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Chapter 23: Shuo Han

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo would like to follow Shuo Han for eternity

The air was quiet.

The man, with a tie in one hand, reclining on the swivel chair, and his left foot in military boots resting directly on the edge of the desk in front of him, stared at Gu YuMian. In the words of the Internet, this posture was special. Ordinary people couldn’t really imitate it. He looked like a gangster by accident.

But this person looked like he was posing for the picture of a magazine cover.


He looked more than twenty-years old. His skin was cold white, his nose was straight, his lips were thin and slightly pursed, and there was a lingering gloom and impatience in his eyes, between his handsome and beautiful eyebrows. He was like a jade statue who was above the material attractions of the world, free of worldly cares.

Gu YuMian had never seen such a powerful man.

He had a very pressing manner, with a kind of arrogance that looked down on everything and said nothing, as if he had been imbued with a high position for many years.

The gray-blue eyes of the man looked at Gu YuMian and narrowed slightly a moment later.

Gu YuMian, “……”

For a moment, those eyes gave him a familiar feeling, and he felt that he had looked into them each other day and night. He had a doubt in his heart, but soon this thought made him feel absurd.

First of all, Xue Tuan had not awakened yet, which was proven by the tests he had undergone, unless everyone joined in to cheat him. Secondly, Xue Tuan was just a rebellious kid with a bit of a bad temper. Where he was, strangers were not allowed to be near him, or he would even become violent enough to frighten people.

No one expected Gu YuMian to come back. Ten seconds later, it was Mr. Fennick who responded. He took a careful look at the person to his right, cleared his throat, and asked calmly, “Mr. Gu, what’s the matter?”

The old professor was also an intelligent individual. After only a second’s loss, he quickly linked up the causes and consequences and reflected on what the situation was. He slowly straightened his back, thumped his waist, and walked to pour water for Gu YuMian.

Gu YuMian also looked at the man for a few seconds, smiled at him, and soon politely withdrew his sight.

The man was still looking at him. His eyes didn’t make Gu YuMian uncomfortable, but they did have a strong sense of existence, which made Gu YuMian a little uncomfortable.

“Excuse me, but I’ll take up some of your time. Let me ask… No, I came to see how the formalities of Xue Tuan are going,” Gu YuMian said quietly, “has the class started yet? “

Since it had been nearly ten minutes since he left the office last time, this was the most likely reason.

The old professor had made a mistake, “Yes, I just asked the head teacher to take him to the class.”

Except for the assistant of the professor, who was a little flustered, everyone else had adjusted to the abrupt intrusion. Fennick, who had been in politics for so many years, was the most convenient one for the monarch to use. 

Fennick pushed his glasses and asked, “He should be in the classroom now. Does Mr. Gu want to see the monitor?”

“Okay,” Gu YuMian nodded. “I will be troubling you.”

The light screen in the middle of the air reflected the situation of the classroom. The little snow leopard followed the head teacher into the classroom, lazily jumped to the platform and took a look at the monitoring camera.

Gu YuMian looked at him carefully for a long time.

There were no flaws and he was really his family’s little snow leopard. There was an introduction for new students.

When Fennick looked at the human, he was relieved that it was over. Unexpectedly, Gu YuMian paused and looked at the man who was silent all the time. He was a little sorry and asked, “I forgot to tell Xue Tuan something. Can I see him now?”

“…” The man casually looked at Gu YuMian and turned to his optical computer.

“Yes,” said Fennick, with a slight change of face and a quick smile, “I’ll ask the head teacher to bring him here.”

Gu YuMian nodded and Fennick made a gesture to wait.

Fennick called using his optical computer, dialed the head teacher’s number, and didn’t hesitate to act. It was quickly connected there. Gu YuMian could see what the head teacher said to the students on the monitoring screen, walked out of the classroom and got on the phone, “Hello, Mr. Fang. What can I do for you?”

Fennick glanced at Gu YuMian and said, “Ah, Gu Xue Tuan’s parent wants to see him. Please bring him here.”

“Okay.” The head teacher said as he hung up and went to the classroom.

