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Translated by Aphelios of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


“You know, when you put it like this, it can easily be misunderstood by the human race as something else.” Shang Jiyu sighed. “We usually don’t say it like this.” 

I have no idea where this little Jiao grew bigger. 

“That’s because you’re all not thick enough!” Xiaoshen said proudly. 

Shang Jiyu, “……” 

He caught Xiaoshen’s hand and appeared to both smile and not smile and said, “You cannot say these words so casually! You better be careful.” 

Xiaoshen thought that Shang Jiyu’s tone was really odd and his fingers weren’t cold enough but rather really hot to the point where he was uncomfortable. He wanted to escape and lightly beat Shang Jiyu with his fist in an attempt to escape his clutches. 

Shang Jiyu moved to the side to avoid Xiaoshen’s coquettish punch. Xiaoshen’s fist, light as a feather, made contact with the thick and robust city walls – and penetrated the wall, leaving a hole the size of a frying pan. 

Even Xiaoshen, who was not familiar with the ways of humans, knew what the purpose of the city walls were, looked at the hole in embarrassment and tried to defend himself by saying, “I wanted to hit you. Who told you to dodge?” 

Shang Jiyu, “……” 

The guardsmen, who were immersed in the festivities, immediately stood alert as they heard the bricks fall from the walls onto the city grounds. They looked towards the source of the sound and shouted, “What’s going on?! Hurry up and go check it out!” 

“It’s better if we leave now. I’m afraid you’ll bring down the city if we stay here any longer.” Shang Jiyu sighed. 


According to the elders of the Yuling Sect, it appeared that since the Imperial Palace’s Recruitment of the Immortals, it has been raining non stop and rain water has accumulated at a surprising rate. 

The newly admitted disciples from this year would all live at the Xiamo Pavilion. It was only until they passed the Yingning Stage could they then formally become an apprentice to a master.  With the strong roots of a Yuling disciple, the people entering this phase kept on increasing and breaking new records. 

The previous record holder of taking the shortest amount of time to enter the Yingning Stage was Shang Jiyu’s teacher, Master Miaoxiang. This Effortless Yuanjun only used seven days. 

However, this time, the new disciples had caused a huge ruckus because of the “Fraud Crisis”. Everyone was afraid of being cheated and in the end, even Xie Kurong had to show up to personally see them. Just this sole incident had caused them to waste quite a few days. 

The deacon in charge of the recruitment privately complained for a long time and then berated Dong Wei. Why did you have to piss off the big clam? Since you pissed him off, couldn’t you at least work harder? You couldn’t even beat a cultivator that just passed the Basic Cleansing (second) Stage and caused me to make a mistake. 

After a few more days, a group of new disciples was brought to a familiar area in Yuling and paid a visit to the library for the first time. 

“Shortly, we will enter the library together to take a look. This library is a place where countless cultivators yearn to enter and where a myriad of spells and methods reside. However, you all must be careful to never provoke the ink essences who live here, otherwise they might chase you out. You should not anger the Library Master either; he is even more difficult than the ink essences.” 

The one in charge of overlooking the Xiamo Pavilion was a parrot with an aquiline nose and a hoarse but powerful speaking voice. 

In the span of these few days, everyone all had a broad understanding of the history of the Yuling Sect and knew what the ink essences were. It was said that these supernatural beings solely appeared within the Yuling Sect and would only admire those with peerless talents. Everyone was already buzzing with anticipation. As newly admitted cultivators and youths filled with hope and confidence, everyone wanted to be that person who would shock the crowd with his talents. 

Shu Feng was part of this new group of disciples and his family once had a granduncle who too went on the path of cultivation; however, unlike him who was lucky enough to enter the Yuling Sect, his granduncle entered a relatively smaller sect. 

In those days, the granduncle’s close family were still alive and he had gone back twice to visit. During one of those visits, he had mentioned that he was the representative of his sect and was able to visit the Yuling Sect to study and increase his cultivation, however, in his description of the Yuling Sect, he had only mentioned the library and focused especially on the ink essences. 

Afterwards, his blood kin one by one passed on and thus the granduncle completely severed his relationship with his relatives in the mortal world and never came back. 

Still, granduncle’s stories of the ink essences continued to stay with Shu Feng. 

Shu Feng couldn’t hide his excitement now that he had personally stepped foot into the library. The steward had told them that they could stay in the outer circle and look around this afternoon – they were currently far from qualified to self-study the methods and spells in the library. 

Furthermore, the ink essences rarely showed up in the outer circle, thus they could only see them as tiny black moving spots from afar. Still, this was enough for Shu Feng’s heart to beat rapidly in excitement. 

