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Translated by ethidda of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Even though Jin Qianzi phrased it craftily, wanting to cover it up, Shang Jiyu still figured out the truth.

It was unexpected, but very reasonable.

There was only one dragon in today’s world. Those water clans not only wanted to meet him, but also wanted to make connections with him. And the best connection would be none other than continuing the bloodline of the true dragon.

This way it would be truly a true dragon’s bloodline, not some descendent from so many generations later.

And there was a proper throne to inherit, not some random self-proclaimed title of such-and-such king. In reality, after learning about what happened to Yang Su, those water clans who had been boasting about being kings had all quietly backed off and pretended that nothing had happened.

“Um, well…” Jin Qianzi was from an erudite family after all and very quickly thought of a response. “It is such a big palace. He would need some servants no matter what.”

True, they didn’t all have to fill up the harem. In the legends, His Highness, the azure dragon was in his prime. He was a single dragon. But if he really didn’t take a liking to them, even if they couldn’t birth a true dragon heir, if they could be His Highness’s personal servants, then that would still be the water clans being considerate.

So if Jin Qianzi put it that way, it wasn’t incorrect either.

Shang Jiyu laughed coldly. “Servants. Does he need this many?”

Jin Qianzi laughed along. “As the sky and earth can witness, look at this gift list. It really only said they’re here to serve. Even though they sent many people, they show their regard for His Highness. There hasn’t been a dragon in the human realm for ten thousand years.”

His explanation was watertight. When those water clans sent over the pretty conches and such, they really didn’t write directly: ‘Your Highness, please go copulate with them’.

They didn’t have the right. They could only quietly choose the beautiful ones of the water clans to send over…

Shang Jiyu went back and forth a few times with Jin Qianzi, acting more and more like a jealous queen consort. He saw that Xiaoshen was still just standing by the side watching, and got more angry. He turned and said darkly, “And you still want the mermaid…?”

Xiaoshen originally didn’t have much interest, but he saw that Shang Jiyu was more than a little mad. So he slapped the table. “Other people all have them. How can my palace go without? Let’s just settle a few dozen in for now.”

“Yes, Your Highness,” Jin Qianzi said right away. “They have all worked in various water clan estates. They will be fine after just a bit of training.”

He was respectful to Shang Jiyu, but His Highness was where his loyalty truly lied.

“A few dozen?” Shang Jiyu laughed lightly, and didn’t say much else. He just pulled his sword out. “I’ll take care of them. Steam them all. My first course will be turtle soup.”

Jin Qianzi, “……” 

Then the grand chancellor shrank right there and became a large turtle, his four limbs all inside his shell.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to maintain his loyalty to His Highness, but that he really knew that there was nothing Shang Jiyu wasn’t willing to do.

Xiaoshen was dependable, too. He ran out to distract Shang Jiyu. “You have to be reasonable. Or can I not even hire imperial maids? I’m building such a big palace. Then would I have to run everywhere myself, even fetch water for myself?”

Shang Jiyu held his Shanhe sword and ran after him. He saw Xiaoshen transform into a dragon and fly into the sky. He sneered. “I’m not going to argue with you. Fine, today, I will actually ride a dragon.”

Xiaoshen originally wanted to make some things up and wind Shang Jiyu up. After all, a palace hiring imperial maids was very proper, and a very logical thing to say. Who knew Shang Jiyu would be so unreasonable, that he would even want to ride the dragon. He was shocked.

Xiaoshen was flying in the sky, as he felt a sword intent to attack from behind him. He looked down to see the soft sword tangled with his dragon claws.

Shanhe sword was truly a masterpiece. Since the beginning Xiaoshen had thought that if this sword had reached Great Perfection, it would be the melding of Yin and Yang, containing the essence of sky and earth. Now, even though it wasn’t at Great Perfection, it had still reached a supernatural level and was difficult to fight back.

