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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

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Actually, it was not very accurate to say that it stopped for a second, Bai JunYi felt that it was not like stopping, but more like going backwards. Time rewound for a second.

“Did you guys feel anything?” Bai JunYi looked at Jian Nian and Xi Luo.

Xi Luo shook his head, “Something was wrong for a moment, like being stared at by some fierce animal, but nothing felt wrong with time.”

“You’re the only one of the three of us who can sense this subtle difference, after all, you’re the only one who’s a god.” Jian Nian had a smile in his voice, but it didn’t seem like a good one, rather a weird sense of mockery, “But something was definitely off just now.”

It didn’t seem to be an illusion, rather, something really did happen. Bai JunYi sat down as he began to recall what he had just felt.

The feeling of time lapse was fleeting, after all, it was only one second. One second of lapse plus one second of rewind was only three seconds, and three seconds could hardly be anything, he himself almost thought it was an illusion.

Ning Yangze stood up, and looked at Bai JunYi and the others, “Wait, you mean, this world’s time paused for a second?”

“I think someone has awakened an ability to control time.” Jian Nian played with the pen on the table, his voice absent-minded, “They are able to directly control time, Bai JunYi, how does this ability compare to you?”

“How would I know such a thing?” Bai JunYi shook his head, “I’ve never seen an ability regarding time. Jian Nian, you’ve been in the playfield more, have you seen it?”

Tsk.” Jian Nian tsked, “Theoretically, as long as the playfield of time exists, the ability of time will also be present, it’s normal.”

Xi Luo looked at them, “Rather than arguing whether the ability of time is there or not, just now time stopping is true, then it means at least now this ability with time appeared. If I am not wrong about you guys, you are thinking that this person’s ability has at least S-Rank category?”

Ning Yangze’s hand shook a little, his leg directly twitching under the table.

S-Rank ability? Just like that?

Just then, Ning Yangze’s cell phone rang, and he picked up the phone, blinking as the person on the other side finished.

“Hold on, there’s something I need to tell you guys.” Ning Yangze looked to the three S-Rank Survivors sitting in their seats, “Just now Shen Si called for help, saying that a man with animal claws had attacked him and was now smashing his door. He called the Special Unit after he called the police.”

The three men sitting in their seats looked at Ning Yangze in silence, and after three seconds of staring at each other, they quickly got up and left, leaving the place empty.

It was really more important to save Shen Si than find the inexplicable time ability person.

“Attacked? Team Leader, let’s also head over there.” Xia Leyu removed the bandage from his arm, “Maybe we can catch those organizations in the act.”

“Hmm.” Ning Yangze nodded, “Are you okay with that?”

“It’s fine, the injury I received wasn’t serious in the first place.” Xia Leyu quickly changed into field clothes and ran out, “Team Leader, hurry up! Let’s hurry up and save him!”

On the other hand, Shen Si, who had finished the phone call, stood in the living room. The sound of Jing Lian smashing against the door outside was getting louder and louder. He could even hear the grating sound of claws scratching on the door, as if it was a huge tiger constantly grinding its claws on it, the iron door was scraped with a creepy sound.

“Shen Si, open the door!” Jing Lian’s hoarse voice came in through the door, “I don’t want to die, let’s be friends, save me! Please, you save me!”

Shen Si took two steps back as he glanced at the balcony, which was the only exit if Jing Lian really smashed the door open to get in.

But what the hell was going on? Why would Jing Lian keep pestering him?

“Shen Si!!!”

With a bang, in Shen Si’s line of sight, the door was smashed open and a figure squeezed in, and Shen Si subconsciously stepped back. Unlike the blurred shadow he saw outside the door just now, standing in the bright room, Jing Lian’s entire face was unusually clear.

He was crawling on all fours with his back bent, his blood-red eyes staring deadly at Shen Si, his teeth exposed outside his gums, and both of his hands had turned into sharp claws. This appearance was no longer similar to a human being’s; could he be a Survivor? But he hadn’t heard that Jing Lian had disappeared.

The incoming Jing Lian didn’t give Shen Si time to think, he pounced directly. Neither the movement nor the speed was akin to a person’s, he was more like a fierce beast.

Shen Si turned around and ran straight ahead. He broke into the bathroom and locked the door, then started looking for tools that could be used. Shen Si crouched down and reached out to block his vitals, the glass on the sink fell to the ground and shattered, but in that instant, Shen Si saw a little green vine wrapped around Jing Lian’s ankle.

Green? Would there be any greenery around at this time of year?


It wasn’t the sound of a light bulb shattering, nor did it sound like ceramic falling to the ground, this sound was more like a clock swinging, that regular clicking sound. Shen Si slowly put down his hand, he looked up, in front of him was a rather magical picture.

The beast-like Jing Lian was floating in the air, and broken glass remnants scattered in the air, even those water droplets were frozen in place. All seemed so calm.

Time had stopped.

A clock coalesced in the air, and Shen Si could see the second hand going backwards.


The clock disappeared, Shen Si reacted with a jolt, he looked around, he was still in the bathroom, but the door was intact, the water cup was intact, and Jing Lian, who had just pounced on him, was still outside the door, he let out an unpleasant hissing sound and kept trying to break in.

