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Translated by Aphelios of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Yun Hua has lived for hundreds of years and has always been unknown. While he was considered quite good in their small sect, he was mediocre when compared to the boundless pool of talents in the entire cultivation world. 

Yuan Gang looked as if he knew him. Other practitioners could not help but feel sour. 

It was obvious that they came in together and Yun Hua was not impressive at all through their trip. 

Yuan Gang, “I we have all read the poems and essays of Daoist Master Ziran.” 

Others nodded. They could recite it word for word. Could you imagine how many times the disciples of the Yuling Sect have been tortured in the process of memorizing Yun Ziran’s poems?? 

The original slight smell of jealousy suddenly became thick as Yun Ziran’s peers looked toward him. 

Yun Hua himself was a little confused, “Poetry…?” 

Although he was very confident in his own poems, they were all secretly copied into other articles and essays. If it was only his poems alone, they would never have made it into Yuling.

He began to wonder whether there was a cultivator with the same name who also published a book that was collected into Yuling. 

“That’s right. Teacher, have you checked into your room yet…?” Yuan Gang went closer to Yun Hua as he spoke. Other disciples also surrounded Yun Hua. 

Yun Hua was even more muddled, “Not yet… Why?” 

“Daoist Master, let me bring you to your room. I’m familiar with the surroundings here.” Yuan Gang said. 

Other disciples also eagerly said, “No, leave this to me. I live near the medicine wharf.” 

“Let’s not bother our senior brother. I can do it.” 

Even the outer disciple in charge of receiving the guests blushed and bravely said, “Senior Brothers, this is originally my duty!” 

The cultivator from the Qishan Sect said with an insincere smile, “It turns out that our cultivator friend Yun Hua still has such talent. It’s no wonder these Senior Brothers all want to send you. This time around, you really are at home.” 

His tone was a little shady. 

He hadn’t even finished his words yet when he saw that the disciples had already advanced to physical fights. 

Yuan Gang had just held back for a long while without using his magic. Now his hands and feet were fast enough to fling the others away. Two long shrimp whiskers stretched out from his head and rolled around Yun Hua’s waist. He lifted Yun Hua’s entire body up, stepped forward, and escaped to the distance. 

Others yelled and ran after them. 

The area that had just been bustling with excitement was suddenly empty. 

The other cultivators who came to study, “…………”                                                                                                     

What was going on? Why are they kidnapping people?? 

Even idiots could tell that the enthusiasm and vigor displayed were too excessive. 

The outer disciple in charge of receiving the guests too looked at the duo from afar. He could only sigh in dismay as he wasn’t able to catch up. 

Others couldn’t help but ask him, “Little Senior Brother, why were they so enthusiastic?” 

The disciple murmured, “If I had come a few days earlier, it would not have been like this, but now” 

What does that mean? 

Someone asked, “Is Yun Hua’s poetry very good?” 

The receptionist disciple held back for a while, “It’s not a question of whether the poems are good or not… It’s one of those that are rarely seen in Yuling…” 

What a surprise. What kind of novel genre was this that it was even rare in Yuling? 

The receptionist disciple was still in doubt when he suddenly said, “Listen carefully, what the man on the river is reciting is precisely the poem of Daoist Master Yun Ziran.” 

Ever since he lost his fight with Library Master, Dong Wei had to recite the <Eat Crabs> poem one hundred times daily in the Ligou River. 

The crowd listened attentively—— 

“Walking the world on eight long legs, holding up its pincers to brag to all. Yet now it has fallen in my hands, unarmed from its weapons and released from its shield. Once proclaimed itself as king and ruler, yet once cooked it looked like its mother.” 

Everyone, “???” 

What the hell is this?! 


Xiaoshen was sitting in the library with some sacred relics and ancient texts in front of him, as several deacons were trying to persuade him to find some time to translate and identify them. 

He was not very enthusiastic at all. He was very busy right now. He had to look for his water and lift the prohibition. 

“Sir, what exactly do you want…” asked a deacon. 

“I’ll do it after I’m done with what I’m working on right now.” Xiaoshen said cunningly. The day when he finished his work was the day he occupied the Yuling Sect. 

The deacons were disappointed and frustrated. It was useless for them to be one-sidedly passionate and moreover, they did not know how to please Xiaoshen. 

At this moment, however, they could hear a voice coming from afar, “Teacher Xiaoshen—— I brought—— you—— Daoist Master Yun Ziran——!” 

This timbre is a little familiar; Xiaoshen recognized that it was clearly Yuan Gang. 

The deacons jumped in joy, “Perhaps he brings Daoist Master Yun Ziran’s new works. Why don’t you take a look?” 

