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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


After finishing his porridge, Murong Pei asked if he could go out for a walk. He wanted to see what the place was really like, and to test how much the owner of the place tolerated him. 

Fortunately, the other side didn’t seem intent on confining him. The robot bear transmitted a map to the optical computer on his wrist, and marked the areas he couldn’t go to in red.

Aside from the central area, the map was not quite complete, but it was clear from the map that he was now on a starship. The area outside the central area was all black, with no rooms or passages marked. But even if it was just the middle area that he was free to go about, it was still big enough, and several times bigger than Murong Pei’s palace and courtyard combined, before he had transmigrated.

The robot bear told him that the edge of the middle area was guarded, so he could not sneak through even if he wanted to. Murong Pei nodded to show that he understood, and after learning how to use the optical computer, he did not let the robot bear follow, and went out for a stroll.

The interior of the starship was mostly silvery metallic walls that looked unapproachable and cold, and Murong Pei frowned inscrutably, not liking the feeling. The majority of the robots that came and went were not as cute as the one in his room. Most of them were unattractive in appearance, but they looked like they could move well and were capable of doing a good job.

“Yo, there’s a little Omega here.” 

Murong Pei suddenly heard a flirty voice behind him and paused in his tracks. He slowly turned around and saw a man leaning against the wall, holding his side and teasing him. He didn’t say anything and just watched quietly; his gaze cold, not really like the average Omega.

There were six genders in this world, and both men and women were divided into Alpha, Beta and Omega. Alphas were strong, would experience estrus and had pheromones, could mark Omegas and were dominant; Betas were the normal males and females, but Beta men could also have children. Omegas would also experience estrus and had pheromones, and could only be marked by an Alpha. 

Omegas were slender and soft, and had great fertility, but most were nothing more than flower vases posing for good looks. Apart from having children and looking good, they were almost useless, but also timid, sensitive and fragile, often depressed, and needed the care and pampering of their partners.

This was Tang Bo’s first time seeing an Omega like Murong Pei. If a normal Omega was treated as such, their reaction would be intense, and they would either faint, or be scared enough to run away. This one in front of him actually did not react, really unlike a normal Omega.

Could it be that this was a cold type beauty?

Tang Bo stroked his chin, thinking about where this little beauty came from. Their starship had always had only Alphas and Betas, that he had forgotten what Omega pheromones smelled like.

Alarm bells went off in Murong Pei’s mind and he took three steps back, looking at the man warily.

“Don’t be afraid, beauty.” Tang Bo showed an ambiguous smile, “Come, tell brother, how are you on our ship? Who took you captive? Brother will beat him for you!”

Tang Bo looked handsome, although a little mouthy, but he was not too obscene. Murong Pei sized up the man and was relieved to see that he would only move his mouth and not his hands.

This body was soft and easy to push down, and Murong Pei did not want to fight with people when the loss would certainly be his own.

Only this question, he certainly could not answer. He himself did not know why he appeared here, and by whom he was taken captive. The word ‘captive’ was really used subtly, immediately revealing the true nature of this group of people. It was estimated that they were not serious people, and this was not their first time taking people captive.

But this was really accusing them unjustly.

The first person to have ever been kidnapped and brought on board was Murong Pei. Anyone with a brain would not conclude that an Omega voluntarily boarded a starship belonging to these bandits, only that he was forced to do so. He didn’t know which kid grabbed the beauty, but Tang Bo’s eyes narrowed.

Had he known that he could grab an Omega as a wife, he would have also grabbed one. What was the need to wait until now?

Tang Bo still wanted to flirt a bit, but someone came in a hurry from the distance and interrupted him.

“Tang Bo, are you done with your business?” The visitor was tall, at least half a head taller than Murong Pei, with a sturdy, muscular but not exaggerated figure. This was a body full of testosterone, and a powerful Alpha; his ability was definitely not low.

When he approached, the smell of Alpha pheromones that came to Murong Pei were several times stronger than Tang Bo’s pheromones. Murong Pei didn’t smell it for long before he still felt a little hot and his face flushed.

Strong Alpha pheromones were a fatal temptation for an Omega, and Murong Pei felt his legs going weak.

“B, Boss.” Tang Bo immediately stood upright. He had been confronting a beauty during work, but did not dare to say so. He was also caught on the spot by the boss, this month’s bonus would suffer.

The star pirate’s head turned to Murong Pei with a glance; the depths of his deep pupils showed an untraceable nostalgia, pain and love. Murong Pei could not help but frown, feeling that the man was looking at someone else through him.

“Well, get lost.” The man retracted his glance and waved away Tang Bo who hadn’t finished his work.

Once Tang Bo left, Murong Pei and him were the only ones remaining. The closer he got, the stronger the pheromones became. Murong Pei’s breath caught in his throat and he couldn’t stand any longer, so he quietly held onto the wall.

This was a terrible feeling.

But this man gave him a familiar feeling that he should have felt before.

He thought for a moment before remembering that he had seen this man in his memory, the man that the guests had avoided. Although there was no face in the memory, the body and temperament matched.

It seemed he must have been kidnapped by him.

“Why did you come out? Was it too stuffy in the room?” The man asked in a stiff tone as a matter of routine, not looking too keen to get close to Murong Pei. “It’s best to let the robot bear follow you around in the future, so that no one else will be unfaithful.”

Murong Pei was silent.

The atmosphere was quiet and the man subconsciously looked at the time on the optical computer that sat on his wrist, “My name is Liang Yi. If you need something, let the robot send me a message, I still have things to do and I have to go.” He said this hurriedly and turned around and left, his back fleeing away.

