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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


After finishing his meal, Luo XiaoLou looked at the time and hurried out to catch the bus. Heavens, if this ended up like last time, when a bunch of leaders received him at the elevator, he would be in real trouble.

When Luo XiaoLou arrived at the main gate, an extremely high-class car came speeding up from afar and stopped in front of him, blowing the wind straight into Luo XiaoLou’s face.

Luo XiaoLou frowned and made way, cursing the car in his heart. He was about to continue to run inside, when he noticed that the door of the car opened, and an elegant and noble familiar figure walked down.

Luo XiaoLou growled inside. Fuck you, I’m angry with you, okay! Because of you, Yuan Xi almost committed domestic violence!

Luo XiaoLou’s face didn’t look too good. Either way, he shouldn’t get too close to Ling Xu, or there would definitely be trouble if Yuan Xi saw him. What’s more, this guy was also the culprit responsible for the body’s former owner committing suicide.

Thinking so, Luo XiaoLou quickened his pace and walked inside, trying to leave Ling Xu behind.

Unfortunately, Ling Xu didn’t seem to have the same intention, and in front of the appalled eyes of the beautiful girl beside him, Ling Xu quickly dragged him inside.

Luo XiaoLou couldn’t help but get angry at Ling Xu who looked cold but kept moving at the same speed as him.

“Why are you still here?” As they stopped together to wait for the elevator, Ling Xu asked coldly first, looking sarcastically at Luo XiaoLou.

“That’s exactly what I wanted to ask you.” Luo XiaoLou stared at Ling Xu just as angrily; this guy had embarrassed him last Sunday, and today — Luo XiaoLou took a look at his watch — he was still here to get in the way, what the hell was he trying to do?!

Ling Xu sized up Luo XiaoLou a few times, his cold eyes carrying a dewy-eyed look of disgust, “Well then, I’ll tell you the truth. I’ll never look at something I’m tired of playing with — the previous one time is over, and I’m tired of being tangled with other people.”

Luo XiaoLou was about to say he was glad that they had reached an understanding, when the doors of the premium elevator opened and Ling Xu walked in. He arrogantly looked at Luo XiaoLou before the doors closed, “Don’t tell me you don’t know where this is. It’s not good for young people to be too deep-hearted.”

Where is this place? Luo XiaoLou frowned, a bad feeling welling up in his heart. As for scheming or whatever, there was nothing wrong with going deeper, as long as you didn’t have to be in a bad place.

Luo XiaoLou stepped into Master Yan’s lab. He saw the old man scolding someone on the side, and so, he lightly slipped into the room he was tidying up.

Master Yan snorted, as he scolded the grey-clad assistant beside him, when he saw the sneaking figure out of the corner of his eye.

On the other hand, in the hall of the Mecha R&D Department, Di Jia and the others were roaring in their hearts as they overturned the table, and for the second time, they respectfully welcomed Young Master Ling Xu, who used to only come once a year.

Ling Xu waved his hand in acknowledgement. He didn’t greet the top management of the Kane Group this time, leaving the others to do their work. He just followed Yang Ke into his exclusive lab. The pretty girl didn’t follow him and turned around to go outside.

After entering the room, Ling Xu swept a glance at the parts and machines laid out in the room, and casually unbuttoned the top button of his uniform. His whole person suddenly became more lazy, but it did not damage his noble appearance, “How is it?”

Yang Ke looked at him with rapt attention and said with a wry smile, “Of course, it’s very good. I can do hands-on experiments with many parts in advance, which is very helpful to me.”

After a pause, Yang Ke looked at Ling Xu’s indifferent expression and continued, “Also, they are very nice to me. It’s just that it’s not easy for a novice like me to meet Master Yan, so I had no choice but to call you to help.”

After bringing up the purpose of calling him this time, Ling Xu frowned and said, “Let’s go, I’ll go over there with you.”

