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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


The next day, the weather was really colder than yesterday; if yesterday was just an autumn chill, today, as soon as Shen Si went out, he found himself exhaling white mist while breathing. The temperature had completely reached below zero, and people were walking around wearing many layers of clothes. Shen Si rubbed his hands, his fingers frozen and slightly painful.

“Here, put them on.”

Yi MingZhi handed a pair of white gloves to Shen Si, “It’s really cold today.”

Taking the gloves and putting them on, the inside of the gloves were also cold and frosty, and it would probably take a while to warm up.

“Geez, put on another pair of white gloves, your whole body is even whiter than usual.” Yi MingZhi teased.

Shen Si looked at him helplessly, “I’ll go dye it back when I have time.”

“You say that, but that time may never come.” Yi MingZhi leaned on the car, “It’s been too busy with lots of tourists every day, it is estimated that we have to lead them for a few more days.”

Shen Si stuck his hands covered in gloves into his pockets, “It’s so chaotic now, who knows if another accident will happen and we will be furloughed.”

Giving a slight sigh, Yi MingZhi shook his head. The matter being furloughed was equivalent to losing their job, but there was no way to know since the return of the Survivors. It was quite chaotic everywhere, some people even believed that this was the end of the world and were hiding at home, not daring to go out. Before the situation was truly stabilized, no one knew what was going to happen.

“It’s time, can we set out?” Lin Qi called out to Shen Si and the others in the bus.

“Wait a moment!” Yi MingZhi answered, waving his hand at Lin Qi after checking the number, then looked at Shen Si, “Shen Si, that friend of yours is not coming today?”

Shen Si gave him a look, “It’s not like he has nothing to do, he doesn’t have time to come climbing every day.”

Since his first visit, Jian Nian would occasionally climb with the group, but some discerning people knew that he was here for Shen Si. Yi MingZhi knew that Shen Si was a little detached, but the other side wanted to make up with him. As he observed, he found that Shen Si actually didn’t pay it much mind, so he didn’t intervene more in this matter.

“That said, this friend of yours and the S-Rank Survivor who was announced yesterday have the same name, the one who is rumored to be the most fearsome.” Yi MingZhi said while scratching his head. Jian Nian arrived late yesterday, but Yi MingZhi still remembered his name, which made him do a double-take when he saw Jian Nian’s name. After thinking it through he ruled it as a coincidence.

It was probably just the same name.

“Coincidence, right?” Yi MingZhi smiled and patted Shen Si’s shoulder, “Let’s go, there’s another group in the afternoon, we have a lot to do today, so we may be busy until midnight.”

Yi MingZhi got on the bus and announced that all the people were here and they could head to the mountain. Many people were holding cameras inside, most of them were here to film that pit. Now the internet was very hot about Survivor and, no matter the subject, mentioning the word ‘Survivor’ would cause it to become popular.

In the crowd, Jiang Yi quietly sat on her seat looking at Shen Si sitting in the front row, she puffed up her cheeks, her heart feeling slightly regretful.

Although he was good-looking, there was clearly nothing special about him. He should be just an ordinary person and now it was likely that she had only come to see a handsome man.

But, to be fair, there were so many people with the same name in this world. How could she find a random person her father called ‘Shen Si’.

The bus drove all the way to the foot of the mountain, those carrying equipment were grunting and giggling as they followed Lin Qi to climb. They were quite desperate to shoot what they were here for, Yi MingZhi was in the middle of the group of people, with Shen Si staying behind to prevent someone from falling behind.

Even though the sun was out, the morning was too cold, and it didn’t give much heat. Shen Si let out a breath of white air and followed the group in front, but just then, something caught his eye.

Shen Si walked over and picked up a piece of broken ceramic from the withered grass, while in the surrounding area more were scattered about.

No tourist would be idle enough to bring a ceramic pot when climbing a mountain.

“What’s wrong?” Yi MingZhi waved at Shen Si from the front.

“Nothing.” Shen Si picked up the ceramic pieces and threw them into the trash can next to him, “I’ll be right there.”

“Okay.” Yi MingZhi led the tourists and continued walking up.

Shen Si hurried to follow, he walked behind the group of tourists to prevent someone from being left alone, while the people were chatting in a small voice, and seemed to be enjoying themselves.

The leaves on the mountain have fallen, making it look bare, so the higher they climbed the colder it got. The tourists couldn’t help but wrap their clothes tightly around themselves, but they were still hit by the swift mountain wind, and some people who had prepared masks before hastened to put them on.

The wind was getting stronger and stronger, and even though the sun shone on people’s faces, it wasn’t radiating the slightest warmth.

“It’s cold, the wind is so strong.”

“Didn’t the weather forecast say that today was going to be a sunny day? Why is it so cold all of a sudden?”

“I should’ve known better than to abandon my thick jacket ‘cause it was heavy!”

It was hard getting to the resting point, once there Shen Si hurriedly let the tourists settle down to rest, and the three of them looked at the wind outside with grave expressions.

