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Chapter 251: Old Grudges

Translated by Kollumceti

“Ling Xiao went out? What time did he leave? What did he go out to do?”

After You XiaoMo found Ling Xiao’s pavilion, he did not even enter it before he was told about Ling Xiao’s absence. Moreover, Ling Xiao was gone since yesterday.

“Why are you asking for so many details?” The one who told him the news was a youngster of about nineteen years. You XiaoMo had just casually asked for information. Who would have thought that this youngster would immediately question him so closely? He eventually looked straight at You XiaoMo with a guarded expression. However, You XiaoMo did not know why he was on the alert.

He then recalled that the others may not know about the relationship between Ling Xiao and him.

They had only been seen together at the sales area for magic pills and at Elder Gong’s realtor office. Other than those two places, they had not been anywhere else. That knowledge of their relation having not spread would be logical.

You XiaoMo said: “I’m his friend. I have some business with him.”

The youngster did not instantly believe him, and suspiciously asked: “His friend? Elder Brother Ling has just entered the DaoXin Academy a few days ago. When did he have such a friend like you? Could it be that you’re lying about being his friend since Elder Brother Ling is famous and strong?”

You XiaoMo, who was under suspicion, silently wiped the blood off his face and calmly replied: “I am from Block Two. I entered the academy together with Ling Xiao.”

Damn, what do you mean by ‘such a friend like you’?!

Why can’t Laozi be Ling Xiao’s friend? Let me tell you, Laozi and Ling Xiao’s relationship is super close!
T/n: Laozi (老子 ) “I” in anger, or out of contempt, literally translated as “your dad”

If I admitted it, you would die of envy!

“I see, so you are a mage. What business do you have with him?” The youngster stubbornly defended the entrance with an attitude akin to that of a pavilion guard. Although he believed You XiaoMo, he was still unwilling to let him pass.

You XiaoMo raised his eyebrow, “As his friend, why do I have to tell you why I’m looking for him?”

The youngster was immediately dissatisfied, and loudly replied: “Elder Brother Ling is out. He entrusted me with looking after his pavilion. Even though you are his friend, I have no need to tell you of his whereabouts.”

You XiaoMo disregarded the youngster’s proud tone and said, “Are you sure that Ling Xiao asked you to help him keep an eye on his pavilion?”

It was not that he wanted to doubt the youngster. Rather, he understood Ling Xiao’s character very well. This youngster looked soft and weak, yet his eyes held an arrogant and haughty gaze. With a look, one could tell that he was a spoiled little child. Ling Xiao definitely would not like this type of person, and it would be even more impossible for him to have asked the youngster to look after his pavilion. Not to mention, there was a barrier outside the pavilion. Only those with Ling Xiao’s approval could enter – the rest could only look in from outside.

No matter how one would put it, the needless actions of this youngster gave one a superfluous feeling.

You XiaoMo was willing to swear on his family jewels that Ling Xiao absolutely did not ask for him to keep an eye on the pavilion. He was one hundred percent certain that the youngster was just showering affection on an uninterested party.

Soon enough, when the youngster heard his doubts, an unnatural expression flashed across his handsome face. To cover up his guilty conscience, he cried out loudly, “Of course he asked me to, if not, there would be people like you looking for him every day! Elder Brother Ling would be annoyed to death! Let me advise you not to shower affection on an uninterested party. Elder Brother Ling would never fancy a person like you.”

Too bad for you, he already fancies me!

You XiaoMo was not angered by his words. He had dealt with many people of this type, and was quickly becoming an expert at handling them. “Fellow classmate, it doesn’t matter if you don’t tell me. It’s not like I’m going to look for him. I’ll just wait for him inside his pavilion.”

“No!” The youngster immediately blocked his way, “Without Elder Brother Ling’s permission, none may enter.”

“How would you know that I don’t have his permission? I am his friend, and you seem to have no connection to him at all. What right do you have to stop me from entering?” You XiaoMo asked with a serene temperament.

The youngster choked on his words, and was temporarily unable to retort.

At this moment, the crowd of onlookers started growing.

Ling Xiao’s pavilion was located in a pretty good area. It originally had a quiet environment, but due to the fact that many high level and strong people stayed here, there were hordes of people who went looking for them. With the two making a disturbance outside Ling Xiao’s pavilion, a crowd was soon attracted over.

“Xiao Yun? Who is bullying you? Tell your brother. Brother will help you get revenge.”

Following this indignant voice, a person walked out from the crowd.

Upon seeing this person, Xu Yun looked as if he had seen his saviour, and quickly ran over to the young man. “Brother, this person bullied me. You must help me ‘look after him’.” After speaking, he looked at You XiaoMo with a gaze full of ill-intention. It was obviously a case of a thief crying thief.

You XiaoMo rolled his eyes. However, this young man looked somewhat familiar. Has he seen him somewhere before? You XiaoMo could not help but glance at him a couple of times.

The young man was also sizing him up. With a hesitant expression, he asked: “It’s you?”