Shen Si lowered his head, he looked at the palm of his right hand, with bewilderment in his eyes, “Just now, what’s going on? What was that?”

The moment Shen Si was silent, the bathroom door was torn open again, and Jing Lian hissed and lunged in. At that very moment, a bullet was shot directly into Jing Lian’s body from the outside, and the moment the bullet went in, Shen Si was able to see Jing Lian’s crimson pupils dilate violently, and almost in the next second he fell into unconsciousness.

Inertia caused his body to fall straight to the ground, and Shen Si let his body go before cautiously walking out of the bathroom.

In the living room where the door of the room was forcibly smashed open, He Xin was rubbing the wooden gun in his hand, looking completely calm and relaxed, “Team Leader He?”

“Hello again.” He Xin returned the wooden gun back to his waist, “It just so happens that I was over here on an inspection and came over immediately after receiving your distress call, what was that thing? A wild animal?”

“I think it was a person.” Shen Si spoke with some hesitation, “At the very least, it was human-like before.”

“A human? Is it a Survivor?” He Xin walked over, but at that very moment, Jing Lian changed back to human, lips blue, like he had been thrown in the freezing snow for a few hours. He Xin quickly squatted down to test his breathing, and then directly from the pocket fished out a syringe to give him drugs.

Shen Si watched from the side, “What’s wrong?”

“He’s an ordinary person, so the dose he got was too large and it must be removed from his system immediately, otherwise it will be deadly.” After he finished with that task, He Xin tried again, then only subtly stood up and looked at Jing Lian, “What is he?”

He wasn’t cursing him out, it was simply a question from He Xin.

Immediately after receiving Shen Si’s plea for help, He Xin rushed over, faster than the other members of the Special Unit and the police, but what he saw when he arrived was still a room that had been broken open.

When he arrived at the front of the house, He Xin saw what clearly looked like a beast, hissing and scratching at the bathroom door with great aggressiveness.

He Xin didn’t even think about it and directly shot out the special anesthetic, but who would have thought that this person was not a beast at all, not even a Survivor, and the dose of anesthetic almost killed him.

“Are you hurt?” He Xin looked to Shen Si.

Tired, Shen Si sat on the sofa, eyes closed. He shook his head slightly to indicate that he was fine, then there was no movement. He Xin looked at him, and understood that Shen Si probably didn’t want to talk to anyone now, so He Xin directly squatted down and began to study the unconscious Jing Lian. Not long after, he drew a tube of blood from Jing Lian to prepare for laboratory tests afterwards.

This was the picture the team saw when they arrived, the man lying on the ground was blue and He Xin was sticking needles into the man to draw blood.

“Hey, what’s going on?” Ning Yangze hurriedly pulled up He Xin, “Who is this person? Why is he lying on the ground?”

“This is the beast that attacked Shen Si.” He Xin put away the samples that had been collected, “But after he was knocked down, he became human, I checked, and he is not a Survivor.”

Xia Leyu instructed the Special Unit team to take Jing Lian back, before he greeted Ning Yangze. Ning Yangze nodded at him and watched Xia Leyu lead the men away before he looked to the side.

Unlike the wrecked room and the human lying dead on the floor, Shen Si was leaning on the couch shallowly asleep. Even He Xin didn’t know why he was asleep, after all it had only been a few minutes, and there were three S-Rank Survivors around Shen Si.

“He’s very tired.” Xi Luo sat on the table, “How much longer are you two going to watch?”

“Isn’t he cold? The door is gone.” Bai JunYi was puzzled by Shen Si’s ability to fall asleep in such cold temperatures, “Is Xiao Si such a cold-tolerant person?”

Jian Nian took off his jacket and put it over Shen Si, “More than that, I want to know who the guy is who came to attack Shen Si. I wonder if he is ready to endure the next return gift.”


Qin Yu covered his chest as he walked in the night. He kept coughing, and blood was dripping down the corners of his mouth, but there was no painful expression on his face, on the contrary, he was smiling.

“That’s impressive, He Xin, the Team Leader of the Inspection Unit, even hitting my host body would injure me, it’s too strong. How worthy of being the legendary A-Rank Survivor who is famous even without relying on his abilities.”

Once again coughing up a mouthful of blood, Qin Yu fished out a watch from his arms, he looked at that watch as if he saw a lover; the fondness in his eyes was unmistakable.

“But also because of this, I finally understand what exactly was amiss just now.”

The stopwatch was ticking, making one round after another, as Qin Yu slightly narrowed his eyes, “In that house, time slowed down by three seconds.”


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March 9, 2021 11:18 am

OAO CLIFFHANGER! Agh, what in the world happened now? I’m so confused!

Thanks for the chapter! ^^

March 9, 2021 6:29 pm

Either there was an unexpected playfield, or Shen Si finally developed an actual ability that the Inspection unit can detect. Shen Si was very tired, as mentioned by Xi Luo.
Really intriguing! 😯

March 9, 2021 10:22 pm

Mysteries are piling up. Is it Shen Si’s ability or not? And I don’t like the green silk guy. My new favourite is He Xin, sooo cool!!! Thank you for the chapter!!!

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Could his ability to control time be related to that Death Trial? Or is it a coincidence?

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