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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


For the next half a month, Murong Pei stayed in the room and did not come out.

He hugged the optical computer and began to absorb information from all aspects to understand this world that was strange to him. Occasionally, when he got bored, he would stand in front of the window and look at the vast starry sky, and he couldn’t help but think of the thoughtful captain.

Liang Yi, he must have heard this name somewhere. But the original owner’s memory did not have this name, did he hear it before he transmigrated?

He had forgotten all these many memories, but he was still sensitive to this name. Either he was called this name in his previous life, or he had a great relationship with the owner of this name. He just didn’t know if the Liang Yi in his memory was the same person as this Liang Yi, or if it was just another person with the same name.

Murong Pei casually tapped on the window. He was thinking of switching the picture one second, and in the next second, he couldn’t help but think of Liang Yi, and was frozen for a moment. When he came back to his senses, he found that he had just clicked on a planet, and now a column of buttons appeared on the right, asking him whether he wanted to zoom in or not.

This was a feature Murong Pei hadn’t discovered before, so he clicked to zoom in and found that the only thing taking up the entire front of the window was the big planet.

Murong Pei originally thought that the stars in the sky were similar — glowing, white and shiny. But after zooming in, he found that it was a blue and green habitable planet, not at all what he had imagined. When the robot bear came in, Murong Pei was having fun. He was studying the planets in the screen one by one, and didn’t notice that the robot bear had returned.

“Master.” The robot bear stretched out its chubby and soft plush hand and touched Murong Pei’s shoulder.

Murong Pei turned around, “You’re back?”

It was lunch time, but the robot bear did not come in with lunch. Instead, it carried a new set of clothes on its other hand.

“These are the clothes the captain gave you.” The robot bear’s cute voice rang out, “There is a gathering on the starship at noon, and the captain asks you to join him.” After saying that, it thought for a moment and added, “There will be lots of delicious food.”

Murong Pei couldn’t help but laugh.

The robot bear’s program setting had recently been modified. Originally, it called Liang Yi master, but now it called Murong Pei master, and it addressed Liang Yi as the captain. Murong Pei silently remembered Liang Yi’s goodness, and took the set of clothes.

When he unfolded it, he was stunned.

It was a traditional Chinese costume, which was very, very rare in today’s interstellar era. If one wore it on the street, it would definitely attract the attention of a crowd.

Murong Pei touched the soft fabric and felt a softness in his heart.

A familiar feeling filled his heart, as if he used to wear this kind of clothes every day, instead of the fashionable clothes of the interstellar era.

How did Liang Yi know he liked this?

Murong Pei had some doubts in his mind.

The robot bear happily urged Murong Pei to change his clothes. Although it was a robot, it was very intelligent. The master was brought back to the starship by the captain, and if the master could please the captain, he would definitely live more comfortably in the future. Now the captain was also very good to the master, but who knew which day in the future the captain would forget the master and push him to the back of his mind.

For this reason, the robot bear also told Murong Pei about some of Liang Yi’s preferences, so that he would not break a taboo.

Murong Pei was very smart. He listened to its words and immediately understood the subtle meaning, his heart skipped a beat and suddenly, he was not so happy.

He didn’t mind that he was kidnapped by Liang Yi, he was an impostor anyway and didn’t know his original fiancé. These days he also found out that Liang Yi didn’t think much of the original owner, and the two presumably didn’t know each other. 

But Murong Pei remembered the way Liang Yi looked at him, the way he looked at another person through him, which made him very uncomfortable every time he thought of it.

Liang Yi was nice to him not because of him, but because of another person. Murong Pei was just a double, and a double that would only be there to look at. He guessed there was not much similarity except that they shared the same face.

The clothes on his hand, the other person Liang Yi thought of probably used to like to wear it.

Murong Pei kind of wanted to search for who the person who looked like him and liked to wear ancient clothes was, but it would probably be difficult to search. He took the clothes into the dressing room and quickly changed.

Murong Pei soon came out with his clothes in order and was led by the robot bear to the gathering place.

The gathering place was in the middle of the interstellar ship, in a large room which was decorated as a multi-purpose hall. Whether it was a banquet, a dance or something else, one just needed to select it on the operation post and the room would automatically raise the relevant equipment from the ground.

The hall was now filled with Alphas and Betas, and Murong Pei felt a little uncomfortable just walking in. The rich pheromones made him almost unable to breathe. The robot bear rushed forward and gave him a small pill.

“This is a suppression pill that will allow you to be free from the Alpha pheromones for a short time.” The robot bear said.

Murong Pei swallowed the pill and felt much more comfortable.

In fact, the Alpha pheromones alone did not matter to Murong Pei, and the actual problem was the number of many pheromones being stacked up, becoming very thick.

Omegas were an emotional creature, and if they had a beloved Alpha, then the other party’s pheromones would be a deadly aphrodisiac for them. Relatively, other Alpha pheromones would only make them feel uncomfortable, even make it difficult for them to breathe. 

If there was no beloved one, then any kind of Alpha pheromone would smell attractive to them. And if they were marked by an Alpha, the Omega would only be able to smell the pheromones of the Alpha that marked them, and no one else’s.

The information was relatively niche and would not be known without special investigation, but Omegas would go to the Omega Academy and the teacher would explain it in detail. 

Murong Pei was an impostor here and was only concerned about understanding the world. The original’s memory about information on Omegas was already very comprehensive, so he did not try to search for other information about Omegas, and as a result, missed this bit of information.

Although he took the pill, there was still a strong pheromone in the mix of those pheromones that made Murong Pei’s face flush slightly red. He calmed down and tried to ignore the familiar scent, before pushing the door open and walking in. As soon as he entered, a group of people started cheering and whistling, apparently having spotted Murong Pei.

