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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


In the splendid hall, the goblets were mingled.

Today’s protagonist was Feng Feng and Liu Ling, the second young master of the Liu family, and now, the ‘lovers’ were greeting the guests with the truth, smiling as if they were very happy. The people who didn’t know definitely couldn’t tell that Feng Feng had just held an unsuccessful engagement party before, and Liu Ling was just a spare tire.

The spare tire of the spare tire, the Murong family’s second young lady, Murong Xi, gritted her teeth and stayed in a far corner, staring hatefully at the two guys in the crowd.

Still want to get engaged properly? Dream on.

Murong Xi sneered, clicked on the optical computer to look at it, and hooked her lips in satisfaction.

A good show was about to take place.

On the other corner, Liang Yi was eating cake with Murong Pei, not caring what would happen later. They were standing in a good position, and no one really noticed for a while that there was an explosive big shot here, oh no, two of them, after all, there was also the ‘dead’ Murong Pei.

“I saw your sister.” Tang Bo came over,  took a piece of cake and pointed to the other end, “Her expression looked really twisted, did she do something bad behind the scenes?”

Murong Pei glanced back, “Probably.”

Murong Xi had always hated people mentioning Beta and Omega in front of her. Just because she was not Omega but a worthless Beta, for so many years, the family that was on the stage was not willing to let their son marry her. This time, it was such a good opportunity to become the future president’s wife, and they lost that eyesore Omega in the family, but because of the gender issue, she was cut off by the Liu family. Murong Xi was about to explode. She felt that everyone looked at her with a mocking expression, mocking her as a Beta who had no self-respect and was trying to compete with an Omega.



Liang Yi immediately took Murong Pei in his arms and led him to stand a little further away.

Tang Bo was also startled and was pulled by his deputy to follow Liang Yi.

“What, what’s wrong? What just fell?”

The deputy calmly let go of Tang Bo, “Look up, look at the ceiling.”

Tang Bo subconsciously looked up, there was nothing above his head ah.

“I didn’t tell you to look at the top of your head.” The deputy gave him a look that said ‘you are stupid’, “Look at the mess over there.”

Uh… Tang Bo coughed dryly and hurriedly looked over.

The crystal chandelier, which was originally hanging from the ceiling, fell down. While there was no one directly below when it fell, there were many people around. Especially Feng Feng and Liu Ling, who stood in an extremely bad position when the chandelier smashed to the ground. The splash of debris cut a lot of people, the most serious of which was the two of them.

“Tch, really…” Well done.

To be honest, the group that was gathered there was the main group Tang Bo hated.

The deputy glanced at Tang Bo and was silent for a moment. Unlike interstellar orphans like him, Tang Bo was originally the young master of a large federation family, but unfortunately their family was set up by a joint group of people, and finally only Tang Bo survived.

Tang Bo hated the nobles present, he also felt a little pity that the chandelier did not hit anyone.

Murong Pei followed suit and asked in surprise, “Did Murong Xi do this?” 

Liang Yi nodded, “This was just the first step.”

Murong Xi’s plan wasn’t particularly perfect, but it didn’t matter, Liang Yi secretly helped her. What Murong Xi wanted wasn’t to mess up an engagement party and hurt the group; what she wanted was to disfigure these two people.

For the Omegas and the people who went to political mixers, looks were still very important. The former, it was needless to say why, but even the latter, if not good-looking, could be to the point of unbearable. After all, to be the face of the government, one needed good looks. Ordinary wounds wouldn’t disfigure people, and surgery to eliminate scars was very powerful, so Murong Xi had ‘someone’ get a cute little virus through the black market.

This virus was not too harmful to people, it was just very difficult to treat and almost impossible to eradicate. It would multiply on a person’s skin, and then that person’s skin would become colorful, pitted, and unusually scary looking.

Murong Xi hated Liu Ling, and she hated Feng Feng, and she hated that they used the union to mock her gender. Of course, Murong Xi also hated those noblemen who tended to be influential, who thought she didn’t see the pity and ridicule in the eyes of those people when they looked at her.


“There is a virus on the chandelier.” The deputy took out the treatment instrument and handed it to Liang Yi, who took it and then gave Murong Pei a careful scan to confirm that he was not infected with that virus, which was a relief.

Although Liang Yi had made complete preparations before coming, to ensure that Murong Pei would be fine, he was still afraid that there might be an accident.

After scanning Murong Pei, the three remaining men were scanned as well. Tang Bo was particularly attentive, scanning carefully inside and out three times before he sighed in relief and patted his chest exaggeratedly, “Fortunately, otherwise my handsome face would have been ruined.”

The deputy snatched away the treatment instrument and gave him a look of contempt.

Murong Xi had the virus-stained water rubbed all over the chandelier inside and out, which wasn’t easy, but there were robots working, so it eluded surveillance and remained undetected. Now, almost all the people who were scratched had been hit by the virus, and it wouldn’t be long before this group of nobles would be on fire.