Xiaoshen was so pleased that he immediately ran out, “Where is Daoist Master Yun Ziran’s new work?” 

Yuan Gang ran to where Xiaoshen was, his shrimp whiskers that held Yun Hua uncurled, and shouted, “It’s not a new work, it’s Daoist Master Yun Ziran himself! I’ve found him for you!”

The disciples who were a few steps behind them sighed one after another. 

Aye! He took the lead! 

“What? Is this really Daoist Master Yun Ziran himself?” Xiaoshen took a closer look. 

Yun Hua’s head was dizzy in confusion, “I… I am, what are you doing?” 

“Are you really the Daoist Master Yun Ziran?” Xiaoshen took his hand and said, “Mister, I love your poems!” 

Yun Hua came back to his mind and thought about it a little. This youth probably held a high status here and he liked his poems, which was why all these disciples were trying to please him. 

“Well, your honor, you praise me too much. They were just frivolous works.” Yun Hua felt quite proud of himself from Xiaoshen’s praise. He took out a few pieces of paper from his sleeve and said, “These are my latest works. Please take a look at it at will.” 

It was as if Xiaoshen had received an invaluable treasure and asked as he was flipping through the pages, “By the way, how old are you? What’s your cultivation?” He saw Daoist Master Yun Ziran mentioning his longevity in some articles, and it seemed that he was not young, and even his cultivation was not very high. 

“It’s a shame!” Yun Hua said, “I’ve been practicing for more than seven hundred years, yet I’m only at the Sky Survey (sixth) Stage.” 

Xiaoshen said admiringly, “Then when Mister had climbed the stars to achieve your cultivation, you must have climbed the literary star.” 

Others minced their mouths; they were speechless. 

Fortunately, Yun Hua was not too self-unaware and said, “Dare not, dare not. I’m merely shallow in my learnings!” 

“Mister is part of the human race, and over 700 years old. If you don’t break through to the next stage in time, I’m afraid you would die.” Xiaoshen calculated and grabbed Yun Hua’s hand to bring him inside. “Come on, I will teach you how to live forever!” 

Others, “!!! ” 

Yun Hua was also surprised, “Other than the ascending to the heavens, where in the world is there another way to longevity?” 

Xiaoshen said, “The white sea turtle has the longest life span. If you learn the white sea turtle heritage method, you can naturally prolong your life by at least a few thousand years. Longevity is just a description.” 

But even so, it was already amazing. 

When others heard Xiaoshen mention the turtle tribe, they exchanged a look of mutual understanding with one another. 

How could they know what Xiaoshen was pondering over here? Daoist Master Ziran came at the right time. He has talent and can be my historian after I rebuild the Dragon Palace. Anyway, no one knows where the line of white sea turtles went. 

Of course, Yun Hua also knew of the infamous white sea turtles; they were the sons of the dragons. However, he didn’t know who the young man was. The youth had the ability to make the decision to pass on this extraordinary spell to him and since he had originally come to learn from Yuling anyway, of course he was extremely exhilarated. Not only did he gain a new confidant but also gained a method to prolong his life. He said, “I haven’t asked you for your venerable name yet. How should I address you?” 

“You can just call me Xiaoshen. I’m the Library Master (creditor) here. You can call me Library Master if you want.” Xiaoshen replied. 

“Library Master! Then aren’t you the master of the Yuling library, the most learned person?” Yun Hua said in surprise, “Ah, the one who appreciates my poems is actually the Yuling Library Master! I… I really—” 

Of course, he wanted to say what he could have done to deserve this, was what everyone thought. 

Yun Hua wiped his face, “I knew I was born to be useful!” 

Everyone else, “…………” 

……It was no wonder he was Brother Xiaoshen’s favorite author! 

It looked as if Xiaoshen and Yun Hua were about to go and learn the longevity technique after praising each other. Yuan Gang became worried and impatient and requested recognition for his work, “I, your disciple, remembered that Library Master loves the works of Daoist Master Ziran, therefore I didn’t dare to delay for a moment and invited him here!” 

Xiaoshen was going to walk away and turned around and said, “Well, that’s good. You deserve a reward.”

Yuan Gang was overjoyed and said, “Sir, if you can spare some time… I would love it if you could pass on some water techniques to me.” 

Xiaoshen looked at him with a seemingly innocent and calm expression and said, “Think carefully. Do you want to get another book on the water clan’s technique or just practice the current technique you have on hand?”         

Yuan Gang was about to say that of course he wanted the water clan’s technique, but the patriarch’s words suddenly flashed through his mind. Technique beyond techniques… He abruptly hesitated and looked up again. A deacon next to him closed his eyes slightly, but his head faintly shook. 

