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Chapter 66: Don’t Make Him Cry

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo can already taste the soup dumplings QAQ


A few kilometers away from the main city of Utopia, the moon lake reflected the vast night. The warm shade tree house was located on the lake, like a sky lantern, suspended in the middle of the night. And inside the little tree house——

Gu YuMian was surrounded by four hairballs who were watching him take out the bamboo steamer. Several small steamed buns, which were white and crystal clear, with thin skin and big filling, were neatly stacked in the steamer.

Through the thin and flexible skin, they could see the fresh and tender meat filling inside, wrapped with golden crab powder. The skin was thin, the meat was tender and plump. Once you poke with chopsticks, you will pour out the thick soup made of crab.

The hot steam mixed with the fresh fragrance kept rising, first smelling the fresh smell of vinegar and ginger. Taking a deep breath again, the crab meat soup was mellow and fragrant, and it penetrated into the nasal cavity along with the steam, making people hungry!

The little husky’s tail soon turned into an electric fan leaf. He first squeezed into Gu YuMian’s arms to smell the soup dumpling, then raised his head and was very excited, “Awoo!! Aowu!!!”

There was also a whistling response from the gigantic dragon.

In addition, the baby panda and the little fox cooed and whimpered, and the little snow leopard pushed the dishes with his claws, and the mermaid’s tail slapped the water.

… Fortunately, Gu YuMian had already turned off the sound effect of the bullet screen, otherwise, he would have had a “beep beep” sound that kept popping up.

——The audience even brushed tens of thousands of meaningless lines such as “aaah!” and “hurry up” and “poison late at night”, almost being judged as manual brushing of the bullet screen by the system backstage. The number of people has now soared over 100 million, but in the middle of the night, there was no slowing down, and they continue to increase!

Originally a good paradise, it became noisy and crowded.

Gu YuMian couldn’t help crying and laughing, “Haven’t you eaten this before?” How come they’re so excited about these?

[South China tiger will never blind date: To tell you the truth, I just subconsciously checked the tickets to Utopia. QAQ I really want to fly there now!]

[Throwing Cosmetics: I want to goooo! Come on, come on!!]

The bullet screen was urging him on as well. In reality, there were six pairs of expectant eyes looking at him.

“I’ll be right there.” Gu YuMian steamed the six baskets of steamed buns for the mermaid to take home, and then arranged the vinegar and ginger for her son and the couple.

“First suck the soup, then dip it in vinegar and ginger, soak the whole bun and filling, and then take a bite.” Said Gu YuMian.

All the children except little Er Ha had eaten similar soup dumplings, and they were now familiar with the way to eat it, while the mermaid and the giant dragon were purely relying on their super savvy guest. Gu YuMian beckoned to the little husky and taught him how to eat.

The cubs couldn’t use chopsticks so Gu YuMian had prepared gloves for them. And the baby panda clumsily stretched out his paws and held a small soup dumpling, and, nom, took a bite——

Compared with Tangbao, the little soup dumplings had a sweeter and delicate Southern flavor. Adding the rock sugar, it would win any competition. It was melted in the thick and mellow soup, just to further set off the fresh and tender crab meat filling.

After breaking the thin skin, the oily, fat and non-greasy soup suddenly overflowed, and the fresh soup boiled by the crab came into the throat. What’s more, it was filled with meat, wrapped with crab roe in early autumn, with vinegar and ginger. It was crispy, strong, tender, waxy, soft and smooth inside. It was hard to forget when they tasted it!

Such a clear and delicious small soup dumpling, because of its lightweight, they couldn’t help but eat another after eating one. One bite of the small soup dumpling, not too much for the belly and always delicious to taste, this kind of enjoyment made people almost want to sigh.

The little fox and little snow leopard were the most skilled. They had eaten several. The little snow leopard lay in Gu YuMian’s arms and licked his paws unconsciously.

The mermaid, with her beautiful face, ate the bun without any ambiguity. She ate several of them by herself. She had been staring for a long time and she had a long time to react and first ate one of them reluctantly. At the same time, the couple breathed a happy sigh of relief, and a small amount of steam came out of their noses.

From the very beginning, the bullet screen had been surging wildly, setting off a popularity  wave higher than before!

