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Chapter 604: Eight mansions of the Spirit Mountain

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

There were three Divine Realm experts guarding the entrance to the ruins. They emitted a formidable aura, the ones who stayed were no more than the Emperor Realm, as those above already went inside. Although the major forces held all the power, if they didn’t leave some room for the lone practitioners, then rebellious feelings might arise.

Cheng XiangRong went ahead of them. Truly the title of being the son of MoQi XiYuan held power, the three guards immediately let him through.

However, in fear of the dangers his son might face, MoQi XiYuan left a person waiting for them. Although, he wasn’t at the Sacred Realm, he was a four star Divine Realm practitioner, who already had a spot in the exploration. So, it didn’t take long before the three of them entered.

Afterwards, the three Divine Realm practitioners resumed guard.

Each guarding a direction, there was no way a normal person could get close, just the pressure they emitted was enough.

The crowd’s whisper were full of complaints. After all, the treasure was right in front of them, if they could enter, they might have a chance. However, these people blocked the path. Lunatics, why weren’t they allowed in?

Although they knew, in their hearts that the entrance was opened by the Sacred Realm experts, they just couldn’t help but complain. If they could, all of them would have flown in immediately, given the chance.

Just as everyone was whispering about, two people suddenly entered the scene. At first, not many people noticed them, it was only when they were ten meters away, did the people pay attention.

Ten meters was precisely the range of the guards, if anyone came closer, they would have to face them. With the looks of things, these people had no intention of stopping.

“Stop and don’t come any closer! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!” Suddenly, one of the normal guard yelled, as his aura exploded towards the two. His voice instantly grabbed the attention of the onlookers.

And, the crowd seethed.

It was so exciting! Finally, after so much waiting, there was another two!

At first, there were quite a few displeased with the restriction placed by the major forces and so, in the first few days, many revolted, but they were all suppressed. Later, the number of people willing to stand up greatly diminished, till now, all they dared to do was to complain.

The three Divine Realm practitioners also noticed the situation, but arrogantly glanced over it. They weren’t from the same force and it was a common occurrence over the past two months, so they didn’t have a huge reaction to it. They took a look and looked away, aloof.

Seeing that they ignored his ‘advice’, a cold glint shined across his eyes and with a roar, the guard attacked. The piercing lance in his hand went to You XiaoMo, the one closest to him, headed straight for his throat. Seeing that it was about to land, cries of shock could be heard from the crowd.

With a quiver, You XiaoMo dodged the lance and with his bare hands, shook it. The vibration numbed both of the guards hands and he uncontrollably took a few steps back. Before he had time to react, his chest was hit by the lance and the guard went flying as he threw up blood. He landed right by one of the Divine Realm expert’s feet.

The other guards were instantly in a uproar, and all of them rushed forward.

Throwing away the lance, You XiaoMo quickly made a seal and threw out a Azure Palm. Instantly, the guards tumbled all over the place.

The scene caused everyone to become silent.

Being able to shake off multiple Emperor Realm practitioners needed at least a divine realm level.

Finally, the three Divine Realm experts took a proper look at them and then the one to the left, upon seeing Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo’s faces, took a deep breath in. He stared wide-eyed at them; clearly he knew them.

Although it had been a while since You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao made an appearance, but for a while, they were quite the celebrities. There were still people who recognized them, and this one was a member of the Vermillion Blood Clan.

The resentment the Vermillion Blood Clan felt towards them was even stronger than towards the Demon Phoenix Clan. Ever since their resentment had been brought onto the open, their faces were known all over the clan. At first he didn’t notice, only now did he realize they were a ‘familiar face’ and dangerous ones at that.

Remembering Ling Xiao’s Sacred Realm power, his face instantly turned pale.

You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao were already in front of them by then, with the one talking turned out to be You XiaoMo. He looked at the three and asked with a smile, “Can we enter?”

After all, he was a polite person, thumbs up! (click like)

That person’s mouth twitched.

But the other two, who didn’t recognize them, darkened their expressions. It was clearly a provocation!

“We were ordered to stand guard here. If you wish to forcefully get past, then you have to go through us first.” One of the experts threw out his reply.

You XiaoMo smiled, “You’re the one who said it.”

The first expert made a smile of contempt, clearly unimpressed. Just then, the one on his right, the second expert took a step back. Although it was small, he noticed and frowned at him. “Could it be you’re afraid?”