Xiaoshen had thought it would be very problematic to get away, but unexpectedly, he tried to fling it a few times and there was an opening. Although it closed again very quickly, he still found an opportunity, and he used the tips of his claws to grab the gap.

Shang Jiyu touched it with a finger and the Shanhe sword elongated and continued tangling with Xiaoshen.

Xiaoshen twisted a few times, and easily escaped from the complicated shape. He didn’t expect that Shang Jiyu had been waiting at the exit for who knew how long. He flipped right onto his head, one hand held tight to a dragon horn.

“Impudent! I’ll get an annulment!” Xiaoshen didn’t expect him to really ride him. It was true that Shang Jiyu dared to do anything, but Xiaoshen kept in mind that this body and weapon were shared between the two people. He couldn’t really injure Shang Jiyu.

Shang Jiyu leaned down to ask, “Annulment? So that you can get the pretty mermaids and conches?”

He held Xiaoshen’s dragon horn. Xiaoshen felt uncomfortable all over. He didn’t answer, and forcefully swung his head. At the same time, a stream of Ligou River Water flew upward toward Shang Jiyu. He used just the right amount of power, just enough to wash him off of Xiaoshen’s head.

With such large disturbance, even the Yuling disciples on the far away mountain saw it.

“Is that Brother Xiaoshen? Fighting with Martial Uncle?”

“Why would they be fighting?…”

“No way! Martial Uncle insisted on riding Brother Xiaoshen?”

“It’s possible! Heavens, that is probably it! They disagreed and started fighting. Hopefully, they won’t completely break up. Otherwise, would Brother Xiaoshen still live here with us?”

At this time, after the water let up, Shang Jiyu’s white clothes were completely soaked. His black hair was drenched. The tip of his nose and his lips were injured and had beads of water. He actually appeared a bit desolate and delicate, he felt almost like his other self.

He looked down and his expression changed. He flattened his lips and said, “It was clearly you who wronged me, yet you beat me.”

Xiaoshen transformed into his human form. He no longer believed Shang Jiyu’s pretense at being pitiable. Shang Jiyu had long ago revealed the true extent of his bitchiness. He shouted much louder than Shang Jiyu, “Lies! You were clearly the one chasing after me to beat me up, and ride on top of my head! I’m so hurt!”

Shang Jiyu, “……”

This was a baldfaced lie. With dragon scales protecting his body, he could feel pain?

Shang Jiyu took a breath in and said quietly, “How about this, I’ll let you ride on me in return, as my apology. But you really can’t accept those fish and shrimps. For servants, you naturally have the Yuling disciples. Otherwise… otherwise…”

Xiaoshen had thought he was going to repeat the threats like steaming them. He was thinking that he was a dragon that definitely would not be threatened.

But Shang Jiyu continued, “Otherwise, ‘he’ probably won’t be happy either.”

Xiaoshen was momentarily speechless. He had only wanted to provoke Shang Jiyu. He couldn’t bear for the other Shang Jiyu to be unhappy at all.

But this way, he had achieved his goal and even had an expected reward. He immediately was as energetic as a dragon 1 , “Then I’m going to ride on your back right away!!”

The corner of Shang Jiyu’s mouth lifted as if to smile. “Of course you can…”

Xiaoshen, “I’m going to ride you in front of everyone! Hehe, speaking of this, I had wanted to tell you a while ago. I want to see when in front of a real dragon, do you ride the dragon or does the dragon ride you!”

Shang Jiyu, “……”

Shang Jiyu, “…Alright.”

Yuling disciples were still busy worrying if Martial Uncle and Brother Xioashen were going to start fighting and if it would have great consequences, maybe even directly causing their sect to lose the dragon. They all wanted to go to the patriarch to tattletale…

Nobody was allowed in Hong Meng Hall except for an emergency. But everybody agreed that this was an emergency.

But very quickly, they saw Brother Xiaoshen ride on Martial Uncle’s back, his legs holding tight to Martial Uncle’s waist, happily showing off in front of everybody.