Yuan Gang felt a chill and no longer hesitated, “Disciple disciple shall practice the fire phoenix’s forgotten technique!” 

“Good.” Xiaoshen said, “From today on, I will teach you half an hour every day how to realize the technique beyond techniques – no, let’s start tomorrow. Today, I will be chatting with Daoist Master Ziran.” 

Yuan Gang finally got clever and followed this line of thought, knocked his head down and exclaimed, “Thank you very much Teacher!” 

Xiaoshen was slightly stunned, but didn’t say anything. He directly invited Yun Hua, “Please come in Daoist Master Ziran.” 

Xiaoshen usually went to the library late and left early, but today was different. It was already dark and he still hasn’t come back. 

Shang Jiyu felt it was strange and only found out from Xie Kurong that that Yun Ziran came. He was a little surprised because he thought Yun Ziran was already dead. 

Worried, Shang Jiyu went to the library to find Xiaoshen. 

As soon as he went in, he saw that Xiaoshen and a cultivator with a goatee were clasping their hands tightly, and their knees were touching each other. The scene was way too intimate. 

Shang Jiyu’s expression was stagnant for a moment. This was Yun Ziran? 

Yu Yi was originally sullenly sitting on one side and contrary to normal, was relieved when it saw Shang Jiyu come in. 

This Yun Ziran couldn’t even compare to Shang Jiyu. At the very least, Shang Jiyu didn’t write rubbish poems. 

Xiaoshen only saw Shang Jiyu after Yu Yi poked him. 

“Xiaoshen, are you still chatting with Daoist Master Yun?” Shang Jiyu pressed down his displeasure and asked. 

“Yes, we still have much to talk about so I’ll be back later tonight. This here is my most beloved Daoist Master Yun!” Xiaoshen was in keen conversation with Yun Ziran and focused all his attention on him. 

Shang Jiyu, “……” 

Most beloved??? 

Yun Ziran’s and Shang Jiyu’s eyes met briefly. Ziran only felt that the other’s cultivation was profound and unfathomable. Shang Jiyu only looked at him casually and Yun Ziran felt as if he was locked on by a ferocious beast. He cautiously asked, “I haven’t asked, but this here is?” 

Shang Jiyu replied with indifference, “My surname is Shang, Shang Jiyu.” 

Yun Ziran couldn’t sit still. He loosened Xiaoshen’s hand, stood up at once, and said, “I’ve long looked forward to meeting you!” 

At this reply, Shang Jiyu was in a better mood and nodded. 

“Since Senior is looking for Xiaoshen, then I will not disturb you!” Yun Ziran fidgeted for a bit then got up to bid his goodbyes. Although he was older than Shang Jiyu, his seniority was lower than that of Shang Jiyu and that was without mentioning the difference in level between the two schools, therefore Shang Jiyu was called Senior.   

“Ah…” Xiaoshen reluctantly touched Yun Ziran’s hands again. “Then come back again tomorrow. Practice the longevity spell that I taught you diligently.” 

After listening to this sentence, Shang Jiyu took a deep look at Yun Ziran. 

There were many disciples in the library who surreptitiously saw this and said to themselves. Martial Uncle, there’s no need to worry at all. Other than talent (?), he’s a good-for-nothing and there’s no way he can compare to Martial Uncle! 

But the Library Master was also bold beyond everyone’s expectation. He even dared to set aside the martial uncle. Literary giants were indeed different. 

From then on, for several days, neither of the Shang Jiyus were happy. 

Ever since Yun Ziran himself arrived in the Yuling sect, Xiaoshen went from barely spending any time in the library to practically living there. Even when Shang Jiyu specially went to the library to help lift his prohibition, he had Yun Ziran sit beside him. 

Yun Ziran had practically become Yuling’s most distinguished guest. Other cultivators that came with him on this study exchange lost count of how many times they pinched themselves. They suspected that either they were dreaming or the entire Yuling Sect had fallen into a gigantic illusion. 

As soon as Xiaoshen opened the door, he heard Shang Jiyu, with his back to him, eerily commenting, “Oh, so you still know how to come back—” 

What an evil woman. Fortunately, he didn’t tell him that he picked him up as his bride. Xiaoshen said to himself, “I merely had a long chat with Daoist Master Yun Ziran. You’re really mean today!” 

A few days ago, he even lamented that this Shang Jiyu has become more and more gentle. 

