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Chapter 620: The Second Battle

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

At first, the vibration in the domain wasn’t apparent, but even then, You ZhenTian was sharp enough to detect it. He paid it no mind in the beginning, as he had absolute confidence in his domain. As long as it wasn’t Fu CangQiong and the likes making a move, there was no one else who could break his domain.

In his mind, capturing You XiaoMo was of the utmost importance, but it wasn’t even a minute before the shaking became even more apparent.

Currently they were in a enclosed black dimension, as if trapped in a black sphere. But, as the domain started to shake violently, black shards began to drop from the ceiling.

The domain was collapsing.

One after another, as if being smashed to pieces by someone with a massive steel hammer, a pounding sound appeared.

You ZhenTian could only stop to stare at the enlarging gap with a darkened expression. The sun shone through, as if it was a spotlight and coincidently landed on You XiaoMo.

You XiaoMo’s heart started to beat violently, he had a feeling it was Ling Xiao. He was saved. He didn’t need to face that disgusting old fox of a man, You ZhenTian anymore, as upon seeing his aged face he wanted to puke. Compared with the other ‘amazing’ people he had seen, this undying-old-fart was the creme de la creme. (the most ‘amazing’ 极品中的极品)

As he thought of this, You XiaoMo started to sneak away from the black sphere as You ZhenTian’s attention was on the crack, but the moment he moved, You ZhenTian noticed.

Even as his domain was about to collapse, he still hadn’t forgotten about You XiaoMo.

Seeing his little maneuver, You ZhenTian’s serious and cold gaze instantly shifted to him. His eyes were as if they were brewing some gloomy mist, cold and poisonous, as if a venomous snake preparing to strike. A second later, a massive black hand clawed towards You XiaoMo.

“Ling Xiao, come save me!” You XiaoMo knew instantly that it was bad, so he started jumping around and shouting. He was positive that the one who attack was Ling Xiao.

He didn’t know if it was his prayer that got answered, but just as the black hand was above him and about to catch him, the domain broke.

Like a broken mirror, the black domain shattered into pieces and rained down. The sky opened and the blinding light quickly took over, replacing the darkness.

Reflexively, You XiaoMo squinted. With only a sliver of a vision, he saw, although blurred, a backlit figure from behind the crack, as if a God had descended.

You ZhenTian turned abruptly. He wasn’t blinded by the surprising light, so he saw clearly the man who broke his domain and let out a cold sneer. If it was Fu CangQiong then he would be a bit concerned, but if it was just a defeated opponent, then he had no worries.

The black hand attack again, this time with more aggression.

You XiaoMo had taken the moment of pause from You ZhenTian to pull away from the black hand, so seeing that it was moving again, he wasn’t as worried.

A purple light went at full speed and stopped in front of him. A purple flame, as if a spinning screw, went into the black hand and stopped it in its tracks. As it embedded itself deeply into the hand, in a matter of seconds, it defeated it and the black hand disappeared.

“Ling Xiao, I knew it, it was you. You think you can be my opponent now? A loser will always be a loser!” You ZhenTian wasn’t surprised with the results, he knew at first sight that Ling Xiao’s level was higher than before. Even though it didn’t show on his face, in his heart appeared a sense of danger.

In such a short time, he went up by another star. If he was given a few more years, he might grow to his level. You ZhenTian’s eyes showed his murderous intent, these kinds of people must be killed before they grew.

Now, You ZhenTian was happy that he was only five stars, even if it was a star higher, it was still two stars lower than him. Before they were transported from the Spirit Mountain, he was going to keep Ling Xiao’s corpse here.

The purple flame was absorbed into Ling Xiao’s body and his handsome face could be seen. In between his brows was a purple flame symbol, the symbol of the Qilin Clan. It added a mystical feel to his features.

You XiaoMo wasn’t sure if it was just in his head but he felt that Ling Xiao was somehow different after this secluded cultivation. There wasn’t much difference in appearance but something felt different, he just didn’t know what exactly.

You XiaoMo looked at his back with caution, a little afraid of greeting him.

