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Chapter Twenty

The sounds of rustling clothes was loud in the dark, quiet room. Two figures moved silently together, one larger body enveloping the smaller one. Ren’s hands wandered down Shouta’s sides, his erection grinding against Shouta’s back, his lips trailing kisses down his neck.

“Ren, stop. We’re at my parents.” Shouta’s voice was quiet, but he still let out a moan. Ren nipped lightly at the back of Shouta’s neck before he licked away the sting. Shouta couldn’t help but press back against Ren’s erection.

“But I want you.” Ren whispered huskily into Shouta’s ear, his breath hot as it fanned out.

“I want you too,” Shouta whimpered, his eyes closing at the pleasure he felt being wrapped in Ren’s arms. “but the walls are thin here.”

After eating dinner with Shouta’s parents, the four of them had talked long into the night about what they were going to do after the baby was born. Chika wanted the two of them to live in this big house so she could help with the baby, but Shouta wanted to live above Ren’s cafe, not with his parents. Surprisingly, Ren had agreed with Chika. He saw the good sense in living in the big house, and it was not far from the cafe, he could be there in less than thirty minutes. Shouta did not like the idea at first, but even Osamu was astounded when this son in law to be of his leaned in their direction. He had expected him to be the one to firmly reject the idea.

When Shouta finally agreed to think about moving back in with his parents after the baby was born, the four of them had said their pleasantries and gone to their separate rooms for bed.

Once in their room, Ren could no longer hold back and had trapped Shouta in his arms, wanting to get his feel of touching his mate out of his system.

Ren moved his hands underneath Shouta’s shirt, lingering slightly longer as they caressed his stomach. Shouta’s stomach was not showing his pregnancy noticeably, but there was a slight protrusion that had not been there months ago. Ren’s fingers softly felt that bump, lovingly and tenderly wishing to feel that life that resided within.

Biting softly on the back of Shouta’s neck, his teeth covering that mark he made so long ago, Ren breathed out, “Then try to be quiet.”

An almost inaudible laugh came from Shouta as he whispered, “What are you saying, idiot.”

Hands trailing upward from stomach, to chest, to neck then to his face. Light touches, light fingertips against hot skin, Ren turned Shouta’s face toward him and covered his mouth with his fingers. “If you think you’re going to be loud, just kiss me and I’ll help you be quiet.”

Shouta’s breaths came out in pants as he nipped at the fingers covering his mouth. When they moved, he lifted his hand up and and pulled Ren’s fingers away from his mouth to bite at the pads of those hot fingertips. “You’re such a pervert.”

Even as he said it, he felt his own erection rising, wanting to meet Ren with everything he had. His blood felt like lava as it coursed through his veins.

“But I’m your pervert.” Ren’s whispered, his breath hitching as Shouta licked between his fingers. “If you really don’t want to do it,” Ren paused, then pushed himself against Shouta, his hot erection tenting his pants and pressing hard against the back of Shouta. “I’ll caress your lower half against mine sweetly, drawing pleasure out of you.” Breathing fanning out like steam against a window, Ren continued against Shouta’s ear. “You think you’re use to hearing my voice against your ear, but I’ll make you desire it so much that you ache.”

Even though Shouta couldn’t see him, just from the hot breath against his nape, he could tell clearly how much Ren wanted him. He didn’t even need the reminder of the swollen erection pressing firmly into his ass. Memories from that morning flooded his mind, making his even more lustful, no longer caring if the walls were thin, or if they were at his parents. Nothing matters any longer but the feel of Ren’s skin against his.

“I’ve imagine myself having sex with you when I’m not with you so many times,” Ren whispered huskily into Shouta’s ear as he slowly undressed the both of them. “But it’s nothing compared to the real thing.”

Even in the dark room, the moonlight falling into the darkness lighting up the room as if showing a path, Ren had to swallow his saliva as he stared at the naked Shouta. Bathed in the moonlight like an ephemeral being, Shouta’s light skin was like the moon itself cast in the dark sky. Ren’s eyes trailed along his mate’s curves, etching every line and and crevice into his mind.

Ren wanted to memorize everything about Shouta whether it was perfect or imperfect, he wanted to know all of it. Before he even realized it, his hand had reached out and touched that moonlight skin. The warmth that flooded his fingertips sent a shiver through his system. Pulling Shouta to him, Ren found himself diving his fingers deep within Shouta’s entrance.

Gasping, Shouta’s hips bucked, his erection touching Ren’s hard one. Wet heat surrounded Ren’s fingers and he nudged that tight bud within Shouta.

Moaning, Shouta whimpered, “It’s fine already. Hurry up and put it in.”

Squeezing Shouta closer to him, Ren ignored the plea and continued to stretch Shouta’s entrance, making it easier for that part of him to accept without any resistance. The quiet moans and the way Shouta grinded against him cause Ren to almost lose himself. “Please don’t stir me up any further, or I really won’t be able to hold back.”

“Then don’t hold back.” Shouta cried out, grabbing onto Ren’s shoulders and taking his lips with his. Even as their kiss became rough, Ren lifted Shouta from the ground and thrust into him even while he still stood.

A shudder traveled through Shouta and he pulled away from their kiss to bite his lip, drawing blood as he resisted crying out.

