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The Interstellar Pirate Leader That Kidnapped His Bride

The Interstellar Pirate Leader That Kidnapped His Bride

by Sunny Spirit Girl

被星际海盗抢婚后 by 江南魂姑娘

Year: 2018

Genre: BL, interstellar, ABO, transmigration

Novel Status in Country of Origin: 10 Chapters, Completed

Translator: Addis

Editor: Sulo

~~~~Brought to you by ExR~~~~



The Murong Family’s beloved Omega was taken by the infamous star pirate at his engagement party and was stunned on the spot, waking up with a new soul inside.

Murong Pei found out that the star pirate was actually his dead lover!

Murong Pei: General, should you explain this to me?

Star pirate: Uh…

How could he explain that he really had no desire for the original owner, but just wanted to grab a look-alike and came back to see him?


Chapter 1: Death

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


In the 18th year of Linguo TianWan, the Emperor was assassinated, and concubine Liu GuiJun hung herself, leaving behind her three-year-old son, the Crown Prince. 

Empress Murong Pei supported the Crown Prince to succeed to the throne, and the following year, he changed the reign name to Yanping. Balancing the court and suppressing the rebels with his harsh methods, he helped the young Emperor to sit on the throne.

In the 15th year of Yanping, Taejun Palace.

Murong Pei sat quietly at the top, without a ripple in his heart, as he looked at Emperor Yanping who walked towards him with his sword. He seemed to be smiling but not without tears, and could barely hold the sword in his hand, “Empress Father.” 

Murong Pei picked up his tea and took a sip, then put it down and asked, “How have you been, Your Majesty?”

As always, his concern was reserved but not to be ignored. No one could have imagined that this person was the culprit behind Liu GuiJun’s death. Emperor Yanping looked at him and wondered why he could always look like he was on cloud nine as if nothing could disturb his mind.

“I thought that I was your own son, but I didn’t expect that I was not…”

Emperor Yanping had been personally raised by Murong Pei for many years and had long since lost track of who his real mother was, thinking that he was only the child of Murong Pei and the previous Emperor. But not long ago, he found out that he was not Murong Pei’s son at all, and his real mother did not hang herself, but Murong Pei had ordered someone to kill her!

Murong Pei was not alarmed, and as if he had expected it, he remained calm and composed, “Your Majesty has grown up. Only, it is unfortunate that he is still like a child.”

Emperor Yanping was silent.

“Today, you entered the palace with your sword. I don’t know how many people in the palace saw it, but once I die, you will be guilty of patricide.” Murong Pei sighed softly, “My son, you should be more cautious.”

The Emperor laughed bitterly. He had suddenly learned the secret of the palace, and this bout of anger he felt was difficult to calm down. How could his Empress Father still pay attention to these small details? 

Empress Father was right, he was still like an impulsive child. But why, at this point in time, did Empress Father still care about him! It was clearly Empress Father who killed his own mother!

The Emperor was suspicious, and he could not help but suspect that Murong Pei was trying to play the emotional card to save himself from death. But, Murong Pei was so skillful that even if he didn’t do this, Emperor Yanping didn’t think he could kill him now.

For so many years, with Murong Pei covering for him, he simply did not possess the means an Emperor should have.

“Empress Father, as long as you deny even a word, I will never believe what those people say… Empress Father, please tell me that their words are all false!” In his panic, Emperor Yanping even forgot to call his name, and just confided in his father like an ordinary child.

He did not know what to do; he could not accept the fact that his beloved Empress Father was actually the enemy of his father, the Emperor. As long as Murong Pei denied it, he could deceive himself as if it was all a deliberate lie, and maintain the present illusion of a loving father and a filial son.

Murong Pei just looked at him and didn’t do what he wanted.

“Empress Father…” Emperor Yanping was trembling, his heart gradually sinking.

“Your Majesty.” Murong Pei walked up to him, “I deserve to die for my sins.”

Emperor Yanping’s eyes went black and he almost fainted.

But the next moment, Murong Pei suddenly covered his mouth and coughed, black blood spilling out from his fingers.

Emperor Yanping was startled and he hurriedly held him up, “Empress Father! Call the eunuch doctor!”

“No need.” Murong Pei stopped him, “Your Majesty, I’m afraid I will be going to hell. You don’t have to think about me anymore, I deserve this.”

For the first time, Murong Pei tore off his mask of composure in front of Emperor Yanping. His lips were slightly hooked, like a demon that had climbed up from hell, revealing the evil pleasure inside.

He looked at Emperor Yanping with a mixture of love and hate in his eyes; this was the child he had raised, but it was also the child of his enemy. Inevitably, he put his hatred for his enemy onto this child. But in the end, he had raised him himself, and involuntarily loved him as his own child for twenty years.

“Empress Father…” Emperor Yanping sobbed, hugging Murong Pei’s chilling corpse and crying like a child.

Finally relieved, Murong Pei was in an unprecedentedly happy mood. He even had the leisure to survey the space he was in. He was just wondering, “Is this hell? Or is it heaven? Or is this the place where the spirits of sin are kept in the ghost world?

The walls shone with the color of high-tech metal. It was a sealed room, devoid of anything.

Wherever this was, it was not a good place to be, he thought.

Murong Pei smiled to himself. He had laid his backhand to subvert the great empire, and he wondered which power would later seize the throne. Such a grave sin was enough to keep him in hell for thousands of years, right?

