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Chapter 62: Sandwich

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo will give the little husky all the pats in the world


All the suspension devices that arrived would be extradited to a port, where they would go through a security check, ticket check, and enter the first part. The security check was carried out by a combination of both robot and human. It was very fast. Gu YuMian, with four children, was in line for a while.

Gu YuMian pushed the pram. YuanYuan and QiuQiu were sitting in the pram, looking out. In his arms, he was holding the lively, grinning little husky, with the snow leopard on his shoulders. Although little Tangyuan had become a human baby again, a handsome human youth with four different races of children still attracted the attention of tourists in line——

Most of them were curious and well intentioned, and some of them were restrained but still obvious.

Because they were about to enter Utopia, everyone was very excited.

“Why is this human different from others? I’d like to take him home and comb our hair.”

“That’s a husky, fox, and baby. Is that one an albino? It’s lovely. Human beings are good-looking and it feels like a family filled with love.”

“You see he’s shy, hahaha.”

“Wait, my God, wait… Isn’t this the anchor I’ve been following for a long time?”

Gu YuMian, “……”

The little fox was not used to being praised about. He had been shyly curling up with his tail and shrinking behind little Tangyuan for a long time. The little snow leopard was not as lazy as usual. He sat up with his long tail circling his human.

Gu YuMian, on the other hand, was happy because his family was praised as ‘filled with love’ and coughed, a little embarrassed.

——This embarrassment peaked when he was asked to sign.

The girl was about to sign and walk away. At this time, the security check was finally in line with Gu YuMian. After the security check, he would be separated from the other tourists, which made Gu YuMian, someone with a mild social phobia, relieved at last.

Just now, the family had a happy dinner and packed their bags. The imagination of the future was always the most moving when preparing their luggage. Ninety percent of the audience were full of yearning and expectation for this Utopian trip. At present, there were more than 100 million viewers watching online, and new audiences continue to pour in. All kinds of bullet screens never stopped.

[White Pear Blossom, Lili: I’m so sour. I happened to meet MianMian in a line in Utopia. What’s the day of selecting Koi? I also want to sleep in close range!!]

[user 1397: I don’t know anything else. First of all, you have to have money to line up in Utopia.]

[Miwumi: It’s too true.]

Security robots were scanning their luggage, and staff were holding instruments to give them security and physical examination.

The live broadcast was open in the park, which Gu YuMian found was allowed on the official website in advance. As usual, the staff stressed that there would be underwater and air rides, but they were not too fierce, just that the tourists who were afraid of heights and water should pay attention.

“One adult and four children,” the staff asked him, “Is there only one adult? Single?”

Gu YuMian, “Yes, what’s the matter?” What does it have to do with being single?

The staff smiled unfathomably, “Well, have a good time. There may be five or six minutes between adults and children——Don’t worry, the child will not be in any danger, and will be in your sight, just experience different projects separately.”

He showed Gu YuMian the bracelet provided by the amusement park for children. The lost bracelet could be retrieved as soon as possible. It was also a protective measure. When danger was detected, the protective barrier would be released automatically to ensure the safety of children to the greatest extent.

When bringing children to play, adults had to take care of children all the time, sometimes it would cause poor play experience for both sides, which Utopia wanted to change.

Gu YuMian had known about it for a long time, but he hesitated for a moment and said, “Okay.”

Going through security was a channel, directly leading to Utopia’s night tour attraction. At this time, the sound of water was faintly audible. Gu YuMian guessed that the ‘Night Tour of Utopia’ would start with a boat attraction.

This was also one of the most famous attractions in Utopia, and Gu YuMian was also looking forward to it. Because the journey was about to start, at this time the several children could no longer suppress their excitement.

Little Tangyuan had been coming out of the stroller, looking left and right with bright eyes, while the little husky grinned excitedly several times, and his voice echoed in the tunnel.

Soon, at the end of the passage, a narrow channel opened up in front of them.

The whole ‘Night Tour of Utopia’ was an immersive large-scale comprehensive attraction. When they went to the shore, the voice over slowly rang, 

“In the year 197, in the underground river outside the Utopian city-state, there lived the dark elves, the mermaid people exiled by Utopia, and a dragon… This dragon is arrogant by nature. No one knows what it likes.”

——”Then, who can tame the gigantic dragon?”

Gu YuMian had seen some Utopian films, and knew that this was the plot of the movie {Mermaid and the Dragon}. Sure enough, the audience in the bullet screen soon began to cry.

[Blue sky: Aaah! My favorite!! Mermaid and the Dragon!!!]