But as if he hadn’t heard anything, Ling Xiao pulled his wife closer in. His slender fingers brushed away the blood on You XiaoMo’s mouth. It was from when he tried to clean the blood but he didn’t do it completely. Ling Xiao’s other hand was on his chest and his deeply rich voice appeared beside his ear, “Does it hurt?”

You XiaoMo couldn’t tell what he was thinking. At first he wanted to shake his head but then thought about it, and slightly nodded. “A bit…” and even coughed a few times.

“Good.” Ling Xiao replied lightly, “You’ll remember it if it hurts, although I don’t think you will…”

You XiaoMo, “…”

Actually, you didn’t need to say that, the first part was already awkward, the second just ruined the mood completely!

On the opposite side, You ZhenTian face turned sour, they dared ignore him. Just as he was about to go all out, Ling Xiao opened his mouth.

His cold, indifferent gaze landed on You ZhenTian. “Where did this undying-old-fart come from? This ugly and you dare show your face?”

“Pff!” You XiaoMo, very supportingly, laughed.

Suddenly, You ZhenTian’s face was even darker than the night itself. How dare they call him an undying-old-fart and ugly! The aura around him went into a rampage, as if holding an unrelenting amount of rage. The space around him actually couldn’t contain it to the point that it started ripping. These cracks in space wasn’t made randomly, as if controlled, they gathered around You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao. Each looked as if it was a man-devouring-mouth ready to consume them at any second.

The pinnacle of the TongTian Continent was Sacred Realm Seven Star. Unless one reached that level, they wouldn’t know how powerful they really were. Take controlling the dimension cracks as an example, to them it was something easy and simple.

“Wait for me in the dimension.” Ling Xiao whispered in You XiaoMo’s ear and before he could say anything, sent him in.

If it was before, or if the opponent wasn’t at You ZhenTian’s level, Ling Xiao didn’t mind him watching, but just as You ZhenTian said, there was a huge gap between five and seven stars. He wasn’t one hundred percent confident either.

All around, flames started to appear beside Ling Xiao, like a brewing storm, the flames came with overwhelming force. It stopped the dimensional cracks from shrinking. The flames fought against the spacial energy that came from the dimensional crack, trying to take control.

You ZhenTian realized that Ling Xiao really had something up his sleeves. Rumor had it that his flames contained a Phagocytosis (devouring) force, and that had to be true or else his flames wouldn’t last this long against his power. The higher the cultivation level, the bigger the gap between them.

But even then, Ling Xiao still wasn’t his opponent. No matter how strong his flames were, it couldn’t patch up two stars worth of difference.

You ZhenTian sneered and then shouted. His hands reached up, palms towards the sky and suddenly the sky darkened. Above Ling Xiao’s head, a massive black and dense mist started to gather. Inside, strange creatures seemed to toss and turn. Anyone who gazed upon it would feel the stares of multiple creatures, sending a shiver down their spine.

This was one of You ZhenTian’s ultimate moves, The Black Snakes’ Rampage.

Tens upon thousands of black snakes, as if fur, concealed themselves around Ling Xiao, waiting for You ZhenTian’s direction to strike the killing blow.

Ling Xiao looked up, the spacial energy around him, as if being devoured by the mist monsters, sounds of chewing could be heard. Any normal person would have fallen on the ground by now, shaking in fear.

“Today, I’ll let you get a taste of my Black Snakes’ Rampage. You can thank me after your death.” You ZhenTian turned his palms upside down and the dimension cracks around Ling Xiao slowly closed, as if they never appeared before.

The dimension cracks was actually a move to accompany the Black Snakes’ Rampage. If it wasn’t paired up with a devouring type spacial energy then it would be much weaker. With it, even Fu CangQiong would have to be careful.

The reason You ZhenTian used this move against Ling Xiao was finish this fight quickly. In a short while, they would be transported out of Spirit Mountain, but the main reason was that he was afraid the commotion would grab the attention of the other forces. If it was his comrades then it was fine, but if it was Fu CangQiong then it would be troublesome.

As he finished talking, the monsters in the mist suddenly went into a rampage. Countless piercing roars could be heard from the mist and then it intentionally pounced onto Ling Xiao. The monsters inside opened their bloody mouths and bit at Ling Xiao.

The appalling presence went at it at full force and instantly drowned Ling Xiao…

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