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Chapter 508: Might as Well Reincarnate

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Spiritual water that is able to encourage the growth of magic herbs and increase the grade of magic pills, to many, seemed impossible.

If it was truly like this then all of the major forces in Tong Tian Continent would be gathering Spiritual water like crazy. It’s price would then be pushed sky high and not just for ten thousand a drop.

Lei Long and Old Shen’s understanding was what they perceive to be spiritual water was just normal spiritual water, one that could recover spiritual energy and soul power. It could increase the success rate of magic pills but never like what You XiaoMo said, thus when they heard of it, they were astonished.

You XiaoMo put the spiritual water away, at the end of the day, he should’ve listened to Ling Xiao.

Finally Lei Long regained his senses and walked bristly over, his hand reaching over in an attempt to grab You XiaoMo by the shoulder. With a swift movement and quick reflexes, Ling Xiao pulled You XiaoMo towards him.

“Old man Lei, if you want to say anything, just say it.”

Lei Long met Ling Xiao’s eyes that were black like the abyss and a flash of awkwardness appeared on his face. Only after a fake cough did he say to You XiaoMo with anticipation, “Lad You, is what you say true?”

At first You XiaoMo wasn’t going to let him off easy but after remembering that this old man was Jiu Ye’s Master as well as the elder of the Mage Guild, and since he was the Master of a friend, he would be an adult and be generous.

“Of course it’s true. I got this spiritual water coincidently and only found out its effects after some testing. Later on, I kept it hidden, not willing to use it. Even now, I’m only taking it out after a lot of thinking, but to think…that I would be taking such a heavy blow right from the get-go.”

You XiaoMo’s meaningful gaze landed on old man Lei’s face.

No matter who, if their treasure got the cold-shoulder from people, they would be hurt too, thus his reaction was clearly normal.

Lei Long could hear his intent, it was truly his fault for making a selfish decision without clarifying first. He could tell this young man really treasured his spiritual water, so it was not his fault.

“Could you let me see it?”

You XiaoMo hesitated before taking it out, “You can’t dump it out, you can only smell it.”

Lei Long nodded in understanding before taking the jade bottle and opening it with no impatience. That familiar rich and thick spiritual energy appeared again, to be honest, he should have been able to tell from the beginning.

No normal spiritual water could increase one’s soul power recovery speed with just a sniff. With this one fact, one could tell that this spiritual water was very different from the norm.

Lei Long was slightly excited, and handed it over to old man Shen, “You take a look too, it really is different from normal.”

Old man Shen was much calmer, only nodding after triple-checking, “You are right, this kind of spiritual water is different from the normal ones sold on the market. It’s forming must have taken more than a hundred million years and under normal environments, this kind of special spiritual water probably wouldn’t form either.”

Completely correct!

You XiaoMo remained expressionless but was secretly impressed. Qiao WuXing’s Master was extremely clever, to be able to infer that from just one bottle, impressive indeed.

Although he got the approval of old man Shen, because he hadn’t seen it in action, Lei Long couldn’t immediately make the decision and proposed a test.

You XiaoMo shrugged his shoulder nonchalantly, “It’s up to you but I have to warn you, I only have two bottles. You can experiment but you pay for how much you use.”

“Of course.”

To visualize its effects, Lei Long got someone to bring a level one magic herb, for getting that, they took a little bit of time. Also to be conservative, they only used one drop, even though it wasn’t much, the effects were apparent. It didn’t take a second before they saw the magic herb sprout.

Once that was exemplified, the second benefit You XiaoMo said didn’t need to be certified, since regardless of its truth, Lei Long had his answer.

If the one standing here was someone else from the Mage Guild, they may have hesitated between Ji YunLang and You XiaoHa, since it was hard to get favors from the Demon Phoenix clan. But from what he knew, Ji YunLang’s position in the clan was in imminent danger.

Outside of the secret room, Ji YunLang started to become impatient from waiting.

All they were doing was looking at that person’s stuff, how could it have taken so long, he had almost waited for half an hour.

The longer he waited, the more uneasy Ji YunLang felt. He had a feeling that the longer it took, the worse it was for him.

Right at this moment, the room to the secret room opened.

Lei Long and the others came out of the room first, behind them was You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao.

Ji YunLang carefully weighed their expressions, all of them seemed calm. He was unable to tell if they were satisfied or not.

Lei Long walked over to where Cheng He was before, and with his hands behind his back, said slowly under the anticipatory gazes of the crowd, “As for the final whereabouts of the Elemental Essence, after much discussion, this old man has decided to trade with You XiaoHa.”

Ji YunLang instantly squeezed the handle of his folded fan hard.

One life blood, one first grade rainbow pill, and his favor, no matter how you looked at it, it was a favorable exchange, but it lost to a nameless person?

Ji YunLang felt as he had been taken lightly, it looked like Lei Long didn’t believe that he was going to take over the clan head’s position, that had to be it!

You XiaoMo joyously took the Fire Elemental Essence. This was great, with that, they had gathered four Elemental Essences, now they just needed the last Water Elemental Essence. If they obtained that, then Ling Xiao had a chance of reaching above the Sacred level.

The Fire Elemental Essence provided by the Mage Guild had no intelligence, not that it was worse then the three they had collected but simply, that it’s intelligence was wiped away.

With the grand finale successfully traded away, the was-about-to-leave You XiaoMo had been told to stay by Lei Long, saying that he had something important to ask of them.

You XiaoMo thought carefully and knew exactly what they wanted to ask, most likely it was about the location of where he obtained the spiritual water. However, he couldn’t tell them that, so it was a good thing he had an excuse ready. Whether they believe it or not was up to them, but he believed it!

Before they left, You XiaoMo told them to not publicize this information.