[A Curtain of Dreams: I didn’t expect this would be {Mermaid and the Dragon}. If I remember correctly, there is a hidden plot. Anchor can try it.]

The original story was similar to the story of Beauty and the Beast. 1 The exiled Mermaid meets the cursed dragon in the underground river, and they gradually fall in love with each other in the process of living together.

The theme of ‘Night Tour of Utopia’ would change. Some plots would have hidden plot links. A lot of tourists just wanted the hidden plot, but the opening probability was relatively low.

The little wooden boat docked on the shore. This was not a narrow and wide underground river, but a bit like an underground cave. On the craggy wall hung dim yellow and bright miner’s lamps, and there were all kinds of totems. The small wooden boat drifted gently in the water. There was a moist and cool feeling on the skin. The melodious harp sounded from afar, accompanied by the wind and some light from the distance.

The whole atmosphere was blurred and simple, the light was very dark, but added a charming color.

“Chii!” Little Tangyuan liked this environment and atmosphere so much. He was able to wake up in his humanoid form, now happily sucking his fingers and blinking his big eyes to look left and right.

Just as they stepped on the boat, a turtle rose from the bottom of the water and carried the boat slowly forward. And small fireflies, the size of thumbs, also flew down the wind to gather into small lights. Four elves stood on the edge of the boat and shook their oars.

“My God.”

The effect was so realistic that it didn’t look like a phantom projection or anything. Gu YuMian and the cubs and the audience, except the snow leopard, were all surprised. The baby panda was curiously lying on the edge of the boat was trying to say hello to the elves, who were also lovingly holding their skirt in salute.

The baby panda was very happy. He dragged the little fox over who looked at the elves with great embarrassment.

“Hello.” Gu YuMian saw that the fox was really shy. He held his claws and said hello to the elves, then did the same for the snow leopard and husky.

One by one, the elves saluted. A moment later, they were attracted by Gu YuMian and flew to him with wings.


The wind calmed down in this second.

In the dark underground river, the elf in a white dress gently flapped their translucent wings and closed their eyes to kiss Gu YuMian’s forehead.

A little bit of light was attached to the young man’s eyelashes, reflecting the light in his eyes. The young man’s smile showed a little surprise and the dimple beside his lip appeared.

He held the lovely furry TuanTuan in his arms. The whole picture was beautiful and had a hazy sense of story.

The audience was stunned.

[Where the fireworks are shining: Aaaaaaah! I pressed the screenshot button until my hands went numb!!! How does every frame look like a movie poster??!]

[Xiao Ming Loves to Vomit: This is too true, I want to make complaints about my nose bleeding. I screamed and pushed the quilt on the bed.]

[Junior B: I’m absolutely a straight guy, but I can’t help wanting a screenshot.]

[User Anu: Wtf, Wtf, Wtf, opening the screen with high energy. I go to Utopia so many times, and never knew that the Elves would kiss the visitors?!]

Since Gu YuMian didn’t set a cover, the cover of the studio changed with the content in real time. This frame was displayed on the cover, and it happened to be displayed on the homepage. In just a dozen seconds, the number of audience members was enough, soaring again!

In the dark, the camera used to commemorate the tourists recorded the picture in silence. At this time, no one could guess that in the near future, this picture would be selected as the main poster for all of Utopia’s propaganda.

Little Tangyuan, the little fox, the little husky and even the audience were all in high spirits at this time, except for the little snow leopard…

The little snow leopard stared at the elf coldly, his sharp claws sticking out of his paw pads.

Who was to be married?

Who designed this AI?!

How brave.

The elf felt a powerful biological wave from the sky. Under the gaze of the snow leopard, she shrank up a little bit and went back to the oar weakly. The boat was moving slowly along the water, and the swaying oars were rowing away the shimmering lights and shadows on the water.

Gu YuMian was just wondering how the elf’s attitude had changed. Turning around, he saw that the snow leopard was so angry and could not help caressing his little head. But that’s not all. The little snow leopard stopped on the surface. In fact, his tail swept behind the little husky without a trace.

The little husky ran to the edge of the boat in a few steps and under the strength which he didn’t know where it came from, he was knocked over. He looked at the elf with his head askew, his tongue out, and his mouth opened curiously for a long time——

The little snow leopard gloated and raised his chin with satisfaction.

“Er’er!” Because Gu YuMian hurriedly stopped him, the elf was able to escape. 

She trembled and spoke like a mosquito, “Welcome to the underground river, I will take you to Utopia.”