Gu YuMian didn’t let go until the last second, “It’s all right. Teacher Fang, I’ll tell Xue Tuan what I had to tell him later in the evening, so I won’t disturb his class introduction. “

“Well, Teacher, I’m sorry,” Fennick looked at Gu YuMian helplessly and said into the optical computer, “it’s not necessary now. You can continue your class.”

He thought to himself, His Majesty’s intuition about this human was really keen. Fortunately, they had made all kinds of preparations.

Although Gu YuMian really made everyone like him by nature, even Fennick wanted to waggle his tail to let Gu YuMian play catch with him, he didn’t expect the human who looked harmless and gentle on the outside to be a master of hiding needles, and could not be provoked.

He hung up.

Gu YuMian looked at the people in this room, and felt that he had been a little too sensitive. He felt too unreasonable and nodded his head, embarrassed, “Sorry, I didn’t think much about it earlier. Then I’ll go back first. I won’t disturb you.”

Originally, he wanted to ask about the baby panda, but it seemed that they were busy. Gu YuMian thought it was inconvenient to disturb them any longer.

Fennick looked at the man in the middle and just nodded, “Okay, it’s hard to find a suspension device in this area. Do you need someone to send you?”

How could Gu YuMian have the nerve? “No…”

“I’ll take him.” The silent man suddenly stood up and whispered.

Gu YuMian found that he was so tall, even taller than himself. With long legs, he walked to Gu YuMian’s side in a few steps, looked down at Gu YuMian, and threw the suspension device control card in the air.

The fierce momentum lasted a few seconds to where Gu Yu Mian nearly couldn’t breathe, but soon it suddenly left and he couldn’t feel it anymore.

Gu YuMian wanted to refuse, but the man walked out the door first.

When he reached the door, the man turned and looked at Gu YuMian standing still for two seconds. He was silent for a moment and said, “Afraid of me?”

Gu YuMian, “……”

It was a challenge.

All right, let’s go.

Fennick and the professor didn’t stop him. What could Fennick want to say? He swallowed after seeing His Majesty’s eyes and bowed as they walked out the door.

This was the first time Gu YuMian had seen this type of suspension device. He couldn’t help thinking that the rich were different. As compared to the device he had taken to arrive here, the suspension device before him was a flying heavy locomotive motorcycle in the air. The man stepped onto it with his boots and raised his chin to him.

Still a cool guy.

The man threw a pair of goggle-like things across the air to him. Gu YuMian raised his hand and caught them. After wearing them, he felt that his whole body was covered with a different technology — this was not a pair of common goggles. They had a series of functions such as adjustment to prevent dizziness, speed measurement and even monitoring his heart rate, an emergency call option for help, so as to fly safely at high altitudes.

Gu YuMian sat in the back seat in a proper way. Without handrails, he could only hold the man’s narrow and tight waist, so he sat in a daze.

The man glanced at him and said, “You sit in front.”

Gu YuMian, “?”

This person had a commanding and convincing tone when he said anything. Gu YuMian did what he said without asking why. The man changed positions with him, sat behind Gu YuMian, reached for the handles of the motorcycle in front of him, and inadvertently encircled Gu YuMian in his arms.

Gu YuMian, “…!”

Gu YuMian was a slender and thin young man, and the man had an obvious military origin and a larger build than Gu YuMian.

The light smell of tobacco mingled with the smell of cedar. Gu YuMian could see his fingers holding the handles. His fingers were long and pale, and the knuckles were a little tight. It seemed that the man was a little more nervous than Gu YuMian himself.

“This is not good,” Gu YuMian regretted a little. Although the man was not taking advantage of him and wasn’t doing anything crooked, he was not used to being so close to other people by nature… What’s more, it was frightening to think about what would happen when the suspension device went into the sky in a moment, “Sir, it’s too much trouble, I’ll take the public suspension device back—”

The man’s voice interrupted him, “Shuo Han.”

Gu YuMian, “What?”

The man, holding Gu YuMian in his arms from behind, moved his head to the side and whispered beside Gu YuMian’s ear, “My name is Shuo Han.”

From this perspective, Shuo Han could see that there were half a set of teeth marks on the white and clean neck of the youth, which was the mark he made yesterday in his cub form.

——It pleased him.

So close to each other, Gu YuMian could even feel the cool touch of the other’s lips against his skin.

