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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


Roald’s cold face seemed to be covered with a layer of frost, as he gently stroked MoMo, who had been rubbing against him. “Is there a way to remove it?”

Kona answered, “Yes,” he glanced at MoMo, “but I’d suggest giving him an inhibitor first. He’s getting out of hand.”

MoMo’s head was on Roald’s arm, but when he heard this, he immediately fluttered his wings and shook his head from side to side, then turned his back to Kona and pushed himself against Roald.

Gu Yu slowed his breathing and typed, [MoMo doesn’t want to use one.]

Roald soothingly smoothed the feathers on MoMo’s back, “No inhibitors, I’ll take you home.”

MoMo instantly quieted down.

After Gu Yu helped MoMo express what he wanted, he continued typing, then lifted his head to look at Cyno with worried eyes, [Orson is hurt- in front of the dormitory.]

Cyno looked down and kissed his nose, “Don’t worry, someone will take care of him.”

Gu Yu rubbed his head against his face, then curled up in his arms absentmindedly.

He and MoMo had been running for a long time, and it was the first time since he had become a white tiger. His heartbeat had still not calmed down, and his limbs were very tired.

Cyno held him lovingly, his warm hand on his belly, “Good boy. It’s okay, rest for a while.”

Gu Yu made a soft humming sound in his throat and tilted his head to look at MoMo.

Kona was injecting MoMo, “He will be able to turn into human form soon. His state is a bit wrong. The glandular hormone is too strong and not in line with the early state of estrus. When his rut is over, I’ll give him a full body checkup.”

Roald nodded, “Thanks.”

Kona put away the syringe and took out two nutrients, “You’ll need this. Remember to hydrate him.”

Roald took them and only put them in place when MoMo turned into a human form.

MoMo’s face was scarlet, his eyes had a watery mist, and his arms immediately wrapped around Roald’s neck.

Gu Yu turned his head away in embarrassment.

The shuttle stopped directly at Roald’s apartment, and the moment it stopped, Roald hugged MoMo, quickly exited the shuttle and went into the apartment. The driver’s face was red and sweaty, Cyno swept his gaze over him, exited the shuttle directly, and carried the little white tiger home quickly.

Kona followed him and checked Gu Yu when they entered the living room. He frowned, “Strenuous exercise has caused exhaustion. It’s a good thing he is in good health, so the baby was not stimulated, but Gu Yu is now exhausted. Let him drink a bottle of nutrients and rest.”

Cyno murmured agreement and Da Yuan quickly delivered the nutrient specially prepared for Gu Yu in a bottle.

Cyno gently fed Gu Yu, who lifted his eyelids and drank it all very obediently. With the remaining strength in his body, he looked up at Cyno and then at Kona and typed, [The stimulant was put there by a caretaker. He might still be at school. It’s dangerous.]

Cyno opened the information panel and scanned, “The surveillance in front of the dormitory building malfunctioned at the time of the incident and did not record the scene.” There was a cold flash in his eyes, “The males present were distracted by the double stimulant and estrus glandular hormones. The caretakers were wearing masks at the time, and they couldn’t provide an accurate physical description.”

Kona blushed, “It was an oversight on my part, the school has recruited many new caretakers in the last two months and they were mixed in.”

Gu Yu typed, [I can recognize him. His hair is flaxen, I can recognize it as soon as I see him.]

Kona’s eyes lit up, “That’s great!” He looked at Gu Yu, “You’re not under the influence of stimulants?”

Gu Yu did smell that bad smell, but had felt nothing, and he shook his head.

Kona mused, “It might have something to do with the fact that you were originally in beast form.”

Cyno expanded the light screen, which contained many caretakers. All of the ones present before were being questioned by the Military Department. “Which one is it?”

Gu Yu frowned as his eyes swept over them, [Are they all here?]

Cyno replied, “Orson and the other one are not here, they were both injected with enigma-causing agents and taken to the hospital.”

Gu Yu claws on the virtual keyboard pressed fast, [Only Orson was unconscious when MoMo and I ran away. The remaining one is very suspicious.]

Of course, it could be that the bad guy hurt another caretaker before he escaped.

Kona said, “Orson and the injured caretaker were in the emergency area, and the mix of stimulants and enigma-causing agents is very harmful to the body; he shouldn’t have been hit so hard if he was the killer.”