[White Pear Blossom, Lili: Yummy, yummy, yummy!! Super delicious!!! And one bite at a time, can eat for a long time, but can’t eat it. I’m torn, aaaaaah!]

[Stay With Me: The soup was so mellow that it tastes good. Crazy licking claws and drooling… Today’s weight-loss plan was broken too]

[There’s a Cloud: Fat, crisp and delicious. It’s delicious. I’ve got all the presents. Thank you anchor.]

[User 197827: I was recommended to here from the homepage. Shit, how can I sleep at night?!]

All kinds of special effects and comments filled the whole screen. There was no time to read them all. The number of people directly rushed up to 140 million!

It was a satisfying and happy night.

Since the dumplings were so delicious that they had no time to talk. The audience could only hear the collision of dishes. Two lights were set behind them and the light from a bonfire by the lake sparkled in the distance, and they all sat together. There were small steamed buns, egg soup, the lake wind, the moon rays melting into the night, and they were surrounded by those who were dear to them. It was hard to think of a better life.

In the holographic mode, now the audience was watching from the perspective of small Tangyuan, who was also very satisfied. After eating the delicious dumplings and two mouthfuls of egg soup, he dozed off in Gu YuMian’s arms lazily. The lights flickered in the night, and a breeze blew up from the lake…

The baby panda burped contentedly, and the little fox patted him on his back. The mermaid touched the horn of the giant dragon and started to sing.

Gu YuMian brought a little ukulele on this trip, took it out, and plucked the strings to accompany the mermaid. The little snow leopard stretched out, rubbed against Gu YuMian’s palm, and pushed away the little husky who collapsed in Gu YuMian’s arms.

[Tech Tree: I’m working overtime, why am I watching this live broadcast abusing myself? TVT]

[Aicyhuh: It’s a nice autumn. To tell you the truth, I’m working hard now to quit my job and live the life that Mian Mian is.]

It was a little after eleven and they had just ate and drank soup. The number of people had increased by more than 10 million, and now it had reached 150 million.

Gu YuMian couldn’t help but gasp at the number of viewers. He needed to end the broadcast, or some viewers would stay up too late.

“Generally speaking, six is enough,” Gu YuMian reached out and rubbed the baby panda’s stomach. “Are you not too full or hungry, hm?”

The baby panda: “Chii.”

In Gu YuMian’s hometown in his last life, he had twelve steamed buns for breakfast; six fresh meat and six crab filled ones but it was not necessary to have so many at night. Six were good.

After dinner, it was time for the mermaid and dragon to go home.

“Mr. Nick, Miss Anna,” Gu YuMian handed the stuffed buns to the mermaid in a fresh-keeping bag. “If you don’t dislike it, please take them back. You can eat them by steaming them in a steamer. Maybe the taste is not as good as that on the spot.” 

After all, the ingredients needed to be fresh to be the most delicious.

She didn’t expect to have something to eat or bring back. This time, the mermaid couldn’t help it anymore. She raised her hand and asked Gu YuMian to come over. Before everyone reacted, she smiled and gave him a kiss on the face.

The little snow leopard’s face sank, ‘Fuck.’

Gu YuMian: “……”

Twenty minutes later, although the overall area of the small treehouse was not large, the facilities were very complete, and there were wooden buckets for hot baths. Gu YuMian pulled out the wooden bucket and added water. Towels, bath agents, combs, brushes, and baby lotion for autumn were all ready. He beckoned the children to take a hot bath.

“We had a busy day. It’s more comfortable to take a hot bath.”

The little fox curled up into a ball in Gu YuMian’s arms. Gu YuMian took the little brush in one hand, brushed it first and then, and said, “After the bath, our live broadcast is over.”

Nearly 160 million people were reluctant to leave. Several local fans smashed fireworks to keep him broadcasting.

[Mian Mian, it’s before midnight, and the night is just beginning. QAQ.] 

[You’ve been broadcasting for five hours. Why does it feel like it’s only been five minutes, and it’s gone all of a sudden!]

[+ 1, I just watched it with relish.]

Gu YuMian has no choice but to say, “Don’t stay up late. It hurts your body… I’ll extend the live broadcast time in the next two days. I start it tomorrow morning. You can watch it whenever you want.”

In the morning, he planned to make a new dish to be launched in Elbet – flaky puff pastry covered soup. 1 He wanted to let the children taste it first.