The man was a little different from what Gu YuMian saw a dozen minutes ago. In the office, this stranger did not come near him and was irascible, and gave off an antisocial atmosphere. At this moment, he became lazy and absent-minded, like a lion who was comforted by someone close to him. This feeling gave Gu YuMian an unspeakable familiarity.

“Shuo Han.” Gu YuMian repeated the name. The name ‘Shuo’ seemed a little familiar.

“Mn,” said the man, raising his eyebrows, “It’s time to go.”

Gu YuMian realized that things were not going the way he thought, “That, wait —”

Shuo Han gripped the handles of the motorcycle and pressed the clutch. Weightlessness suddenly surged up, the wind whistled, and the things around quickly became smaller!

Gu YuMian, “Aaaaaah!!!”

Although he was not afraid of heights and such, he was afraid of roller coasters. And this feeling was hundreds of times more terrifying than a roller coaster. His brain was blank for a second, and every cell was screaming!

Shuo Han didn’t expect his reaction to be so big. He looked down at him a little perplexed, but he couldn’t bear to suddenly stop the acceleration phase. After a while, Shuo Han habitually kissed his ear and said soothingly, “I’m here, don’t be afraid.”

After the kiss, both of them froze.


Twenty minutes later.

The fast-moving heavy locomotive stopped at Gu YuMian’s door, and Gu YuMian climbed out of the car as if his whole person was made of wood.

This was the first time we’ve met, right? I don’t know him???

Gu YuMian knew that he was straight, and he didn’t discriminate against gays, but Shuo Han didn’t look like… Could an ordinary, single, straight man play like this? But his first reaction might be to ask? No, it was too embarrassing.

“Then I’ll go home, Mr. Shuo. Thank you for today,” Gu YuMian said politely as if in a dream. “You should come by to play sometime.”

Shuo Han looked at him with his eyelids down and his thin lips slightly pursed, “Okay.”

He kept looking at Gu YuMian’s back until he turned and could no longer see him. Then he closed his eyes, stepped on the clutch and started the suspension device again.

Don’t worry.


In the villa.

The little boy in the suspenders was holding the optical computer in his hand. After the fingerprint was unlocked, he immediately saw hundreds of missed calls from his agent. He put his finger on the dial key, and the second before he was about to press it, his face began to show hesitation.

Now, was it right to leave here?

Thinking rationally, he was now in an unstable state. He didn’t know when he would change back to his cub state. It may take a long time to completely recover. Combined with his memory, he recalled that he had heard vaguely from his father that the egg shaped rescue capsule equipped with the star ship of his choice happened to be the last egg shaped rescue capsule in the most unstable state.

Other relatives of the Guo Family were living in the Upper district but shunned the world and did their own thing. They rarely came out to inquire about their ancestors. His parents were also on holiday in ancient Earth, so he couldn’t get in touch with them for a short time.

His cub state was a very unsafe form and he had no self-protection ability. Of course, there was his agent, but compared with his own health and safety, the agent should be more towards his interests. If he knew his current situation, what would his agent do?

At least for sure, his agent would not let him go through this special period peacefully and carefree as he was now at Gu YuMian’s side.

And the main thing was——

It was not easy to leave Gu YuMian. Although he was not one hundred percent certain that he  was their ancestor, he couldn’t bear to leave, call it his selfishness!

Was it wrong to rely on his identity as a little infant who knew nothing about anything?

He didn’t think so.

To sum up, the best solution now should be to stay around Gu YuMian and try to contact his parents and relatives in the Upper Urban area. He should also try to avoid being found out by Gu YuMian and his agent. He’d better not expose it to his fans during Gu YuMian’s live broadcast and let them find out. He’d take the next step when he was more stable.

The nine-year-old boy sat on the ground with a solemn face. His delicate and lovely face was flat, and his brow was wrinkled with bitterness and hatred. After five minutes, he figured out all the things he needed to. The little boy quickly got up, opened the optical computer intrusion security system to delete the monitoring records in the villa, at the same time, let the optical computer project the light screen into the air, and began to tap the light screen on his tiptoes.

There was a faint sound of footsteps outside the door. At the same time, the little boy knocked on the last film return, and the time limit for returning to adulthood was up.

A wave of exhaustion and sleepiness surged to his brain——

Ten seconds later.