Murong Pei was forced to join the palace as an Empress for the sake of his family, but Emperor TianWan didn’t love him at all. The Emperor wouldn’t even touch him, and he was just a medium. 

Later, he met the love of his life, but unfortunately, his lover was killed by Emperor TianWan and the family of Liu GuiJun, and his body was nowhere to be found.

Therefore, Murong Pei united with the forces left behind by his lover to kill Emperor TianWan and frame him for the rebellion, and later on, he even killed Liu GuiJun, who was a liar and supported their child to take the throne.

Unfortunately, the Liu family did not have time to enjoy the wealth of the Emperor but was suppressed by Murong Pei, and finally, all the shady things they had done were revealed; the men were killed, and Liu GuiJun’s brother was exiled.

In order to take revenge, Murong Pei even decided to overthrow the country that had harmed him so much, that he deliberately raised the Young Emperor as a naive boy in an ivory tower. Now, without Murong Pei and with his backhanded operation, he was afraid that it would not be long before the Yanping Emperor also died.

Murong Pei knew that the child was innocent, but he could not control himself to relent. He was a human being, not a god.

But after all, he had raised him as his own child, and the boy was full of trust in him, so Murong Pei finally left him a way out, hoping that he could live the rest of his life in peace and stability. This child did not like being an Emperor, and always aspired to have an ordinary life, so the both of them could be considered to have had their wish granted.

As for himself, the most wicked and repulsive person, he would spend his time in hell to atone for his sins.

Murong Pei let out a long breath. Since he was already dead, maybe he should let go of his hatred and wait for karma to take over. Whether it was to go to the fire of the sword or the Hell of Tongue-Removal, he resigned himself to it.

“You will not go to hell. This is not hell either.” A voice suddenly rang out. Murong Pei was slightly startled but did not show it. There was no emotion at all in that voice, as if it did not come from a human being.

“Why? I have sinned so much that you don’t have to protect me.”

The voice had no ups and downs, not caring about what Murong Pei had just said, “Do you want to see Liang Yi again?”

Murong Pei snapped, unable to maintain his mask of composure any longer, “I can still see him?! Where is he?!”

Liang Yi was his lover. He thought his lover had long since reincarnated and passed on, but it turns out he didn’t?!

Murong Pei’s heart grew a trace of hope, but could not believe it.

The voice seemed to carry a light laugh. The tone had hints of compulsion but also seemed very arrogant, “I can naturally let you see him…”

Murong Pei subconsciously felt something was wrong, but just as he wanted to say something, his vision went black, and he saw nothing.

“Don’t dawdle, quickly send this bug away. I already had to send one bug away to balance the world, and then another bug appeared.”

The previous voice paused, “Okay.”

A vision flashed in front of his eyes; he was in a party hall with many people mingling and a lot of noise pouring into his ears. Murong Pei pressed his temples, not understanding what was going on.

When he closed his eyes and opened them again, there was no party or guests, only a cute bedroom. There were stuffed animals everywhere, everything was wrapped up with thick velvet, and the whole house looked very safe and secure. With the temperature and humidity regulator on, Murong Pei felt very comfortable.

His head still throbbed a bit, but unfortunately, the fragmented memories did not let him come to know any useful information, and he still had to take his time to sort it out.

Murong Pei closed his eyes and decided to take a nap first.

The dream was a walk-through of memories. It felt somewhat unfamiliar as if he was looking at the life of another person. Murong Pei curiously looked through and found that these memories were not complete. In addition to the basic common sense of this world, memories of daily experiences and the like were pathetic, and the deepest impression was still the banquet hall from before.

The memory was of him attending some kind of banquet that a lot of dignified people attended. But soon, the guests scattered in panic, and he could only see a sturdy man slowly approaching. Like Moses parting the sea, the man walked forward, and the people moved aside to avoid him. Murong Pei could not see the man’s face but could feel the bloodthirsty aura of fury surrounding him.

Then, the memory came to a screeching halt.

Murong Pei felt somehow incongruous, and only after thinking about it for a long time did he realize that the incident didn’t fit because it really wasn’t his memory. He was not from this world. However, he could not remember his own memories.

Murong Pei opened his eyes with some distress and found himself in the same lovely bedroom.

Only this time, there was a strange-looking robot near him.

Murong Pei looked curiously at this robot that he had only seen in his memory. This one seemed better looking than any he had ever seen before, in the shape of a giant cartoon bear, and still very cute.

“Young Master Murong, please drink water.” It handed over a cup of warm water, “May I ask if you need to eat? You have been sleeping for a day and a night.”

Murong Pei touched his stomach and nodded, “I would like some porridge.”

“Yes, please wait a moment.” The robot bear tapped on the control panel on its chest, and soon, a second robot brought over the fragrant porridge.

Murong Pei did not know where this place was, but the other party offered him good food and drink. They also specially arranged a special room in line with Omega preferences, and even the robot was deliberately cute, so there was obviously no malicious intent. 


At the very least, he did not have to worry about personal safety. He could live here for a while to see what happened first.


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