The second expert made a stiff smile, “I don’t mind them going in.”

Just because he didn’t know them, didn’t mean he didn’t have eyes. Once he realized that he couldn’t tell Ling Xiao’s level, he knew something was wrong.

Not only that, the young man in front of him felt slightly stronger than them. Just because they were ordered to guard this place, didn’t mean they were going to put their lives on the line.

Finally, the first expert noticed that something was wrong and his expression twisted.

It was then when You XiaoMo took a few steps back and had Ling Xiao replace him, right in front of the first expert. He really didn’t go easy on him since they were of the Guma Tribe.

The amount of people each force brought in was dependent on the number of experts they had. Both the Guma Tribe and the Vermillion Blood Clan had one extra person so they left them behind.

Without a warning, Ling Xiao threw a fist at him. The latter instantly paled as his aura was locked and he couldn’t even dodge before he was sent flying. With everyone watching, he had no face or reputation left as half of his face swelled up like a pig’s head.

Everyone burst into an uproar.

The other two experts quickly backed away. They were fully aware now of Ling Xiao’s strength. If they were still trying to save face, then they’re just asking for death.

Thus, Ling Xiao held his wife’s hand and walked in fair and square, with swagger.

The first expert quickly got up with a darkened expression. Even if they were stronger, he was of the Guma Tribe. Being made a fool of like that in public was really making him lose face.

“You just have to swallow it, even if you don’t want to.” Seeing that the Vermillion Blood Clan was in alliance with the Guma Tribe, the second expert told him in good will. Even the Vermillion Blood Clan could do nothing against them, much less the Guma Tribe. Also, just because they couldn’t do anything now, didn’t mean they would never be able to. It was better to wait.

“Of course you can say that. You’re not the one who got beat up.” The first expert said ungratefully. If he really wanted to help, he should have said so in the beginning and not after, pretending to be of help.

He was taking his good intentions for granted, well then he wouldn’t say anymore. The second expert looked at the two retreating figures. He figured that he knew who they were, but he didn’t think they would appear now, as there hadn’t been news of them lately.


The Peach Blossom Ruins had existed for tens of millions of years, the amount of resources accumulated couldn’t even be described as abundant anymore. Everywhere in the Immortal’s Cave were fields and fields of magic herbs, from low level to high level, from mature to immature. Mostly importantly, mid to high-grade magic herb were the common. Usually one could only find a few in a patch but now, it was a third or more.

But even if the Peach Blossom Ruins was just a small Immortal’s Cave, there were a few layers of restrictions on the outside and even some high tier demon beasts as guards. The ferociousness of the demon beast deterred some people, but wasn’t enough for everyone’s love of magic pills.

The Peach Blossom Ruins, as a whole, was a spirit mountain. The higher the altitude, the stronger the owner’s cultivation base. That meant more treasures and more threats, however, there was some exceptions.

For example, the Eight Mansions of the Spirit Mountain. In the ancient times, the Peach Blossom Spirit Mountain was very well known. Although nowadays, it was hard to find any information in books, if one were to ask around enough, there was still some information.

The Eight Mansions were considered the focal point of Peach Blossom Ruins. They each represented a ‘door’ of the Qimen Dunjia and was placed in eight corners of the spirit mountain. Only the Eight Mansions didn’t follow the rules of altitude.

(t/n Qimen Dunjia is a form of prediction based in astrology. The eight doors are part of the human plate, and split into ‘bad luck’ , ‘great luck’, or moderate (or auspicious, inauspicious, moderate men) they each represented a direction, as well as an element. Kai Men – Metal, Leader; Xiu Men- Water, Family; Sheng Men- Earth, Wealth/Growth; Shang Men- Wood, Damage/Gambling; Du Men- Wood, Conceal; Jing3 Men- Fire, Dispute; Si Men- Earth, Death; Jing1 Men- Metal, Scandal)

Thus, they could be at the foot of the mountain, in the middle, they could have a lavish exterior or a plain one. It was all dependent on luck or if it was meant to be or not, and of course, that sometimes meant death.

The sixth mansion was owned by a Grade Six Rainbow Level mage, who had been incredibly powerful. However, this transcendent level mage was an oddball, with a gloomy personality, when he was alive. Thus, his mansion was built within a field of miasma. The sixth mansion was also the ‘death door’ Si Men, which was part of the ‘three bad luck doors’, with a high mortality rate.

In present, in front of the sixth mansion appeared a group of people.

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