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Chapter 615: Causing Trouble

Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

In the end, You XiaoMo didn’t manage to get an answer from Ling Xiao. He could only figure it out himself or wait for someone to tell him.

You XiaoMo didn’t manage to get him to speak even after three days of pestering and could only give up and try and figure it out with his own not-as-bright mind. As for the Reincarnation Pill, he had handed that over to Ling Xiao already.

He had felt much lighter and relaxed after successfully refining the Reincarnation Pill.

Then, he had refined another Reincarnation Pill. It was better to prepare life saving pills like this in advance. That way, when they needed it, they wouldn’t have to rush to refine it, which would just make failure more likely.

By now, they had stayed in the Peach Springs for two months, and there were only two more months until the half-year limit. However, they hadn’t gone anywhere at all.

Since Ling Xiao had decided to use the remaining two months on isolated cultivation, taking this chance while the great powers were up on Spirit Mountain to try and heal his internal injuries. That way, even if they were unlucky enough to meet You ZhengTian and co, he’d have the power to ensure their survival.

You XiaoMo had gone into isolated cultivation for a while before, so now it was his turn to stand guard.

However, he was rather lucky. He stood guard for a month and no idiot came to cause trouble. He was dying of boredom.

It was good that the Weasel Beast brought him good news that helped him kill time.

The half year in which the Peach Springs would remain open was steadily coming to an end. According to the Weasel Beast’s underlings, the war at the top of Spirit Mountain was fierce. However, someone’s mistake had accidentally activated the Gates of Injury and Terror, so the casualties skyrocketed.

One must realize, the Gate of Death hadn’t been at the peak because according to the design of the Eight Mansions of Spirit Mountain, the Gate of Death wasn’t the most dangerous. That was why it was at the side of the mountain. Which meant that the level of danger for three gates of misfortune was in accordance to their height on the mountain.

“Continue to have your underlings keep an eye on the entrances to the peak. If anyone comes down the mountain, tell me, especially if they’re members of the Vermillion Blood Clan. If you see them, inform me immediately,” You XiaoMo ordered.

“Yes, master.” The Weasel Beast continued to bustle outside. Though he was always being ordered around, he didn’t have any complaints. Originally, he had wanted to be able to help his master, and, plus, he had gotten a few Beggar’s Chickens for himself while on Spirit Mountain.

With him, were the Metal Swallowing Beast and XiaoPing.

Compared to the Weasel Beast, they were disgustingly lazy.

You XiaoMo decided that they couldn’t continue their lazy, gluttonous days, so he threw them both at the Weasel Beast and told him to work them as much as he wanted.

But the Weasel Beast didn’t dare. After the Metal Swallowing Beast had defeated him, he was rather a afraid of them. Even though it should be him ordering them around, in reality, it was them ordering him around, and he seemed delighted about that, a rather dumb smile on his face.

If You XiaoMo saw, then he would definitely label the Weasel Beast as a masochist.

As for the black-robed man, You XiaoMo had the Weasel Beast keep an ear out for information, however, he didn’t manage to find out anything of substance. This was because while other people were fighting over treasures at the peak, he was roaming around for opponents to fight. Whenever he met someone who was powerful enough, he’d engage them in battle, spreading word of his battlelust across Spirit Mountain.

It wasn’t until time was nearly up that he headed for the peak.

However, the Weasel Beast didn’t dare to have his underlings follow the other. There was a huge gap between level 12 and level 11, and the other would notice if they approached. There was no life insurance they could claim if they got blasted into smithereens.

Thus, they lost track of him in a few short days.

You XiaoMo felt that it was a shame. He couldn’t raise his head in front of Ling Xiao nowadays, but if the other was so perceptive, then he couldn’t have the Weasel Beast send his underlings to their deaths like that. He could only leave things be.

He didn’t expect that something would happen on the last day.

The last day was the curtain call for this entire event, but some wanted to take this chance to get rid of certain others.

It wasn’t that You XiaoMo didn’t know his cheapskate dad was in the Peach Springs, but since the other was with Fu CangQiong, there wasn’t a need to worry about his safety.

A power with two sacred level powerhouses and several Divine level powerhouses; that was already the strongest formation here. Anyone with a brain would know to not set their sights on the Cang Alliance.

Meanwhile, the ones with the weakest formation was the XiShui Tribe. In this exploration, though the XiShui Tribe wouldn’t be able to gain the most profit, they would still manage to get a significant benefits from this trip, so some had their eyes set on them.

This “some” referred to the GuMa Tribe, with the Vermillion Blood Clan’s support in the background.

