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Translated by satellite of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Locktini knocked on the door. “You didn’t really fall in, did you?”

“No.” Feisha answered weakly.

All movement outside the door stopped.

Feisha looked down at his brooch. He didn’t know why, but he felt a little guilty. This situation really didn’t have anything to do with him– if anything, he was the victim here, but at Isefel’s silence, he couldn’t help but hang his head.

“It’s cold, get some sleep early.” Isefel finally spoke.

With that, a massive weight was lifted from Feisha’s mind. He jumped off the toilet seat, pressed the button to flush, and washed his hands properly before slowly walking out.

Locktini sat, leaning on the headboard of the bed.

A bedside lamp was placed on a small table between the two beds, covered by a cylindrical lampshade with vines painted on. The light escaping from beneath the shade could only illuminate his lower jaw– everything above his lips was left dim and unclear, a foreboding darkness.

Feisha didn’t dare disturb him, sneaking around Locktini’s bed to climb into his own. He pulled his blankets up and went to sleep.

“Going to sleep just like that?” Locktini asked calmly.

Feisha opened his eyes and thought for a bit, then smiled apologetically and said, “Good night.” There were usually many rules in royal families, and having proper etiquette was important.

Locktini said. “What else?”

……What else?

There couldn’t be a goodnight kiss required, right? If that was it, Feisha had some apprehensions. If it was any other time, then it’d be no great loss to kiss such a pretty face, but right now his brooch was still connected to Isefel. Even if it was just out of common courtesy, what if standards were different for angels and faeries? What if Isefel thought him too frivolous, flirting with anyone who looked his way? (1)

In order to avoid recreating the melodramatic TV drama scenes of the male lead catching the female lead becoming the apricot peeking over the garden wall, he decided that no matter what he had to protect the chastity of his lips. (2) “I’m already sleepy, let’s talk tomorrow about anything else.”

“You’re sure you’ll be willing tomorrow?”

Of course not! Feisha deflected. “We can discuss tomorrow’s plans tomorrow.”

“It’s not about tomorrow.”

Bro, why are you being so persistent? If you like to kiss so much, why not find yourself a chocolate KISS to kiss? It comes in a cherry cordial flavor that’s supposed to be pretty good. His ex-girlfriend recommended it to him before, and even now, the rich flavor lingered with him. (3)

Locktini tilted his head and spoke. “The allotted time period of humans on Noah’s Ark is only one year. After the year is up, what are you planning to do?”

Feisha’s imagination ran wild for a moment– he never thought that this was what Locktini was hinting at. But was it really necessary to bring this up right now? The sky was already so dark, and everyone was already sleepy, no matter how you looked at it, wasn’t sleeping more important? “Well it hasn’t been a year yet, right?”

“It’s already been well over half.” Locktini said.

“No, it’s only just a little bit over the halfway mark.” He had been keeping track carefully.

Locktini turned his head, staring at the door and pretending not to care. He kept his tone light. “Being connected to different world by marriage is common. Even if your year is up, you don’t necessarily have to return to the human world.”

If he had a hammer at hand, he’d definitely smash his own thigh in at this point to check his own sanity.

What Locktini said just now, was that supposed to be a proposal?

Feisha was quite dumbstruck. In the twenty some odd years he’d been alive, this was the first time he’d been proposed to. And the one asking him was a man! And a faerie! Not only that, but a faerie prince!

Locktini then asked. “Among humans, what type of standing do you hold?”

This type of question made him feel especially pathetic.

Feisha thought of Isefel, Antonio, Hughes, and Gin, all of who came from prominent walks of life, and was immediately drowned by the massive tide of inferiority washing over him.

“So?” Locktini asked again, seeing no response forthcoming.

Feisha suddenly sat upright, and declared, “The status of a great protagonist!” (4)

Locktini frowned and asked. “Like a great ruler?” (5) His understanding of mankind was rather less than Isefel, Gin, and the rest of them, so it was difficult to avoid misunderstanding at times.

“No, not a ruler. But, all the rulers serve…us.” Well, serve the people that is. Close enough.

Locktini was quite shocked. From Feisha’s general speech and mannerisms, he always assumed that he must have been rather low born, giving Locktini himself more opportunity to entice him. But if Feisha was already seated very high up in the human world, this plan was obviously not going to work. He thought for a bit, then, not willing to give up, said, “Actually, becoming a princess of the faerie world would be quite nice.” (6)

Feisha almost choked on his own spit.


Only Locktini would be able to come up with something like that.