At that moment, Cyno received a message and his face sank slightly. He showed the message to both of them, “The murderer’s body was found at the west fence of the school, self-destructing.”

Gu Yu’s eyes rounded as he looked at the bloody photo on the light screen, bowing his head to cover his mouth with his paw.

Cyno immediately turned the photo off and gently stroked his back. His face was serious, “There is definitely an accomplice.”

Kona wrinkled his brow, “It’s dangerous to resort to extreme measures when things fail.” He looked to Gu Yu, “What was he trying to do to you? Was he trying to capture you?”

Cyno’s eyes were icy: “He had an empty syringe in his hand.”

Kona’s eyes widened slightly, “Wanting Xiao Gu’s blood,” he sounded disgusted, “definitely an extreme researcher.” He couldn’t help but worry, “I know these kinds of people well. This time I guess they wanted to draw blood while there was chaos, but if they were able to, they would take Xiao Gu.”

He got up abruptly, “I’ll immediately have all the caretaker profiles re-examined. There are so many natural females in the school, they are all in danger.”

Gu Yu couldn’t help but tense up as well. Caretakers were the most likely to harm natural females at the school. He called out toward Kona and typed, [I want to see the real-time surveillance videos of all the caretakers.]

He didn’t know if it would work, but the negative Goodwill Points of the previous caretaker gave him inspiration that maybe he could get someone caught this way.

Kona hesitated for a moment, thinking he suspected the killer hadn’t been caught.

After thinking about it, he agreed it was possible that it might be a diversion, so he nodded, “Okay, I’ll share it with you later.”

After Kona left, Gu Yu typed and looked up at Cyno, [I want to see Orson. He was wounded trying to save me.]

He blamed himself a little and was still worried.

Cyno rubbed his head, “You need to rest now.”

Gu Yu shook his head, Orson was injured because of him, how could he sleep without knowing Orson’s condition?

Cyno hugged him before getting up and heading to the bedroom, “He is now receiving treatment, so you can’t see him at the hospital even if you go there. Is it okay to watch the surveillance?”

Gu Yu knew Cyno had a point and nodded his head.

Back in the bedroom, Cyno hugged Gu Yu and sat on the sofa, the light screen in front of them was a scene from the hospital ward.

The golden retriever was lying quietly on the bed, a nurse was injecting him with medicine, and the doctor was observing his body data.

Gu Yu stared at the doctor’s expression and was slightly relieved to see that he looked calm.

Cyno gently smoothed his back, “It was delivered in time. The medical technology is now very high, and there are all kinds of formulated medicines. There will be no problem.”

Gu Yu nodded and thought about it, [Can we see the other caregiver?]

He still thinks there is something suspicious about them, but at the same time, he also thought of another possibility. Maybe the caretaker was injured while he and MoMo were running away to stop the bad guys from chasing them.

He had been in such a hurry and panic that he hadn’t taken into account all the details.

Either way, he wanted to see the caretaker.

Cyno nodded and tapped his finger on the light screen, the screen quickly split in two, with the golden retriever on the left and the gray wolf on the right.

When he saw the gray wolf, Gu Yu paws subconsciously folded inward, pressing on Cyno’s foot with slightly increased force.

The negative value of Goodwill next to the gray wolf’s brain was extraordinarily obvious.

Gu Yu’s heart instantly started to beat wildly. He immediately realized what this meant.

The person who blew himself up was an innocent substitute, and the person who killed the substitute was most likely still at the school.

His body tensed. He grew up seeing many realities, all kinds of disgusting, annoying and cowardly acts.

Those things may have involved breaking the law, but never human life.

Cyno immediately noticed he wasn’t reacting right, “Is there something wrong with him? Or are you uncomfortable?”

Gu Yu came back to his senses and typed with slightly shaky paws, [He’s the killer.]

Cyno was surprised, and then his eyes grew cold. He gently squeezed Gu Yu’s paw, “Don’t be afraid, he can’t escape.”

Cyno quickly gave the order, and in a short while, there were soldiers from the Military Department securely guarding the ward. When the doctor injected the potion, all the items on the gray wolf were taken away by the soldiers.

The doctor watched in shock as they removed the wolf’s terminal, “You can’t do that, it’s illegal!”

