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Raising Cubs

I’m Using the Interstellar Live Broadcast to Raise Cubs

by Wèi Miāo Zuò Chāng

Genre: BL, animals, celebrity, royalty, stars, cooking, child care, 

Novel Status in Country of Origin: 114 Chapters, Complete

Translator: Addis

Editor: Sulo

~~~~Brought to you by ExR~~~~



Gu YuMian works as a zookeeper and lives a stable life. Until one day, when he transmigrates to the interstellar era which is different from what he imagined.

Hot microblog search: #Humans have been officially listed as an endangered species.#

The headline of the daily newspaper: [Annual salary is ten million, and there is no one to take it?! Mainecoon Cat Prime Minister said he offered high prices to recruit service workers for grooming, cat cooking, and manicure cutting, but no one has applied in fifty years.]

Gu YuMian: ….

Ten million a year? Coincidentally, he was a professional zookeeper.

Other anchors focus on things popular, fans and intrigue. Gu YuMian focuses on making leopard meals, combing ErHa’s hair and feeding a panda cub. His live broadcast became more popular.

After a long time, Gu YuMian found out that the snow leopard he picked up was the Emperor of the Empire, the panda was a famous star, and Erha was the hottest novelist in the whole world?!

Grumpy, gloomy, childish, snow leopard Emperor x suffering human 


Chapter 1: Wants to Hold it in the Center of His Palm, then Take a Nap After Lunch

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Nova Calendar Year 245, Early Spring.

Gu YuMian followed the navigation of the optical computer, turned and finally found the location of the Star Tower. He looked at the sign over the top of his head. The big poster said, [Spring wind has gone, stars have not aged.]

Yeah, here it is.

He walked to the hall.

Through the revolving glass door, there was an extremely magnificent and bright hall. A husky man ran past with his briefcase, a pair of hamster ears were on the head of the white-collar woman in glasses, and the cat in charge of the front desk service pounded the keyboard with her claws.

There was a woman waiting in the hall.

Her name was Keri, she was a staff member of Star Live platform and she was mainly responsible for contacting the anchors. She looked at her watch and at the door. The appointed time was approaching, but Mr. Gu was not there. She was a little impatient.

‘This is why I don’t like human beings,’ Keri thought. ‘Untimely, they are narrow-minded and shortsighted… No wonder human beings are dying out. Maybe this is the survival of the fittest in the legend?’

She was not racist, just genetically programmed.

Many years ago, there was a great calamity on ancient Earth. Animals awakened their spiritual power and abilities in the disaster, and their intelligence greatly improved, while human beings did not. As a result, animals were now equal to human beings.

This delicate peace did not last long. After the calamity, due to resource problems, human beings and animals began a hundred years of war. In the end, the war ended with the victory of the animals, but the hatred and disgust caused by the war were not eliminated and were written into the blood of generations.

Colleagues heard that Keri was going to discuss a contract with a human anchor today, and they all sympathized with her.

“I heard that human beings stink. You should be careful not to get too close and vomit because of him.”

“Human beings are not extinct yet?! Keri, it’s not easy for you.”

“Humans are cunning and short-sighted. I’ve come into contact with two humans and talking to them made me sick.”


What her colleagues said was too exaggerated, so she began to grow anxious and regretful even though she had not seen the anchor. For the fifth time in a minute, Keri looked at the door… At this time, her eyes brightened.

A young man walked through the revolving glass door towards the front desk. He was wearing the most common linen white shirt, had long legs, was born with a smile on his half pear lips, and had the most brilliant pair of eyes.

His pupils were the light brown normal to humans of Asian descent, but were warm and melted like honey, giving people the feeling of softness and charm. He was a kind of heartthrob beauty.

“How do you do?” Gu YuMian walked up to Keri and smiled. “Miss Keri? I’m sorry, I’m not familiar with the place here. I apologize for being late.”

His voice was equally pleasant, clear and gentle.

“No, it doesn’t matter.” Keri came back to her senses and shook hands with him wordlessly. Gu YuMian’s fingers were long, and his palm was warm when they shook hands, giving off a very comfortable feeling.

Half a minute later, there was an awkward silence.

Gu YuMian looked at Keri, who didn’t let go at all. He smiled awkwardly and politely, “Miss Keri?”

“…Oh, I’m sorry.” Keri reluctantly released her hand. She was still in shock, and her brain didn’t turn back on at all.

——At the moment when she saw Gu YuMian, she seemed to see small fireworks in front of her eyes. It was not a kind from infatuation when thinking about love, but another more pure and joyful emotion. She even wanted to change into her original shape and sleep in Gu YuMian’s palms.