Although Feisha sometimes dreamed of fabulous wealth while watching the news in the human world, he had always imagined marrying a princess and becoming a prince consort. (7) He never thought he’d be marrying a prince and becoming a princess! But…

If the prince were Isefel, it wouldn’t be out of the question.

Feisha rubbed his chin.

“How about it?” Locktini urged him.

“Umm, I’d consider it…”

Locktini didn’t have much hope before, but hearing him say that, he was relieved and even felt a bit of happiness budding in his heart. “Consider it then. I’ll sleep now.”

By the time Feisha realized what he had just said, it was already too late. Once the words were out, it was like spilt milk– no taking them back anymore.

He looked towards the perfectly content Locktini lying there, then looked at the brooch that hadn’t uttered a single sound, and felt like smashing his own head in. He never thought that, after all the cautions he took and all the factors he tried to guard himself against, his own mouth ended up betraying him.

He prayed wholeheartedly that Isefel had already gone to bed and didn’t hear what he had just said. He prayed even more whole-heartedly that Locktini fell into a sleep so deep that he loses his memory.

Isefel had indeed gone to bed, but hadn’t fallen asleep yet. So every word they spoke, without fail, went right into his ears.

When he heard Locktini bring up what would happen when the year was up, he felt something in his heart move inexplicably. A feeling like agitation suddenly rose within him. He had never felt like this before– not when his fellow angel died, not when he fell from heaven, not when he was sentenced to Noah’s Ark for thousands of years. But unexpectedly, when he heard Locktini mention Feisha’s plans for a year from now, when he heard Feisha saying he’d consider Locktini’s proposal, the feelings surfaced.

He had seen these types of fluctuating emotions on the faces of many before, even Michael. When Lucifer fell from heaven, he clearly saw Michael lose control. But he never thought that a similar emotion could appear on himself. No, actually he never really thought about things like emotions at all.

Outside the window, all was dark.

But for the first time, he felt the emptiness and loneliness buried inside the darkness.

The whole night, neither Locktini nor Feisha could sleep easy.

Feisha was thoroughly annoyed at his own slip of tongue, so knowing that Locktini was sleeping right next to him, he continued to feel uneasy.

Meanwhile, Locktini was happy. Especially as he heard the tossing and turning from the bed next to his, knowing the Feisha was currently considering his proposal, the happiness within him continued to grow. Because of this, when the morning arrived and Shamal came by to catch some gossip, he was greeted by one face full of excitement despite the eyebags, and another that was obviously distressed and downcast.

“Brother.” Shamal asked in shock. “Last night, you didn’t do anything did you?” He hoped it wasn’t what he was imagining, otherwise he really wouldn’t be able to face Feisha again.

Locktini’s mouth curled up for a moment, then quickly fell back. He asked rather stiffly, “What’s that supposed to mean? What are you doing here so early in the morning?”

His attempt to change the subject just made it seem more suspicious, and Shamal became more determined to find out the truth. He watched as Feisha listlessly walked into the bathroom and immediately followed after him, closing the door behind them.

He asked grimly. “Brother, he…last night, he didn’t do anything, did he?”

Feisha glared bitterly at him. The look in his eyes, the expression, the way he moved…it was as if after being forced, he wanted to say something but couldn’t say it, he didn’t want to say it, but wasn’t willing to resign himself to staying silent either.

Shamal sighed. “I really never imagined my brother would be so rash.”

Feisha’s eyes suddenly lit up. “How about you try convincing him?”

“Huh?” What’s done is done right? (8) Shamal looked at him suspiciously. Could it be that last night, the one on top wasn’t his brother!? Brother was the one taken advantage of? No wonder Feisha seemed depressed by not hysterical. And from his walking posture earlier, it didn’t seem like the weak, wounded limping he’d expect after a great battle.

Feisha, realizing that Shamal had remained silent for quite some time, couldn’t help but urge him on. “Help me out here. It’s really hard for me to talk to him about this directly.”

Originally, Shamal felt a bit sorry for him, and even laid the blame on Locktini. But this irresponsible tone of his was too much, the anger immediately flared up inside him. No matter how bad his relationship with Locktini was, they were still brothers. Just like how even though Locktini had no desire to see him again, he still helped Shamal escape from Genesis. Now, not only had Locktini been taken advantage of, but the person who did it was shirking all responsibility without hesitation. (9)

Shamal coldly replied. “If you still have the face to speak, then speak up!”

This was the first time Feisha saw Shamal so serious.

He stood still for quite a while before he finally said. “I just said I’d consider it…”

After taking advantage of someone, the only thing he had to say was that he’d “consider it”!? Shamal was so angry his hair could have stood straight up. “Then why didn’t you think it through first!?”