The bathing place was still on a small open platform. Today, a full moon was in the sky. It was very pleasant to take a hot bath under the moonlight and lake light.

Every pore was open to let the warm heat flow through the skin. In addition, Gu YuMian combs and massages the children’s hair in turn. They could smell the light maple leaf, pine-scented bath agent.

After this night, all of their tiredness disappeared in the warm water. The audience couldn’t help but close their eyes and seriously feel the moment of relaxation and peace. Although Gu YuMian said that it was going to end soon, the enthusiasm on the bullet screen remained unchanged, and the number of spectators went all the way over 160 million, and continued to rise!

This kind of time point, even for the most top-ranking Starry Sky anchor, it was difficult to reach such an audience number and continue to rise. Gu YuMian almost took the traffic of the entire platform at this moment into his own live studio.

The baby panda lay comfortably in the tub, holding his paws to lift water on his belly. The little husky buried his head in the hot water excitedly. He thought he was a fish, spit out a bunch of bubbles, and was caught by Gu YuMian when he was about to faint. The little snow leopard first stepped into the tub, dipped his paws in the water, then made a face, stretched his small paw pad to Gu YuMian’s cheek, pressed, and clapped again.

Gu YuMian was not clear at first, so later, then remembered that it was the place where the mermaid had kissed him.

Gu YuMian, “……” He took the little one’s paw, ironically, “She’s married. Her children are so big that they won’t allow step-parents. Don’t worry.”

Besides, the mermaid was more enthusiastic. Like many western countries in the last life, he also has a face-to-face gift. Although Gu YuMian was a little bit uncomfortable, it’s nothing.

The little snow leopard was not comforted and still had a gloomy face.

Gu YuMian couldn’t help it. First, he bathed the little snow leopard, combed his hair, wrapped him in a big bath towel, and held him up. Then he washed YuanYuan, QiuQiu, and ErEr. He took a quick bath by himself, and when he came back, little Tangyuan was so tired that he rubbed his eyes with his claws.

“Are you sleepy? Let’s go to bed.”

The first and second floors of the treehouse were connected by a rattan bridge. Gu YuMian studied for a while and finally moved all four cubs up. If the first layer was sparrow, though it has five internal organs, the second layer was completely opposite. The treehouse was made of a dead tree. The second floor was a small platform, about the size of the first floor. But the soft mattress, doll pillow and two fairy books were all covered.

But one could only sleep when they went to the second floor. They couldn’t jump down or roll or jump on it. They were looking up at the vast night when they lay down. It was like they could touch the moon when they reached out. It was a bit like sleeping on the moon.

Gu YuMian didn’t need to look to know that this kind of design was very popular with the children. Sure enough, the baby panda cheered, dragged the little fox into the bed, drilled a head out of the quilt, looked at Gu YuMian with wet eyes, and urged him to come quickly.

Gu YuMian, holding the little snow leopard and the little Er Ha, also lay in the quilt.

It was really comfortable.

They were the world’s favorite fluffy children lying on their back in the night. They could hear the noise from Utopia far away. The fairies fluttered their wings into the forest, and the dwarves turned off the miner’s lamp.

It was going to be time to dream.

It wouldn’t be long before the dawn of the next day, the whole magical city-state will come back to life.

Gu YuMian hugged the snow leopard, buried his head on the side of its neck and took a breath. He was a little sleepy, his voice was soft and light, and he said goodbye to the audience. “That’s the end of our live broadcast today… See you live tomorrow. Don’t stay up late. Good night, then.”

This whole evening, following the live broadcast, the audience seemed to play in Utopia by themselves. From the underground river at the beginning, to the later riding on the back of a dragon, and then to Sky City – although something went wrong, it was generally very happy.

And finally, there was such a gentle ending. What’s more, there would be a more wonderful second and third day.

How could people not expect something and yearn for it?

[White Nocturnal Song: Good night. Listen to the anchor, you can’t say anything to extend the live broadcast.]

[Bio: See you tomorrow! I’ve started to look forward to tomorrow morning, eight hours to go.]

[Sleep in Marshmallow: Aaah! I want MianMian to go to bed with the live broadcast on. I can do nothing.]

