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Chapter 557: The Wolf of Greed’s Life Crystal

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Ling Xiao saw his stunned expression from the corner of his eyes, but his own expression was very calm and collected, as if he didn’t understand what You XiaoMo was thinking.

You XiaoMo rubbed away the expression on his face. “What price did you just offer?”

Ling Xiao curled his lips. “One hundred and ten million spirit gems.”

You XiaoMo was surprised again. The lowest price was one hundred million, so he actually only added another ten million spirit gems?

Ling Xiao raised his eyebrows. “Is there a problem?”

“No…” You XiaoMo still felt that the current Ling Xiao was very hard to believe. His character had really changed.

There were even more magic herbs in the auction than the amount that Wu Cheng had helped him find, and their prices definitely wouldn’t be lower than one hundred and thirty million spirit gems. Yet Ling Xiao had only offered a price of one hundred and ten million, and even said that this was just testing the waters?

Transcendent level magic herbs were very attractive to all powerful people, so there were quite a few people competing for them. However, in order to ensure that they would have adequate funds for later, there weren’t very many people who were bidding, and they were all people with some assets.

By the time the two of them finished their discussion, the price had already gone up by thirty million, overtaking the initial price that You XiaoMo had offered. But it hadn’t reached the limit yet, so there were still people who were raising the price.

You XiaoMo looked at Ling Xiao. Now that Ling Xiao’s character had changed, then he could pay.

After the one hundred and ten million spirit gems sank into the sea, Ling Xiao didn’t immediately act this time. When he saw the price continuing to rise endlessly, his eyebrows didn’t even move, remaining unperturbed as if he wasn’t going to bid again.

The competition very quickly reached the tail-end of its stage, and only two major powers had persisted until the very end. They were separated into Dong Zhou’s two strongest powers, the Guma Tribe and the True Dragon Clan.

The Guma Tribe lacked magic herbs and mages. The True Dragon Clan didn’t lack magic herbs, but just because they didn’t lack magic herbs, that didn’t mean that they had all kinds of them. They had only entered the competition because there was a magic herb among the ones being sold that they had been searching for.

But if the price continued to rise, the True Dragon Clan would have to withdraw from the competition.

The Guma Tribe had no faith in the finale items brought out at the end, so they could only do all they could to bid for the rest of the items. At least that way they wouldn’t return empty-handed.

When the auctioneer shouted out ‘two hundred and fifteen million,’ the auction house had already quieted down.

This price had already exceeded the magic herbs’ total value, and furthermore, it was the first time that something had gone over two hundred million since the auction house opened.

The auctioneer glanced in the True Dragon Clan’s direction. The latter’s eyebrows were knitted tightly together, and finally, he shook his head and his hand left the spirit gem board.

But at the same time, the auctioneer’s spirit gem board changed its information. When he saw the price, he couldn’t help but be stunned for a moment before he instantly announced loudly, “Number fourteen offers a price of two hundred and fifty million spirit gems, will anyone go even higher?”

Who was number fourteen?

Number fifteen’s neighbor!

Everyone looked with strange expressions at Ling Xiao. They had all thought that they didn’t have a lot of spirit gems, it seemed that they couldn’t judge someone’s wealth by the number of people they had.

When Lin HaoWu heard this statement from across them, he was already so mad that his face was ashen. So the one being played was him, yet there he was still feeling pleased with himself.

“HaoWu, from now on, you shouldn’t try to be too clever.” The old man sitting in front of Lin HaoWu suddenly said indifferently. He wasn’t Lin Hang, but he was one of the Qilin Clan’s elders. If Lin Gu had told Ling Xiao, he would have known that this old man was his mother’s father, Lin Tian.

The reason Lin Tian appeared here was half because of the auction and half because of Ling Xiao. He had only seen Ling Xiao once when he was born, so he wanted to see how Ling Xiao, who was abandoned by the Qilin Clan, had grown up.

But it made him feel disappointed. He had just returned to TongTian Continent for not very long and he had already caused so much ruckus. Indeed, he was just like his father, not likable at all.

Lin HaoWu was given a scare, and he didn’t dare to act on his own accord again.

The Guma Tribe and the True Dragon Clan didn’t continue to raise the price. This price had already surpassed their bottom line. No matter how much they wanted those magic herbs, they also weren’t willing to waste too much money. Moreover, the True Dragon Clan just wanted one of the magic herbs from the bunch.

Therefore, the magic herbs fell into master plotter Ling Xiao’s hands.

After watching the whole thing, You XiaoMo felt that he had trusted Ling Xiao too early. This fellow had always been someone who wouldn’t rest unless he shocked other people; one definitely couldn’t look down on him.

What You XiaoMo didn’t know was that You ZhenTian was currently watching them with shining eyes, and several calculating flashes of light seemed to glint across his eyes.

These herbs were only the appetizer before the apex.

The auctioneer knew that they had all been anticipating the upcoming items for a long time now, so he didn’t waste time and told them to directly bring out the first of the finale auction items.

Everyone immediately craned their necks.

A small pocket-size jade bottle appeared on the auction stage. In order for it to be a Life Crystal that could serve as one of the finale items, its level most likely had to exceed Level Twelve.

