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Chapter 209: Final World (12)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Edited by Sulo 


He was stopped suddenly when he was eating pith. This kind of pain was understood by all men. Besides, Daniel had no idea why his sweetheart suddenly became enthusiastic and angry, and why he was as cold as frost and ice.

——Very good. This was probably the first person he couldn’t see through. It was really challenging!

If he didn’t touch meat all the time, Daniel could still rely on brain tonic to survive, but now he suddenly ate the meat, and then he was forced to go back to a vegetarian diet, which was hard.

These days, Daniel couldn’t sleep at night. His dreams were full of a gorgeous person lying under his body and being ravaged by him. The ravaged sweetheart, for a while, was really… haggard.

Daniel, who was unwilling to do so, tried many ways to lure his sweetheart into eating the forbidden fruit. However, news soon came from the Church.

As expected by Bai Duan and Daniel, the Church didn’t make up its mind to tear up the contract with the Vampire Hunters with their baseless speculation. Instead, they made a compromise and supported Bai Duan’s surprise attack in the name of saving Avril from the vampire hunters.

Under the covert command of the Church, the backbone of hundreds of Blood Kin gathered under Bai Duan’s command for his dispatch. Due to the ‘personal resentment’ of the younger generation, the older Blood Kin were too inconvenienced to appear, so the people involved in this matter were all young people of one hundred years old. Even though they were young, the strength of these Blood Kin couldn’t be underestimated. Each of them were carefully selected by the Church. Most of them were the elites with the best strength in the mixed race, and even several precious purebloods who loved fighting had volunteered.

Before leaving, the Church called all the people together and once again told them the importance of this trip. If they could, it was better to get the evidence of the pureblood experiment conducted by Vampire Hunters, which would make Blood Kin take the initiative in this fight, and even threaten the other party to be responsible for their actions.

Of course, with the importance of Vampire Hunters having secret experiments, it was not likely to accurately catch the other’s pigtails. So if they couldn’t find evidence, they should go back to the second place and destroy the experimental site. To burn, destroy and kill, they must fundamentally destroy the data and results of the experiment, delay the progress of the experiment to the greatest extent, and strive for a longer time for Blood Kin.

If they couldn’t even do this, they must rescue Avril successfully. As long as there was no pureblood for the experiment, the research progress would also be affected.

The Blood Kin who took part in the action didn’t know the details. They only knew that Avril, the little princess of the Carlisle family, was captured and tortured by the Vampire Hunters. They were naturally filled with indignation. After all, there were many admirers of Avril among these young people, who were eager to win the favor of this noble girl with this action.

With the strict instructions of the elders and the encouragement of “a hero saving the beauty”, the young Blood Kin decided to give a profound lesson to those disgusting vampire hunters. And this conflict between the Blood Kin and the vampire hunters was not what Daniel, a ‘weak’ human being, could participate in.

Although he was very reluctant to leave his sweetheart, Daniel also knew that he could not be willful at this time. The sweetheart wanted to do business. As a thoughtful ‘lover’, he naturally wanted to help — even if his sweetheart refused to accept his help again and again.

Due to thel low value, Daniel could not intervene in the battlefield, but he also had his own advantages — Daniel was ready to return to the Queen and persuade Her Majesty to summon the leaders of the group of Vampire Hunters to a meeting. As for the content of the meeting… Let’s discuss the rights and obligations of the vampire hunters in the ‘new era’ under the leadership of Her Majesty. ^_^

For Daniel’s kind proposal, the elders naturally smiled. Although they couldn’t identify with each other since Daniel was a human being, he was still trying his best to help the ‘natural enemy’ to deal with the human ‘guardians’, but they wouldn’t be cheap or obedient.

After all, love, maybe it was just that it could make people lose their judgment.

Smilingly glancing at Bai Duan with a cold expression, the elder praised the ‘love’ at the right time, and released his kindness to Daniel on behalf of the Blood Kin without hesitation.