The two of them came out of the room and Ling Xu asked Di Jia to take them to Master Yan’s lab upstairs. The Mecha R&D Department occupied the eighteen to twenty-five floors of the building, while Master Yan himself occupied an entire floor.

When the three of them arrived at the door of Master Yan’s lab, Di Jia was the first one to swipe his card. It was good that at this time, Master Yan had just finished his busy work. Two minutes later, when Di Jia was already starting to sweat, Master Yan came out with a blank expression.

“Master Yan,” Ling Xu himself stepped forward and bowed, “I’m Ling Xu, the last time I saw you was a year ago.”

Master Yan nodded his head, “I know.” He continued to be silent after saying that.

Di Jia resisted the urge to wipe off his sweat. Master Yan’s temper was really worrying every time he met the actual person in charge.

It was good that Ling Xu knew Master Yan’s temper and didn’t bother. His face remained calm and elegant as he continued, “This time, I specially came here to see you. I want to ask you to give pointers to a student who was chosen by the PDG family and is very talented.”

At this point, Yang Ke immediately stepped forward and bowed to Master Yan with great respect, “Hello Master Yan, I am Yang Ke from the Mecha Manufacturing Department of Saint Miro Academy. I have heard a lot about you before. I have great admiration for your experience and for those century-old mecha you make. If —”

Master Yan calmly interrupted Yang Ke’s next words with, “Get something practical from Di Jia, then come to me.” After that, he said to Ling Xu, “Young Master Ling, if there is nothing else, I will go to work first.”

Ling Xu nodded and Master Yan turned his head to head to the lab.

Yang Ke stared at him. He really couldn’t quite accept the general disregard that this Master Mecha Maker had for him. Yes, ignoring! No one had ever treated him like this before. 

And he hadn’t even expected that this master would not give Ling Xu face, and he still wanted to assess him! This was an insult to his first position title in the Mecha Manufacturing Department of Saint Miro Academy.

Ling Xu didn’t show anything, just turned to Yang Ke and said calmly, “This is a chance, but Master Yan has a strange temper, so it’s naturally best if you can strive to be his student. If not, you can find a better teacher later.”

Yang Ke had no choice but to agree. The good news was that he now had one more chance. He had to make that damn arrogant old man look at him differently. Yang Ke took a deep breath. If he was taken under the eccentric Master’s wing, he would be more helpful to Ling Xu in the future.

“I will do my best.”

Ling Xu nodded and turned around to leave.

Yang Ke waited until he couldn’t see Ling Xu’s back before he turned to Di Jia and smiled, “Thank you, Section Chief. I’ll be sure to turn things in as soon as I can.”

Di Jia politely returned the smile, “Anything you need, just ask as soon as possible.”

Maybe it was the anger from meeting Ling Xu, or maybe it was the excitement of having already bought back all the mecha parts. Or more likely, the fact that Luo XiaoLou had already learned four hundred and thirty of the Grade 1 mecha parts, laying a solid foundation for him — that Luo XiaoLou’s learning went exceptionally well this time.

Smiling, he looked at the time. It was noon, and he learned thirty parts! With the twenty a day from the last weekend, he’d already completed learning seventy, which meant that, if there was nothing else, he’d probably be done learning tomorrow.

Two weekends of studying and the other two weekends for finishing and assembling the parts — which of course was much harder to assemble than it was to learn. How did he know it wouldn’t work if he didn’t try?

For some reason, Luo XiaoLou felt that this afternoon Old Man Yan was especially harsh on him, giving him two types of ores to extract and fuse and forge, then create a mecha wrist part.

Luo XiaoLou was looked at by Old Man Yan with an expression on his face, that said, “I knew you would not be able to finish it and come begging to me.” He silently walked back to his worktop. Because of the manufacturing of parts, there were two more sets of instruments on the countertop.

Taking a deep breath, Luo XiaoLou gritted his teeth, This old man and Yuan Xi together picked today to challenge his tolerance, right!

