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Chapter 208: Final World (11)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Edited by Sulo


Leaving the Church and getting on the coach, Bai Duan had a dignified and thoughtful look all the way. Daniel sat next to him with a worried expression, but he kept a thoughtful silence and didn’t disturb him.

Back at the temporary hotel, Bai Duan curtly dismissed the attendants who accompanied him, and then quickly returned to his room. Until he closed the door, he finally got rid of the heavy expression on his face, and couldn’t help hooking up the corner of his mouth, showing a triumphant smile.

Daniel, who had been worried about his sweetheart’s low mood, said, “What do you think… You look… happy?” Daniel blinked, for the first time he felt it was so inexplicable.

“Mn, happy.” Bai Duan walked lightly to the window, turned around and sat on the chair, and raised his legs. Although his lover was still in a state of amnesia, he was not prepared to hide his actions from the other party, “I think my goal should be achieved.”

“What goal?” Daniel sat down in another chair next to Bai Duan and looked askance at his sweetheart.

“Saving Avril ~” Bai Duan raised his eyebrows. “Even if the Church is not willing to completely tear up the Vampire Hunters, they should support me to rescue my sister in the same manner of it being a ‘private matter’. As long as I have the secret assistance of the Church, I will be able to gather more and better quality people, and I will be more confident in saving Avril!”

“Indeed, I think the Church Council made such a decision. Since the Vampire Hunters were the first to cross the border in the name of it being a ‘private matter’, the Blood Kin can naturally ‘give back the other way.’” Daniel nodded approvingly, then wondered, “By the way, how do you know that the Vampire Hunters are experimenting with purebloods?”

“I don’t know. I hid and ran when I saw the shadow of a vampire hunter. Where could I look for information?” Hearing this question, Bai Duan immediately became more complacent. “I just opened a brain hole and made up a story according to the actual situation. In order to let the Church agree to help me, the more sensational and dangerous the story is, the better. Don’t you think it’s a good bluff?” For the first time, Bai Duan, who took the initiative to cheat people, could not wait to show off his success to his lover. “I didn’t think it would go well, but those elders really believed it! It seems that my acting skills are not bad!”

Looking at his sweetheart’s triumphant look as if his tail would be cocked up, Daniel had no words for a long time. His eyes were full of complexity, “Well, your level of deception is really good…” After a pause, he said with some emotion, “This is the first time I’ve looked away. I thought you were a simple, straightforward and occasionally arrogant person. I didn’t expect you to deceive people without blinking. Even I was fooled…”

Hearing Daniel’s sigh, Bai Duan’s originally boastful expression suddenly froze, and his heart thumped. He knew that his lover first extended a helping hand to him, even loved him, because he was innocent at that time, and when he was with him, he could make his lover feel at ease. But now, after more than ten worlds, Bai Duan was not the little white ermine who once knew nothing about the world. He had learned to disguise and calculate. Now was he still the one his lover liked? Would the other party be disappointed with his changes?

The first time he thought about this problem, Bai Duan felt a little bad. He wished he could put it back into the ground ten minutes ago and stay in the ground. Looking at Daniel with a stiff expression, Bai Duan did not dare to blink for fear of seeing any disappointment or displeasure from the other side’s face.

Daniel was watched by his sweetheart like this, which was quite inexplicable, but the other side’s explosion was a mess and uneasy, and this careful appearance made him tender. He couldn’t help but lift up his hand and rub Bai Duan’s head recklessly. Daniel softened his voice, “What’s the matter? All of a sudden, not talking anymore?”

Bai Duan’s head was rubbed, and he didn’t think of the need to maintain his noble status as a Blood Kin. Instead, he was relieved by this extremely familiar action. He pursed his lips and said with some caution, “I’m such a liar, aren’t you… well, disappointed?”

“Disappointed? Why?” Daniel was surprised.

“Because I don’t match your imagination…” Bai Duan muttered.

Daniel laughed, “It’s my fault to presume you and label you. What’s more, when I fell in love with you at first sight, I never thought about who you were. Whether you are a simple, straightforward or duplicative little liar, I like you very much!”

“… Really?” Bai Duan blinked, his heart relaxed.

“Nature is true.” There was no hesitation in Daniel’s voice. “Besides, I’m not a good person. When I was in the Church, I was lying to them! I don’t know if the Vampire Hunters are carrying out any secret experiments at all. Just that, I saw them still hesitating, so I fooled them along with you.”

Bai Duan licked the corner of his mouth and suddenly felt pity for the Church who was cheated by them. It was really “liars are not terrible, they are afraid of culture” — and gang crime! It was easy for Bai Duan to worry about more problems. He tilted his head and asked a question, “If, I mean, if — if my character is as naive as you think, would you like me a little more?”

“What a foolish thing to say.” Daniel sighed helplessly, leaned over and kissed Bai Duan’s curious eyes. “No matter whether you are a little angel or a little devil, I like you exactly the same, but the way I like you may be different.”

“What’s the difference?” Bai Duan was more curious.