He walked in between the bookshelves and suddenly saw a young man lying down on his stomach with a picture book in hand near a spot by the windows. On his head sat an ink essence. The youth was like a faultless white jade while the ink essence held a figure of black ink. The scene was one in which an observer couldn’t help but smile softly at. 

There was one thing that Shu Feng didn’t take note of and that was no one was sitting near the young man. 

Shu Feng couldn’t help but walk over and took a look at the book the youth was reading; it was actually a picture book introducing the Yuling Sect. He asked, “Little brother, did you just arrive at the Yuling Sect as well?” 

The youth raised his damp eyes to look at him, “Yea.” 

“You didn’t enter the sect through the Imperial Palace’s Recruitment of the Immortals, right? How much earlier did you arrive? I have never seen you before.” Shu Feng saw the youth look at him and felt his heart soften quite a bit which immediately piqued his interest, “And this… this is an ink essence, right? How did you get it?” 

“I only arrived about a month earlier. I didn’t get it. It just came on its own accord.” The youth replied. 

Shu Feng saw the tiny Daoist ink essence with a sword on its back, intimately dozing off on the youth’s body. Its tiny brows and eyes were quite beautiful and Shu Feng couldn’t help but think that even though both of them were newbies, this youth could actually get this close to the ink essence. He asked, “Can I touch it?” 

“It doesn’t like others touching it.” The youth answered definitely to put a stop to Shu Feng’s curiosity. 

“But it’s still sleeping…” So this is an ink essence. Shu Feng looked as if under a spell and reached out a finger to touch the little ink essence’s face. 

This ink essence unexpectedly blew up in anger. Its two eyes sparkled, and it pulled out the sword from behind its back and swung down, narrowly missing Shu Feng’s fingertip, and landed sharply on the tabletop, leaving behind a deep cut. 

If it weren’t for Shu Feng’s fast response time in addition to Xiaoshen pulling the back collar of Yu Yi’s clothes, he would have lost his fingertip already! 

Shu Feng’s face turned white and he unconsciously screamed in fear. The steward came over shortly and looked at his ashen face in confusion. “What did you do?” 

“Ugh… I wanted to pet this ink essence.” Shu Feng weakly replied. “I almost got hurt.” 

The steward let out a breath of relief upon hearing his story and admonishingly said, “Didn’t I tell you before not to provoke the ink essences? Do you not want to come to the library anymore? There’ll be plenty for you to cry about later.” 

Every cycle, there would always be a select few who weren’t afraid to die, have unruly hands, and wanted to take liberties with the ink essences. He was used to it. 

It was fortunate that it wasn’t the youth that the new disciple wanted to pet… 

Shu Feng weakly said, “I thought the ink essence had a good temperament. It was sleeping on this little brother’s head.” 

The steward, “Who’s little brother?” 

The youth, “Who’s little brother?” 

It was then that Shu Feng realized that he misspoke and awkwardly explained, “I’m truly sorry. It’s because I have a little brother who shares a similar build to you and you somewhat resemble him.” 

The steward twisted his face, took a deep breath, and said: “Stop talking nonsense. This is… this person is our library’s Library Master, Mr. Xiaoshen.” 

“This is who you said…” was more difficult to deal with than the ink essence? But he doesn’t look like it… He obviously looks like someone who is easy to get along with. Even though Shu Feng thought that, he was not stupid enough to say it out loud and instead said, “No… but… that’s… he, he said he just entered the Yuling Sect not long ago too.” 

The steward used his hoarse voice and shouted, “Those who arrived early are first! What do you understand! Hurry and follow me!”   

Xiaoshen, “Wait a moment. What did you say about me?”

The steward grabbed Shu Feng and fled. “See you later!” 

Xiaoshen, “……” 

He definitely didn’t say anything good! I’ll remember his face! 

Also, am I really that ‘short’?! 

Yu Yi was still mad. It took advantage of Xiaoshen being lost in silent criticism and flew out. It didn’t even beat Shu Feng up yet. How dare Shu Feng touch it without permission. 

Xiaoshen followed Yu Yi outside. That steward already disappeared without a trace and he didn’t know if Yu Yi was able to catch up. Xuan Wuzi on the other hand kept loitering outside the library and bothering Daomi. As soon as Xuan Wuzi saw Xiaoshen, he immediately leaped up and affectionately called out, “Brother Xiaoshen!” 

As soon as Xiaoshen saw him, Xiaoshen wrinkled his nose in distaste and turned around toward another direction. 