But didn’t everyone hate human beings?

Keri’s world outlook had been greatly impacted. Had she lived a lie since she was a child?! No, it’s not the first time for her to see a human being. She had brief contact with them during her internship and at that time, she really hated them in her heart.

But Gu YuMian was totally different.

“Let’s go in and talk.” It took Keri a long time to think of the business at hand. She wanted to tidy up her hair but when she touched the top of her head, she found that her cat ears had come out.

Keri, “…”

They were required to work in human shape, and everyone was very skilled at transformation — unless they were really excited. Keri put her ears back in embarrassment. A few steps from the lobby to the elevator, Keri also ignored the impolite action and kept looking at Gu YuMian, only thinking that one second less was a loss.

But Gu YuMian was not used to being stared at so enthusiastically by others, and could not help but ask, “Miss Keri, what’s the matter?”

“You’re special, Mr. Gu,” Keri said sincerely. “You… It’s really not personal at all.”

Gu YuMian, “????”

‘Human’ in the interstellar era had become a derogatory term, so this sentence was praise.

Gu YuMian said slowly, “Thank… Thank you.”

After the shock, Keri began to feel surprised.

It was amazing that she had never seen such a special human as Gu YuMian. What was good about him was that he would become a star anchor. She was sure that the profits Gu YuMian would bring to the platform in the future would be immeasurable.

Keri took Gu YuMian into the elevator, where another orange cat colleague from the Operation Department was. This orange cat hated human beings and was unwilling to take the same elevator as any human being.

“I heard they signed a human anchor,” complained the orange cat to her colleagues. 

“Human anchor? My God, what are they thinking? They must want to lose money. How can human beings be popular—”

The second Gu YuMian stepped into the elevator, there was a sudden silence.

When the orange cat saw the human being, she wore a disgusted expression and wanted to step out of the elevator, but when she passed Gu YuMian, she stopped. She slowly turned her head, looked up and down at Gu YuMian, and her eyes gradually became strange. Not only her but also all the animals in the elevator did the same.

Suddenly surrounded in the middle of the elevator and being stared at, Gu YuMian, “…”

Thinking that these ‘people’ were actually animals and that they were surrounding him and staring at him, Gu YuMian felt embarrassed and somewhat sad.

——He worked in a zoo in his last life.

Yes, last life.

Gu YuMian came from what these people called ‘Ancient Earth.’ 5G was not created at that time, let alone a spaceship, mecha or even optical computers.

He ran a pet hospital from his home. As soon as he learned he could, the first thing he learned was how to nurse a kitten. He liked animals very much since childhood and was also loved by animals. No matter how fierce or irascible a cat or dog was, they would become obedient in the second they met him, and they would beg for him to pet them.

He studied animal science as an undergraduate and after graduation, he went to work in the city zoo. His job was to raise giant pandas, but all the animals in the zoo liked him, and his colleagues often asked him to help them feed and take care of their charges.

Gu YuMian went to a famous school, and his intelligence level was excellent. He participated in the treatment of many endangered animals. Although he was a zookeeper, he published many papers in his spare time. He was famous in the industry even at a young age.

When he woke up after a crash, he became Gu YuMian of the interstellar age.

Gu YuMian didn’t expect transmigration, which was often mentioned in novels and movies, would happen to him.

This body, who had the same surname as him, was eight or nine points the same in appearance. He lived alone without going to school and didn’t have any relatives or friends. For some reason, he committed suicide. Gu YuMian woke up in the bathtub with a deep scar on his wrist.

Comparing all of his problems, the first one that bothered Gu YuMian was food and clothing.

——On the original’s personal account, there were only 245-star coins, which was about 300 yuan. (43.25 USD)

He was a real pauper.

Gu YuMian wanted to go back to his old job as a zookeeper, but he soon found out that it wasn’t that easy.

The main members of the society in this era were animals, and because of the problems left over from history, these animals hated human beings, so how could they be willing to be raised by human beings? Not only zookeepers, veterinarians, zoologists… any animal-related professions did not exist in this era.

Just as Gu YuMian was worried about how to make some money, at least to maintain his basic life, a phone call from Star Live platform came up and contacted him to sign a contract.