“If you are a pure little angel, I will naturally give you a clean heaven, where you can live happily and carefree. As for the wind, rain, lightning and thunder outside, I will bear it.” He raised the hair near Bai Duan’s cheek and gently pulled it behind his ear. Daniel chuckled, “If you are a little devil, then I can cheat and collude with you. I can see all kinds of things in the world and indulge in all kinds of arbitrariness — just like in the Church before, how well we can cooperate with each other! It’s like a heart with a soul, and it’s easy to get through!”

Hearing Daniel’s words, Bai Duan’s eyes suddenly brightened, and his heart was in full bloom. The dissatisfaction and sadness that had been suppressed in his heart all along disappeared. Although there was no memory, there was no doubt that Daniel and Guan Wu were still the same person in essence, and the way of thinking was the same.

For Bai Duan, who used to be simple and ignorant, Guan Wu had thus constructed a paradise of peace and happiness. Even in the face of a reincarnation with an uncertain future, he was doing his best to protect him from twists and turns.

So, did Daniel’s words mean that he now had the qualification to walk side by side with Guan Wu and support each other, and no longer need to be sheltered under his wings? Bai Duan’s heart thumped, and he felt that even if he didn’t finish the task for the time being, his life had been fulfilled. After all, he came to this world not to earn any energy, just to prove himself, to get the recognition of his lover. Now, his amnesiac lover recognized his ability, so after the other side recovered his memory, he should not refute the current view, right?

Bai Duan was so happy that he completely forgot his cold disguise and his happy eyes narrowed.

Daniel looked at his sweetheart and wondered why he was so happy. After all, he had been chasing him all the time, but his sweetheart could only reveal a little tenderness from time to time. How could he suddenly become so concerned about him and worry about gain and loss, and worry about little things?

… Although, such a sweetheart was also very cute

Of course, even if it was strange in his heart, Daniel couldn’t give up the good welfare for such a doubt. Taking advantage of Bai Duan’s good mood and extra meekness, Daniel quickly got closer and put his hands on the other’s flexible waist.

He licked his lips and kissed the red lips he had been thinking about for a long time. Daniel turned around, grinded and licked his lips step by step, until he knocked Bai Duan’s teeth open and wrapped his soft tongue around his, which made him exhale a satisfied sigh.

Bai Duan was naturally familiar with his lover’s intimacy. Because he was happy, his usual attitude of rejecting him from thousands of miles away, turned into him conniving the other’s invasion, leaving Daniel to press himself on the chair and move his feet.

The obedience and silent response of his sweetheart made Daniel’s blood boil. He impatiently pulled away the complicated dress on Bai Duan’s body, and his palm went deep under his shirt. He stroked his sweetheart’s icy, smooth and tight skin, moving up and down, as if he wanted to transmit his hot body temperature to the other person.

The temperature was too hot for Bai Duan, a Blood Kin. He frowned slightly, turned his head away from Daniel’s deep kiss, which seemed to be trying to swallow himself into his stomach, and gently pushed the other side’s sharply undulating chest.

Daniel retreated a little, hung his head and pecked at the corner of his sweetheart’s mouth. His eyes were burning and deep. He hinted in a hoarse, impatient voice, “Baby, since we are so in tune, should we do something happy to celebrate?” 

Bai Duan squinted, his red eyes glistening with water, and quickly got Daniel’s meaning. Suddenly, Bai Duan felt that he was amused by the other’s amnesia. There was something… he was fun to bully.

Although Daniel’s previous words made Bai Duan very satisfied, the other side had not really recovered his memory, and he and Guan Wu had not talked face to face seriously and formally solved the conflict — he wanted to eat meat before the cold war was over, ha ha, in his dreams!

Finally, he dragged his high and cold appearance out of the corner. Bai Duan slapped the dust and put back on his face calmly and without any heart. After all, the power of Blood Kin was completely irresistible to human beings. With a little bit of force, Bai Duan gently lifted Daniel, who was pressing on him.

Daniel couldn’t help but step back a few steps, and showed an ignorant face, “…???”

Disregarding his lover’s confused and aggrieved vision, Bai Duan stood up and straightened out his scattered clothes. He found that the arrangement was not good. He simply didn’t care. He raised his hand and combed the disordered hair to the back of his head, revealing that although he still had some feelings and desires, he had recovered his cool and self-sustaining handsome face.

Daniel’s breathing was sluggish. He only felt that such a sweetheart seemed to be more charming, which made him totally unable to move his sight away. He would like to jump on the sauce and brew immediately.

“What’s the matter, baby? Did I hurt you?” Stepping forward, Daniel’s affectionate style was blatant.

“No.” Bai Duan glanced at him with a light glance and hooked up the corner of his mouth. “I’m just tired and want to rest — alone.”

After that, without waiting for Daniel to open his mouth again, Bai Duan waved a black fog and rolled Daniel up with irresistible force. As soon as the door was opened, he immediately threw him out of the room. He was full of lust, fire and impatience, but he watched the door close in front of him.

The value of force was too low. It was impossible to live such a life!

Lying on the bed, his body was also a little rough. But the movement was worth it to the happy Bai Duan: ^_^

It’s really… How cool!

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