Everyone knew that the GuMa Tribe thought of the XiShui Tribe as a thorn on their side, especially in the recent few years.

This time, MoQi XiYuan was the one leading the XiShui Tribe and Mo Ma believed that this was a great time to strike at the XiShui Tribe.

If MoQi XiYuan fell here, then the XiShui Tribe, without him there, would be greatly weakened. After that, they just had to get rid of a few small fry before they could take the XiShui Tribe, then the WanSha Tribe, which was second ranked in strength. After that, the entirety of DongZhou would be theirs.

There was no chance that MoQi XiYuan didn’t know of this, but they were still ambushed because one of their number had turned traitor and given the route they were going to take down the mountain to the GuMa Tribe. Thus, they were met with an ambush.

Their schemes had just so happened to be heard by one of the Weasel Beast’s underlings.

The problem was that the Weasel Beast wasn’t familiar with the powers that inhabited the TongTian Continent. However, since You XiaoMo had him keep a close eye on the Vermillion Blood Clan, he sent an underlings over once he was informed of the schemes.

His underling was a level nine rodent beast who could assume a human form. Unfortunately, he was delayed on the way over, so by the time You XiaoMo heard of this, the two sides were already fighting.

You XiaoMo didn’t actually know that his eldest shixiong and second shixiong were with the XiShui Tribe. He had thought that uncle was in danger, but then the Weasel Beast sent him some crucial news.

Metal Swallowing Beast and XiaoPing had joined the fray.

The Weasel Beast wasn’t sure of the situation then. All he knew was that before he could react, the Metal Swallowing Beast and XiaoPing had suddenly leaped into battle to save a man who had almost been killed by the GuMa Tribe.

According to the situation back then, the members of the Guma Tribe seemed to place heavy importance on ‘taking care of’ that man, and then they were exposed.

As a target, the Metal Swallowing Beast was very recognizable because he had been seen in the South Continent and then Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo’s identities were exposed. Thus, the Vermillion Blood Clan knew that the Metal Swallowing Beast was You XiaoMo’s contracted demon beast. This was a clear sign to You ZhengTian that they might be nearby.

The Weasel Beast’s combative strength was low. If he approached, he was sure to die a gory death. He couldn’t save the Metal Swallowing Beast or XiaoPing, so he ran back to tell You XiaoMo the news.

You XiaoMo felt his heart jump into his throat. That was looking for death!

No wonder he had been feeling unsettled. Something had happened, as expected.

“Why did they save that man? Was it uncle?” You XiaoMo felt his anxiety mounting. If he had known they would cause such trouble, he wouldn’t have thrown them out.

The Weasel Beast scratched his head. He didn’t know either. Before, he hadn’t seen what Cheng XiangRong looked like either. “I’m not sure if it is, but that person seems twenty-five or six years old, rather cold looking, always stoic.”

“Ah?” You XiaoMo was confused now. Uncle seemed very warm and open, not cold at all. Then it wasn’t uncle. However, why did the Metal Swallowing Beast and XiaoPing save him. Did they know the guy?

The Weasel Beast asked, “Master, do we go and save them?”

“We have to! But…”

You XiaoMo hesitantly glanced at the stone room Ling Xiao was cultivating in. The reason he stayed here and kept guard was Ling Xiao. If he suddenly left and someone came to disturb Ling Xiao, then what?

However, if he didn’t go, what of the Metal Swallowing Beast and XiaoPing?

“Master, I don’t think you need to worry about the boss. There are seals on the cave swelling, so as long as it isn’t a sacred level powerhouse, then there won’t be any problems. If you really are worried, you can leave XiaoPang here,” the Weasel Beast suggested hesitantly.

You XiaoMo gritted his teeth, “Alright then, but you stay as well. Have your underlings come with me. If any idiot comes here, then tell me immediately. Don’t delay, otherwise I’ll beat you when I come back.”

“Yes, master!” the Weasel Beast replied seriously.

After making all the arrangements, You XiaoMo headed off with the rodent demon beasts leading. Unbeknownst to him, the situation had taken a turn for the better.

The WanSha Tribe had intervened. They knew all too well what the XiShui Tribe’s destruction would mean for them. The next would, for sure, be them. To save their tribe, they had to ally with the XiShui Tribe.

At the heavenly stairs of Spirit Mountain, after the metal Swallowing Beast and XiaoPing saved the man, they were exposed and pursued by the Vermillion Blood Clan. The two were forced to hide and run, and they were seperated from the man they had saved.

“Rawr rawr rawr~” I’ll kill you if you don’t give me an explanation.

“Chirp chirp~” I will.

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