Omitting the next long series of commentaries, the atmosphere was quiet and awkward for a while.

Gu YuMian, “……”


[TuanTuan once again uses the racial talent of lemon, hahaha eats AI vinegar] and [The fairy is really miserable.]

Fortunately, the following beautiful scenery diluted the embarrassment of the atmosphere. From time to time, fireflies scattered and sometimes gathered together. All kinds of water people came out one by one to say hello and interact with them. There were coral princesses, little boys transformed from lantern fish, sirens, etc.

The little husky was completely playing. His two forepaws were holding the boat’s edge and wagging his tail. Every time someone came out, he said hello happily.

The baby panda and fox were also surprised to see this, the little snow leopard would occasionally be attracted to the line of sight.

The distant and mysterious harp sounds began to grow closer, and the boat moved forward a little bit in the lightly swaying and bright river. The space was not big or bright, but gave people a sense of inexplicable security, like wandering in another world.

The little snow leopard felt the wind coming in front of him. He was lazy. His plush ears were against Gu YuMian’s neck.

The bullet screen wanted to hear him sing.

Gu YuMian, in the peaceful silence, was wonderfully connected with the little snow leopard’s heart, “Do you want to listen to the music?”

The baby panda took the lead in holding Gu YuMian’s hand and rubbing his head, “Chii!!!”

Of course, the fox and husky had heard Gu YuMian sing a lullaby, but it was only occasionally, and they were immediately happy.

The audience of Capital Star hadn’t heard Gu YuMian sing yet, while the old audience who had been chasing him since Takk couldn’t help but feel excited and brush the screen:

[Aaah! Let’s invite the immortal to sing!] 

[I, I, I have been waiting for this day to come. It’s super good. I’m addicted to it once I listen.] 

[Hurry up.]

Maybe it was because Gu YuMian’s mood was also very relaxed. When he opened his mouth, he didn’t feel nervous and sluggish at the beginning like the last time. He naturally sang the first tone with the distant harp.

Nearly 130 million people were stunned at the same time.

——Like the spring Milu, like the pine wind from the forest leaves. The song comes with numerous voices and colors, which reminded people of a clear blue sky reflected in the autumn rain and cicadas’ singing, and a good dream in the night during late summer and early autumn.

It was not very skillful, but it was inexplicably infectious. In the autumn when the lights and oars crumbled in the night wind, it could make people calm down, involuntarily affected by the sound and mood.

The baby panda sucked his fingers and leaned against the fox, who gently shook his big tail, as he listened quietly. The little husky was strangely quiet, listening and shaking his head happily.

It was hard for the little snow leopard, even as he closed his eyes comfortably.

The group of fireflies spread out with the notes, and the elves closed their eyes and flapped their wings as if they were dancing.

After a brief silence, the bullet screen poured out like the tide!

[Grapefruit, lemon and cat tea: It’s really not me blowing it. It’s really nice. I’ll never forget aaah at first sight! MianMian’s timbre is so special and clean, so gentle. 555]

[Charging: You can’t help being blown out after diving for many years, anchor, hurry up!!! ]

[Spark: Just now I accidentally opened the live broadcast, and all my three roommates lost a second. Now they’ve been pestering me to ask which star this is.]

In the blink of an eye, the number of viewers soared by several million again, and the number of bullet screens and gift effects was almost endless. In the home page real-time popularity list ranking, the live broadcast rushed to the first, and quickly opened a gap of tens of millions!

The sound of the harp coincided with the last note from Gu YuMian.

Gu YuMian held the cubs in his arms, caressed the forehead of the children and raised his head. The exit of the underground river was near, and there was a light in the distance.

A mermaid with a harp and ear fins leaned against a miner’s lamp on the bank around the corner and kissed Gu YuMian’s forehead.

[Quen: I’ve been there so many times. I’ve never seen this Mermaid, have I?? ]

The snow leopard’s face was cold and alert at once, while the husky waved his tail cheerfully in advance to greet the mermaid. “Aowu aowu!”

The mermaid smilingly lifted her wavy curly hair. When Gu YuMian’s boat approached, she gently dragged the edge of the boat with one hand, reached for the food and she would not go.

Gu YuMian and the audience, “…”

Gu YuMian thought with great consternation, Was it okay?? Feeding the mermaid?

He didn’t expect it could be — the amusement park in the Star Age had an unimaginably high sense of authenticity and immersion. Maybe it was because of the improvement of science and technology, the cleaning after treatment was very easy, without many restrictions.

“The snacks are not for you,” Gu YuMian said.