“Well at the time my mind had wandered off a bit……”

“How does you mind manage to wander off about something like this!”

“I don’t know either. Just when he spoke, I thought…”

“Thought!? Thought my ass!”

“……” After being yelled at, Feisha was left rather stupefied. After a while, he finally said, “You’re rather excessively loud today.”

Shamal clenched his fists angrily and said, “Shi Feisha, I originally thought that although you could be a little shifty and a bit deceptive, you were fundamentally good with a sense of principle and basic responsibility. I didn’t expect I’d be proven so wrong!”

After finishing his speech, he turn around swiftly, opened the door, and was just about the step out when he saw Locktini standing silently at the doorway. His gaze brushed past Shamal’s shoulder, and he stared coldly at Feisha. Clearly, Shamal’s shouting just now was more than loud enough for all three of them.

Feisha’s hand, still clutching the toothbrush he just picked up, trembled slightly.

Shamal grabbed Locktini and spoke in a fit of righteous indignation. “Brother, let’s go, we’ve got bathrooms and toothbrushes over at my place as well.

Feisha gawked at the two of them as they rushed off, watching as the heavy door was slammed shut. Then he quietly squeezed some toothpaste out and started brushing his teeth. Halfway through, he looked up to stare at his own stupid expression in the mirror. He muttered to himself, spraying the foam in his mouth out. “I said I’d consider it, didn’t say I wa going to agree. Even a refusal should be perfectly normal. What’s there to get so worked up about?”

He brushed a few times, then stopped. “Maybe menopause?”

Translator’s Notes
(1) The expression used in Chinese is “沾花惹草”, lit. “fondling flowers and trampling the grass.” Flowers and grass are commonly used in metaphors for beautiful people, and in this case, it’s and idiom used to describe womanizers and flirts.
(2) The expression is “红杏出墙”, lit. a red apricot tree peeking/leaning over a wall. It refers to a wife (the ‘red apricot’) that’s cheating on her husband. The source probably originally comes from a Song Dynasty folk story 西山一窟鬼 where a woman’s gaze upon a man she was having an affair with was likened to a red apricot tree that peeked over the edges of a the walled off gardens of its homel.
(3) Ah, man, where to start with this paragraph. In the original text, Feisha thinks that if Locktini wanted to “亲亲” (pronounced qinqin can mean “kisses”), he should go find a piece of jello (“果冻”, guo dong) to “亲” (kiss). I believe this is a reference to the fact that “亲亲” is also the name of a rather famous jello brand (it’s appropriate since the expression is used to kind of like “dear one” in reference to friends/family/love). He then remembers the blueberry (蓝莓) flavor that his girlfriend recommended.
Since there is the conveniently named Hershey’s chocolate Kisses in English, I went ahead and changed it to that.
(4) Feisha declares himself “主人翁” (zhu ren weng). The first two characters, “主人”, means “master/owner” and is written with characters for “main” and “person”. The last character “翁” usually refers to an elderly man.
The term is commonly used to refer to a main character/hero of a novel, but can also be used to mean master of the house. Locktini’s really confused by the term so he asks…
(5) “统治者” (tong zhi zhe) is the term Locktini asks about originally for clarification– this term undisputedly refers to the ruler of a nation, people, etc.
(6) Minor note, but worth clarifying that the term for princess used here, “王妃” (wang fei), specifically refers to a princess that was married into the royal family rather than born from the royal family. It literally translates to “wife/concubine of a king” but also is used for princesses.
(7) More minor clarifications, but I translated “驸马” (fu ma), as “prince consort” because it’s the closest equivalent in English royal terminology. However, the term specifically means the husband of an imperial princess, rather than the husband of a reigning queen/empress as the English term implies.
Also the Chinese term “to marry someone” is different for men and women, a distinction that I unfortunately had to lose in the translation. Women are said to “marry to a man” or “marry into a man’s family”, so the term for “marrying” is “嫁” (jia). Men are said to “take a wife” so the term is “娶” (qu).
(8) Two different idioms were used in the original to describe how something that has been done can no longer be undone: “米已成炊” (lit. the rice has already been cooked) and “木已成舟” (lit. the wood has been turned into a boat already).
(9) Originally “taken advantage of” was “吃干抹净” (chi gan mo jun, lit. finished eating and wiped clean). It’s an expression used to describe doing something thoroughly and then taking no responsibility afterwards. In particular, it’s often used to describe men that take advantage of women’s feelings and/or sleep with them, then toss them away after they’re done/bored.
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