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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Murong Pei woke up and was half-lying on his bed, looking at the latest news, a habit he had developed over the previous half month.

Liang Yi came in with the congee and handed a spoonful to Murong Pei’s lips, “Eat something.”

Murong Pei woke up with a start, obediently opened his mouth and swallowed, then smiled at him.

“What are you looking at?” Liang Yi stole a kiss on his cheek in the process.

Murong Pei pursed his lips and smiled, “Nothing, my family doesn’t seem to want to care about me anymore.”

Although he knew that Murong Pei did not care about his so-called family, Liang Yi’s heart still ached and he reached out to take him into his arms. 

He thought of the Murong family of the Linguo Kingdom, who married off Murong Pei to the Emperor for the sake of power, and then watched Murong Pei being falsely accused and disliked, but did nothing in order to save their own lives. 

At that time, the leader of the Murong family was Murong Pei’s father, who only knew how to climb up the ladder of power, but was as timid and short-sighted as a mouse. He did not dare to ask the Murong family to help Murong Pei fight against the Emperor, even if the Murong family could get more benefits by doing so.

When Liang Yi met Murong Pei, Murong Pei was already very disappointed with the Murong family and must have been very sad for some time.

Liang Yi finished feeding him a bowl of porridge in silence, not knowing how to appease his beloved. But his beloved didn’t seem to need to be soothed, and yawning peacefully in his arms after drinking the congee, he said, “I’m still a little sleepy…”

A bowl of porridge alone couldn’t actually replenish the nutrients his body needed. However, he had been on a seven-day nutrient dose and could not directly eat solid food for the time being, so he could only take his time.

Liang Yi handed the bowl to the robot bear and lay back on the bed with Murong Pei in his own arms, “Then sleep a little longer.”

“Okay.” Murong Pei rubbed against his chest, closed his eyes and fell asleep.

The good sleep did not last long because soon, the starship was attacked by an unknown mecha. The situation was not critical, but the starship shook a bit, waking Murong Pei and Liang Yi.

“What’s wrong?” Murong Pei’s face turned white.

He had heard that the starship was flying in space, and if it crashed, the consequences were unthinkable.

Liang Yi hurriedly reassured, “It’s okay, this attack is just a scratch for the starship. Come, I’ll show you who’s causing trouble.”

Liang Yi quickly contacted the starship’s control center and pulled up the surveillance outside the starship. A dark blue mecha was attacking the starship, refusing to give up even though he knew it was useless.

The battle ended unannounced and the mecha was captured by the power grid and dragged directly into the interior of the starship, before it had a chance to get any more power. The scene on the screen cut to internal surveillance, only for them to see a wretched figure forced out of the mecha’s cockpit.

Murong Pei knew him as his cousin, Wen Dai, from the original owner’s memory. Wen Dai had an unpredictable temper, but he was very protective of his little cousin. In fact, the original owner and his brother and sister were half-brother and half-sister to him. The mother of his brother and sister came from another family, but then there was a change in the mother’s family and it fell into ruin. Their mother also could not bear the blow and committed suicide.

Murong Pei’s father was the only Omega in the Wen family’s generation and was very much loved at home. But the Wen family did not believe it at all, insisting that Murong Pei’s brother and sister did it, and that Murong Pei’s father was uninformed and conniving with his children.

The Murong family just issued a statement that Murong Pei was dead, and the Wen family immediately came out and said that Murong Pei was not dead. They would definitely get their grandson back, so that the crowd would have a good time watching the show.

The first time Murong Pei saw him, he felt very close to him, and in his previous life, he was known as the son of Wen Yuan. When he found out about his cousin’s situation, he was so angry that he wrote a long poem to denounce the Emperor and the demon concubine Liu GuiJun, directly stinking up the reputation of these two people.

Later, he scolded Liang Yi and Murong Pei to their faces after discovering their relationship by chance, and only changed his attitude when he confirmed that Liang Yi was truly good to Murong Pei. It was a pity that this amazing talent was later assassinated by the Emperor and they had failed to save him in time, which had always been a knot in Liang Yi’s heart.

“Get lost.” The monitor’s Wen Dai disgustedly pushed away the robot that came up to escort him to the “cell”. He looked up to find the location of the camera, and said coldly, “Fuck you, Liang Yi. Come and see me in person if you have the guts!”

Liang Yi, “……”

In order to appease his cousin, he was probably going to be scolded again. Fortunately, in this life, Wen Dai was not a literary person, so when he cursed people, it would not be in a roundabout manner of quoting scriptures, so that when one was scolded, they wouldn’t end up not understanding what the other party meant while cursing. But, by directly using rude words to greet the whole family or something… It didn’t seem to be a good experience either?

Liang Yi decided to take his wife with him to meet his cousin, maybe he could make the other side curse less.

Liang Yi had specially ordered that the person be placed in a guest room, with good food and drink. So at this moment, there were pastries and snacks, melon seeds and peanuts, and drinks, tea and wine, in front of Wen Dai.