“Brother Xiaoshen! Brother Xiaoshen! I’m here to show you a new technique. Do you remember the technique I told you about last time? Through my own effort, I was able to master it. I think you 1 would find it really interesting.” 

Xuan Wuzi said in succession, “This technique is called the creation spell and seizes the creation of heaven and earth to change the essence of the body and allow a person to grow three inches in a flash!” 

Xiaoshen’s footsteps halted, “……” 

Xuan Wuzi cautiously continued, “Of course, I said that you might be interested not because you’re very short. You’re still young! It’s just that it’s an interesting technique. Furthermore, with your support, it can be even more refined.” 

Xiaoshen asked with a darkened face, “So, was it a success? You haven’t tried it on yourself right?” 

“I tested this out on the rabbits and it was rather successful. It’s just slightly unstable is all. The rabbits all grew five times their size, so I was hoping that I could gain your support to further develop this technique.” Xuan Wuzi saw Xiaoshen loosen his stance and even though he looked grumpy, Xiaoshen still asked him a question. Xuan Wuzi felt quite joyful at the response. 

Xuan Wuzi developed this technique himself and as someone who measured others after oneself, he thought Xiaoshen would probably be interested too and wanted to use this chance to move Xiaoshen. 

Xiaoshen originally didn’t care much for this, however, the human race seemed to like to point the issue of height out. If he suddenly became taller than Shang Jiyu, would he be frightened? Xiaoshen curled his lips and said, “Then you show it to me.” 

“All right! Let me see… What should I use to test it on.” Xuan Wuzi looked outside and grabbed a squirrel. He set the squirrel in place, calculated its position, and positioned his hands to perform the spell, “The breath of vitality around us, the essence of the woods flourishing, the energy of the gods intersects, all living things turn to life!” 

A blue light shot out from his fingertips! 

However, exactly at that moment, a streak of black flashed through, collided with the blue light and flew out. 

“Yu Yi!” Xiaoshen yelled. He saw it very clearly; that black spot was Yu Yi who just returned. 

Yu Yi slammed into the bookshelf and was covered by a book. Xiaoshen went to remove the book and brought up the still dizzy Yu Yi. “Are you okay?” 

Yu Yi shook its head and with a kick of its feet, swaggered onto the sword to indicate it was fine. 

Ah, that was right. The spell should have landed on Yu Yi’s body, but there didn’t seem to be any changes.                      

“Yu Yi didn’t grow taller even a bit.” Xioashen used his fingers to measure Yu Yi, who was still the tiny thing it was before. “Your spell doesn’t work at all.” 

“Ehhh…” Xuan Wuzi felt sweat forming on his nose and continued to try his hardest to win Xiaoshen over. “This ink essence isn’t a monster, but rather an ink essence. On top of that, I just developed this new technique so there might be some oversight. But I swear that when it was used on another animal, it really worked. Let me bring that huge rabbit to you right now to see.” 

“Next time.” Xiaoshen chose this moment to have an epiphany. If he were to grow taller, then Shang Jiyu might think that he was trapped by the aesthetics of humans and instead be happy about it. That won’t do at all. He still has to cautiously think this through, and anyway, Xuan Wuzi’s spell hasn’t been perfected yet. 

Yep. After all is said and done, the human race’s aesthetics were way too narrow. Unlike our dragon race who could find beauty in all races. 

The afternoon passed just like that and Xiaoshen had to once again under the sighs of everyone’s regret leave the library. 

Coincidently, the new disciples, under the guidance of the steward, all boarded the small boats to return to the Xiamo Pavilion. 

They all saw Xiaoshen and everyone began to discuss how this youth didn’t appear to be part of the human race; however, they weren’t able to be like those disciples who have long entered the cultivation world and determine which race Xiaoshen belonged to. 

Only Shu Feng knew that the youth was the Library Master. The steward said that he was part of the water clan, and truly, he looked like it too… 

Xiaoshen got on the boat and not long after setting out, he felt the boat shake. 

As he was wondering what was going on, he suddenly felt a force pull him down and sounds of yelling could be heard all over. 

The entire Ligou River that had been suspended for many years, suddenly started collapsing along with the boats and the people on it! The water was like a curtain! 

Xiaoshen reacted immediately, or one could say that he reacted faster than anyone else. This Ligou River was originally split from Lanyu Lake. 

He quickly descended through the currently pouring Ligou River, suspended himself in the air, and brought up two hands to hold onto the entire river and pushed it up! 

It would probably be difficult for those in the same realm, and even those cultivators who were two stages higher, to immediately take complete control of the entire Ligou River, however, it was as simple as breathing for Xiaoshen. 