After the soldiers showed the relevant documents, the doctor immediately shut his mouth and looked at Gray Wolf with wariness in his eyes.

The terminal was a citizen’s ID card, worn with special technology, and could never be forcibly removed, except for criminals who committed bad crimes. Depriving someone of their terminal, in the form of the law, was equivalent to depriving a citizen of all their rights.

This was a criminal!

Gu Yu’s eyes moved from the light screen to Cyno. He rubbed his head against Cyno, and his heart was very warm.

Cyno didn’t even ask questions and believed him straight away.

Ten minutes later, Kona shared with him the monitoring of the school caretaker.

The monitoring was divided into many squares, one for the infirmary of each dormitory, and also for the caretakers located in the school building.

Gu Yu expanded the light screen to the size of the entire wall and swept his eyes over the caretakers one by one.

After looking at all of them, he saw a total of two caretakers with negative Goodwill points. He pressed the operation panel, pulled up the surveillance of the two, and narrowed the light screen.

He lifted his paw and nodded at the two men, looked to Cyno, and typed, [They may have a problem.]

He did not use the affirmative, because even if it was negative, not everyone would necessarily cause harm to others, and may only dislike him perhaps for other reasons.

Cyno’s eyes flashed with surprise and passed the two men’s images to the escort captain.

Gu Yu messaged Kona, [Is this all of them?]

Kona replied, [This is branch one, branch two and the association later.]

It didn’t take long for Gu Yu to see all of the caretakers from Branch 2 and the Association.

In the Association’s caretaker video, he saw one more caretaker with negative Goodwill Points.

After Cyno made the arrangements, he looked down at him, “How did you identify them?”

Gu Yu blinked, thought about it, and typed, [I can feel when people don’t like me.]

He was a little embarrassed and continued, [It’s not that everyone has to like me. Caretakers are a special group of people who are friendly to females.]

Cyno: “You’re so nice that there’s something wrong with people who don’t like you.”

He sounded so natural that Gu Yu covered his face with his paw, then continued typing,

[I’m not that good. The three people who I just pointed out aren’t necessarily fellow murderers. Maybe they dislike me because of something else.]

Cyno carried him towards the bathroom, “Okay, I’ll arrange it. Now, I’ll give you a bath and then you get some rest.”

Gu Yu buried his head in his chest, a little shy, but being very good.

Cyno bathed him more gently than ever before, washing him nice and fresh, blowing his fur dry, then putting him on the soft bed and covering him with a small blanket.

Gu Yu was already drowsy by now. Cyno lowered his head and kissed him on the head, “Sleep, I’ll call you if something happens.”

Gu Yu relaxed, closed his eyes, and fell asleep in a flash.

When he woke up, he was alone in the bedroom and the light was dim. He looked out the window, it was dark outside, so it was already night. He looked at the time, it was after eight o’clock, he had slept for more than three hours.

He rubbed his eyes, and a faint vibration came from his terminal. He opened it, and saw it was a message from his small group of friends. They were talking about MoMo and him. They were all worried.

KiKi: [Marshal says Yu is physically fine and is resting. MoMo and Roald have their communication off, not sure how MoMo is doing.]

Cilo: [Roald is with him, he’ll be fine.]

Merlin: [Still a little worried, MoMo went into heat too suddenly, my pre-estrus period was quite mild, except for the transformation time.]

He added, [Is it because I’m not married?]

Cilo: [I don’t think so.]

Gu Yu lay on his bed and typed, [I just woke up from a nap. I’m fine.]

The three of them sent out happy faces at the same time and appeased him some more.

Merlin: [So angry, if I was there, I would have chewed that guy’s leg off!]

KiKi: [A lot of students are scared!]

Cilo: [It’s okay, it will be fine soon, the school is still a bit ill-equipped, and it will be safer after this accident.]

They learned that Gu Yu had not yet eaten dinner, and hurriedly urged him to go and eat, stopping the conversation.

Gu Yu had just closed the terminal when Cyno entered the bedroom.

Cyno gently stroked Gu Yu’s back, “Have you rested?”

Gu Yu nodded his head.

Cyno picked him up, cleaned him up briefly, and then carried him downstairs to eat.

Gu Yu typed, [Later, when I sleep, you eat first.]

