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Main Story Part 18

So it turns out you’re raising this dog to eat it?!

Later, XiYan tells me that CanSheng, with a face full of seriousness, got Dong, Nan, Xi, Bei, all four big families[1] together that day for a meeting. We thought it was something important but it turned that the purpose was actually to come up with a name for the small golden terrier he found last time.

Ye CanSheng really fancies this dog.

So the four big families sits in a circle and begin to think of names with their brows tightly knitted together.

Dong chews on the gum in his mouth and is the first one to speak up, “BaoZi.” (T/N: Steamed bun)


Dong chews vigorously *om nom nom*, “Because it tastes good.”


Then it’s Nan, who people call sugar swordsman’s turn, he has a lollipop in his mouth and says, “Name it Candy.”

Then a rare sight occurs, Ye CanSheng actually speaks, “Drag him out.”

As soon as the words are spoken, LaoNan is very delighted, no, you should say that he’s dragged out with a face that looks like he’s been wronged but is accompanied by a sinister smile.

And then, XiaoBei who had been ignored and was sleeping peacefully to one side says to XiYan, “What should it be named?”

XiYan pushes his glasses and says loudly, “Name it Peanut.”


“Both you and your person back at home have the character ‘Sheng’ in it, naming it Peanut[2] is pretty good. It symbolises that the dog belongs to both of you. The main point is, peanuts are very tasty…”

XiYan says that Ye CanSheng’s eyes instantly lit up at the time before then coming back here joyfully…

Actually, back then Ye CanSheng’s thoughts were: YunSheng is more delicious…

That day I still went to the school, Ye CanSheng didn’t go. He’s becoming busier and busier now, I know it’s definitely got something to do with his brother.

XiYan once said, the rules are that the two heirs can use any method they want to defeat or even kill the other person. As long as you can avoid any legal responsibilities, then, this is your slaughterhouse.

So, the current situation is, Ye CanSheng’s brother, Ye Yun is planning to destroy the roots of CanSheng’s power while he still doesn’t have a steady foundation. Only a portion of people from CanSheng’s side are those who escaped from that island…

Although those people can win one on ten but the others are still lacking in skill.

They still can’t assassinate a shrewd person like Ye Yun, although CanSheng’s training is more cruel compared to his, Ye Yun’s skills aren’t bad. Plus, this person is not only involved in the underworld, he’s also got his claws in the other world of legal justice. Last time, Ye CanSheng was deceived by those from the world of justice[3] and actually dashed out of it single handedly…

And that was the Ye CanSheng I met that day…

A home without CanSheng is still quite boring, so that day I bought a new phone and new telephone card then went to school. The day I went back there, those female teachers were once again in an animated discussion. Actually, the principal even when out of his way to come to my office and asked me what happened…

I obviously tried to avoid his questions where ever I could. Regarding Ye CanSheng, I only said that he is a patient, I didn’t want to reveal anything else. He probably saw through my intentions, his slightly fat body shook, clearly about to erupt in anger, yet I don’t know why he suppressed his anger for some reason…

He’s breathing heavily through his nose, his hand slams onto my desk and says, “So explain yourself, why couldn’t I get through to you when I tried calling you multiple times for the past few days?!”

I screamed internally, how am I supposed to receive your call, my phone’s probably been smashed to smithereens by Ye CanSheng ages ago to the point where I can’t even see the broken bits …

He has an expression that looks like he’s got anger that he can’t vent out as he writes down my phone number. His figure shakes a few times and after he calms down, he walks towards the door to exit. I look at him, that’s all?! My wage hasn’t been affected right? It wasn’t high enough in the first place, now there’s an extra little golden terrier in the house. Just as the principal is about to close the door, he suddenly remembers something, opens the door again and says to me, “Oh my Xiao ZuZong[4], this kind of incident isn’t allowed to happen again!”

I’m taken back by his words.

Is there any need to be so nervous? Aren’t I just a mental health counsellor of little importance? What’s the difference between me being here or not? There’s really not any, okay? He’s wording it like I’m worth his life.

That day, ShangFan was also at school.

The discussions made by the female teachers were also about ShangYan that day, or in other words, my step-father.

VIP guests have come to the principal’s office today. Rumours say that the principal went to pick them up himself and that the VIP guest is handsome, rich and so on.

Inside the principal’s office, ShangFan sits on the chair, a pair of eyes look at the information laid out on the table, his tone is apathetic yet has a dignified feel to it.

“This is the information they sent here?”

“Yes, everything is here, nothing is missing for sure.”

ShangFan’s handsome features show off a dangerous aura, “Why is there not a single thing about him between the age of 10 to 20, did he die and then get resurrected? Also, his life is just, this simple?”

That’s right, this piece of paper has information regarding Ye CanSheng’s life, it’s just that his life seems too transient, merely just a few words is enough to cover his entire lifetime.

From one to five, he lived together with his mother and almost never went outdoors. From five to ten, he was taken back as the mafia boss and studied at home. After that he was just then sent away from the family for no apparent reason.

He came back at the age of twenty with his own power…

On the other hand, there’s a thick stack of information on his family. ShangFan throws the information in his hands onto the table and picks up the coffee on the tabletop to take a sip.

“What did YunSheng say?”

The principal’s fat body shakes, “GongZi[5] says that person is only a patient.”

“Patient? Haha…” Shangfan stands up off the chair and walks towards the door, “Take me to him.”

At that time, I was still sitting on the chair trying extremely hard to think of CanSheng’s phone number, he probably still doesn’t know I came to work today…


[1] 东南西北 As mentioned before, these are the four bearings and also the last names given to Ye CanSheng’s four most trusted subordinates (the ones who came with him from the island). It’s called the four big families because back in ancient China, these were the names given to the four big families with the most power/prestige/influence in the country.

[2] 花生 Means peanut, romaji: HuaSheng. Therefore, just like CanSheng and YunSheng, peanut also has the same ‘Sheng’ character.

[3]白道 So essentially, in chinese, the underworld is known as 黑道, which literally translates to black path and the opposite of the underworld/mafia/black market etc. is 白道 which literally translates to white path. Just take note that it has been translated as the world of justice, not white path.

[4] 小祖宗 This is a title that was originally what servants would call a young master (as in a child not teenager). However, nowadays, it’s used to call a child who you care about but is usually very naughty yet at the same time you can’t hit them nor curse at them.

[5] 公子 Nowadays, this is the term used for young men who have prestige or come from a good family background. Often also associated with characteristics such as handsomeness.

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Also, I think YunSheng shouldn’t have left and went to school like that… I think that would lead to major problem that wouldn’t have occurred otherwise… Aka rapist step dad 😓

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