It was just that after taking hold of the Ligou River, the people and boats continued to fall and the majority of those were newly minted disciples who did not have an ounce of cultivation and were extremely terrified. Miserable screams and shouts for the Xiamo Pavilion steward to save them could be heard throughout. 

At this moment, the only cultivators on the river were Xiaoshen and the steward from the Xiamo Pavilion. The steward had already swiftly caught the disciples near him, but he wasn’t a high-level cultivator and was only responsible for taking care of the new disciples’ daily livelihood. 

On the contrary, the cultivators who lived on the grounds below the river and on the peaks of the mountains sensed the situation and came out in succession and upon seeing the people falling from above were about to take action. Yet they saw someone had already caught everyone. 

Everyone was screaming for the steward except for Shu Feng, who probably knew that a deacon was at a higher level than a steward and cried out for Xiaoshen. “Mr. Library Master!” 

Xiaoshen heard him yell for him and shot a glance at Shu Feng. He kicked the cloud beneath his foot and it split into numerous puffs of clouds that began catching all the disciples that the steward wasn’t able to catch in time. 

Then, an idea flashed through his heart. 

Aye… now that my water is above me and even though this was an accident, if you think about it, doesn’t this count as picking up humans and a bunch of them – from underneath the water? 

It’s probably not a good idea to pick up so many brides at once… 

Everything happened in a flash. He caught the river and the humans. As for the boats, sounds of crashing and breaking could be heard from below. 

Xiaoshen didn’t take this seriously. His dragon scales were very solid and the boats merely felt as soft as rain. 

Yet, the tiny ink essence Yu Yi was a very loyal subordinate. It flew in front of Xiaoshen and pulled out its sword to slice one of the boats that almost fell onto Xiaoshen’s head. 

The very moment Yu Yi pulled out its sword, a blue light flashed by, and the originally finger-sized ink essence suddenly turned into a being that was taller than Xiaoshen. Its ink sword huffed and puffed and sliced the small boat into two pieces! 

The ink essence pulled back its sword and looked toward Xiaoshen. Its sharp as a sword eyes had already turned calm. 

Similar to humans yet not human, the ink essence still maintained a water ink shape and its entire body was a lustrous black color. Only its eyes were a bright silver and its hair white. The corner of its clothes and the tip of its sword were still thick with ink, but if you were to zoom in on the image, you could observe a sense of otherworldliness. 

Besides the color, if magnified, the ink essence’s five senses looked no different than the stone image of Yu Zhao that Xiaoshen saw on the Jade cliff that day! 

The only difference when compared to the actual Yu Zhao was that Yu Yi, who was staring intensely at Xiaoshen, lacked a human touch and together with the unique black and white water ink figure, felt more demon-like. 

This distance was not considered polite amongst humans. Yu Yi faintly tilted its body, its face merely a short distance from Xiaoshen’s, but it had no breath. Its water ink hair seemed to brush over Xiaoshen’s face, and though its eyes looked as if they held no emotion, its actions were one of extreme concern… 

Ligou River gradually left Xiaoshen’s control and returned to its original position. 

From behind, a person’s voice could be heard, “Xiaoshen.” 

It was then when Xiaoshen collected his thoughts and turned around. It turned out that Shang Jiyu had rushed over, and it was the one that he liked. 

Shang Jiyu was familiar with the Yuling Sect’s spell formation and settled the Ligou River in its correct place. He saw the youth and the ink essence, which –  for some reason – was not the same size as a human, standing very close next to each other. 

As soon as the youth looked over, the ink essence looked over as well. At its current size, it looked even more like Yu Zhao. 

It still treated Xiaoshen the same as always. In the past, the ink essence could only hold onto Xiaoshen’s finger, but now, it could hold onto Xiaoshen’s wrist. 

Shang Jiyu felt his heart stop. For the first time, his cold impassioned eyes were covered by a layer of dark clouds.


The author has something to say:

Should it be Yuyi plus, or  polished black…… no, water ink Yuzhao black version?

Reporting to all writers, since the story is not long, we’ll enter the main scene in the next chapter. Thank you for everyone’s support and I hope you can keeping supporting this novel!!

Lastly, I kept seeing a lot of my old readers asking when the main character’s professional life would start and how he would farm without water…I’m at a loss too. This was more of a fluff piece with a cute MC. 

But! The next story is a long novel about supernaturals in the entertainment world “I became popular after my part time gig.” You can bookmark it first! Lots of love!


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Translator Notes:

  1. Xuan Wuzi has been using the formal usage of the word “you” rather than the informal “you” to address Xiaoshen as a sign of respect. This is often used towards an elder, a superior, boss, etc.


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