There was an unmarked Omega on the starship, and the Alphas had already noticed. As Murong Pei walked around the starship, he was leaving a trail of pheromones all the way. Unfortunately, this Omega was brought back by the captain on purpose, and no one dared to touch him.

Liang Yi sat at the main table, his eyes staring straight at him, fierce with extreme longing. Unfortunately, in the next second, he narrowed his gaze and stared at the glass of wine in front of him without saying a word.

Everyone had the good sense to ask Murong Pei to take a seat, and Liang Yi’s deputy even took the initiative to give up his seat to Murong Pei. Fearing Murong Pei’s embarrassment, those left standing quickly took their seats, leaving only that one empty seat.

Murong Pei’s eyes twitched as he watched someone at another table move his butt to take up two seats, and even someone else who hid the extra seat under the table.

This group of people were also quite desperate to please the boss.

“This youngster, come over and sit down, there is an empty seat here.” Tang Bo doggedly smiled and pointed to the empty seat.

Half a month ago, he had flirted with Murong Pei, and the result was that he was busy for the entire half of a month, with only four hours of sleep a day. The first ever “The Captain’s Wife” party was dedicated to setting up Liang Yi and Murong Pei, so maybe the boss would be happy and give him a vacation.

Murong Pei did not want to go there.

However, the situation was not up to his choice, and not to mention, the pheromones there were still trying to seduce him to come over.

Murong Pei sat down next to Liang Yi and politely thanked him.

The food was served, and after Liang Yi moved his chopsticks, everyone started to eat. The star pirates were boozy people, gulping down the food and drinking. It was not long before they got high and started hooking up with each other, and spreading their alcoholic frenzy.

Murong Pei ate the food in front of him in a reserved manner. The food here was really delicious, but Murong Pei had been living a golden life lately, and the food and treatment were always the best, so he did not feel much. On the other hand, the others, who rarely ate so well, knew in their hearts that it was all thanks to the light of their Boss’s future wife.

Liang Yi pretended to calmly eat the food, but in fact, his eyes were always focused on Murong Pei.

At first, he just wanted to kidnap him and have him here, but after kidnapping him, he was too shy to look at him more. The more he looked at him, the more desperate he became, knowing that Murong Pei was only a substitute and that his lover was no longer there.

Even if they had the same name, they were not the same person. But Liang Yi still couldn’t help being kind to him, giving him the best of everything.

Such attentiveness made everyone misunderstand. Liang Yi knew that they could not give each other happiness, so he did not dare to be too blatant and for half a month, he did not go to see Murong Pei. Even though he wanted to see him, he could not meet him alone because he was afraid that he would have feelings for him, so he had to organise this get-together. With so many people around to cover, he could watch to his heart’s content.

Murong Pei really didn’t notice Liang Yi’s peeping as his attention was attracted by Tang Bo.

Murong Pei couldn’t help but take a look at the deputy, who had just given up his seat. He was a Beta but was obviously higher in position than most of the people at the table, and probably second only to Liang Yi.

He calmly pushed Tang Bo out of the way, but not a moment later, the drunkard came over again.

“You will be responsible for hugging me.” The deputy deliberately disgusted him.

Who knew that Tang Bo would refuse to let go of his hand, “Yes, I will be responsible.”

The deputy was so angry that he wanted to throw him off the starship.

Murong Pei was in the middle of watching when he was suddenly given food with a pair of chopsticks on the plate in front of him. Both Liang Yi and the person to his right were eating, looking natural, as if they hadn’t done anything.

Murong Pei glanced at the two men suspiciously, and finally rested his eyes on Liang Yi for two more seconds.

Liang Yi broke out in a cold sweat.

The sweat caused Murong Pei’s originally suppressed body heat to become more intense. The sweat of Alphas contained pheromones, and was very easy to evaporate in the air. Murong Pei blushed a layer of red, hastily retracted his eyes, and silently ate the dishes on the plate.

He didn’t know if it was a coincidence, but the dishes on the table were all very appetizing, all of which he loved. Liang Yi also did not know whether it was intentional or not, but Murong Pei would move his favorite dishes to him every time. When Murong Pei looked over, Liang Yi kept eating these dishes very naturally, so did he really have the same taste as his past self?

The next moment, someone broke the atmosphere; Tang Bo looked at him with wide eyes and exclaimed, “Boss, you hate mushrooms, why are you eating them again?” After saying that, he also muttered something like, “the boss has become strange after March this year”, “his taste has all changed”, “he rarely eats fae meat” and so on.

Liang Y resisted the urge to sigh, and he suddenly wanted to throw Tang Bo off the starship, especially when he noticed Murong Pei next to him looking at him with a strange gaze.

After transmigrating, Liang Yi did not change his tastes. He just could not help but eat his beloved’s favorite food every meal because he missed him. Even though he hated some of these dishes, the more he ate them, the harder and more desperate his heart became.

Murong Pei didn’t think much about it. He extended his chopsticks and picked another mushroom, squinted and finished it.

It was really delicious.

Liang Yi peeked at him and just felt that this expression looked more and more like his lover.

When he finished eating, Murong Pei went to subconsciously take a handkerchief from his pocket to wipe the corners of his mouth, but he didn’t find anything. When Liang Yi saw this scene, he also subconsciously asked, “Did you forget your handkerchief again?”

“Yes.” Murong Pei said, “I think I lost the one you gave me, I’ll go back and look for it,” as if he had said it many times before.


After saying that, both of them froze.


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Panacea Seer
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