If news got around of such a nature-defying spiritual water, before the Vermillion Blood clan found them, others crazy for this water would be coming at their doors. Even if they told them they had none left, no one would believe them.

Lei Long had his own considerations, and promised to not say a word.

On the other hand, Ji YunLang, who had left the Zhong Ting Trade Fair with a stomach full of anger, couldn’t reconcile no matter what. He offered so many things just to obtain that Fire Elemental Essence, but once again he lost to that You XiaoHa, three times consecutively at that. His patience was running thin.

“Young master, don’t make haste decisions, this is still the territory of the Mage Guild and the Beast Transfiguration Guild, we shouldn’t make trouble!” Ji Wen could guess what Ji YunLang was thinking of and hurriedly held him back.

Ji YunLang swatted his hand away and shouted in anger, “Your young master can’t bear to let this down. Not only that, it’s not like you don’t know how important the Fire Elemental Essence was for me, I’m supposed to just let this opportunity slip away from me?”

Ji Wu stood up, “Young master, you misunderstood what Ji Wen said. What he meant was that, even if we take action, it can’t be here. Also, if we don’t know the ins and outs of the two, making a sudden move is to our disadvantage.”

“That’s right,” Ji Wen nodded, “if we want to make a move then we need to find somewhere rural, and we have to plan ahead. I’ve discovered that the man beside the young man doesn’t seem easy.”

“Doesn’t seem easy? Stronger than you guys?”

Ji YunLang wasn’t so sure. Both Ji Wen and Ji Wu were his father’s trusty subordinates, both were Divine level practitioners. If it isn’t someone from the Ten Divine God Ranking or a Divine leveled, then they had no fears. Not only that, with his background, there was few who would dare mess with him.

“That…” Ji Wen couldn’t say for sure either, from his feeling, that man was truly strong, but how strong, he didn’t know.

Ji Wu suddenly spoke up, “Young master, it seems that the people of the Mage Guild know them. Perhaps we should ask around and find out who they are, that should give us a better chance.”

During the Zhong Ting Trade Fair, because Ling Xiao didn’t say much and You XiaoHa’s name was only spread around in Zhong Tian, since he did defeat the infamous One-eyed Scarface, Ji YunLang and the others, as outsiders, couldn’t have heard of their names.

Ji Wu only had to ask a few people before he found out about them.

One was a student of the Xiao Yao Institution, one was a peak level Divine leveled practitioner who had defeated two of the Ten Gods. The two’s identity really shocked them.

Ji Wen was very glad that they had gathered information first before making a move, or else they would’ve became sheeps, asking to be eaten.

Ji YunLang’s face became an assortment of colors. At first he thought they were just nobodies, but now, they were of the same background as him, not only that, his strength was also way beyond Ji Wen and Ji Wu. If they still wanted the Fire Elemental Essence from him, they could only have his father send true powerhouses.

“Young master, it looks like we have to take things slow.”

“How do you expect me to wait?” Ji YunLang broke his fan in anger, “If that man called Ling Mo is truly of the Qilin Clan, then the Fire Elemental Essence is of great value to him too. By the time we think of a strategy, he would have already consumed it!”

Ji Wen and Ji Wu could only stare at each other, they knew that this was a problem too.

“No, I must tell this to my father and have him send some people over.” Ji YunLang said with certainty. The Fire Elemental Essence was too important to him, if he wanted to be approved by the elders, this was his only chance. He trust that his father would approve too.

Once they left the Zhong Ting Trade Fair, You XiaoMo also remembered Ji YunLang. If it wasn’t for them mentioning it, he wouldn’t have guessed that he was from the Demon Phoenix clan. Every time he heard the words Demon Phoenix clan, he couldn’t help but be reminded of the little chick.

Ever since that little chick left for the Xi Jing, he had heard nothing, so he didn’t know how he was doing or the Bird of Pride.

“That bird should be highly valued in the Demon Phoenix clan right now.” Ling Xiao knew what he was thinking of.

You XiaoMo turned in head in shock, “How did you know?”

Ling Xiao said, “From their conversations. Ji YunLang, at first, was very confident in using a favor from the Demon Phoenix clan as a wager, however, when Lei Long questioned him, his confidence wavered. Clearly he thought of something that would have caused a blow to his confidence.”

“Just from that you believe the little chick is highly important in their clan?”

“Of course not. If that bird didn’t garner the value of the Demon Phoenix clan, then he would’ve already relayed back information about the clan. Since there has been nothing, along with Ji YunLang’s reactions, we can assume that he is very treasured, to the point where he hasn’t had the time to report back.”

“Looks like there is a lot of competition for little chick.”

“If he couldn’t deal with someone like Ji YunLang who has no IQ then he might as well reincarnate.”

“…” There seemed to be someone here with no IQ.

Once they returned to the Xiao Yao Institution, You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao went to Cang Alliance’s base and delivered the news about finding three magic herbs for the Samsara Pill to Fu CangQiong. That way, the Cang Alliance could reduce the field of their search. With that, they returned back.

You XiaoMo locked himself in his room. From this trip to the Zhong Ting Trade Fair, he had realized profoundly that the status of a level ten mage wasn’t enough.

If he didn’t become a rainbow leveled mage soon, he would instead be left behind by Ling Xiao. Once his chance of breaking through the Sacred level improved, if he couldn’t refine pills that suited him, then that would be chaotic.

Other than this, another thing was also important.

If he was to become a rainbow leveled mage, then what he needed the most was level eleven to twelve magic herbs as well as the recipe for rainbow pills. But currently, he was lacking in both departments, especially recipes. If he didn’t have recipes, then it didn’t matter if he had magic herbs or the power.

Just as he was feeling hopeless, You XiaoMo remembered something that he had almost forgotten.

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