Bambi - Kuju Siam
Artist: Kuju Siam
Language: English
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Please read Momo then Hachi first before proceeding.

My unforgettable man for the rest of my life.

Bambi is a human being that can “transform into a bear” when angry. When he was in elementary school, he kept himself from transforming after he knew the secret of the beast species. He met Ookuma who was the reason for his first time turning into a bear! Tormented by Ookuma, Bambi gets angry or sad … the emotions he was suppressing were overflowing.

“I hate you!”

Although he thought that … he saw the appearance of Ookuma, who was laughing with a broken heart and Bambi’s emotions become a figure of a bear!

A man who does not dress well × Tsundere Beastman

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Aniki to Isshoja Nemurenai
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98 thoughts on “Bambi

  1. Thank you as always for this Kuju Siam gem! I’m glad I was able to read all three of these stories you guys worked on! Yay~ ( ˘ ³˘)

  2. Thank you so much for all of your hard work! This is such an interesting manga in interesting series. Kuma finally got some love too… I was rather sad for him because he left from a relationship that could be a polyamory one, but oh well.

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