Originally Murong Xi was unable to buy this virus, but thanks to the help of Liang Yi, she got it. When the group joined forces to investigate the case, they would soon investigate Murong Xi. However, Murong Xi thought that the top hacker she paid a lot of money for would definitely help her eliminate the traces, but she didn’t know that the top hacker was actually the deputy himself.

“You guys are so bad.” Tang Bo poked the deputy’s waist.

The deputy slapped his hand away.

The virus multiplied quickly, and when everyone was still busy finding healers and healing robots to stop the bleeding and heal the wounds, they noticed that the freshly healed wounds suddenly sprouted purplish-red spots. This was not all, another wound emerged from the blue-black spots, in short, it was different.

Everyone had heard of the colored spot virus, but only a few people had seen it, so no one reacted for a while and didn’t realise that it was the colored spot virus at work. The crowd stirred up, but remained calm until someone shouted, “This is the colored spot virus!”

The atmosphere was quiet to the extreme.

Murong Pei didn’t think the group would really be swayed by the tiny virus. They could definitely find a way to contain it, so in fact, Feng Feng and Liu Ling would be hit hard for a short time, but there was always a chance to turn around. Although so many people were implicated because of the engagement party, the Liu family was expected to become a target. The Liu family had easily tied up Feng Feng, and would obviously not let him go and lose all the effort they had put in. They would certainly try to help find a way. As long as the virus was solved, even if it was only the symptom but not the root cause, it was enough.

Since this was the case, then actually Murong Xi continued to fight with Liu Ling and Feng Feng, so a good chess piece was wasted such a pity. Besides, she was a chess piece that could take the blame.

Murong Pei thought for a while, pulled Liang Yi’s earlobe, came up to his ear and whispered a few words.

Liang Yi raised his eyebrows in slight surprise, then inclined his head and gave him a kiss on the lips, “I’ll listen to you.”

“What bad things are you guys going to do again?” Tang Bo asked curiously, coming over.

Liang Yi pushed him away and put on Murong Pei’s disguise to make sure he wouldn’t be recognized before walking boldly towards the center of the crowd.

As if it was a repeat of the old days, the crowd stepped back in horror and made way for him.

“Liang Yi, he’s here to crash the party again!”

The only difference was that the last time he came he seemed to be alone, but this time, he was followed by three subordinates. Two of them were very fresh-faced, but the remaining one was memorable to the crowd because he looked very much like the Tang family head who was sentenced fifteen years ago!

Tang Bo gloomily stared at those weak-minded people. If there was still business to do, he would have pulled out the particle gun to kill them all.

At this time, only Feng Feng and the Liu family head stood out.

It was already humiliating to be hit once, and Feng Feng couldn’t afford to lose his face a second time. The Liu family, as the organizer, naturally could not back down, and the Liu family head was confident that he had the ability to teach Liang Yi a lesson, don’t think that their Liu family and Murong family came and w as they please.

However, Liang Yi didn’t pay any attention to these two people, but just gave them a mocking glance, and then looked around, “Pretty lively?”

No one dared to reply.

“I thought you had a lot of love for the young master of the Murong family.” Liang Yi smiled meaningfully, “It seems you don’t take these Omegas to heart either. Next time my brothers are short of wives, they will have to thank Mr. Feng for graciously giving up his Omegas.”

The words were really heart-breaking, the words showed that Feng Feng did not care about the Omega engaged to him, so it does not matter if they were kidnapped, just give it to the pirates. After the delivery, he would be happy to go to the next Omega, for him, every Omega was the same. Liang Yi’s men happened to be short of many Omegas, and Liang Yi was encouraging Feng Feng to get engaged to a few more Omegas, so that his brothers’ would get wives.

Although the timing was inappropriate, Murong Pei couldn’t help but laugh.

When Liang Yi heard the familiar laughter, his face softened a bit and he turned back to look tenderly at his beloved, “Let’s go, the good show is over.”

After saying that, Liang Yi left again with his people in a big way.

As for the killers and bodyguards arranged by the Liu family, it was as if they didn’t exist at all, no one bothered to stop them at all.

Only when everyone had left did the Liu family head suddenly come back to his senses, so angry that his face turned blue. Where did all the people go? How come none of them came up to stop Liang Yi?

The engagement party ended like a farce again.


Because of Liang Yi’s appearance, the crowd subconsciously believed that the virus was laid by Liang Yi. The team decided not to give up Murong Xi for the time being and to keep the woman to help them deal with the enemy, so Murong Xi was safe.


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Game on! Thank you for translating 😊

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“You get engaged a few more times with Omegas, and I’ll come to crush your party and steal your partner, because my brothers need wives.” is what he said in essence. ROFL!!! Liang Yi, you are so bad. 🤣😂😁 Thank you for the chapter!!!

March 2, 2021 10:32 am

Tang Bo there’s hope. You just have to wait for another engagement of FF to steal his Omega. Hahaha! But the thing is, we have deputy. Can you(TB) take a glance with deputy? Hehe! Thanks for the chapter

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Loved this chapter! Thank you!

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