“As long as you help the Blood Kin through this difficult time, you will be the forever friend of the Blood Kin. I can promise that as long as our old men can command the Blood Kin, we will never hurt you and your descendants.” After a pause, the smiling and loving elder added, “Of course, if you are willing to give up your human identity and accept your first embrace, you are more than welcome!”

Daniel turned his head to look at his sweetheart. His handsome white cheeks were a little red, and his tone was shy, “If Adrian is willing to give me my first embrace, I will not refuse.”

The elder smiled and nodded — willing to accept the first embrace, that was his own person. With this guy’s skill around the human Queen, he believed that the Blood Kin also needed such ‘talented’ young people to join.

“Then, when Miss Avril is rescued, can I also visit the land of the Blood Kin and Adrian’s castle from time to time?” Daniel asked eagerly — that was his biggest concern.

“Of course.” The elder said firmly, “You are a friend of the Blood Kin. I promise that the Blood Kin will not hurt you and will even protect you.”

Daniel smiled happily and looked at the elder.

Bai Duan, standing quietly on one side, suddenly felt a chill on his back. He felt the scene in front of him… it seemed to have the taste of a bit of complicity, and the calculated person was himself.

With the permission to pester his sweetheart at anytime, anywhere and unbridledly, Daniel was satisfied when he left. Although he couldn’t see his sweetheart’s grievance for the time being, in order to have a long-term future, he could tolerate the temporary departure.

Returning to his mansion, Daniel spent the night writing a long Memorial and presented it to the Queen the next morning.

The Queen had always trusted Daniel, but it was totally unexpected that this guy’s actual purpose was to help the Blood Kin “get rid of the tiger.” After reading the memorial, she was very pleased with what he said. She thought deeply that she didn’t need Daniel’s encouragement, so she quickly sent orders to several leaders of the Vampire Hunters to come to the palace for deliberation as soon as possible. Naturally, there were also leaders from the radical group.

Since Bai Duan escaped from the capture of the Vampire Hunters, the hunters had been alert, and the radicals who had the most direct conflict with him were like enemies, ready to make a comeback. At such a critical moment, when they were summoned by the Queen to go to the capital far away from their base camp, the leaders of the hunters were obviously not very happy. However, now they had been beaten down by Daniel many times and had declined, they were not qualified to refuse.

In any case, they had to leave after receiving the order, turn to the successor they were training, and tell them to be cautious and pay attention to the Blood Kin. There was nothing wrong with the leaders’ prudence. When they arrived at the capital, the Blood Kin received Daniel’s summons and launched an attack on their own targets.

According to the blood relationship between Bai Duan and his sister Avril, as well as the information from Daniel, the Blood Kin had already locked on Avril’s place of detention. It was not the headquarters of the Vampire Hunters, but a rather remote town. Most of those in the town were vampire hunters, and it was the more radical group of hunters.

Under the command of Bai Duan, the Blood Kin, who were already ready to go, surrounded the town from all sides. The blood sucking bats covered the sky like unknown crows, circled and flew over the town, shuttling through the streets and houses. The scarlet eyes were cold and sharp, reflecting everything in the town.

The whole town was in a mess. Ordinary residents and their families held each other and hid in the corner of the houses, shivering. The vampire hunters moved quickly and took up their weapons to confront the sudden Blood Kin.

“It’s you!” The young hunter with two guns in his hands glared at Bai Duan, who was standing at the leading position of all the Blood Kin, and shouted, “What are you going to do with the Blood Kin?! Want to tear up the peace contract?!”

“Tear up the contract? No, no, I just want to save my poor sister who was kidnapped.” Bai Duan hooked his lips slightly and sneered, “Just like you did, right? Your brave vampire hunter who came to save his lover who was taken away by the Blood Kin…”

Yes, Bai Duan also knew that this young man was Reed’s childhood sweetheart. Now, the young hunter had been accepted as a disciple by the leader of the radical group and was taught carefully. He would continue to lead the radical group and inherit the will to destroy the Blood Kin in the future.