Shang Jiyu’s face dropped. He couldn’t put on this farce anymore and he stood up, strode over to Xiaoshen and said, “Is that right? I’m mean? You think he’s not mean? Do you think he doesn’t have any complaints? He just merely left them to me! We are one being after all!” 

Xiaoshen replied stubbornly, “Even if you are one being, I still can distinguish between you two.” 

“You can tell us apart, is that right? Can you truly tell us apart? You couldn’t tell us apart when you kissed me that day.” Shang Jiyu said deeply. 

Xiaoshen recalled that day, he really thought that Shang Jiyu was a little strange when he spoke, but the difference just flashed by, “It’s impossible” 

“To be precise, I share the same body with him, so, of course, it is possible.” Shang Jiyu said coldly. 

Xiaoshen hazily looked at Shang Jiyu, “It was really, really you?” 

Seeing that the youth was about to cry, Shang Jiyu said with a smile, “It was me. What about it?” 

Xiaoshen anxiously stared at Shang Jiyu, “It was really you…”  

Shang Jiyu teased the boy maliciously, “Hmm? What about it?” 

Xiaoshen said in a loud voice, “Then I will not take responsibility for you!” 

Shang Jiyu, “…………” 

Shang Jiyu was so angry that he revealed that day’s incident. However, Xiaoshen unexpectedly showed a rascal side, which made him both love and hate him even more. He was helpless in the face of this and finally, laughed angrily, “My bad then. I didn’t expect you to be such an irresponsible and nasty person.” 

Hearing what he said, Xiaoshen turned around and loftily poured himself a cut of tea. 

Yes, he was not only irresponsible but he has long denied the bride at will. As Lord Zhenbao had said, We dragon people have thick scales. Don’t waste them. When necessary, we can play tricks and act dumb as much as we like. 

Shang Jiyu originally thought that Xiaoshen would still be chatting with Yun Ziran himself, however, who knew that things would change so quickly. 

It’s not that he suddenly doesn’t love Yun Ziran anymore, but the disciples sent by Xie Kurong to investigate the Ligou River incident finally had some findings. They said that the Ligou River suddenly changed directions and it was very likely related to the abnormality of one of the eight poles. 

The extremes of the eight directions and the end of the earth laid in the four corners and four midpoints of the mainland of China. 

Each of the eight poles had a mountain, which was the starting point of the world’s mountains. There were sand and mud, swamps, oceans, fields and so on. It was also the birthplace of all kinds of terrain. It had an invisible influence on the world’s geography and a slight change in one area would affect everything else. 

Previously, Xie Kurong and Shang Jiyu discussed the strange occurrence of the Ligou River and finally, they thought of the eight poles, so they asked people to go out to investigate. From the investigation, they found that many other water sources had also been diverted, thus the disciples went to the East Pole to investigate further. 

When they got there, the disciples found that the sea of the East Pole began to flow inland, which affected the flow of water in different places. However, the farther away from the source, the smaller the change. 

This was a huge problem. Soon, flooding would occur in many places and people would be in a desperate and terrible situation. 

Therefore, the Yuling disciples immediately reported back to Xie Kurong, and he intended to send out more capable disciples to survey and settle the matter. 

Xiaoshen was at the scene of Xie Kurong’s appointments. After hearing about the cause, he immediately exclaimed, “I’ll go too!” 

Xie Kurong hesitated and said, “Your cultivation hasn’t been restored yet, right?” It was understandable that Xiaoshen, as a white sea turtle, was concerned about the East Pole Sea, which was a major event that affected the world’s water origins. However, in Xiaoshen’s current state, he wasn’t much help. 

“I don’t care, I’m going!” Xiaoshen said stubbornly. “I’ve been there before, and I can show them the way.” 

Xie Kurong said, “That’s fine too, I suppose…” 

“In that case, I’ll go too.” Shang Jiyu interjected. 

“Martial Uncle is going too? Then there’s nothing to worry about.” Xie Kurong nodded. 

Yuan Gang took a look. If Teacher was going, then he surely couldn’t lag behind and put his class on hold, “Disciple will accompany and serve them!” 

Daomi hurriedly added, “I’ll accompany them too!” 

Shang Jiyu nodded, looked around, and suddenly ordered a person, “You will go as well.” 

Xuan Wuzi, “…………” 

What the hell? 

He looked at Martial Uncle with grief and indignation, and with a determination to die, he said, “I suggest that we should bring Daoist Master Yun Ziran as well!”


The author has something to say: 

No, no, I didn’t say it’s the finale yet 2333 I just finished giving my new piece a name and wanted everyone to take a look in advance.

Even though this is a mid-length novel, it’s not to such an extent as to end with merely ten thousand or so words. hahahaha





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