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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


No one could stop Liang Yi, and no one had the ability to discover Liang Yi’s whereabouts, so Liang Yi could brightly go have little private meetings with Murong Pei.

Murong Pei was originally a conservative person, but he had special feelings for Liang Yi. Once or twice he was able to resist his partner’s advances, but as Liang Yi’s love became stronger and stronger, and the Emperor’s dislike became more and more obvious, Murong Pei’s bottom line slowly disintegrated.

The Emperor did not like Murong Pei and refused to even touch him. After years of marriage, no one, except Liang Yi and Murong Pei’s personal palace maids knew that the Empress was still the same since the Emperor had never slept with him at all. Every time the Emperor came to the palace of the Empress, he would drive him to the soft couch with much disgust and refuse to share the bed.

Liang Yi was heartbroken, how could he tolerate such dislike for the person he held in his heart?

Finally, one day, Liang Yi could not stand it anymore, so he took Murong Pei out of the palace for a break and courted him again. With the cover of the loyal palace maids and guards, no one knew that Empress Murong Pei had left.

Murong Pei had never had such an opportunity to go for a walk on the street and to get up close and personal with the people. From his birth, his memories were of the deep courtyard, followed by his marriage, the high palace walls and the dignified places of the palace. He did not like these, but could not do anything about it.

Liang Yi fulfilled all his expectations and made him determined to get out of the shackles, so he and Liang Yi got together.

For the sake of his lover, Liang Yi decided to rebel. He was just a weak Emperor with unavoidable low-level technology, so why should he bully Liang Yi’s beloved. Liang Yi had natural armor, he was a powerful alpha, and even the Federation of the interstellar era could not do anything to him; it would be easy to clean up an Emperor.

But for the sake of his lover, Liang Yi had to get everything in order and could not let anyone be criticized.

Liang Yi had regretted countless times the fact that he chose to take his time. This gave the enemy the opportunity to take advantage of it, and he ended up getting himself transmigrated back.

In fact, Liu GuiJun and the Emperor had teamed up against Liang Yi, but Liang Yi did not even take it into account. If it wasn’t for that time when he happened to transmigrate back, he would have cleaned up all those enemies. The group of assassins that came to assassinate him could not hurt him, let alone kill him.

Murong Pei, who was left in the cold palace, did not believe that his lover would be killed like that, but had to accept the reality because his lover’s body was really not there. After suffering for a long time, he contacted his lover’s old ministry and continued what his lover had done before.

He wanted to avenge his lover and to overthrow this disgusting country.

Liang Yi broke free from the dream of memories and let out a long sigh of relief. Feeling the warm and delicate body in his arms, he suddenly tensed up and subconsciously wanted to throw the person away, but in the next second, he remembered that this was his lost and found lover, not a beauty sent to him by his subordinates because they cared for him.

The beauty would actually have no chance to get close to Liang Yi’s body. In the past, no matter before transmigrating or after returning back to his own world, those beauties had no chance to even get within three meters of Liang Yi’s circumference. Liang Yi did not even bother to sweep a glance at them, and they were sent back to where they came from. Especially after coming back, the end for those daring to send him a beauty and the “beauty” too, was not a good one.

The person in his arms was sleeping deeply. Liang Yi did not want to wake him up, but the sweet smell in the air was really tempting, it was inevitable that his blood boiled up.

Murong Pei woke up with something pressing against his stomach, making him very uncomfortable. He subconsciously reached under the covers to feel it and grabbed the originator.

Liang Yi immediately drew in a breath of cold air.

Murong Pei jerked awake and let go of him, blushing, “I didn’t mean to…”

Liang Yi rolled over and pinned him to the bed, “Too late.”

“Uh —”

Kissed, Murong Pei gasped for breath and lay pitifully on the bed, not daring to move. In just a moment, that thing grew bigger and was still poised in a dangerous place.

“Honey, you can’t do this.” Liang Yi buried his head in Murong Pei’s neck, “Your smell is too sweet, it will attract the malicious guys.”

As Murong Pei thought about it, he reached out and hooked Liang Yi’s neck, softening his voice, “Then you can mark me.”

After marking, he would not be affected by other people’s pheromones, and Murong Pei’s pheromones would only be attracted to Liang Yi.

Liang Yi touched his face, “Are you sure?”

Once marked, it was a lifetime thing.

Murong Pei pursed his lips and nodded, he felt he would not regret it.

Liang Yi’s heart was overflowing. He finally had his own Omega, and the Omega was also his lover, it was unimaginable.

The official mark came with a surge of lust, and Murong Pei’s heat ended up coming early. Liang Yi only had just enough time to tell the robot bear to be ready to give them nutrients, but was unable to give further instructions.

“The boss has been indulging in tender love for seven days now.” Tang Bo crouched at the door of Murong Pei’s room and yawned.

