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Chapter 619: Stalling

Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

You ZhenTian’s form came to a stop when You XiaoMo suddenly disappeared. He stood in place, his mouth curling into a strange smile.

In reality, he had never been 100 percent sure if You XiaoMo had successfully activated the pocket dimension or not, because before those old farts passed the dimension down to his younger brother You JunQi, no one had managed to activate the dimension since their ancestors in ancient times.

The Vermillion Blood Clan’s family heads had tried many different methods. He had also tried once when he was younger, before he became family head, but he didn’t try in secret, but those old farts had taken his blood in an attempt to activate the dimension. That was also when he knew that the Vermillion Blood Clan had such a treasure. Unfortunately, it did not activate.

Back then, the young You ZhenTian didn’t care much about the Inheritance Jewel, because he believed that things that couldn’t be used had no value.

It was only after You ZhenTian became the family head and was told the core secrets of the You Family that he realized what sort of existence the Inheritance Jewel was.

It could facilitate the growth of magic herbs, rapidly replenish spiritual energy, mass refine magic pills. It was a priceless treasure, for sure; how could You ZhenTian not be moved. It was unfortunate that he hadn’t ever had the chance to see this Inheritance Jewel again after finding out its secrets because his younger brother had disappeared with the Inheritance Jewel.

After that, You ZhenTian didn’t see You JunQi again until tens of thousands of years later.

However, You JunQi was unable to activate the Inheritance Jewel either, so he was relieved, even as he worried. At the very least, You JunQi wasn’t able to use the Inheritance Jewel, so he didn’t have to worry about the other suddenly coming back to steal the position of family head.

You ZhenTian strongly believed that there was none that could activate the Inheritance Jewel. However, his belief had begun to waver since You XiaoMo’s appearance.

Who knows, perhaps he really did manage to activate it. No matter how low the chances were, You ZhenTian was determined to capture You XiaoMo, knowing of the benefits the Inheritance Jewel could bring the Vermillion Blood Clan.

As for why he waited until You XiaoMo entered the dimension.

It was because, if the other didn’t enter the dimension, then You ZhenTian would have to try and force him to reveal the dimension. If he accidentally damaged the dimension, then it’d be all for naught. So, if there was a better way, he’d rather stick to it.

Thinking of this, You ZhenTian swiftly released his domain – the Void Domain. Nothing would escape his eyes in his domain.


Inside the dimension, You XiaoMo appeared in front of Fu ZiLin, blood pouring from his mouth, giving the other quite the scare. However, his surprise didn’t last long.

“Little-shidi, are you alright?” Fu ZiLin hurriedly ran over to support him and realized that the other had some internal injuries, though luckily they weren’t too serious.

You XiaoMo waved a hand at him, taking out a magic pill and ingesting it. It melted nigh instantly in his mouth and it didn’t take a moment before his injuries were mostly healed. Expected, considering that he had ingested a level 11 magic pill. It was rather wasteful to use this sort of magic pill to heal some minor internal injuries.

“I’m fine, but our current situation definitely isn’t!” The moment he entered his dimension, You XiaoMo knew that there was no way he’d be able to hide. However, You ZhenTian was a Sacred level practitioner. He couldn’t be certain if the other had methods to deal with his dimension. He had to be prepared.

Fu ZiLin’s expression turned solemn. “Little-shidi, it’s my fault we’re in such danger this time. If you find a chance, escape first. There’s no need to mind me.”

“No way! Second shixiong, don’t worry. We’ll find a way.” You XiaoMo shook his head. This wasn’t the other’s fault at all. You ZhenTian had been after them for a long time already. Even if it wasn’t for today, he’d probably come after them in the future.

Plus, he had done everything he could to save the other. There was no way he was sending the other out to die after that.

Fu ZiLin couldn’t help but think of Ling Xiao. He had heard that the two rarely ever separated. Yet this time there was only his little-shidi, which was rather puzzling. “Little-shidi, that person… how come he isn’t by your side?”

“He was in secluded cultivation when I came over, but he should be done around now.”

Awkwardness flashed across You XiaoMo’s face, but then he recalled that he could contact Ling Xiao through the transmitter stone and hurriedly took it out. Yet, no matter what he tried, there was no response. Rationally speaking, Spirit Mountain wasn’t large enough that Ling Xiao would be out of range.

Fu ZiLin knew the result with a single glance.