Martial Uncle’s back was always upright, but now it was bent down a bit. His one hand held Brother Xiaoshen where his leg bent. There was basically no space between the two.

The two were so intimate, as if they were all by themselves…

Everybody, “……”

They were shocked. A second ago they were still fighting. The next second, they were so shockingly clingy with each other.

Shang Jiyu turned his head back to ask, “Have you ridden enough?”

Xiaoshen, “No! Go to Hong Meng Hall and walk around a bit!!”

He then glanced around again and felt everyone was watching them, and felt great satisfaction.

Hmph. This way, everybody knows nobody can ride a dragon. Only dragons get to ride people.

Yun Ziran – who had only recently become the historian – saw this scene. He scratched his head with his brush and wrote a line on his notes: ‘The Dragon King and his consort are very affectionate’.


The hundreds of water clan members from everywhere were tragically returned by the queen consort. None of them wanted to leave. They said they came to serve His Highness. The land palance was awfully lacking in propriety. Other than a turtle great chancellor, the rest were all Yuling disciples, many of whom weren’t even water species. How could they not worry?

Whether with kind words or mean words, they refused to leave. Even if they weren’t accepted at the palace, they were still going to stay.

Jin Qianzi thought, either way, the queen consort only said you can’t enter the palace. So I will just arrange for these water species to stay at Ligou River and Baizhang Pond. What a pity that His Highness only had this little territory left these days. Otherwise, if His Highness only had Yuling disciples as subordinates, it really would be lacking in grandeur.

Xiaoshen heard him and agreed. He waved him away, “Then you go train them as soldiers.”

Jin Qianzi, “Ah?”

Xiaoshen, “What ‘ah’? Don’t you want grandeur? Then go train them. Don’t let me lose face.”

These were beautiful water species sent from all over. Jin Qianzi arranged for them to stand watch near the riverbanks, also distributed armor, and started training them.

All the pretty fish, pretty shrimps, pretty conches, and so on, all became soldiers.

They weren’t allowed to wear the beautiful clothes they especially prepared. They also had to cut their human forms’ hair. Sobbing and crying, they put on their armor. Those who swung knives swung knives. Those who waved flags waved flags.

Heaven knew that before they came from their water estates, they had only done light work to serve. Some only had to dance or sing. Some big clams only had to sun their pearls, and that was it.

Now, after they finished their strenuous training under the harsh sun, they still had to stand by the river or outside the palace to stand watch. The helmets on the armor covered everything tightly. There was basically no opportunity for them to show off their beauty to His Highness.

“Back then, Lord Zhenbao had three hundred thousand soldiers and nine layers of guards. My presence here is also following his plan then. Without many people, it won’t look so impressive.” Xiaoshen pointed it out to Shang Jiyu. “But that’s ok. This king knows how to fight.”

Shang Jiyu chuckled and rubbed his head. “Yes, very good at fighting.”

Xiaoshen was pleased. He secretly took hold of Shang Jiyu’s hand. 

Unexpectedly on their way, Xiaoshen suddenly heard faint weeping. He turned to look. It was a soldier who was crying quietly. He walked over in curiosity and asked, “Why are you crying?”

The soldier said, weeping, “Your Highness, forgive me… This servant, this servant is a Beidi Ocean fish. I’m not used to this place, so I’m crying out of homesickness… Wah…”

Hearing this, Xiaoshen found that her voice was extremely pleasant. Only, it was through a visor, so it wasn’t very clear. He reached out to lift the visor. Under the visor was a stunning and delicate face, with thin brows, and teary eyes, fragile and pitiful. Even though she was wearing rough and harsh amor, it could not conceal her youth.

More surprisingly, on both of her cheekbones and brown bones, there were subtle five-colored scales, shining dazzlingly under the sun, and they looked different from every angle.