There might not be any credit for his little lover’s “sacrifice to the tiger’s lair” behind this glory.

The young hunter frowned and retorted, “Your sister? We don’t have your sister here!” 

“You said no, hmm?” Bai Duan raised his eyebrows. “Don’t underestimate the connection between the blood of the Blood Kin. Even if you hide her tightly, I know where my sister is.”

The young hunter scolded, “Nonsense!” 

“If it’s bullshit, let’s search.” Knowing that the vampire hunters wanted to delay, Bai Duan raised his hand after a few polite greetings and quickly waved, “Search!”

“You dare!” The young hunter, with an iron blue face, raised his two guns and aimed them at Bai Duan, but the silver bullets he fired were easily dodged by Bai Duan.

The vampire hunters launched attacks on the Blood Kin to stop the enemy from entering the town. But when they clashed, they realized that they were wrong — because this group of Blood Kin was so strong that they couldn’t even touch them, and the other side didn’t want to live and be directly turned into food.

This was the difference between an elite Blood Kin and ordinary Blood Kin. Although they were the same, their strength was still a natural barrier.

Due to the contractual relationship, most of the vampire hunters encountered and killed were inferior and rejected by the Blood Kin. In order to vent or survive, this was the inferior mixed race that made waves in human society. Today, Bai Duan brought all the strong men who were carefully trained by various families. They didn’t need to go to the human society to hunt for prey, and they had few opportunities to encounter vampire hunters.

Although the Vampire Hunters had been prepared, or even thought they were well prepared, they totally mispredicted the level and strength of the enemy. The hunters thought that Bai Duan was just a subordinate of the Carlisle family, but they didn’t think they would face the elites selected from all the Blood Kin families.

For the first time, the formation of the vampire hunters showed signs of breaking up, and even worse, the leader they trusted was not around.

Young people, after all, were young people. Although they were not weak or even stronger than their elders, they were far from being experienced enough. In the face of a far greater than expected strong enemy, they did not know what actions should be taken to turn the situation around. They could fight against the wind and waves, but the overall situation was extremely lacking.

Under the influence of the Blood Kin, the young hunter’s brain was blank. He was in a mess, and so were his hunters.

They couldn’t resist the attack of the Blood Kin, and even the tactics of procrastination couldn’t last long. What else could they do? They could only retreat and stay alive. Don’t send all the hunters of our sect here!

The Vampire Hunters knew that they were not invincible to the Blood Kin and wanted to retreat, but why would the Blood Kin, who received the order of the Church, let them leave easily?

The hunter’s town was not that big, but it was not small either. There were various kinds of traps and secret passages. Even if thousands of vampire bats were released, it was hard for the Blood Kin to find evidence of the experiment. Seeing the urgency of time, all the Blood Kin didn’t have the energy to search carefully. They simply carried out the second plan under the command of Bai Duan. No matter what they saw, they destroyed everything. As for the hunters who wanted to escape, they tried to catch up and kill as much as possible.

When the Blood Kin was rampaging through the town, Bai Duan, who had determined the overall situation, retreated from the position of commander. With three or four Blood Kin, he went to a common and inconspicuous folk house following the blood in his body. Rather than looking for the secret passage, Bai Duan raised his hand directly and roared to the wall that he thought was suspicious. After several times of damage, he soon found a dark passage inclined downward.

The darkness didn’t bother the Blood Kin at all. Bai Duan quickly entered the secret passage. He did not know how many gates and traps were destroyed along the way. Only when he reached a depth of nearly one hundred meters, did he see a prison door made of silver and smelling of holy water.

Approaching without permission, Bai Duan looked at the door through the crack of the prison door and immediately caught a figure crouching in the corner, almost integrated with the darkness.

It was almost impossible to believe that this was the lively and joyful little princess in the original’s memory. Bai Duan frowned slightly and called out tentatively, “Avril?”

The figure moved, then slowly raised her head, revealing a pair of empty, scarlet eyes without any divine color.

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