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Chapter 113: Extra 10: ABO Parallel World Part 2

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo is amazed Shuo Han was able to wait through three years of silence

The dormitory door opened and closed.

The dormitories of the First Military Academy for students were extremely good. There were public cloakrooms beside the independent bathroom and the porch. The sunlight came from the floor to ceiling window in the afternoon until the end of summer.

Thump, thump.

The sound of footsteps from military boots across the floor finally stopped near Gu YuMian.

Gu YuMian hadn’t figured out how to face this fact, but there was already a voice in his ear, “Senior Gu.”

This pampered little prince had a beautiful voice.

However, he didn’t know if it was a psychological reaction, the bland flat tone was a little creepy.

Gu YuMian, lying in bed, shook subconsciously and turned his head slowly, “…”

His new roommate, with silver hair and grey-blue eyes, put his hand in his pocket and looked down at him. His Royal Highness, Shuo Han, really had a good face, beautiful eyes and eyebrows, and a clear outline. Even Gu YuMian, who was not sensitive to human appearances, couldn’t find fault.

In particular, standing in his double breasted coat, he stood still with extraordinary bearing as he stared down, “…”

Gu YuMian, who was looked at like this, had to stand up, “You… Hello, Your Highness.” Shuo Han didn’t answer. Gu YuMian went on with a stiff head, “Welcome. Please give me more advice in the next three years.” 

Since it was a four-year course in the military academy, Gu YuMian would live here for another three years. He held out his hand to say hello in a friendly way.

Shuo Han just stared at him and didn’t reach for his hand.

His eyes stayed on the spot on Gu YuMian’s wrist which had been pricked earlier — unlike ordinary alphas, Gu YuMian’s skin was a kind of white color similar to porcelain. His faint light blue blood vessels and the pinhole point, where he had injected the inhibitor, that still had some blood, was particularly prominent.

The prince grabbed his hand to look at it closer. Maybe he should explain the origin of the prick, but it was impossible to say.

The atmosphere was awfully awkward for a moment.

“…” Just when Gu YuMian wanted to withdraw his hand, the little prince with a bad temper finally sneered and held his hand tighter, “Please give me more advice.” He said lazily, “Senior.”

The estrus period had just been suppressed, Gu YuMian’s hand was still cold due to the injection, while Shuo Han’s palm felt warm.

Gu YuMian seemed to smell a little bit of Shuo Han’s pheromone, and for a moment, it wrapped around him, but soon disappeared. The cold and arrogant smell of cedar mixed with the taste of rum, with strong exclusive desire and aggressiveness, was very perfect for him.

“Would you like something to drink?” Gu YuMian coughed. “I have orange juice.”

This was a simple and polite sentence.

Gu YuMian, a military student, was very strict and self-disciplined. He usually didn’t drink anything other than energy drinks. The orange juice was what he had been given as a gift when he went for volunteer activities. The taste of orange juice was… real.

Now it was less than half an hour from the opening ceremony. Both of them had to attend the ceremony and it was unnecessary for the royal born Shuo han to waste this time.

But Shuo Han said, “Okay.”

Gu YuMian had to go to the fridge again.

Gu YuMian felt that Shuo Han should have something to say to him after reading the message from his old Star Network account, but he never mentioned it.

The more he thought about it, the more upset Gu YuMian was. He opened the refrigerator and heard Shuo Han begin to unpack.

His Highness should never have done these things by himself. Gu YuMian saw him standing by the trunk and staring at the things inside, as if they would run to the place they should go.

It was a little cute.

Gu YuMian took back his sight, reached out to take out the paper box containing orange juice, and was about to close the refrigerator door. At this time, Shuo Han held a can of beer that had been fished out of the suitcase, and held the refrigerator door open with a long leg.

“I’ll put something in.” He said.

“…Okay.” Gu YuMian stood straight. He was also standing in front of the refrigerator, which was in the corner of the open kitchen and was cramped by clutter.

Shuo Han was standing behind him, and his hand happened to touch the back of Gu YuMian’s hand when he locked the refrigerator door open with his height advantage. From the perspective of outsiders, it was like he was holding Gu YuMian in his arms.

Gu YuMian would be leaning against his younger brother’s chest if he took one more step back. He was in a bit of a dilemma.

… Gu YuMian was one of the few ‘alphas’ who could cook in the dormitory. The refrigerator was also full of fresh fruits and vegetables that were just bought, all of which were arranged in sections. Shuo Han didn’t seem to find the right place to put the beer. He lowered his eyes and kept silent. He took another half-step forward.

His breath passed Gu YuMian’s nape gently. The sequela of his omega’s estrus, which had just been pressed down with an alpha inhibitor, remained. Gu YuMian had to work hard not to shake.

“I’m sorry, if you have more, won’t it be a bit hard to find a place to put it?” Gu YuMian couldn’t stand it. He said as he turned around, “Take out the things you want to put in the refrigerator. I’ll help you.”

Gu YuMian was able to look at him when he turned his head sideways.

Shuo Han’s eyes didn’t fall on the refrigerator nor was he trying to find space to put things. Instead, they fell seriously and attentively on the newly developed gland of Gu YuMian’s nape.

All Gu YuMian movements stopped at this moment.

He didn’t know where the wind came from that blew up the floor curtain, leaving only a little dim and hazy ambiguous light in the room. Gu YuMian saw Shuo Han’s thin lips open and close in front of him, and he seemed to be saying something.

It took him a long time to recover his hearing.

He heard Shuo Han say, “Are you in heat? Senior.”

The tone of Shuo Han’s speech was close to a whisper. The deep and magnetic voice and the scent of pheromones flowed together. A little further down there was enough room to bite the fragile glands of the omega and brand him with his mark.

Gu YuMian’s Adam’s apple bobbed up and down. He was speechless, and silence finally became his default response as time passed by. Shuo Han didn’t call out to him anymore. Instead, he returned what Gu YuMian just said to him.

——He said casually, “Let me help you.”

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September 27, 2020 7:52 pm

Thank you!

September 27, 2020 10:01 pm

Well, yeah, of course he can smell it. In omegaverse mangas, the “Let me help you.” during estrus usually led to smex. Let’s see how this author will cope.
Thank you for the chapter!!

September 29, 2020 3:36 pm

Thanks for the translation 💞 💞
Will Gu YuMian let him help? Wasn’t this a shounen-ai? 😐

September 7, 2022 4:21 am

I’m waiting for the crabs haha TT
Thank you for the chapters!

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