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Pink Robed Mage

Pink Robed Mage

By matthia

Genre: fantasy, BL, shounen-ai, magic

Novel Status in Country of Origin: Finished, 45 chapters, 2 Extras

Translator: Addis

Editor: Sulo

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The pink robed mage, who studies the magic of xxoo and runs an adult products store, meets his shy druid stalker. Imagine if the flowers, trees, and small animals around you, who had been stalking you for nine years, turned into a handsome male druid… It’s too astonishing…

Taking the line of fantasy love and a family idol soap opera, this novel will have no seriousness, such as saving the world, or ascending to the heavens, or falling down to the abyss. It’s a simple forest, village, stalker, little bureaucrat rural fantasy novel.


Chapter 0: Magic Goods Merchant

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Rattie


Mage Myka 1 was walking along a country road in the middle of the night, keeping an eye on the movements in the forest.

The forest path that he walked every day was not very dangerous. People in this area were kind and friendly, and they lived close to the elven settlement, making it so that few evil people appeared. However, when he was at his shop, Myka heard that a group of goblins was sneaking around these days. Some said that they were driven out by the goblin tribe. They robbed and stole all the way. Recently, they moved close to the city and nearby villages, but they were afraid of the guards.

Myka was certainly not afraid of goblins. Before he started his business, he was a battle mage and not a stranger to the world. However, when he was walking on the path in the middle of the night, listening to the rustle in the trees a few steps away, he still felt a little uneasy in his heart. An invisible threat was even more worrying.

There were often wild dogs around the orchard and farmland. Myka even knew some of them and often brought them snacks. Now, Myka was hoping to meet the wild dogs and have them scare away the person who had been following him in the forest.

His expectations came true. Suddenly, three dogs appeared and barked at the trees. Myka knew the black and white dog with long fur, and he named her Kokona without permission.

Kokona’s bark frightened the stalker, and an arrow flew out of the bushes. Obviously, the other side’s bow techniques were very poor. The shot was not accurate. Kokona dodged, but she was scared; her tail was a little down.

The goblin robber in the forest couldn’t bear it any longer. He jumped up with a squeak. Myka found that the number of goblins was larger than he had expected. He had not fought for a long time. Today, he did not prepare any ranged spells and he was a little flustered.

He needed a way to get away, and then he could go to the gate outside the village to inform the guards; Myka didn’t like to deal with them, though. The people who knew Myka’s identity always made fun of him or even made excessive jokes. Myka usually tried to avoid them.

Facing a large group of goblins, Kokona and her two little black dog followers were afraid. Myka thought, even if I can’t kill these monsters, I must at least protect the three puppies who were willing to fight.

Just then, a muffled low growl came from the other side of the forest. It was the sound of an angry canine ready to attack. Myka saw a black wolf arching its back, showing its fangs, and behind him, there were many pairs of glaring green eyes.

Myka was pretty sure that it was a wolf, not a dog. As he began to feel fear, Kokona ran to the wolf with the two other dogs.

Seeing this, Myka almost forgot about the goblins. He saw that Kokona and the wolf seemed very close… Maybe they were a couple. The wolf’s anger was apparently due to the goblin attacking Kokona.

Myka didn’t want to see wolves fighting the goblins, so he cast a spell to speed up his journey; he left the forest quickly, crossed the open path beside the field, and returned to the village.

He was living in a two-story building with a basement. [That a decent mage has to have their own tower is a lie. No, you have to have a basement.] This was what Myka had heard a long time ago. In fact, he didn’t know why things would come together in the sky or under the ground. Maybe the other had his own reasons.

As he walked through the village, he met someone he didn’t want to see—the guards on patrol. They were some of the young people who liked to make fun of Myka.

“Myka, how was business today? Did you demonstrate to the customers in person?”

“Yeah, what would you do if the customers could not use your goods? Will you give them a try yourself?”

“Or use it on yourself to show them…”

Myka didn’t want to appear embarrassed. He raised his eyebrows and said, “Do you want to try? Would you volunteer to be a test subject? I promise to make you feel good, but in the future, you may not find a wife.”

Several guards laughed together. Myka knew that the more oppressive he was, the more ridiculed he would be. So he’d always put on a frivolous look and talk to these people. Before leaving, Myka reminded them that there were goblins wandering outside the village recently, but those people didn’t care.

There were always people making fun of Myka, mainly because of his current business.

Myka had set up a tiny store in the city to sell magic goods designed or created by himself. He couldn’t live in the shop because the room was really too small. If he did, he could only sleep in a chair. In order to match the customers’ habits, the shop opened every afternoon and was open until night. Although the store was only open on a small street, in fact, every day there were customers. Some travelers even went to admire its fame.

Myka’s business was good, but his shop was hidden and more low-key than a general magic goods store. This was because there were always some people who were biased against mysterious things. In fact, they were not mysterious, but ignorance would bring disrespect.

There was a small group of mages who were despised and shamed into not talking by the other mages in the Academy but were quietly devoted to research. Their achievements brought people ‘happiness and satisfaction,’ but no one was sure of their status. They were thought to be difficult to find, only to be known of in the streets.

These dedicated people were nicknamed the pink robed mages.

