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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo can’t wait for them to realise the truth (つ✧ω✧)つ


Liang Yi’s heart suddenly began to pound violently.

This feeling was too familiar.

It was too familiar!

That conversation was something he and his lover had shared many times before, when Murong Pei, who was still the Empress, was almost deposed and imprisoned in a remote and cold palace. The guards around the palace were all under Liang Yi’s command and would not stop Murong Pei from going out. Besides, the Emperor was too lazy to care about Murong Pei’s condition, so he gave them the best opportunity.

Murong Pei would go to see Liang Yi in disguise every now and then, deliberately leaving behind his handkerchief in the cold palace, but either saying that he had forgotten it or lost it, and wanting Liang Yi to give him another one. This was a delightful way for both of them to meet, not to mention that Murong Pei would give a handkerchief with a hand-embroidered design in return.

Those were Liang Yi’s most treasured possessions, and were still kept safe in his spatial button.

This conversation would never be known to a third person, not to mention in this current interstellar era. Even in the original Linguo, no one had ever heard them share these conversations.

“You…” Liang Yi adjusted his mind and muttered, “What is your name?”

After asking, he wanted to spit on himself because of such a stupid question…

Murong Pei really looked at him strangely and replied, “Murong Pei.”

In fact, this question did not make any sense, after all, the original owner and his name were exactly the same.

Liang Yi was a bit chagrined. He wanted to ask Murong Pei directly if he had transmigrated, but this was not a good place to do so. Moreover, he was afraid of getting a negative answer or even being treated like a psycho by the other party.

The subordinates at the table looked at each other and mentally laughed at their boss.

Tang Bo jabbed his deputy and whispered, “The boss can’t even chase people, this is the most awkward conversation I’ve ever seen.”

The deputy just moved to the side, away from him. The boss had swept a glance this way and must have heard what this idiot said. He did not want to follow the bad luck.

The meal was so awkward that Liang Yi wanted to scratch his ears, but he held back for the sake of his image.

After the meal was over, Liang Yi took Murong Pei’s arm in a serious manner, “Let’s talk.”

Sounds of whistling rang out around the room, and a group of guys who were not afraid of the world started to make a scene, immediately causing Murong Pei’s cheeks to colour a shade of red.

He knew what the group meant, but he wasn’t sure if Liang Yi meant the same thing. Probably not, after all, they didn’t really know each other that well.

The strong smell of pheromones wrapped around him so tightly that even after taking the pills, Murong Pei felt like he could hardly stand. In addition to the weakness of his legs, his body was also uncontrollably hot, and he could not help but want to lean on that person.

Murong Pei quickly settled down and resisted the urge.

That would leave him very unprotected, and besides, it was just pheromone stimulation, he couldn’t be swayed by pheromones like that.

Liang Yi also noticed that something was wrong with him, and he looked back at the robot bear, wondering if the robot bear hadn’t given him the pill. He didn’t think so, otherwise Murong Pei wouldn’t have stayed safe and sound until now, but would have gone into heat long ago, desperately emitting pheromones to attract the surrounding Alphas.

The pheromones were not in the Omega inhibitors, so they were perceived by others as being at a normal level, light enough to be detected by careful sniffing.

Liang Yi was the same, but since he began to suspect that this Omega was his Empress, a strong pheromone filled his nose. If not for his amazing self-control, Liang Yi was afraid that he wouldn’t have been stone cold.

“Let’s go.” Liang Yi hurriedly held Murong Pei and immediately led him out of the place.

If they delayed any longer, Murong Pei would have to reveal his state in front of other people.

Just after leaving the hall, Murong Pei’s legs went limp and he lost balance. Liang Yi had to half-embrace him before he fell to the ground.


The body of the untouched Omega, that was even rarely touched by Alpha relatives, was very sensitive. Alpha pheromones were very foreign to him and he had hardly ever come into contact with them. For Murong Pei, the resistance to pheromones was very weak, not to mention the pheromones of a lover.

It would have been better if he had been combined with a partner. If he had been marked directly, he would not have to worry about the stimulation caused by other people’s pheromones, but Liang Yi could not possess him and mark him yet.

Liang Yi picked him up in his arms and quickly walked back to Murong Pei’s bedroom. As soon as he entered, he smelled an even stronger scent.

The pheromone scent of Murong Pei, who had lived here for half a month, was even more than his, and Liang Yi’s control instantly collapsed. The head in his pants involuntarily stretched into a tent.

He apologized, “I’m sorry,” Liang Yi hurriedly put the person in his arms on the bed, took a few steps back and sat down on the sofa at the far end. He poured himself a glass of ice water and drank it before the burning sensation in his body got better.

Murong Pei was relieved to be away from Liang Yi. He sat up on the bed and leaned against the back wall, pursing his lips, “What does the captain have to say to me?”

The man did not take advantage of the situation to take him. Apparently, the “talk” he had said before was really just a talk, not an excuse to do some unspeakable things.

Murong Pei could not say whether he was relieved or disappointed, but his mood was not good.

“I’d like to ask a presumptuous question…” Liang Yi hesitated, but decided to ask directly.

Murong Pei nodded slightly, “You ask.”

“Are you really the Murong family’s third son?” Liang Yi stared closely at Murong Pei’s expression.

Murong Pei’s pupils shrank, “Naturally.”

Liang Yi realized that it really wasn’t, and he continued, “You don’t need to be nervous, I know you’ve transmigrated.”

Murong Pei looked down at the floor without saying a word, and only after a long time did he speak faintly, “So what if I have? Do you like the original Murong Pei?”