That was when the dimension abruptly began to quake. You XiaoMo’s grasp on the transmitter stone slipped and it dropped onto the ground. The tremors were so bad that they would barely stand straight. The only one that could stabilize themselves was XiaoPing.

You XiaoMo raised his head, panicked, and saw a crack appear in the sky of the dimension. The crack was slowly widening, and tendrils of darkness were slipping inside. If this continued, the dimension would be destroyed.

You XiaoMo looked over at his second shixiong and contract demon beasts, then gritted his teeth and left the dimension in front of the the three. Fu ZiLin, having realized what he was planning, didn’t manage to stop him before he disappeared right before his eyes.

You XiaoMo appeared in place of the dimension after leaving. Since the dimension existed within him, if he entered, then the dimension would become a speck of dust on the wind. If he wasn’t inside, then the dimension would be wherever he was.

Before You XiaoMo could calm himself, a terrifying black light shot straight towards him. In order to force him to come out and not destroy the dimension at the same time, You ZhenTian didn’t strike a killing blow at him. Thus, it only took him a bit of strength to block the attack.

“You finally came out.” You ZhenTian’s low voice sounded beside You XiaoMo’s ear with a hint of barely repressed joy. The dimension was going to be his, finally.

“Wait!” You XiaoMo suddenly yelled, looked rather defeated.

Originally, You ZhenTian could ignore him and deal with him directly, but since he was so confident in himself, or perhaps he wanted to hear what You XiaoMo had to say before he died, he stopped.

“Seeing as you are my nephew, I’ll listen to what you have to say.”

The corner of You XiaoMo’s mouth twitched. So sorry, but he really didn’t want to be that guy’s nephew. First, the man stole his cheap dad’s position as family head, then he went after his nephew’s possessions. He even acted so damn righteous about it. It was a misfortune to have such a disgusting uncle.

Calming his expression, You XiaoMo slowly said, “I believe you really want to know how I managed to activate the You Family’s Inheritance Jewel, right?”

You ZhenTian’s eyes flashed and he intoned coldly, “If you tell me everything you know, I can let you live.”

You XiaoMo grinned. “Even if I don’t say anything, you can’t kill me.”

“What makes you so confident?” You ZhenTian’s sharp gaze bore into him, his impressive aura filling the domain as he spoke. Any normal person would have probably already collapsed from terror.

You XiaoMo seemed completely unaffected and said with triumph, “Because, if I’m dead, then you’ll never be able to activate the dimension.”

You ZhenTian gave a cold chuckle. “You think I can’t pry the method to activate it from your head?”

You XiaoMo shook his head. “What I mean is that even if I tell you the secret to activating it, you still wouldn’t be able to because I’m the only one in the Vermillion Blood Clan that can activate it. I’m not lying to you. Otherwise the Vermillion Blood Clan wouldn’t have spent all these years with no progress on that front.”

He wasn’t at all worried that You ZhenTian would go and find the You family after knowing the secret. After all, there were hundreds of thousands of lower level planes in existence. It was practically impossible to find their precise location. Plus, he didn’t plan on actually saying the real secret. He knew how to lie. All he had to do was to trick You ZhenTian.

You ZhenTian suddenly barked in laughter.

You XiaoMo was confused. Was what he said that funny?

A hint of mockery appeared in You ZhenTian’s expression, though his tone remained as confident as ever. “You think I won’t dare touch you if you tell me that? You’re as naive as your father. Even if what you said was true, believe it or not, but I have thousands of methods to keep you under my control, to keep you from death, but completely immobile, hm?”

Fear crept across You XiaoMo’s face. Of course he believed it. Could he hope for someone who could strike their own brother down to show mercy to their nephew?

The answer was of course not.

You ZhenTian had no mood in continuing this useless talk. A hint of danger appeared in his eyes and the energy around him grew violent. The space around You XiaoMo began to distort.

You XiaoMo cursed in his heart and rapidly retreated. However, he was currently inside You ZhenTian’s domain. No matter how far he ran, he’d still be in the other’s attack range.

You ZhenTian was confident that he could keep the other alive even if he beat him half to death, so there was no need to control his power. Right now, he just wanted to capture You XiaoMo, so he wouldn’t show mercy.

Suddenly, black spheres of dark energy appeared around You XiaoMo. Though he didn’t know what this was, he could tell that this strike would be overwhelming in power. If he was hit, he’d be half a step to his grave.

Just as You XiaoMo began to despair, the domain suddenly began to shake violently.

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