Cyno smiled, “I had eaten before, but now I’ll eat a little with you.”

Gu Yu’s eyes curved and he opened his mouth to bite into his sliced meat.

Cyno really only ate a little bit, and then focused on feeding Gu Yu, using a knife to cut all the vegetables into small pieces, and using a spoon to feed him one bite at a time. He didn’t use a fork for fear of hurting the little white tiger.

After each bite, he waited for the little white tiger to swallow before continuing to feed. After five bites, he picked up the bottle with water and gave him water.

Gu Yu sat on a high stool next to Cyno and didn’t have to worry about anything but opening his mouth.

Cyno’s expression was soft and extraordinarily patient, talking to Gu Yu as he ate.

“Orson is fine, and has turned into human form, he just needs to recuperate for two days and will return. The gray wolf and the three caretakers you identified, are in a group. Do you remember the artificial females?”

Gu Yu nodded, Cyno continued, “Roald’s mission this time is to find and clear the remaining experimental base, and it was all cleared yesterday, but the main researchers were not caught. It was them.”

Gu Yu’s eyes widened in surprise.

Cyno eyes were frosty, “They make money through artificial females and doing research on natural females. The various bases were raided and they heard about you and thought you would be a perfect research body. They had no way to get to the villa, so they scattered in the locations where you might appear.”

It dawned on Gu Yu, no wonder there were none at the second branch.

Merlin and the others were at the first campus, and if he went to school, he would only go to the first campus.

If he were to see a doctor or a female beast, he would go to the association.

Cyno picked the fish bones out and fed him a spoonful of fish, “They are very professional and have a common identity as a cover to do the caretaker work smoothly. When no one suspected them and they were hired, after that, they just worked undercover and waited.”

He rubbed his thumb on the side of Gu Yu’s face, “Don’t worry, Kona has reformulated the caretaker hiring process. Anyone whose history is uncertain and who doesn’t have a perfect record will not be hired.”

After they ate together, Cyno took Gu Yu for a walk in the garden.

The evening was exceptionally quiet and the moonlight was gentle, so neither of them spoke, but just enjoyed being close together. After going back to his room to wash up, Cyno asked him how he was doing at school.

Gu Yu typed slowly but Cyno was in no hurry. After seeing him happily talking about what he had seen at school and his interesting classmates, he cupped him and kissed him.

“Let me know what you want to do in the future.”

This time, if his little mate hadn’t taken the initiative to go to school, they would never have found these people. He lightened his voice, “You don’t have to think too much, you can do whatever you want.”

His little mate was too good, never wanting to cause him any trouble, but the more this happened, the more his heart ached.

Gu Yu nodded, he was very satisfied with his life now.

There had been a little accident, but it was good that nothing happened and all the hidden dangers were removed. He rested at home for a day and continued school afterwards.

MoMo was also contacted, but he was still in heat and could not go to school yet.

It was five days before Gu Yu saw MoMo again. MoMo looked in good spirits and had obviously rested.

MoMo looked at Gu Yu with a self-conscious face, “I’m sorry.”

If he had taken the inhibitor directly at that time, maybe there would not have been an accident. He just hadn’t wanted to miss this opportunity.

Gu Yu typed soothingly, [It’s okay, no one knew there would be an accident. In fact, it was a good thing, otherwise it would have been more dangerous if they had planned.]

Seeing MoMo’s eyes turning red, he put his paws on Cyno’s arm and lightly pressed.

Cyno agreed and nodded, “Because you suddenly entered the rut, they only had took advantage of the situation, otherwise their plan would not be exposed, so it is good.”

He was still a bit shocked when he thought about it. The caretaker almost got him on a whim, if he had planned it, the consequences would have been more serious.

This accident was indeed a good thing.

When MoMo heard Cyno say that, he was a little more relieved, but he still blamed himself a little. When he got to school, he and Gu Yu were the only two there, so he explained his situation to Gu Yu in a low voice.

Gu Yu hugged his arm, feeling empathy, and after a moment, he typed, [Where’s your father?]

MoMo looked complicated for a moment, and soon smiled again, “He left.”

Gu Yu did not ask more questions, his eyes curved.

No matter what the process was, the result was always good.


The school days went by quickly, and half a month had passed in a flash.

It was the weekend, and school was closed.