They brought snacks, but the snacks for the babies were not suitable for water creatures.

[Sydney: Hahahaha MianMian, isn’t that serious? How can she eat a sandwich?]

Unexpectedly, the mermaid nodded solemnly.

The sandwich made by the little fox had been eaten up. Gu YuMian directly separated the ingredients and sealed them in a fresh-keeping bag. He didn’t expect this situation. He opened the plastic bag and set up a small alcohol stove — it was portable for the journey, with a small fire and a big palm.

Gu YuMian first spread mayonnaise on both sides of the bread slices and toasted them. The cooked synthetic chicken breast was fried in a small oven until it was golden on both sides. Then he spread chicken breast, tomato slices, cheese slices and lettuce in turn.

It would be ready in two minutes. It was a slightly golden piece of bread with golden fried chicken breast, salty cheese, fresh tomato and lettuce inside. The color of each piece was delicious and pleasing to the eyes. It didn’t taste very good, but it was a strong and fresh fragrance that lingered on the tip of the nose.

The audience didn’t expect Gu YuMian to make such a delicious and attractive sandwich in a blink of an eye. They were stunned for a moment. It was really less than two minutes!!

The mermaid’s tail fin patted on the water as she took the sandwich, bit down, and showed an intoxicated expression.

Little Tangyuan was also greedy at this time, and wanted to eat with Gu YuMian. After Gu YuMian asked, he cut a piece for each of the four children——

The bread slices were roasted with mayonnaise, fragrant and crispy, and then the fried chicken breast was tender in the outer crisp. The meat was delicious, not burnt, not soft, just juicy, tender and smooth.

With the delicious lettuce and tomato, it was fresh, and the cheese tasted silky and mellow.

The baby panda and little fox showed the same intoxication as the mermaid, and the little husky couldn’t help licking his nose.

[Tangyuan Peanuts: An unexpected late night food attack, so deadly aaaaah! I died!! QAQ]

[Marshmallow 123: It was made in two minutes. It’s amazing. It’s delicious. The taste of chicken breast is too foul!!]

[Pig Girl: Yummy, yummy, yummy!! Lettuce and tomato taste clear and refreshing, just right! Hey, hey, I love this! And this scene, although it’s unexpected and inexplicable, I love how it works!]

There was no decline in the popularity of the live broadcast room, which lasted all the way.

The mermaid finished the sandwich with a few bites and licked her fingers.

The baby panda lay in Gu YuMian’s arms and looked back at this beautiful big sister. The mermaid smiled at little Tangyuan and sang a few songs. She took over the work of the old turtle and gently pushed Gu YuMian’s boat towards the exit.

Gu YuMian had a hunch something was going to happen. He put his hands out to the four cubs.

They listened to the mermaid’s singing quietly. The second the boat came out of the dark underground river, the fireflies and the elves said goodbye to them and then flew to the sky. Their vision became clear——

All the light and color flowed into the pupils at the same time.

The golden red lights were everywhere, and the dwarves walked along the river with little lanterns.

In the air was a unicorn with four hoofs and treading the air. The city was bustling like a banquet. The living animals were drinking and laughing at them. A witch and their apprentice were arguing loudly. The minstrel sitting on the high place sang. The World Tree in the center connected the heavens and the earth. The train rumbled through the center, carrying passengers of different races, and flew to the broader night sky. The bright moon cast out its light.

It was a city-state located on the water, simple, mysterious and prosperous, full of vitality.



This was the only thought in the mind of all tourists when they entered Utopia.

At this moment, hundreds of boats carrying tourists came out of the underground river and gathered together to drive to the city and take the sky train.

That’s when Gu YuMian, holding the children, felt his boat rising and soaring under the envious eyes of other tourists. The fierce wind swept over his ears, and the children looked down curiously at the same time.

A black dragon appeared from the bottom of the water, and let the boat stay on its back, flapping its wings and flying to the sky, roaring——


The mermaid leaned back to the shore, brushed her long wavy hair with her hands, and said goodbye to Gu YuMian with a smile and a wave. At the same time, the intelligent AI on the boat said, “Hidden plot triggered.”

Therefore, there was another wave on the bullet screen, and the audience never thought it would be like this. It was amazing and joyful.

Gu YuMian, “……”

Wait, how did the plot get triggered?

Because of a sandwich?

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Translator Notes:

  1. An arrogant prince is cursed to live as a terrifying beast until he finds true love. Strangely, his chance comes when he captures an unwary clockmaker, whose place is then taken by his bold and beautiful daughter Belle.  


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