“No.” Liang Yi immediately denied, “I don’t like him. But I want to be sure about who you really are.”

Murong Pei was noncommittal.

Liang Yi then tried, “Do you know about Linguo?”

“Never heard of it.” Murong Pei didn’t remember, but he subconsciously hated this word, and his tone unconsciously revealed a hint of disgust.

Liang Yi was slightly surprised. He was probably sure that this person was his lover, but why would his lover loathe Linguo?

He slowly walked up to Murong Pei and took his hand, “Let me show you something.”

He took out his pile of treasures from the spatial button, all of which were once given to him by Murong Pei.

As the only son of the family, Murong Pei had received the best education ever since he was a child, and was proficient in everything from the piano and chess to calligraphy and painting, and even more so in women’s work. His embroidery skills were not the best in the world, but he was definitely good at it. He may not be very good at making clothes, but he was very good at making scented handkerchiefs to please his lover.

Later, he was even willing to learn to make clothes for Liang Yi, but Liang Yi never wore the ones he made and always treasured them instead.

Murong Pei looked at these things and was vaguely touched in his heart.

It was all made with a lot of effort, and even though he had lost his memory, he could still feel his heart. He reached out and gently touched them, feeling his heart swell with a strange emotion.

He picked up a green sword pendant with a lace on it, and a jade pendant that Liang Yi had picked out. It was from the first time he made a sword pendant, so the pendant was not very nice. Liang Yi didn’t really like to use swords, but Murong Pei liked to make these little things for him.

Holding the sword pendant, Murong Pei subconsciously said, “This is not done well, it’s a pity for the good jade pendant.” Liang Yi still remembered the look of annoyance and embarrassment on Murong Pei’s face when he gave him the pendant.

“It’s not a pity, I just like it.” Liang Yi replied just as he did back then.

It was indeed his lover! The joy of losing and regaining the one he’d lost was so great that Liang Yi didn’t know what to do.

“But, I…” Murong Pei bit his lip, very chagrined, “I don’t remember… I don’t remember anything…”

Liang Yi hurriedly reached out and swept Murong Pei into his arms, hugging him tightly, “It’s okay, I remember everything just fine.”

He was satisfied that his lover had transmigrated over, and although his lover had lost his memory, it didn’t matter. They would have more good memories in the future, and besides, the memories of the past were filled with the suffering that Linguo attached to him, so it was better to forget about it.

Murong Pei snuggled quietly in Liang Yi’s arms, feeling relieved, so he did not dwell on those memories. He felt that he seemed to have recovered what he had lost, and that the rest was simply unimportant.

On this night, Murong Pei was wrapped in Liang Yi’s arms and slept peacefully. There was a peace of mind that had never been felt before, and there was no more sense of trepidation after his transmigration.

The two of them confessed their experiences to each other,l; Murong Pei told him what happened after he came over, and Liang Yi told Murong Pei about himself. Many points were blurred by the past, and Liang Yi was afraid that Murong Pei would recall the bad things, so he picked only the sweet memories to talk about.

“I was originally from here, and then transmigrated to Linguo to meet you.” For the whole afternoon, Liang Yi had wrapped his arms around Murong Pei and did not let go. A certain part of himself was not relieved, and the psychological override was everything, but the sexual discomfort made him temporarily not in the mood to care.

“I saved your life by being a hero, so beauty, you fell in love with me.” Liang Yi smugly said to amuse Murong Pei.

In fact, the first time Liang Yi and Murong Pei met was when the Emperor was on a trip to his concubines  palace, and that was also a turning point in their fortunes.

The Old Emperor was assassinated at a dinner party, and the dim-witted new emperor was angry with his Empress.

Although the Empress had nothing to do with the assassination and was even almost killed by the assassin, the Emperor unilaterally and capriciously thought that the Empress had something to do with it. This was all because he didn’t jump in first to block the assassin for the Emperor. Later, because Liu GuiJun was slightly wounded for saving the Emperor, the disgusted Emperor left Empress Murong Pei alone in the palace until his injustice was redressed.

The Emperor himself returned to the palace with his beloved, leaving Liang Yi, his strongest general, to watch over Empress Murong Pei. During that time, Liang Yi and Empress Murong Pei developed a special bond. However, they kept to the rules and did not do anything out of the ordinary. Their feelings were shown to be very introverted, and they only seemed to be just friends on good terms.


It was not until later, when the Emperor had to declare that Empress Murong Pei had nothing to do with the assassination due to pressure from his family and welcomed him back to the palace, that Liang Yi suddenly realized his feelings for him.


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March 2, 2021 4:45 am

Thank you for translating, Addis.

March 2, 2021 5:50 am

Yeah, 😑 dim-witted Emperors are the worst and they usually end as badly. Good thing the two were reunited here and can now be proper lovers.😁🥰 Thank you for the chapter!!!

March 2, 2021 8:52 am

Dumb emperor, good riddance. That’s why you’ve been assassinated by your concubine. Thanks for the chapter

March 6, 2021 7:25 am

Ohh so he was originally from interstellar! I was wondering how he had the things from the Ancient era…

March 15, 2021 4:05 pm

Lovely! that’s the most important thing, the memories they will built together going forward! 🙂

January 31, 2023 5:58 am

Ohh so that’s why ml is a bug. He just went back. Luckily, he still retained memories. Wonder why mc is a bug 🤔 and why did he lose his memories. A deeper meaning or just so he wouldn’t remember the bad times he went through. Will mc regain his memories in the future, I wonder

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