It was all because what they studied was named the ‘pink magic’ by the Mage Council, which was what they called the magic, articles, and potions that helped people be ‘happier.’ They were not able to use magic on the battlefield, but they would blend into the lives of ordinary people. No one would talk about them publicly.

Simply put, it was the magic and wonders that occurred in bed.

In fact, ‘pink robed mages’ did not wear a pink robe. Since people used the words pink and peach to indicate certain behaviors, mages who studied pink magic were called pink robed. This was different from other mages, who were dressed in black.

Myka was a so-called pink robed mage. In fact, he was wearing a dark jujube robe with little decoration and had black hair… His neighbor said he looked like dried jujube from a distance.

As a mage, he was far away from ambition and dispute and devoted himself to research. As for being ‘pink robed,’ he did not feel inferior and relied on his creativity to ignore the people who were slightly obscene. He had been trying to ignore other people’s interference and concentrate on his life and his business.

Although many people thought that a mage’s personal business was a bit secular, in Myka’s eyes, it was also proof of freedom and not being bound by anything.

Myka finally arrived home, closed the door, took off his cloak, made hot water, and went to the basement to check on all the potions he had created.

He didn’t worry about the safety of the puppies on the road. Seeing the strength of the wolf that was protecting Kokona and thinking about the number of wolves, he knew that the goblins would suffer defeat.


Author Notes:

Mage: Male Mage - DFO World Wiki

Mages learn and master magic by gaining knowledge, conducting experiments, mastering the coordination of spells and materials, etc., and understand the mysteries and know-how, be able to control magic, develop new magic, and even make magic items and potions.

Anyone can master magic through learning, but magic is more complicated and harder than farming, business, and so on, so it needs a very smart brain and a certain talent. Generally speaking, being a mage is like a scientist, not a born talent.

(Not all mages are excellent. Most of them can cast magic but are not so great. Great legendary mages are very few creatures…)

(Learn more about Mages/Wizards in DnD HERE.)


Sorcerer: Warlock - Critical Dudes

A sorcerer is a natural talent. Sometimes, they can do the same magic as a mage, but they don’t get it by learning, but by the power of their blood. This has resulted in a small number of spells they are good at (compared to a mage), which are relatively limited.

(And in my own settings, the number of warlocks is very small, and I may do all kinds of strange things. They are good at less magic than the mages in DND, and they are only good at some destructive magic of large-scale bombing… Morning Mist is a sorcerer.)

(Learn more about Sorcerers in DnD HERE.)


Druid: Druid 101: Wild Shape Guide - Posts - D&D Beyond

These beings live in the forest or small villages and towns near the forest and love nature and only think about protecting nature. Their belief is nature (including but not limited to the forest, which refers to non-natural things). Therefore, they have magic given to them by nature due to their belief.

We can refer to the druids of our three-dimensional real world from ancient Europe. They are a profession, a group of people, not a race different from human beings.

(Learn more about Druids in DnD HERE.)


Elves: Worldbuilding: Customizing the D&D Elf and Elven Culture – Nerdarchy

A kind of race that can refer to the elven spirits in DND (not the Middle Earth Spirit, not the kind of gold, wood, water, fire, and Earth Spirit floating in the air and representing elements). They are a kind of race with sharp ears, beautiful apricot eyes, and slim bodies. They are flesh and blood. They want to live and eat. Life is not eternal. They live many times longer than human beings, but they still die.

(Lansuo elves, sea elves, city elves, etc., refer to their hometown and motherland, just like we say “people of the mountains”, “desert people”, “Central Plains people.”)

(Learn more about Elves in DnD HERE.)

Drow: OC][ART] My Half-Drow Paladin of the Raven Queen, Nyx. Courtesy of ...

This refers to the dark elves in the forgotten DND national battle settings. (Not the dark elves of the grey eagles)

In this case, we won’t elaborate on the specific characteristics, which can be found. [Note: all their charms and customs are not created by me. It can be understood that I am a DM. I am writing the running group module and use the official settings.]

In short, it is a kind of cruel and evil spirit who lives in a dark area, with silver hair and ebony skin. (The special case I wrote is stupid and can’t be a representative! For representatives, please see the official novel “Dark Elf Trilogy” or “War After Spiders” and so on.)


Non-humans, half-humans, Orcs:

It’s not the same thing as the orcs that are said to be both male and female. (In fact, I don’t know much about that kind of shape. I don’t see much… But maybe it’s the same shape? It’s rough and strong anyway.)

And that kind of cute half-beast girl with cat ears and dog tail is not a thing either.

Basically, they are also a race like humans, elves, dwarves, orcs, and so on… They are all humanoid species. Like humans, they have men and women, adults, and children.

Half-humans refer to those with human lineage, but they are not necessarily human and animal. Because there are too many such creatures and they continue to breed from generation to generation, a unique race “non-humans” has been formed.



If you are unfamiliar with the fantasy setting, you can refer to it. Of course, this only refers to my own things. Other works are subject to other settings.


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Translator Notes:

  1. 麦卡, Pinyin = Mai Ka, a translation could be Micah but spelled it Myka because it seemed more fantasy-like.


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