwards with the clothes basket and his front paws slid down the wall.

He instantly panicked, and before he could react, the whole thing fell to the floor.

When he fell, he hit the edge of the clothes basket, which turned over and covered him right inside. He regretted very much that he had bought this clothes basket. When he bought it, he could never imagine that he would be covered in it one day.

When Cyno pushed open the door, he saw Gu Yu’s favorite clothes basket was upside down and shaking from east to west.

It was obvious that there was something inside.

He looked at it, breathed very softly, went over and squatted down, and picked up the basket very carefully.

A soft white tiger appeared in front of him.

The white tiger was very small, much like him as a child, yet much cuter.

The white tiger held up its paws, seemingly trying to push the clothes basket, but it didn’t expect it to suddenly disappear, maintaining the action and looking at him with frosty eyes.

Gu Yu suddenly saw light again and froze, but when he saw it was Cyno, his eyes lit up. Subconsciously, he wanted to approach Cyno, but he forgot that he had a paw in the air, and only after moving a little, his limbs were unbalanced and he fell to the side.

He fell directly into a large hand, the palm of which was very thick and warm, making him particularly comfortable. He rubbed his head on that hand.

“So cute!” Kona couldn’t help but say.

Orson said, “It really is the same beast form as the marshal.”

Although much smaller.

Gu Yu paused in his movements, his little head raised, and when he saw the three, he was stunned, then very embarrassed, and he buried his face in Cyno’s palm. He was just going to the toilet, how come there were so many people here?!

He reassured himself, okay okay, he had taken care of it.

Cyno’s palm was soft, and his heart was also soft as water. He carefully picked Gu Yu up, “Is your body uncomfortable?”

Gu Yu shook his head and waved his paw at him, indicating that he was healthy.

Cyno calmed his heart down, gently squeezed his paws and carried him back to the bedroom. They sat down on the sofa in the bedroom and Cyno placed Gu Yu on his lap, rubbing the back of his neck gently with his fingers.

Gu Yu finally understood why Merlin and the others liked to have their fur rubbed by him, it was really very comfortable. He grunted in comfort and rubbed against Cyno’s hand. After a moment, he stood up with his front paws on Cyno’s lapel, and looked at Cyno worriedly.

Cyno rubbed his head and couldn’t resist getting close enough to kiss him on the head, “I’m fine.”

There were others next to him, so Gu Yu was a little shy and got back down, burying his face in Cyno’s stomach.

Cyno’s eyes flashed with laughter as he looked over at Kona: “You knew Little Yu was awake?”

Kona shook his head, “No, I just found out that Xiao Gu is pregnant.”

Cyno’s movement of stroking Gu Yu’s back stopped.

Gu Yu jerked his head up and stared at him with round eyes.

He must have just imagined he heard something!

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