The chubby panda cub lay on the soft carpet, curled up into a small sesame Tangyuan ball, unconscious. The home robot carefully covered him with a quilt, and the light near noon sun sprinkled on him, making him look lovely and charming.

“How can you sleep on the ground?” Gu YuMian entered the living room, crouched beside the baby panda, and rubbed his head gently. “Yuanyuan’s really asleep.”

Gu YuMian didn’t know that his life was almost going to change dramatically. Fortunately, everything came to an end. He held his little fat sesame Tangyuan and saw the adult optical computer that had been automatically locked on the ground. It was the optical computer that little Tangyuan brought when he first came.

Gu YuMian, “?”

He picked up the optical computer and looked at it. He didn’t see any difference. He put it back in the cabinet.

That afternoon.

After picking up the snow leopard from school and making sure that everything was as usual, Gu YuMian logged onto the Starry Sky platform again.

Capital Star and Takk were not on the same server. His account for Capital Star was newly sent by Starry Sky. He had only used it once for the live broadcast during the audit yesterday, but it had an increase of thousands of fan followings.

Gu YuMian was confused, “I know part of them are from Takk. They came over the wall. The rest…?”

Gu YuMian glanced around.

The new account also had a preexisting contact with a label of ‘Agent’ with the username of ‘Sugar Sugar.’ The title was exclusive to an official staff of Starry Sky. As soon as Gu YuMian went online, this ‘Sugar Sugar’s’ private message immediately arrived.

[Sugar Sugar: Hello, MianMian. I’m your temporary agent Sugar Sugar at Capital Star. Please give me more advice later. =3=]

They sounded like a cute girl.

Gu YuMian sent a voice note, “Mn, Sugar Sugar, hello. Please give me more advice.”

[Sugar Sugar: Aaaaah! MianMian called my name! Aaah! My life is worth it!]

Gu YuMian, “????”

Little Tangyuan was still sleeping. The little snow leopard nestled in Gu YuMian’s arms, looked at the screen, and with a little displeasure, he reached out his claws to brush Gu YuMian’s hair. Gu YuMian held the paw and pinched the paw pad.

Sugar Sugar quickly deleted the last message.

[Sugar Sugar: Sorry, my twin sister just stole my optical computer, that was not me.]

[Sugar Sugar: MianMian, today’s contact with you is actually because we hope you can make a video. It’s almost the same as a normal live broadcast but you can record the video while live broadcasting, and then edit it later. There is a video as a ‘representative work,’ which is more convenient for your subsequent promotion and publicity. Starry Sky will officially announce you tonight.]

Gu YuMian thought it was like YouTube in his last life, so he nodded.

It was true that his live videos had been circulated on the Internet before. Some of them were very popular, but the recording from the perspective of fans was not the same as that of his own production, and there were many things that the audience didn’t care about.

[Gu YuMian: Okay, I’ll try it tonight.]

Live broadcasting and video recording could be done at the same time. They would have the same content anyway.

The baby panda slept on Gu YuMian’s lap. Gu YuMian held the little snow leopard and gently helped the little brat fluff his fur from the back of his ear to his tail, thinking as he did so. What was he going to do tonight?

“Summer, night…” Gu YuMian soon had an idea.

From Takk to now, all his live broadcasts were basically indoor, and the audience of those content would also suffer from aesthetic fatigue. And it happened that tomorrow was the weekend. The snow leopard didn’t have to go to school. Since he had been busy, he didn’t have a chance to take the cubs out to play. Why didn’t he take advantage of this opportunity——

“Let’s go picnicking and camping in the mountains and watch fireflies and stars. Would TuanTuan like to go? What about Yuanyuan?”

Little Tangyuan was still asleep, but subconsciously knew that Gu YuMian was asking him questions. He was very fond of the venue and gave a little gurgle sound. Although the little snow leopard didn’t know what his human was thinking, he indulged him and yawned lazily.

So it was decided.

Gu YuMian was a man with strong action ability. In fact, he had thought about it before. He secretly checked the strategy before coming to Capital Star. Now, he could go out as long as he added some materials to the packing list.

At six o’clock in the evening, Gu YuMian opened the broadcast on time.

Within half a minute, the number of spectators kept rising, and countless barrages rushed across the screen!

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