That, of course, was impossible. Gu YuMian smiled, pressed to exit the live broadcast, and the screen gradually faded. While he reached out and held the children in his arms, listening to YuanuYuan and QiuQiu’s even breath, he fell asleep.


Gu YuMian’s live broadcast of the whole day today, from the beginning to the end, every second of the popularity seen in the background, the increase of the heat of the bullet screen, the influx of new audience members and other data were very amazing. Especially the conversion rate of his audience to fans.

This evening, no mention of micro blogs, just on Starry Sky Platform, the number of fans had increased by tens of millions. Almost 90% of the new audience would turn into fans. And even though his live broadcast was over, his influence continued to spread, and his popularity in the circle of friends and micro blog continued to ferment.

Utopian officials even sent three photos of Gu YuMian captured by the commemorative camera on their micro blog, and within two minutes, the amount of forwarding was easily broke one hundred thousand.

Although Gu YuMian’s live broadcast was long, it still gave people a sense of indecision after watching it, especially the Utopia shown in it, which was beyond many people’s imagination. Sixty-seven percent of the audience members set their alarm clocks for the next day to get up early and watch the live broadcast. Maybe it was because all kinds of propaganda quickly flowed to the Starry Sky Platform, or maybe it was just because the content was attractive enough.

——In the last second of Gu YuMian’s live broadcast closing, the audience jumped to 250 million.


Gu YuMian slept with the baby panda and fox, but the husky was very uneasy.

He had waited for a short time before, and soon was full of energy. Now he felt like a dragon, then like a fish, and wanted to jump directly from the second floor of the tree house to the lake to swim.


He held Gu YuMian’s trouser legs and tried to pull him out. He was more excited when he saw that the human being was asleep. Two front claws were placed on the edge of the second floor, wagging his tail as he looked down at the lake.

Writers and artists were somewhat alike. Although the little husky was not writing a manuscript recently, his brain circuit still thought about it as soon as he could. In fact, he couldn’t swim. The power was similar to the spirit system of the little fox’s super brain power.

The reason why powers were so popular in the whole universe was that they were really powerful. Of course, abilities could be classified into different levels, and abilities above A-level could almost change a creature dramatically. For example, before the fox Guoe up to his power, he was just an ordinary and even a little shy and clumsy child, which was no different from how he acted in Gu YuMian’s family.

When the fox began to use his super brain power, his ability of thinking, judgment and new knowledge intake were all the standards of the top scientists. Even so, the fox’s ability rating was only A-level.

It was hard to imagine an SSS-level power or mental power.

Another example was the little husky. Although he was the unreliable Er Ha, his character was still quite childish and often did something out of the ordinary. If he had not been lucky all along, he would have lost his life. But he was also the owner of an A-level mental power, which was mainly manifested in the development of imagination, empathy and logical thinking. When writing a novel, this power would be used to the extreme, so it was not surprising that he had won several successive awards.

But this ability, if he really drowned, will not help him.

“Awou.” The little husky looked at the water carefully and began to think about where he could get into the water.

The little snow leopard lifted a single eyelid, glanced at the husky lazily, yawned and turned around to squeeze next to Gu YuMian.

That fool had nothing to do with him anyway.

The snow leopard turned around lazily, and then a thought rose. For example, if Gu YuMian looked at the small husky, who would be sneezing and wet, or Gu YuMian who held the small husky who was half dead, sobbing…

The little snow leopard knew that his human did not belong to this era, but he had never seen him cry since he came here a year ago.

The image alone made him restless.

The little husky ground his claws on the edge, was eager to leap, and then he jumped down with a straight ‘Awuuu’——

He failed to jump.

He was grabbed by one hand relentlessly, and dangerously.

“Aowu?” The little husky’s four claws struggled and waved in the air, looking at the “human” suddenly. The little husky could feel that the man’s eyes and emotions were not friendly, and subconsciously his hackles rose, but soon, he smelled a familiar scent.

He got confused and gave a ‘woo woo’ from his throat. He blinked. The next second, he was tossed to the corner of the mattress by the man. A transparent rope appeared in the air, blocking the back claws of the little husky, so that he could not try any dangerous actions like jumping again.

“Be safe.” The man’s gray-blue eyes looked down at him with a worried melancholic color. After a pause, his voice was colder, and impatiently he said, “… Don’t make him cry.”

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