It turned out that before committing suicide, the original was negotiating with Star Live to sign a contract. Live broadcasts were the most popular in the entertainment industry in recent years, and the Star Live platform was the platform with the largest traffic. The popularity of a first-rate anchor could be comparable to that of a first-rate star, and the endorsements were often more.

But Gu YuMian didn’t want to be a first-rate anchor. He knew that he was not that type of material because he had a gentle personality since he was a child. He was not the kind of person who could attract people’s attention.

What he saw was that there was a ‘guaranteed wage’ in the contract. That was to say, even if there were no fans, no audience, as long as the live broadcast was on, he could make a dead wage.

Although not much, he would have enough food and clothing. Only when he had money could he plan for the next step. So the next day, he went to the Star Live platform’s branch on the planet.

The animals’ strange gazes accompanied Gu YuMian and Keri.

“Mr. Gu,” the elevator beeped, and Keri reminded him, “we are here.”

When they stepped out of the elevator, there was a low air pressure between the animals in the elevator behind them.

Keri understood how they felt.

The two sat down at the conference table, and Keri pulled out the contract she had already prepared. The contract was in both paper and electronic versions, Keri explained, “Mr. Gu, since you have no experience in live broadcasting before, and you are the first human anchor of Star Live, we don’t know what the public’s acceptance will be of human anchors, so we can only give you the lowest E contract.”

Even an E contract guaranteed a minimum wage of one thousand a month. In addition, it also came with rewards, various endorsements, copyright income, and platform anchor subsidies.

“When you get to a certain degree of viewers in the studio, there will be a recommended location. In addition, the new anchor has a special recommendation, as well as being ranked by popularity. And we also extract interesting content recommendations in real-time every day.”

On the whole, Star Live was friendly to new anchors and Gu YuMian listened carefully and nodded. The next steps went smoothly. Gu YuMian signed after reading the contract, which was not unreasonable.

It was such an ordinary and calm day but it was one the most influential contracts ever signed and it was signed at will.

Keri took Gu YuMian all the way to the elevator and turned back to the office. It was during their lunch break that her colleagues chatted and greeted her.

“Hey, Keri, what’s up? You came back so late.”

“I just signed a contract with a human anchor,” she said, smiling at the thought of Gu YuMian. “If you see him, you will like him. He is charming.”


“Is it…”

The colleagues didn’t contradict her, but they were all very dismissive of it. Although human beings were rare, they had seen them several times over the years.

They didn’t say they liked human beings, and controlled their instincts, trying not to hit them, but it was very hard.

“By the way,” the topic was a little heavy, and a female colleague started another conversation, “Keri, when you were away, the leader came here and said that the live content needs to be strictly examined recently.”

Keri asked, “Huh? Why is it so strict?”

“I heard that His Majesty is coming to our galaxy,” the female colleague replied in a low voice.

With that, she trembled, and a layer of white fluff appeared on her smooth neck.

——She was scared.

When thinking of that tyrant, everyone went silent and shivered.



Hey Everyone, Addis here with a new novel for all of you to enjoy. This novel is similar to a lot of other popular novels out there and you will find similarities and differences. Best way I can describe it is a mix between The Film Emperor’s Daily Live Cooking Broadcast and Number One Lazy Merchant of the Beast World. Both novels are finished if you want to check them out.

This novel starts off with normal lengthed chapters and then begins to double, triple and even quadruple in length further along as the novel progresses. Due to the lengths of the chapters, some chapters will be split. I know we very, very rarely split chapters, but it would be hard to keep up with the every other day release schedule I have set up for this novel without doing so.

I hope you guys like this novel, as it is a little long and has two novels set in the same universe and a sequel planned to be released by the author sometime this year.

Be warned, this novel has lots of fluffy creatures and delicious food. I will be adding pictures and videos like usual. Welcome to this new novel, and please remember to leave me comments, as it keeps me translating. Also, remember to rate and leave comments on the Novel Updates page to help others find this novel too.

Thanks for reading this novel on our site.

Addis (Exiled Rebels Scanlations)

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Hey all, Founder and Creator of Exiled Rebels Scanlations here. I created ExR back in March 2017 which is when our first manga was released. We started doing novels in July 2017.


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