You XiaoMo tried to remember the people he might feel familiar with. The other person looked as if he knew him. That meant they must have met before they entered the academy. He suddenly recalled, wasn’t this young man the arrogant young noble they met in Hei Yin Village?

At that time, he was wealthy and overbearing, and wanted to buy all five rooms. But You XiaoMo managed to snatch one room from him, and they nearly started coming to blows. Fortunately for the noble’s safety, the young noble’s guard was wise enough not to provoke Ling Xiao. Who would have thought that he would be brothers with this youngster? As they say, birds of a feather flock together – both brothers were not good people.

The young man was around twenty-two years old, and the youngster was nineteen years old. Since the age gap between them was small, it was highly probable that they were blood related brothers.

Upon seeing this, Xu Yun asked. “Brother, you know him?”

“Far from just being acquaintances, I also have a little grudge with him. Do you remember about the two people I met in Hei Yin Village? He is one of them.” Xu Zhen scoffed. From that day onwards, his heart was consumed with resentment.

Hearing this, Xu Yun paled. If this person was friends with Elder Brother Ling could it be that the other party was Elder Brother Ling?!

You XiaoMo was able to trace his line of thinking. Seeing Xu Yun’s pale face affirmed his inner thoughts. After making a mountain out of a molehill, to think that the little brother unexpectedly fancied the one that his brother had a grudge with. Oh, this was going to be so much fun!

Xu Zhen missed the expression on Xu Yun’s face, and did not make the connection to Ling Xiao’s identity. Seeing his younger brother being bullied, how could he ignore this as the older brother?

“You even dared to bully my brother, who do you think you are?! If you have the guts, state your name!” Xu Zhen shouted at the silent You XiaoMo. Really, the two brothers were just alike – both were so pretentious.

You XiaoMo shrugged while shaking his head, “I didn’t bully your brother, but even if I say so, you won’t believe me. Besides, I am called You XiaoMo, may I know what advice you have for me?”

The three words ‘You XiaoMo’ was like thunder piercing the ears (i.e. a well-known reputation). Not only did Xu Zhen and his brother recognize it, the crowd surrounding them also burst into an uproar as they recognized the name.

These past few days, You XiaoMo’s notoriety had spread throughout Ward B. As a person who dared to offend the Third young master of the Chai Family, who was one of the four big clans, what was a measly Xu Family to him?

Upon hearing this, there were several people revealing an expression of entertainment. They were all thinking; let’s see if Xu Zhen and his brother can continue to be so arrogant!

Xu Zhen and Xu Yun’s expressions changed. The former’s was filled with fear and regret, while the latter’s paled dramatically. However, one could see a glint of jealousy in Xu Yun’s eyes.

Xu Yun was less experienced, and his attitude was a lot worse than Xu Zhen’s. He had heard that You XiaoMo was currently a hot topic – a genius mage from Block Two, who had caught the attention of many, including the teachers. Originally he was very jealous of this person, but now that You XiaoMo was in his sight, and wanted to enter the pavilion of the person he adores, Xu Yun immediately began burning with rage.

“Even if you are You XiaoMo, you still cannot enter the pavilion without the owner’s consent.” Xu Yun stubbornly said.

You XiaoMo gave up on explaining, and simply pushed him away before entering the pavilion. The pavilion’s barrier enclosed the outside of the courtyard, thus You XiaoMo would not need to step into the pavilion to prove his claim. Without any obstruction, he walked into the courtyard of Ling Xiao’s pavilion under the ogling of the crowd.

Behind the barrier, You XiaoMo calmly looked back at the crowd, his actions silently stating ‘Ha, did you see it, LaoZi can freely enter and leave.’

Seeing this, the crowd burst into chatter.

They had realized that since You XiaoMo could freely enter the pavilion, this meant that his permission for entry was granted by the owner of the pavilion. Thus, Xu Yun’s words were discredited.

You XiaoMo said: “Next time, you should stop lying. I know that Ling Xiao did not ask you to keep an eye on his pavilion. Furthermore, he is not someone you can dream of touching. In the future, even if you have nothing to do, do not make yourself a nuisance in front of him.”

Being told such things, Xu Yun grew embarrassed, and quickly turned and ran.

Worried that he would think of doing silly things, Xu Zhen glared furiously at You XiaoMo before chasing after him without a word.

Seeing that the two nuisances have finally left, You XiaoMo turned around and entered Ling Xiao’s pavilion.

Although he had offended people yet again, he was not scared of the Xu Family brothers. He had already offended the Chai Family. The addition of a Xu Family was no big deal; it only made him feel slightly gloomy.

Who would have thought that even with a mask, Ling Xiao would still attract so many flies. If he took off his mask, You XiaoMo would be able to drown to death in a sea of jealousy daily.

You XiaoMo mused over the matter, and decided to buy an uglier mask for Ling Xiao when the opportunity arose.

Despite not knowing when Ling Xiao would be back, he decided to wait for him in his pavilion.

You XiaoMo found an empty space and sat down with his legs crossed. He finally had the time to sit down and cultivate to overcome the issue of the bottleneck, which had been delayed for such a long time.

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