They took the tourists hiking, fully researching the weather and temperature before taking people up; encountering heavy rain or strong wind would make it very dangerous. They made sure to double-check the weather before setting out, and it was supposed to be a sunny and clear day, and although it was indeed clear now, what was up with this wind?

“This wind is getting stronger, do we still want to continue walking up?” Lin Qi looked at Yi MingZhi.

Yi MingZhi frowned at the weather. The special weather detection device still showed a sunny day and no wind, so Yi MingZhi stared at the wind outside and then stared at the device in his hand, deeply suspecting that the company issued him a faulty one. There was such a strong wind, but it still didn’t show any wind on the display.

“Let the tourists rest first, while I contact the company. It would be really difficult to climb up in such a strong wind, and this is only the first rest point. It will only get harsher the higher we climb. You two stay here and keep an eye on things, and don’t let any tourists go out by themselves. I’ll inform the agency.”

If they chose to take the tourists down at this time, the tourists who had signed up for the tour wouldn’t get a refund according to the rules, which was not a trivial matter, so Yi MingZhi had to report it to the agency.

“No problem!” Lin Qi gave an OK to Yi MingZhi.

The wind outside was still getting increasingly strong, and Lin Qi breathed into his hands, then rubbed them together, but it was still extremely cold. Lin Qi and Shen Si exchanged a few words, then went to drink hot water to warm up, when suddenly, ding-dong, the special attention alert for the official forum that Shen Si set up sounded.

When he took out the phone with his frozen hand, the official forum released heavy news on top of the board.

【It had now been proven that after the collapse of the unlimited flow world, not only the Survivors came through, but the horrifying monsters existing in the unlimited flow world had also appeared in reality.】

The… monsters from the unlimited flow world?

“Shen Si, Lin Qi, you guys come here.” Yi MingZhi, who finished his phone call, approached them with his phone.

Shen Si walked over, while Lin Qi trotted over with a paper cup with hot water on the other side, exhaling a white breath, “How is it?”

“The agency has agreed, we will explain the situation to everyone in a moment, then hurry down.” Yi MingZhi handed the list to Lin Qi, “Lin Qi you’ll do the roll call later.”

Lin Qi kept nodding, “Leave it to me!”

After explaining the situation most people nodded in understanding. Originally, they had to climb up with their heavy equipment on their backs, and this wind just now had almost blown them down, so they were quite glad to finish this hike early. Yi MingZhi was relieved, then he signaled Lin Qi to start the roll call.

While doing the monotonous roll call, the hot water in Lin Qi’s hand started to cool down, its temperature no longer giving warmth.

“Jiang Yi.”

No one answered.

Lin Qi slightly froze, he raised his head and called out again, “Jiang Yi? Is Jiang Yi here?”

There was still no answer, and the tourists sitting on the benches looked at each other and then a woman slowly raised her hand.

“You are Jiang Yi?” Lin Qi’s eyes lit up.

“No, I’m not.” The female shook her head, “The Jiang Yi you are talking about went to the back, she said something about wanting to go to the toilet, but there is no toilet at this resting place, so she probably went out.”

Lin Qi’s glass of water fell to the ground, “How long has she been gone for?”

“About fifteen minutes.”

The smile on Lin Qi’s face quickly tightened as he looked at Yi MingZhi, among the three of them Yi MingZhi was considered their team leader, “Now what?”

“There’s no way, we have to find her.” Yi MingZhi exhaled, “Now the people who are familiar with this place are just the three of us. Lin Qi you look after the tourists here, try to calm them down, Shen Si you search further up to see if you can find traces of Jiang Yi, I’ll go down to look.”

“Okay.” Shen Si responded.

Shen Si and Yi MingZhi moved out of the rest stop, one went up, the other down, each their separate way, and not a moment later, they disappeared in the gale. Shen Si moved towards the mountain, advancing step-by-step. The wind was very violent, even if there were any traces they would have been blown away by it by now. Shen Si tried to call out the name of the missing person every step of the way, looking for traces of the girl all around, where she could’ve gone down.

As long as the girl did not fall off the cliff, then there was still a chance.

The wind was getting increasingly violent, Shen Si’s hat was blown right off, the white hair on his head becoming a mess. Shen Si could barely walk forward against the wind, he closed his eyes and reached out to feel his way forward, and when he just took a step, he froze slightly.

His hand touched a place there was no wind. He could even feel the heat of the sun. Shen Si frowned and walked forward, and sure enough, in the next moment, he walked into a place completely void of wind.

This is… what is going on?

Hearing a crack, Shen Si stopped in his tracks. He lifted his feet, and under it was a piece of broken ceramic. It was exactly the same color as the one he found below the mountain.

Shen Si reached out to pick up the ceramic fragment, then he looked up, a little confused. There was no longer the mountain and the trees that had finished dropping their leaves in front of his eyes, but a white ceramic-looking wall. Shen Si turned to look around and found that now these ceramic walls were all around him.

“Do you know how to make pottery?” A crisp voice rang in his ears, and Shen Si jerked his head to look at his feet.

By his right leg, a paper figure reaching only his knee grasped the corner of his coat, and the voice came from its painted on, red mouth.

“Do you know how to make pottery?”


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