After an afternoon, Luo XiaoLou had a few more sets of parts on his tabletop, forged out and still needing to be assembled. When the parts were forged, Luo XiaoLou knew that they were Grade 2 parts, which he had seen exactly during the time he studied the last weekend.

Luo XiaoLou smiled. It was a rare chance to practice Grade 2 parts here.

He smilingly picked out a set and was about to do it, when a hand suddenly stretched out beside him and took away the part in his hand.

Luo XiaoLou looked up and found Master Yan standing next to him. Around him, there didn’t seem to be many people left, everyone had already finished packing up. So had he really stayed for too long?

“You go back.” Master Yan said with a cold face.

“But I’m perfectly capable of assembling a set before going back.” Luo XiaoLou insisted, such opportunities didn’t come around often.

“No, time’s up. Get out of here immediately! Do you have to waste my time every day? I’ve never seen a student as troubling as you!” Master Yan blew his beard and glared at him.

Luo XiaoLou lovingly looked at the piles of parts and turned around to leave.

As soon as he left, there was suddenly an additional voice in the room, “Not bad, your new little disciple?”

“Mn, it’s been two weeks.” Master Yan sorted through the parts on his desk.

That voice immediately freaked out, “Oh shit! You made him do this not even a month in? I find that you’re getting sicker and sicker.”


Master Yan laughed smugly and said, in the same arrogant tone like Yuan Xi that Luo XiaoLou hated the most, “You’re not even looking to see who the chosen one is.”


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March 21, 2021 1:04 pm


March 21, 2021 1:26 pm

I can’t wait for the face slap once the ex-crush and the “number one student” find out that Master Yan has already taken the guy they’re looking down upon as his disciple!

March 21, 2021 1:42 pm

Hmmm!! Interesting! I really can’t wait to see what happens next! Ling Xu is arrogant! I can’t wait until LXL treats him coldly as well and he realizes he’s not crushing over you no more! That was the old owner! He is the new disciple of Master Yan!

March 21, 2021 5:42 pm

No, it’s been 4 days.
He’s not even in the lab all week.
Bow before the MC’s savant like learning/obsession!

March 21, 2021 8:00 pm

Who is the voice?? Another person to be awed by the shining-more-than-ever Luo XiaoLou!

_(:3 」∠)_ I really wanna know Master Yan’s relationship with Yuan Xi..

March 21, 2021 11:56 pm

Yup, like I’ve said before, grumpy masters are the best!!! And what genius student, he soon be nothing in front of XiaoLou. Thank you for the chapter!!!

April 3, 2021 9:37 am

Sneaky YX! He totally lied to LXL, giving him a comex!!! I have the feeling I’m going to like this book even more than LMW. Thank you for bringing this translation to us!

Sue R
Sue R
April 9, 2021 1:14 pm

Oh dear!!! When will you let’s know who is really Master Yan?.

April 21, 2021 12:49 am

“I’ll never look at something I’m tired of playing with” – But you’ve looked at him multiple times–

Hmm, does Ling Xu have a crush on Yang Ke or does he just enjoy unbuttoning his shirt for no reason?

May 3, 2021 9:47 pm

Since when LXL is Master Yan discipline😅😅😅😅

July 12, 2021 7:48 pm

Yuck, why does poor LXL have to keep running into Ling Xu and Yang Ki ~ I don’t like either of them.
He’s so being tested, in more ways than one, by Master Yan, who is obviously very aware of his potential and, therefore, pushing him harder.
Thank you for translating.

August 27, 2022 8:54 pm

I guess the last part Master Yan is protecting LXL from discovering like ahhhh he already recognize LXL as his disciple so what will Yang Ke do there? To have his face slap yep that’s right hahahaha

January 28, 2023 6:01 pm

I always forget to say this,,, This Yang Ke , evwrytime i read his name, Jiang Lu always pop up in my mind. Who considered himself a genius one, yet live car behind by a real genius.

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