The deputy calmly said, “An Omega’s rutting period is three to seven days. The longer it is, the more pure the bloodline is, which is good. Maybe by the end of this one, the captain’s wife will already have the little captain in his belly.”

Tang Bo gave an envious tsk, “When will my cute little Omega come to me? I’ll step out of my room only after a month then!”

The deputy gave him a look of contempt, that’s all he had.

Counting the time, they should be out early this morning. A lot of interesting things had happened in the past few days, but unfortunately, the boss was not in. They did not get instructions and it was not easy to come up with an idea, so they just had to wait and see what happened, while eating melons to watch the show.

Speaking of which, these things also had something to do with the boss.

Tang Bo intended to knock when the door behind him suddenly opened. As he was leaning against the door, he almost fell into the room. However, he was kicked out by a boot, crisp and unforgiving. Tang Bo ended up falling on his face.

Tang Bo, “!!!”

Jumping up, Tang Bo was about to crusade against the ungentle robot, but found that it was not a robot who opened the door, but his boss. So the one who kicked him back, was also the boss… 

Liang Yi, who was holding his sweetheart, realized that he had kicked something. But it wasn’t his fault, he was holding his wife in his arms, so he couldn’t see if there was anything under his feet. It was common sense that no one would put something right in front of the doorway, let alone squat in front of the doorway to play vicissitudes.

Tang Bo ate a dumb loss, but there was nowhere to get angry, so he could only admit his own bad luck.

The deputy looked at his boss with surprise, “Boss, why were you holding the Madam out?”

Liang Yi righteously said, “The bed is too messy, so I’m taking him to my room to rest.”

After seven days of tossing and turning, how could it not be messy? It’s a good thing that the air purifier was on in the room and the ambiguous smell was all cleaned up, otherwise it would be quite embarrassing.

The deputy knowingly nodded and made way for the boss. After waiting for him to settle the Omega down, he hurriedly reported the current situation.

“What’s wrong?” Liang Yi came into the study and nodded slightly to indicate him to make the long story short.

The deputy pushed aside Tang Bo, who was ready to talk nonsense, and spoke concisely, “The Murong family has given up the search for the madam and announced that the madam is dead. Now the Murong family is planning the wedding of the second lady and that Alpha, but there is another family that is also fighting. Not surprisingly, the result should be available today.”

The Murong family’s second daughter was just a Beta, and the other family was sending out an Omega male for marriage, so the other family had the advantage anyway. In particular, many people still thought that the future president would prefer men to women.

Liang Yi picked up his coffee cup and took a few sips, “Which family is the other family?”

“The Liu family.”

Liang Yi raised his eyebrows.

This surname was really impossible to generate any good feelings towards.

“Send me information on the Murong family, the Liu family and the future president, especially the central figure of the union.”

Although it no longer had anything to do with them, it might be profitable. The interstellar pirates usually had little supplies, either to explore and discover the resource planets themselves, or directly rob the Federation. Liang Yi and the Federation had a grudge. And of course, he was more than happy to directly rob, so he did not even need to develop — just take the supplies and run away.

Liang Yi and the interstellar pirates generally did not like to occupy a planet of resources, and then develop and grow it. Those countries fighting for the ring was very stupid behavior. Rather than occupying the mountain, like a king waiting for people to attack, why not always hide in the darkness to engage in sneak attacks, hit a shot to change places, so that those people could never grab it.

Being too greedy was not a good thing. A whole planet’s resources, although eye-catching, was difficult to keep. Those other pirates always liked to grab some remote areas of the planet to develop resources. Having a heart with a gambling like mind, thinking that perhaps the Federation and other countries would not find them, but it was, in fact, delusional. How many interstellar pirates were extinguished, simply countless.

Now the Liu and Murong families were fighting over it, which would definitely lead to tension between the two families. They did not hold the military power in their hands, and robbing the name of the resource planet was far easier than robbing the original planet. Not to mention the chaotic situation today, there would be many opportunities to take advantage of.

Liang Yi put down his coffee cup and added indifferently, “Focus on the Liu family’s resource planets.”

The Liu family was more likely to win in the game, and when they attack the Liu family’s resource star, they may even get the Murong family’s secret help. Or even, dump the pot on the Murong family.

Anyway, Murong Pei was not really the Murong family’s third youngest, and Liang Yi would not have to worry about it.

“Knock knock.” The robot bear pushed open the door and stuck its big round head in, “Captain, madam is awake, yo.”

Liang Yi immediately revealed a smile, “I will go back immediately.” He said he got up and walked towards the door,”You guys take care of the rest, I’ll go check on him.”

Tang Bo didn’t even have a chance to speak the whole time and was almost suffocated. He sorrowfully looked at Liang Yi’s back, and then at his deputy, “Talking about business is business, why did the boss suddenly start showing love?”

The single dog was stuffed with a mouthful of dog food.


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