“Are you alright Shouta?” Ren panted, Shouta’s entrance gripped tightly around him. It felt like it was squeezing out his entire essence. “Can you tell? Do you feel me inside of you?”

Shouta moaned. “I can’t tell where you begin and I end.”

Ren thrust in deep, capturing Shouta’s moans of pleasure with his lips. They lost themselves if the wings of pleasure that could only be created by the two of them

Even if the wings Ren was given were double edged, he wanted to fly with them. He wanted to see the ends of the world with those wings on his back. The one who gave him those wings was Shouta.

“I love you, Shouta.” Ren whispered, biting and suck at every part of Shouta’s nape that he could reach. “I’ll follow you anywhere.”

WIth each thrust, Shouta stopped his cries. “Stupid, wait. Not so rough.”

“I’m sorry,” Ren moaned, thrusting as deep as he was able, feeling Shouta’s entrance trap him inside. “I can’t stop.”

Ren bit down on Shouta’s neck, causing him to cry out and moan at the same time. Realizing how loud he was, Shouta hissed, “You idiot! I’ll kill you!”

Ren bit down even harder then pulled away slightly when he felt Shouta clamp hard around him. “I think this position is too stressful on the baby,” Ren kissed the moonlit skin beneath him. “But I want to look at your face while we do it Shouta.”

Feeling Shouta arch beneath him as he said those words, Ren grinned before pushing Shouta until his back reached the wall. Then, slowly, he trailed a hand to Shouta’s hard member, stroking it with light fingers as he coaxed it to grow.

Another hiss left Shoua as he bucked back into Ren, “Don’t touch both!”

Ren touched and caressed Shouta, his fingers tenderly stroking the velvet softness that was so much like his. Each time his fingers stroked from the base of Shouta’s member all the way to the tip, Shouta would shudder uncontrollably beside him and his insides would grip Ren so tightly that he would resist a groan every time. They both became lost in those feelings, almost forgetting themselves and letting out more noise than they could cover up.

Even if these wings they both flew on were to snap one day, neither of them cared. They just wanted to reach that moon in the sky together. Moonlight on their skin reflected the sweat trailing down until it dripped to the floor. They both climaxed at the same time, their wings of pleasure taking them into a sky that only they knew.


Cuddled together on the bed after their lovemaking, Ren gently moved Shouta’s hair off the back of his neck. The skin there was red and some parts already changing to light purple. Ren bent down and kissed the marks he had made lightly. Kind of shocked at himself, he whispered, “I left a mark, huh?”

Shouta hugged the arm Ren had curled around him tighter to his body. Satisfied, he resisted the laughter bubbling up in his chest and muttered, “Did you plan on leaving a mark?”

Ren put his face into Shouta’s skin, and breathed in the scent of his mate. It was a soothing smell, but also made him want to bite Shouta even harder to leave a darker mark. The possessiveness he felt made him realize he could never live without Shouta from now on. Squeezing Shouta to him, Ren quietly claimed, “Leaving marks makes it as if you’re only mine now.”

Shouta grinned into the arm that was wrapped around him and flipped over so he was facing Ren. Their bodies fit perfectly together, and Shouta weaved one of his legs in between Ren’s. Their bare skin against each other was calming and not at all with the feeling of lust attached to it. Feeling their heartbeats thudding in rhythm together through their skin sounded like the beating wings of two birds that were flying simultaneously. Tenderly, Shouta kissed Ren, just a whisper of lips touching before saying, “But wasn’t I already yours?”

“Hm?” Ren hummed, wishing for more contact between their bodies than what was already there. When Shouta buried his blushing face into Ren’s shoulder, he felt the rumble of his mates laughter through his entire body. Still laughing, Ren lifted Shouta’s face so that he could kiss him lightly. Coaxingly, he whispered, “Say it properly.”

Laughing into the kiss, Shouta felt his heart expand and fill with everything he had always wanted. Surrounded by the warmth of Ren’s body, extremely content, Shouta laid his heart bare, “I love you, Ren.”


Shouta and Ren anxiously sat in the waiting room. Surrounding them were parents, the mothers in all different stages of their pregnancies. Somewhere with their partners, while others were alone. When his name was called, Shouta got up shakily and Ren followed in behind him.

Anxiously, the two of them went through the procedure for the ultrasound. When the doctor finally walked in and began to look, she hummed and hawed over the screen. To the two, it looked like absolutely nothing, but to the doctor, she obviously saw something.

When she finally turned towards them, a smile on her face, Shouta’s heart beat heavily in his chest. Then, the doctor spoke, and his heartbeat came to an abrupt stop.

“Oh my, congratulations, they both seem to be healthy.”

“They?” Ren whispered, his face losing some of its color.

Cheerfully, the doctor’s grin grew wider. “You’re going to be having twins.”

That night, Shouta had expected to have difficulty falling asleep since he had already gotten use to it every other night. However, he didn’t expect to fall asleep so quickly and so peacefully. Within his dreams, he had a vague feeling of being immersed into a warm embrace. This warmth made him calm and content. From within that warmth, Shouta heard the flickering, and fleeting sound of children’s laughter. That laughter was just as soothing as the warmth surrounding him. Even in his sleep, a soft smile curled on his face as, in his dreams, two angelic voices called out, “Mama.”

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