Murong Pei was so focused on preventing himself from accidentally falling over that he didn’t notice this. With the pheromones gone, the air around him eased and the smell gradually dissipated. Murong Pei finally regained most of his strength and could move normally.

He felt that it was better for him to go back to the room and stay there, there were too many bad things outside. He didn’t want to be compelled by pheromones to have sex with someone he just met, so it was safer to stay in the room.

But had he heard the name Liang Yi somewhere before?

In the bedroom, the robot bear was tidying up the room, keeping the dolls neat and tidy, and when Murong Pei came back, it slipped him a half-sized stuffed animal. Murong Pei was confused but he still took it and hugged it. It felt good, so he squeezed it twice.

The robot bear was happy to see that he liked it, and pressed him to sit down on the sofa. Fearing he would be bored, the robot bear gave a few games and novels on his optical computer, and then went back to tidying up the room.

“……” Murong Pei looked at the optical computer and decided to figure out all the functions of it first.

Then he played a morning trivia game, Gluttony.

After a hearty lunch at noon, a robot knocked on the door.

“Young Master Murong, the master asked me to come and give you a window makeover.” It said.

“Master?” Murong Pei froze.

“It’s Master Liang Yi.”

It dawned on Murong Pei that this person should be the owner of the starship, but what did it mean to give the windows a makeover?

When the robot saw that he did not react, it assumed that he acquiesced, and so it walked to the large window by itself, opened the control program and started debugging the code. 

Outside this window was originally a corridor, after all. Murong Pei’s bedroom was located in the center of the starship, but after being transformed by the robot, the view outside the window seemed to be connected to the view outside the starship, so he could look out into space. Not only that, but he could also slide up and down, left and right, and he could see the view from every direction of the starship, as if every inch of the starship’s exterior had a camera.

Murong Pei looked at the starry sky outside and suddenly felt better.

Liang Yi thought he was bored in the room, so he ordered the robot to do this to make him happy, right?

Murong Pei slightly pursed his lips, few people would care so much about his feelings. But… This should be for the original owner, and Liang Yi probably did not know that he was actually an impostor. This caused Murong Pei to be in a weirdly unhappy mood again.

After all, Liang Yi was not familiar with him, and the original owner probably did not know Liang Yi at all, otherwise Liang Yi would not have introduced himself. Murong Pei was even less familiar with him, and it was the first time he’d been touched by a stranger.

Murong Pei sighed, closed his eyes, and ignored these messy thoughts.

He tried to search for his name on the optical computer, and the most prominent one read [Young Master Murong was kidnapped at his engagement party, and his whereabouts are still unknown.]

Murong Pei gave a slight pause and clicked on this message.

The Murong family had three sons, a male Alpha, a female Beta and a male Omega, of which the Omega was the youngest and was highly favored. The day before yesterday was the engagement party of this young master, and the other party was a rising star in politics who was expected to take office in the next presidential election. The Murong family was trying to find a way to get him back, but it was probably impossible to do so. Even if he went back, he would probably already have been marked by Liang Yi and there was no way he could marry anyone.

The Murong family would soon announce that the young master had been ‘killed in action’, and would marry the second Young Lady to the Alpha. Even though Beta women were not as fertile as Omega, they were not too bad, and were better than Beta men. In addition, the Murong family was very big, and even the Beta girl was worthy of the man who had not yet become president.

The Murong family did not want to admit that they had a kidnapping done by a star pirate. They knew that Liang Yi was an interstellar pirate who was number one among all star pirate groups, had robbed many resource planets, and had been wanted by the Federation for many years.

Murong Pei frowned after reading and closed the page. He opened several other websites with news, and found much the same. In the Federation, with this kind of news involving politics, there were few falsehoods. Everyone had the same caliber of words, and either the top was sealed, or the truth was. But as for the speculation about the Murong family, everyone’s opinion was the same, which was a bit intriguing.

The Murong family’s style of action had long been known to everyone, and there was little room for whitewashing.

Murong Pei could not help but rub his brow. The original owner’s family seemed very thin and cold, and only used him as a tool for marriage. He didn’t know if the original owner was dead and had been reincarnated or what, he just hoped he would have a real happy family in his next life.

Murong Pei was relieved to know that he didn’t have to deal with this family in the future.


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March 2, 2021 5:00 am

Good thing, he won’t have to deal with that family, but bad thing is his partner is a wanted pirate and althought I doubt they’ll catch him, there is always this possibility. And, yeah, Omegas in this world are way to delicate. Well, let’s see what happens next. Thank you for the chapter!!!

March 2, 2021 8:14 am

It’s good your not going to deal with that family. You’re only going to focus now with your life. Hehehe! Thanks for the chapter

March 15, 2021 3:41 pm

Awesome! he doesn’t have to deal with that family that will just cut him off anyway! Let’s see if he has a second opportunity to live a happy life! 🙂

March 13, 2022 2:04 pm

Thanks for the chapter!

March 25, 2022 3:10 am

Murong family is really cold blood one😑😑😑

January 31, 2023 5:08 am

Nghh. This marriage with the presidential candidate made me think of mc’s previous life where he was forced with the emperor (>︿<。) Fate would be sealed, his future, cold (mc just gone from heart ache, drama, & death in previous world, and this, the next 💀 seemed like fam tool too. 'Precious omega' deemed unsalvageable & made use of beta daughter next). Good thing ml is capable & notorious, able to get mc out of that situation quickly. Get their happy ending~

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