Liang Yi also did not know the tastes of this life’s Wen Dai, so he could only be prepared in accordance with the previous life, and then add a little something else, in case his taste had changed to feel unappealing.

Wen Dai’s eyes held a complex look at the things on the table. Most of them were his favorite. This Liang Yi…

The heavy metal door automatically slid away to the sides, revealing the two people behind. Wen Dai’s gaze paused for two seconds at the hands of the two people holding each other, and his attitude eased up a bit.

Wen Dai, this kid really, with his previous life’s good sense and reliability, he decided to scold the two less. But the scolding should still be carried out, otherwise the goods may feel too easy to get, and would not be cherished.

The cousin and the cousin’s husband were found to be destined for two lives and this life was more successful than the last. Wen Dai was in a much better mood and was willing to enjoy his cousin’s husband’s favors. He picked up the tea on the table and took a sip, the tea was good. It seems that brother-in-law had robbed a lot of good things before.

Liang Yi helped Murong Pei sit down on the soft sofa before sitting upright at his side. He did not dare to move his hands and feet much, for fear of being scolded.

He was a coarse man, and really couldn’t stand the sarcastic remarks from Murong Pei, although his cousin may not say that kind of thing, but it was better to be prepared for anything.

Wen Dai was deliberately cold-faced and did not pay any attention to Liang Yi, but turned to Murong Pei and said, “Is it fun to elope with this big old man?”

“I didn’t…” Murong Pei had just said two words when Liang Yi gently interrupted.

“Madam did not elope with me, it was my bad that I took him captive without regard to his thoughts. But I don’t regret this matter, only that I didn’t meet madam earlier and caused him to be almost taken by someone else.”

Liang Yi looked at the person beside him with deep affection, Murong Pei was well adjusted and reacted indifferently. Across the table, however, Wen Dai couldn’t help but be toothsome and a little happy.

He realized that he really meant it.

Wen Dai regained his good face, “Heh, fancy words.”

Liang Yi innocently looked at Murong Pei, begging his wife for support.

Murong Pei was amused, but he wasn’t too sure how the original owner and Wen Dai used to get along, after all, there were only bits and pieces in his memory. He held Liang Yi’s hand tightly and said in a soft voice, “Cousin, Yi and I truly love each other. You don’t have to worry.”

“Humph.” Wen Dai glared at Liang Yi, who allowed him to do this, he must answer himself.

Liang Yi suddenly had one head and two big heads, his cousin’s uncle was not easy to deal with.

Murong Pei gave him a lovey-dovey look and silently shut up.

At Wen Dai’s insistence, Murong Pei had to leave for a while, leaving Liang Yi to deal with his cousin alone. The room was suddenly left to Liang Yi and Wen Dai, and the atmosphere was awkward as Liang Yi dug in his heels to try to convince Murong Pei’s cousin, trying to remember how he had succeeded in his previous life.

Then, he saw a bright light. There it was.

Since the previous life’s argument worked, he might as well change what didn’t fit and use it directly.

The pre-recorded Liang Yi began to talk endlessly about his heart.

Wen Dai listened to the very smooth words, picked up the cup of tea and was satisfied with a sip. That’s right, more sincere than the words just now, was… Sounds a bit familiar.

After two minutes, Wen Dai recalled the taste, had he not heard these words once in his previous life? He looked at Liang Yi with complicated eyes, how did these goods say the same words every time? Was it a coincidence or did these kind of words become the same in every lifetime and heh could not get rid of his habitual language?

Liang Yi was still rattling on.

He noticed that Murong Pei’s cousin’s expression had softened and felt that victory was in sight, so he worked harder and harder.

When he was not paying attention, he got carried away and made a slip of the tongue. For example, he had forgotten to change the sentence “The dog Emperor will definitely not be like me, to hold the Empress in his heart and spoil” to “The little white fiancé will definitely not be like me, to hold the wife in his heart and spoil”, and Wen Dai felt something was wrong as soon as he heard it.

He immediately opened his mouth to interrupt, “The dog Emperor?”

Liang Yi’s body stiffened, ready to muddle through.

But then he heard Wen Dai continue to ask, “Empress?”


Without waiting for him to explain, Wen Dai immediately became furious, stood up and grabbed Liang Yi’s collar. He finally understood. No wonder Liang Yi said the same things as in his previous life, he bet Liang Yi had the same memories of his previous life as he did!

“Fuck you, Liang Yi!” Wen Dai was about to explode with anger, “You actually found a double!”

“Huh?” Liang Yi was confused.

The more Wen Dai thought about it, the angrier he became, he wanted to beat him up until he couldn’t take care of himself.


Although his cousin, the Empress of the Linguo Kingdom, looked the same as his cousin with the same name in his current life, Wen Dai was not sure that it was his cousin’s reincarnation. What if it wasn’t? Then Liang Yi found a double, and treated the double so well that it was tantamount to betraying his cousin!


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