The little white tiger was lying in bed, sleeping peacefully and quietly.

Cyno looked at the time and frowned slightly. Usually at this time, his little mate was already awake. He changed his clothes and contacted Orson to give Gu Yu a checkup.

Orson’s body had long recovered and there were no after-effects.

Orson looked at the examination results, “The pregnancy is almost a month old, all his data is stabilizing, and now he is accumulating energy. He will be able to transform into human form in the next two days.” He saw Cyno was worried and smiled, “Don’t worry, more rest is good for his body, I’ll prepare nutrients for him.”

Cyno’s expression eased slightly and he nodded his head to thank him.

Orson left the bedroom.

Cyno squatted on the edge of the bed, his palm gently over the little white tiger’s plush head, staring at his little mate for a while. He thought about it and sent a message to the adjutant that he would not go to the military headquarters today.

Gu Yu felt like he was soaking in warm water. His whole body was lazy. Only the temperature was gradually rising and his body was parched.

He grunted uncomfortably and his head was dazed.

He didn’t know how long it took for the heat to dissipate from his body, but his body was sticky and not very comfortable. He moved gently, and when he craned his head he smelled a familiar scent that reassured him, followed by a very gentle sensation coming from his body.

He opened his eyes. His gaze swept around and he was briefly stunned for a moment, then quickly reacted.

He was in human form! He was not wearing anything!

The soft feeling just now was from Cyno covering him with a thin blanket.

He blushed uncontrollably and shrank back into the blanket.

Cyno looked down at him and pressed his palm to his forehead, his voice slightly hoarse, “Is there anything uncomfortable?”

Gu Yu blinked, looked at Cyno, hesitated, and whispered, “I want to take a shower.” His fingers squeezed the edge of the blanket and added, “I’ll go by myself.”

Cyno brushed his fingers over the corners of his eyes, kissed him on the lips and picked him up, “Why are you still shy? I’ve been washing you all these days, haven’t I?”

Gu Yu even had his ears turned red, his face buried in the nook of his shoulder, “It’s different, I was a little white tiger before.”

Cyno laughed, “In my opinion, it’s all you. If you’re not comfortable, do you want to change back?”

Gu Yu also thought it made sense. Then, when started to visualize transforming, his head throbbed and his body heated up. He immediately let go of his thoughts and bit his lip, “No.”

Cyno’s eyes flashed with chagrin and kissed him on the forehead, “Don’t worry, let Orson take a look later, it’s fine like this.”

He put Gu Yu into the warm water, and Gu Yu reached out to push his shoulders, but found little strength in his hands.

Cyno grabbed his fingers and kissed him on the lips, “Transformation consumes a lot of energy, so don’t move.”

Gu Yu’s face was red as Cyno washed him clean.

He remained flushed until he put on his pajamas and was tucked back under the newly changed blanket.

Cyno hugged him through the blanket. The more he looked at him, the more he liked him, and so he pecked him on the cheek.

The little white tiger was very cute, but it was still the human form that was best for kissing, when kissing the little white tiger, there was all the hair.

Gu Yu obediently let him kiss him, he felt Cyno seemed to like touching him more than before. There had been feelings before the little white tiger, but now the feelings were deeper.

He thought about it briefly and could especially understand. He hadn’t turned into human form for almost a month.

Cyno kissed him for a while like he was afraid they would never be able to kiss again, and rubbed the side of his neck, before getting up to call Orson.

Orson checked Gu Yu and said, “According to the information obtained from the palace, Xiao Gu’s state is normal. The first time he got his mate’s ability, it caused too much stress on his body and would protect himself by turning into a pup-like form. After the physical quality is improved, he will turn into human form. The physical quality of the human form will continue to improve, and when the body can withstand enough, it can turn into adult beast form.”

He reminded, “Do not force the change into beast form. Self-protection mode is only available for the first transformation. Forced transformation after returning to human form will cause damage to the body.”

Gu Yu thought about how he felt when he just tried to transform and nodded, “Hmm, I’ll remember that.”

This was not difficult for him, as he was originally human, and unless he did not deliberately think about it, would not want to turn into beast form.

Orson said, “Dinner is ready, you eat and then rest.”

Gu Yu then realized that it was already evening, and he had slept for more than ten hours.

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