“You’re a Moon’s Soul Fish?” Xiaoshen said suddenly. This type of ocean fish was known for their beauty. They were very rare. Whether in fish form or human form, they were sights to behold.

Speaking of, it had been a long while since Xiaoshen had seen one. The sight reminded him of the ancient dragon palace, how it used to be full of treasures…

“Yes.” The Moon’s Soul Fish nodded. There were tears hanging on her lashes. She looked at Xiaoshen with perfect shyness.

Xiaoshen was already a bit dazzled by the delicate, brilliant scales. He suddenly remembered to look to the side, and only then discovered that Shang Jiyu had already left without his notice.

“!!” Xiaoshen hurried to leave, only to feel something holding his sleeve. He turned to look. It was that Moon’s Soul Fish.

The Moon’s Soul Fish said pitifully, “Your Highness, then this servant…”

Xiaoshen pulled his sleeve away and waved his arm. “If you want to go home, then go. Guards, let her go!”

Moon’s Soul Fish, “……”

There were crisp and sweet sounds of howling and weeping behind him. Every fish that came to Yuling had spent so much effort, to stand out from millions of water species. Now his one command would send her back.

The other water species watched with their own worries as the Moon’s Soul Fish cried until she was about to faint. They thought: Why did you say that? Why is His Highness so straightforward.…?

But Xiaoshen no longer cared about any howling or crying. As if his heart told him not to go back to the palace, he went straight to Biqiao Peak. As expected, he really did find Shang Jiyu there.

He stood under the flowering tree, with his hands behind his back, his thoughts known only to himself. His white clothes floated in the wind, just the way Xiaoshen loved it. Xiaoshen stepped forward and held his hand. Shang Jiyu turned right away and looked at him steadily.

Xiaoshen flinched, a bit scared that Shang Jiyu would be bitchy again in the next second, and interrogate him if he was going to go looking for a pretty fish.

But Shang Jiyu didn’t say anything either. He just put his hand on Xiaoshen’s neck. When Xiaoshen didn’t understand his meaning, he pinned him to the tree, and then lowered his head and kissed him.

“Eh?” What an unexpected good turn. Xiaoshen also hugged Shang Jiyu tightly.

But Shang Jiyu held down his hand.

“…Sun.” Xiaoshen groaned pitifully. The sun was harsh today, and made him uncomfortable.

He wanted to call out the clouds. But when Shang Jiyu saw the clouds, he hmphed, making Xiaoshen think he was very unhappy, so he took them back.

Luckily, at this moment, Shang Jiyu silently lowered his head and kissed him again. Soft, ice-cold lips feathered his. Wherever they touched was a comfortable temperature.

The flower petals fell from the tree, and a bit like Shang Jiyu’s kiss, and a bit like the underwater plants, lightly caressed him.

Xiaoshen sunk into the world of unknown perfection that also seemed a bit familiar, unable to control himself.


Xiaoshen sat on Shang Jiyu’s lap. His clothes were in a disheveled pile. He groaned and moaned as he rubbed his dragon horns against Shang Jiyu’s chest. So Shang Jiyu lowered his head and kissed the tip of his dragon horn.

The ice-cold feeling spread, along with the aftertaste, Xiaoshen curled his toes. He stared at Shang Jiyu eagerly.

Now, Shang Jiyu finally spoke. His voice, usually clear as fresh snow, now sounded a bit scratchy. “Do you like pretty fish or me?”

Xiaoshen said with a blush, “I only want you.”

Shang Jiyu scattered delicate kisses on the dragon horns. He whispered, “And what about those pretty shellfish and pretty conches?”

Xiaoshen was utterly captivated. “All… Let them all go home…”


The author has something to say: 

Different Shang Jiyus, the same goal, each using their own talents…


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Translator Notes:

  1. This is a pun. The original saying is 生龙活虎, which means “lively” or “full of energy”. But they said 生龙活龙, because he’s a dragon.


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