Everyone’s breathing grew heavy at once. The amount of energy that could fill a Level Twelve Life Crystal was incomparably enormous. Rumor had it that the Life Crystal of a level twelve demon beast could possibly allow someone to break through the barrier of the Sacred Realm and the Divine Realm. Although it wasn’t as effective as a rainbow pill, the opportunity was still hard to come by; moreover, once one absorbed the Life Crystal’s energy, they could also advance.

Some people had come just for the level twelve Life Crystal.

You XiaoMo was a little interested, but he wasn’t preparing to bid. He still had a Divine three-star level Life Crystal that he hadn’t used yet, so even if he got another one he couldn’t use it.

Furthermore, even if they were the richest person on TongTian Continent, they couldn’t just spend money like this.

The auctioneer started to introduce the Life Crystal’s background. “As everyone can see, this is a level twelve one-star demon beast’s Life Crystal. I won’t speak much about its effects, as I trust everyone already knows. The bidding starts at two hundred and fifty million. Everyone can begin the bidding.”

“Wait a moment.” Just then, a man who was wrapped entirely in a black robe stood up from the auction box. When the auctioneer looked over, he said, “I want to know which demon beast this Life Crystal is from, as well as its history.”

When he said this, all of the people who had just begun to move withdrew their hands again.

The background of a Life Crystal of a level twelve demon beast should be clarified beforehand, or the clan members that it attracted would lose more than they gained. In reality, even if the black-robed man hadn’t asked, the people who were interested in it would have also asked.

The auctioneer narrowed his eyes.

His appearance at that moment finally made people believe that he was also part of the Black Spider.

Several seconds later, the auctioneer relaxed his expression and explained, “It is the Wolf of Greed’s Life Crystal.”

Everyone couldn’t help but suck in a breath of air.

The Wolf of Greed was also greedy, and it was one of the famous Seven Sins Beasts. There had only ever been one of its kind, and if it was truly the Wolf of Greed’s Life Crystal, then that meant that that Wolf of Greed had already died. In the future, a new Wolf of Greed might appear again, but nobody knew how many years later it would be.

The Seven Sins Beasts were seven ferocious beasts that were renowned since ancient times. Although their reputation wasn’t as amazing as the Four Divine Emperor Beasts’, their ‘ferocious’ reputation was still very impressive and famous. The Seven Sins Beasts were seven brothers, and they were extremely close to each other. If the other six knew that the Wolf of Greed had already died, there was no way they would just let it go at that.

Thinking of this, many people couldn’t help but hesitate.

You XiaoMo was also stunned. This Wolf of Greed couldn’t be LanQiu’s brother that went missing, right? He grabbed Ling Xiao’s sleeve and said quietly, “Ling Xiao…”


“…” You XiaoMo choked for a moment because of him and stayed silent for two seconds before he couldn’t resist asking, “Do you know what I’m about to say?”

Ling Xiao said, not quickly or slowly, “It doesn’t matter what you’re about to say, my answer will always the same.”

You XiaoMo, “…”

Besides LanQiu, who was relatively weak and didn’t have much of a reputation, all of the other Seven Sins Beasts were powerful. Asides from the Wolf of Greed, there was still two level twelve demon beasts among the seven brothers. If someone was targeted by them, no matter if they were from a clan or an individual, they would have to be prepared to be entangled with them forever.

There were many people participating in the auction, so it was impossible if they didn’t want things to leak out. Now all there was left to see was who would dare to take on the big trouble of the Seven Sins Beasts. The only ones who could, besides the TongTian Palace, were the eight major powers of the TongTian Continent.

Of course there were others, like the ShuangYu Hotel’s Divine Realm expert, who had also planned to bid for this Life Crystal, but because it was the Seven Sins Beasts’ Wolf of Greed’s Life Crystal, those plans died prematurely.

Originally he wanted to depend on this Life Crystal to break into the Divine Realm and become a true Sacred Realm expert, but there was no way the current ShuangYu Hotel could afford to provoke the Seven Sins Beasts.

For a moment, nobody dared to name a price.

None of the four Qilin Clans offered a price. Since ancient times, the elders of the clan had been friendly with the Seven Sins Beasts. Moreover, only demon beasts could understand demon beasts’ madness.

The Seven Sins Beasts also had a nickname during the ancient times. It was — the Seven Mad Dogs.

Every generation of Seven Sins Beasts was like this.

Seeing the situation, the auctioneer’s face became gloomy, and a hidden hint of ill will flashed across his eyes as he looked at the black-robed person who had just spoke. Not a single member of the Black Spider was a good person, including him.

At that moment, a row of words appeared on the spirit gem board.

The auctioneer shot a glance at the man sitting in the number one seat. He had thought that he wouldn’t be the first to act, but in the end he had exceeded his expectations. The auctioneer said in a loud and clear voice, “Number one bids three hundred million spirit gems, is there anyone who will bid higher?”

Everyone burst into an uproar.

Wasn’t the number one spot the Vermillion Blood Clan’s You ZhenTian? He had quite some guts, if he truly dared to bring the Wolf of Greed’s Life Crystal back home. However, it wasn’t hard to understand either. The Vermillion Blood Clan truly did need to cultivate another Sacred Realm expert.

The crowd looked meaningfully at Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo.

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